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If a word is an adverb (not derived), conjunction, interjection or preposition, this is shown by {adv.}, {konj.}, {interj.} or {prep.}.

Similarly, a prefix is indicated with {pref.}, and a suffix with {suf.}.

Verbs: {tr} = transitive; {ntr} = intransitive; {tr/ntr} = both transitive and intransitive; {imp} = impersonal (needing no subject).

The abbreviation "Ant:" precedes an antonym.

An obsolete word has a bracket before it, and is followed by "(obs.)", a chevron and the word by which it was replaced.

A list of abbreviations is given at the end of the vocabulary.

Se vorto esas adverbo (ne derivita), interjeciono, konjunciono o prepoziciono, to esas indikata da {adv.}, {interj.}, {konj.} o {prep.}.

Simile, prefixo indikesas da {pref.}, e sufixo da {suf.}.

Verbi: {tr} = transitiva; {ntr} = netransitiva; {tr/ntr} = transitiva e netransitiva; {imp} = nepersonala (sen subjekto).

Vorti inter kramponi, pos verbo, esas vorti qui normale esas uzata pos ta verbo.

La abreviuro "Ant:" sequesas da antonimo.

Obsoleta vorto havas krampono avan ol, ed esas sequata da "(obs.)", chevrono e la nuna vorto qua remplasis ol.

Listo di abreviuri esas ye la fino di la lexiko.


-a (gram.)  (adjectival ending)
a (= ad) {prep.} (prep.)  to (indicating that to which there is movement, tendency or position, with or without arrival)
-ab- (gram.)  (suffix for shorter versions of the perfect tenses: am-ab-as = esas aminta; am-ab-is = esis aminta; am-ab-os = esos aminta; am-ab-us = esus aminta)
abad.o (rel.)  abbot; abbess
        abad.in.o  abbess
        abad.ul.o  abbot
        abad.ey.o  abbey
abak.o  abacus (math.; archit.)
abandon.ar {tr}  to abandon, forsake, (totally) relinquish, (wholly) give up
abanik.o  fan (hand-agitated)
abas.ar {tr}  to lower (let down to a lower level); (fig.) debase
abat.ar {tr}  to fell, strike down (a tree, wall, person, etc.)
        abat.aj.ar.o  abatis, abattis
abatis.o  giblets (refuse parts of fowl, game, hare)
abces.o (patol.)  abscess
abcis.o (geom.)  abscissa
abdik.ar {tr}  to abdicate (renounce kingship or the like, in favour of a successor)
abdomin.o (anat.)  abdomen
abdukt.ar {tr} (fiziol.)  to abduct (of muscles)
abel.o (insekto)  bee
        abel.ey.o  apiary
        abel.uy.o  beehive
aberac.ar {ntr} (fizk.)  to be subject to aberration (astr., opt.)
        aberac.o  aberration (astr., opt.)
abiet.o (arb.)  fir (tree)
abis.o (geog.)  undersea abyss
Abisini.a (lando)  Abyssinia
        Abisini.an.o  Abyssinian
abism.o (geog.)  abyss (also fig.)
abjekt.a  mean (opposite of "noble"), despicable, contemptible
abjur.ar {tr}  to abjure, renounce (a doctrine, opinion, etc.) publicly and solemnly
ablacion.ar {tr} (kir.)  to ablate (surg.)
        ablacion.o (kir.)  ablation (surgical removal)
ablakt.ar {tr}  to wean
ablativ.o (gram.)  ablative (case)
        ablativ.o absolut.a (gram.)  ablative absolute
ablegat.o (ekl.)  papal delegate
ablet.o (fisho)  bleak (fish)
ablucion.ar {tr}  to purify by washing (relig., med.)
        ablucion.o  ablution
abneg.ar {tr}  to abnegate, deny oneself (something) (deny benefit or pleasure to oneself so as to devote oneself to someone or something else)
        abneg.o  abnegation, self-denial
abolis.ar {tr}  to abolish (an institution or custom)
        abolis.ism.o  abolitionism
        abolis.ism.an.o  abolitionist
abomin.ar {tr}  to abhor, detest, abominate, loathe
abon.ar {tr} (pek.)  to subscribe to (a periodical, etc.)
abord.ar {tr}  to board (a ship, vehicle), land on (a shore, wharf); (fig.) go alongside
aborijen.a  aboriginal
        aborijen.o  aborigine
abort.ar {ntr}  to miscarry, abort (miscarry; also fig.)
        abort.o  miscarriage, abortion
        abort.al.a  abortive
        abort.ig.ar  to make (someone) miscarry
aboy.ar {ntr}  to bark, bay (also fig.)
        aboy.et.ar  to yelp
abrevi.ar {tr}  to abbreviate, abridge (words, book, narrative etc.)
        abrevi.ur.o  abbreviation, abridgment (shortened version)
abrikot.o (frukto)  apricot (fruit)
        abrikot.ier.o (arb.)  apricot (tree)
abrog.ar {tr} (leg.)  to repeal, annul, abrogate (a law or decree)
abrotan.o (pl.)  southern-wood (a shrubby species of wormwood)
abrupt.a  precipitous, cragged, abrupt (also fig.: rough, broken)
absent.a [de]  absent (not present)
        absent.es.o  absence
        absent.esk.ar [de]  to absent oneself, get out of the way
absint.o (pl.)  wormwood, absinth (plant)
        absint.o-liquor.o (drnkj.)  absinthe, absinth (drink)
absolut.a  absolute, unrestricted, unlimited
        absolut.aj.o  something unconditioned (philos.)
        absolut.e  absolutely
        absolut.ism.o  absolutism
        absolut.ist.o  absolutist
absolv.ar {tr} [de]  to absolve, acquit
        absolv.o  absolution (rel.), acquittal (jur.)
absorb.ar {tr}  to absorb (physically); (fig.) engross
        absorb.iv.a  absorbent
        absorb.o-pute.o  cesspool
absten.ar {tr}  to refrain (by choice) from, abstain (voluntarily) from
absters.ar {tr} (kir.)  to cleanse (wound, ulcer), absterge
abstinenc.ar {ntr} [de] (rel.)  to practise abstinence (relig., e.g. abstain from meat), fast
abstrakt.a (filoz.)  abstract (separated from particular things, having no reference to material objects or specific examples)
        abstrakt.ig.ar {tr}  to abstract (separate in thought)
abstruz.a  abstruse, recondite
absurd.a  absurd, preposterous
abuli.o (patol.)  abulia, loss of willpower
abund.ar {ntr} [de]  to abound, be plentiful
abut.ar {ntr} [ad, aden, en]  to abut (at), come out (into), end (in), touch (at an extremity); (abscess) come to a head
abutment.o (arkit.)  abutment (archit.)
acefal.a (biol.)  acephalous
aceler.ar {tr}  to accelerate, hasten (increase the speed of), quicken
        aceler.es.ar  to accelerate (go faster)
acend.ar {tr}  to light (a lamp, a fire), set alight, kindle; turn on (electricity, light, etc.); (fig.) inflame (passion)
        acend.il.o  lighter
acens.ar {tr/ntr} [sur]  to go up, ascend, mount (stairs, mountain, horse, etc.)
        acens.o  ascent (act of ascending)
        acens.ey.o  place to mount (as stair, ascent)
        acens.il.o (aparato)  lift, elevator, hoist
        acens.o rekt.a (astron.)  right ascension (astron.)
        acens.o-fest.o  Ascension Day
acent.o (fonetiko)  (tonic) accent (stress of voice on a vowel or syllable)
        acent.iz.ar  to stress, accent (a vowel or syllable)
acept.ar {tr}  to accept (something willingly, such as a proposal, apology, challenge, condition); receive (a guest)
        acept.ebl.a  acceptable; receivable (of guests)
acer.o (arb.)  maple (tree), common maple, hedge maple
acerace.o (arb.)  acer (tree of the family Aceraceae, such as a maple or European sycamore)
acerb.a  sour (harsh-tasting, as unripe fruit), acerbic (also fig.)
aces.ar {tr}  to have access to (someone or something); have an attack (med.)
        aces.o  access, entry; (fig.) attack (of fury, despair, etc.); attack (med.)
        aces.ebl.a  accessible, approachable
acesit.o  commendation (to those just failing to win a prize), ~certificate of merit
acesor.aj.o  accessory (n.); hors-d'oeuvre; accoutrement, (US) accouterment
acetat.o (kem.)  acetate
        acetat-acid.o (kem.)  acetic acid
acetilen.o (kem.)  acetylene
aceton.o (kem.)  acetone
-ach- {suf.}  (suffix giving a pejorative sense)
acian.o (pl.)  cornflower, bluebottle (plant)
acid.a  acid (adj.)
        acid.o  acid (n.)
        acid.es.o  acidity
acident.ar {tr}  to cause an accident to
        acident.o  accident (good or bad; also philos.); mishap
acidometr.o (instr.)  instrument for acidimetry, acidimeter
acin.o  acinus
acion.o (financ.)  share (part of the capital stock of a company)
        acion.i  stock (shares of a company)
        acion.ier.o  shareholder, stockholder
acipitr.o (ucelo)  goshawk
aciz.o (financ.)  octroi
Acor.i (lando)  Azores
-ad- {suf.}  (suffix added to a verbal root to denote repetition or continuation of the act)
ad (= a) {prep.} (prep.)  to
        ad.avan.e  forward, forwards (with movement)
        ad.dextr.e  to the right
        ad.dop.e  backwards
        ad.en  into
        ad.flu.ar  to flow, run (to, into, as a river to the sea); rush (as blood to the head)
        ad.hem.e  to or toward home
        ad.ibe  there (with movement), thither
        ad.infr.e  down (with motion), downwards, downward (adv.)
        ad.ir.ar  to go to, go toward, approach
        ad.jac.ar {ntr}  to be adjacent
        ad.junt.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulo]  to add (physical sense), join (something to something else)
        ad.junt.o  adding, subjoining, adjunction
        ad.junt.it.a  additional (physically added)
        ad.junt.aj.o  something added, addition (object)
        ad.just.ig.ar {tr} [ulo (ad ulo)]  to adjust, fit, rectify, correct
        ad.later.e  sideways (with movement)
        ad.maxim.e  at (the) most
        ad.minim.e  at (the) least
        ad.mont.e  upstream (adv.), up, above (further up a slope)
        ad.port.ar {tr}  to bring, carry (to a person or place)
        ad.poz.ar {tr} [ulo ye ulo]  to affix
        ad.poz.o  affixing; (gram.) apposition
        ad.sub  under (with motion)
        ad.sur  onto
        ad.ube  to where (with motion), whither
        ad.val.e  downstream, down, below (further down a slope)
        ad.ven.ar {ntr}  to come (towards)
        ad.ver.e  in truth, to be sure
        ad.vok.ar {tr}  to hail, call (summon)
adapt.ar su  to adapt oneself, adapt (intr.)
adenin.o (biokem.)  adenine
adenit.o (morbo)  adenitis
adept.o  adept (n.)
adequat.a  adequate
adher.ar {ntr} [ad]  to adhere (also fig.), be attached, stick
        adher.ant.o  adherent (n.), follower
        adher.iv.a  adhesive
adi.o  goodbye, farewell, adieu
        adi.al.a  farewell (adj.)
adiabat.a (fizk.)  adiabatic
adicion.ar {tr}  to add (numbers)
adipocer.o (kem.)  adipocere
adjektiv.o (gram.)  adjective
adjudik.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulu] (judic.)  to adjudicate, adjudge, award (something to someone); (in auctions) knock down
        adjudik.o  awarding (of a prize); granting (of a contract)
adjur.ar {tr} [pri]  to adjure, command solemnly, demand upon oath
adjutant.o (milit.)  adjutant (military), aide-de-camp
administr.ar {tr}  to administer, manage (a business, an estate, government department etc.)
admir.ar {tr}  to admire
        admir.ind.a  admirable
admiral.o (milit.)  admiral
admis.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo (aden)]  to admit (let in)
admitanc.o (fizk.)  admittance (electronics)
adolec.ar {ntr}  to be adolescent
        adolec.ant.o  adolescent (n.)
adopt.ar {tr}  to adopt (an opinion, belief, child); (in assemblies) agree upon, carry (a motion, resolution), pass (a bill)
ador.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to adore, idolise; worship (God)
ados.ar {tr} [su an ulo]  to support the back, set the back (of someone or something, to or against), lean (something against another)
        ados.ar su  to lean one's back (against something)
adragant.o (subs.)  gum tragacanth
adrenalin.o (biokem.)  adrenalin, epinephrine
adres.o  address (on a letter, etc.)
        adres.iz.ar {tr}  to address (put an address on)
Adriatik.a (mar.)  Adriatic (adj.)
Adriatik.o (mar.)  Adriatic (sea)
adsorb.ar {tr}  to adsorb, condense (something) by adsorption
adult.o  adult (n.)
advent.o (rel.)  Advent
adventiv.a (biol.)  adventitious (biol.)
advers.a  opposing, opposite, contrary, adverse
        advers.o  adversary, opponent
advokat.o  barrister, advocate (person who pleads in court)
adyunt.a  assistant, adjunct, deputy (adj.)
        adyunt.o  assistant (in some duty), deputy
aer.o (subs.)  air
        aer.o.dinamik.o  aerodynamics
        aer.o.nav.o  airship, dirigible
        aer.o.statik.o  aerostatics
        aer.iz.ar  to air (a room, linen, etc), to aerate
        aer.iz.il.o  aerator, ventilator
aerenkim.o (biol.)  aerenchyma
aerodrom.o  aerodrome, (US) airdrome
aerojel.o (subs.)  aerogel
aerolit.o (astron.)  aerolite, stony meteorite
aerometr.o (instr.)  aerometer
aerometri.o (cienco)  aerometry
aeroplan.o (veturo)  aeroplane, (US) airplane
aerosol.o  aerosol
aes (muz.)  A flat
afabl.a  affable, amiable
afanon.o  busybody
afecion.o  fondness, affection
        afecion.em.a  affectionate
afekt.ar {tr}  to affect, move (emotionally); affect (med.)
afektac.o  affectation
        afektac.em.a  affected, pretentious
afeli.o (astron.)  aphelion
afer.o  affair, matter; business (com.); cause, legal action (leg.)
        afer.ist.o  businessman, businesswoman
        afer-agent.o  business agent
Afgan.a  Afghan (adj.)
Afgan.o  Afghan (n.)
Afganistan (lando)  Afghanistan
afidi.o (insekto)  aphis, aphid, plant-louse
afin.es.o  affinity
afirm.ar {tr}  to affirm (declare as true), aver
afish.o  poster, bill, placard
afix.o (gram.)  affix
aflikt.ar {tr}  to afflict, cause to suffer mentally, distress, grieve
aforism.o  aphorism
afrank.ar {tr} (pek.)  to frank, prepay (carriage or postage on)
        afrank.it.a ye bord.o  free on board (f.o.b.)
Afrik.a (lando)  Africa
        Afrik.an.a  African (adj.)
        Afrik.an.o  African (n.)
afront.ar {tr}  to face, meet face to face; (fig.) to brave, confront
aft.o (patol.)  mouth ulcer, aphtha; (-i) thrush, candidiasis
afust.o  (gun-)carriage
afuzion.ar {tr}  to affuse, pour (a liquid) upon
        afuzion.o  affusion
ag.ar {tr/ntr}  to do, act
        ag.o  act, action, deed
        ag.em.a  active (inclined to act)
-ag- {suf.}  (suffix used with names of instruments and the like to indicate the action done with the instrument: e.g. martel/ag/ar = to hammer; buton/ag/ar = to button; manu/ag/o = handling)
agam.a (biol.)  asexual, agamic
agap.o (rel.)  agape, love-feast
agar-agar.o (subs.)  agar-agar, Ceylon moss
agarik.o (fungo)  agaric
        mush-agarik.o (fungo)  toad stool, fly agaric
agat.o (min.)  agate
agav.o (pl.)  agave
agend.o  agenda (list of things to be attended to)
agent.o  agent (person or thing)
        agent.o kemi.al.a (kem.)  chemical agent
        bors-agent.o  stockbroker
agit.ar {tr}  to agitate, shake (something or someone); wave (a hand, flag, etc.); (fig.) excite (feelings)
        agit.es.ar  to be agitated
agl.o  eagle (also fig. in heraldry); (astron.) Aquila
        agl.o-naz.o  aquiline nose
aglomer.ar {tr}  to agglomerate, conglomerate
        aglomer.aj.o  agglomeration
aglutin.ar {tr}  to agglutinate, stick together (several things, as with glue); (fig.) join together
agnat.o  agnate
agnel.o  lamb (poetical or religious)
agnosk.ar {tr}  to acknowledge, admit, own, recognise (something as right, good, true, or false)
agnostik.a  agnostic
        agnostik.ism.o  agnosticism
agon.a (geog.)  agonic (line)
agoni.ar {ntr}  to be in the death agony, be in extremis, suffer death pangs
agorafobi.o (morbo)  agoraphobia
agr.al.a  agrarian (adj.)
        agr.o.kultiv.ist.o  agriculturist, crop farmer
        agr.o.kultiv.o  agriculture
agraf.o  clasp, small hook, hook (and eye), snap (fastener), agraffe
        agraf.ag.ar {tr}  to hook, clasp
agreabl.a  agreeable, pleasant
agreg.ar {tr}  to aggregate, incorporate; admit (into a society, body, institution)
        agreg.aj.o  aggregate
agrimoni.o (pl.)  agrimony
agronom.o  agronomist
agronomi.o (cienco)  agronomy
agul.o  needle; point(s) (railways), (US) switch (railroad)
        agul.tru.o  eye of a needle
        magnet-agul.o  magnetic needle
        trikot-agul.o  knitting needle
        agul.o di rel.voy.o  point(s) (railways), (US) switch (railroad)
aguti.o (mamif.)  agouti
[ah (obs.) > ha]  
ailant.o (arb.)  ailanthus, ailanto, tree of heaven
ais (muz.)  A sharp
-aj- {suf.}  (suffix used with a noun or adjective to indicate an object so characterised, or an act; with a transitive or mixed verb, its object; with an intransitive verb something so acting. E.g. mol-aj-o: soft thing; lign-aj-o: wood object; amik-al-aj-o: friendly act; infant-al-aj-o: childish act; dic-ajo: what is said, thing said; donac-aj-o: gift, donation, thing donated)
aji.o (financ.)  agio (exchange premium)
ajil.es.o  agility
ajiot.ar {ntr} [pri] (financ.)  to speculate (in shares etc.), trade in securities
ajorn.ar {tr} [(ulo) til]  to adjourn, defer, put off
ajun.a  not having eaten, having an empty stomach
        ajun.e  on an empty stomach
ajur.o  openwork (in embroidery, lace, carving, metal work, works of art)
ajust.ar {tr}  to adjust, set (an instrument, microscope, meter, etc.)
ajut.o  nozzle, spout, adjutage
akaci.o (pl.)  acacia
akademi.o  learned society, academy (society; not a school or college)
        akademi.al.a  academical
        akademi.an.o  academician
Akadi.a (lando)  Acadia
        Akadi.an.o  Acadian (n.)
akant.o (pl.)  acanthus
akanton.ar {tr} [en]  to billet, quarter (allot quarters to), canton (house)
        akanton.ey.o  quarters, billet
akapar.ar {tr} (pek.)  to corner (a supply), (fig.) monopolise
akar.o (animalo)  acarid, acaridan, ~tick, ~mite
Akay.a (lando)  Achaea, Achaia
        Akay.an.o  Achaean, Achaian (n.)
akile.o (pl.)  achillea, yarrow, milfoil
aklam.ar {tr}  to applaud, acclaim publicly, shout approval or applause
aklimat.ar {tr}  to acclimatise; (fig.) habituate
aklin.o (geog.)  magnetic equator
akolut.o  acolyte
akomod.ar {tr}  to accommodate (adapt or adjust) (tech., opt., etc.)
akompan.ur.o  accompaniment
akonit.o (pl.)  aconite (monkshood, wolfsbane, etc.)
akont.o (pek.)  partial payment (of a debt), instalment, (US) installment
        akont.e pag.ar  to pay on account
akor.o (pl.)  sweet flag, calamus (sweet flag), (US) sweet calamus, sweet cane, beewort
akord.ar {ntr}  to be in tune (mus.); agree (in grammar)
        akord.ig.ar  to tune (an instrument); to make agree (gram.)
akordeon.o (muzin.)  accordion
akr.a  acrid; harsh (voice); (fig.) acrimonious
        akr.a-dolc.a  bitter-sweet
        akr.a-humor.a  peevish, surly, crabbed
akredit.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to accredit (also regarding a diplomat), give credence to
        akredit.it.a  accredited
        akredit.o-letr.o (diplom.)  letter of credence, credentials
akrid.o (animalo)  grasshopper
akril.a (kem.)  acrylic
akrobat.o  acrobat
        akrobat.aj.o  acrobatic act
        akrobat.aj.i  acrobatics (acts)
        akrobat-art.o  acrobatics (art)
akroch.ar {tr} [ad]  to hang (as on a hook), hook on (something to something); interlock, grapple (a ship)
        akroch.o  hitch, hooking on
[akromat.a (obs.) > akromatika] (opt.)  
akromatik.a (opt.)  achromatic
akromi.o (anat.)  acromion, acromion process
akronim.o  acronym
akropol.o (hist.)  acropolis
akrostik.o  acrostic
akroteri.o (arkit.)  acroterion, acroter, acroterium (archit.)
akt.o  act (theatrical; legal: a written instrument in verification)
aktini.o (animalo)  actinia, sea anemone of the genus Actinia
aktinik.a (kem.)  actinic
        aktinik.es.o  actinism
aktinium.o  actinium
aktinometr.o  actinometer
aktinomorf.a (biol.)  actinomorphic
aktiv.a  active (opposed to passive; also used in com., fin., gram., mil. senses)
        aktiv.o  active (voice) (gram.); asset (accounting)
        aktiv.es.o  activity
        aktiv.a deb.aj.i (komerco)  debts receivable, assets
aktor.in.o  actress
        aktor.ul.o  actor
aktual.a  current (existing now), actual (present; not potential)
akul.ar {tr} [ad]  to (drive into a) corner, bring to bay
akumul.aj.o  accumulation (of things)
akumulator.o  accumulator (elec.)
akupuntur.o (medic.)  acupuncture
akurat.a  punctual (on time)
        akurat.es.o  punctuality
akush.ist.in.o  midwife
        akush-arto  midwifery
akustik.o (cienco)  acoustics
akut.a  sharp, acute (also fig. of sound, pain, sickness, accent), keen (of an edge)
        akut.aj.o  sharp object, edge
        akut.es.o  sharpness, acuteness, keenness (also fig.)
        akut.ig.ar  to sharpen
        akut.ig.il.o  sharpener, whetstone
        akut.a angul.o  acute angle
akuz.ar {tr} [pri]  to accuse, indict, charge, impeach
        akuz.o  accusation, indictment, charge, impeachment
akuzativ.o (gram.)  accusative (case)
al (= a la)  to the
al.o  wing (also fig. of army, aeroplane, building, windmill, etc.)
        al.o-form.a  wing-shaped, aliform
        al.o-strok.o  wing beat, flap of the wings
        al.et.o  small wing, aileron
        al.oz.a  winged (adj.)
        al.et.o-skrub.in.o (mek.)  wing nut, butterfly nut
-al- {suf.}  (suffix used with a noun) relating to, pertaining to, appropriate to; e.g. aquala, manuala, nacionala, puerala
alabastr.o (subs.)  alabaster (gypsum or calcite)
alakt.ar {tr}  to suckle
alambik.o  still (for distilling); alembic
alantoid.o (anat.)  allantois, allantoid
alarm.ar {tr}  to alert to danger, alarm (give signal of danger to, sound the alarm)
        alarm.o  alarm, signal of danger
Alask.a (lando)  Alaska
alaud.o (ucelo)  lark (bird)
alb.o  alb
Albani.a (lando)  Albania
        Albani.an.a  Albanian (adj.)
        Albani.an.o  Albanian (n.)
albatros.o (ucelo)  albatross
alberg.o  inn
        alberg.estr.o  inn-keeper
albin.a (zool.)  albino (adj.), albinic
        albin.o (zool.)  albino (n.)
album.o  album (book for photographs, autographs, cards, etc.)
albumen.o (biokem.)  albumen, white of egg
albumin.o (biokem.)  albumin, albumen (protein)
albuminoid.o (biokem.)  albuminoid (n.)
albuminuri.o (morbo)  albuminuria
alburn.o (bot.)  sapwood, alburnum
alced.o (ucelo)  tern, sea swallow
alcion.o (mitol.)  halcyon (fabled bird)
        alcion.al.a di.i  halcyon days
aldehid.o (kem.)  aldehyde
ale.o  leafy lane, path (in a garden, park, wood, etc., generally between rows of trees)
alecit.a (biol.)  alecithal
aleg.ar {tr}  to adduce, advance, allege (arguments, facts, etc., in order to to prove or justify something)
alegori.o  allegory
alegr.o (muz.)  allegro (n.)
        alegr.et.o (muz.)  allegretto (n.)
alej.ar {tr}  to lighten the load of (someone or something), relieve (of a load); (fig.) alleviate, ease, relieve (the mind, etc.)
alen.o  awl (shoemaker's, sailmaker's, etc.)
alergen.o (medic.)  allergen
alergi.o (patol.)  allergy
aleron.o  aileron
alert.a  wide-awake, sprightly, alert (adj.)
aleuron.o  aleurone, aleuron
Aleut.i (lando)  Aleutian islands
alexandrin.a (verso)  alexandrine (adj.)
        alexandrin.o (verso)  alexandrine (line, verse)
alexin.o (biokem.)  alexin
alez.ar {tr} (tekn.)  to ream, bevel out, bore smooth (inside of cannon, steam cylinder, etc.)
        alez.al.a diametr.o (tekn.)  diameter of bore
alfabet.o  alphabet
alfenid.o (subs.)  silver-nickel alloy (of copper, zinc, nickel and silver)
alg.o (bot.)  alga (seaweed, kelp, dulse, etc.)
        alg.i (bot.)  algae
Algarv.o (lando)  Algarve
algebr.o (cienco)  algebra
alginat.o (kem.)  alginate
algologi.o (cienco)  algology, phycology
algoritm.o  algorithm
alianc.ar {tr} [kun]  to ally, unite (families by marriage)
alias {adv.}  alias (adverb)
alibi.o (yuro)  alibi
alidad.o (instr.)  alidad, alidade
alien.ar {tr} (yuro)  to alienate (in law), transfer ownership of
alienac.ar {ntr}  to be in a state of alienation (mental derangement)
aligator.o  alligator
aliment.ar {tr} [ye]  to supply with what is necessary (water, fuel, provisions, etc.)
aline.o  indentation (of text)
alini.ar {tr}  to align, set in line, line up
aliquant.a (matem.)  not aliquot
aliquot.a (matem.)  aliquot
aliterac.ar {tr/ntr}  to alliterate
alizarin.o (kem.)  alizarin (n.)
alize.o (meteor.)  trade-wind
Aljer  Algiers (town)
        Aljer.an.o  native of Algiers
Aljeri.a (lando)  Algeria
        Aljeri.an.a  Algerian (adj.)
        Aljeri.an.o  Algerian (person)
alk.o (mamif.)  elk, (US) moose
alkald.o  alcalde, alcade, Spanish magistrate
alkali.o (kem.)  alkali (general sense)
alkaloid.a (kem.)  alkaloid (adj.)
        alkaloid.o (kem.)  alkaloid (n.)
alkarave.o (pl.)  caraway
alkemi.o (arto)  alchemy
alkohol.o (subs.)  alcohol
alkoholometr.o  alcoholometer
alkoholometri.o (kem.)  alcoholometry
alkov.o (arkit.)  alcove, recess
almanak.o  almanac, yearly calendar with variety of information; (fig.) year-book
alme.o  alma, almah, alme (Egyptian musical entertainer)
almon.ar {ntr} [ad]  to give alms
alo.o (pl.)  aloe (plant of the genus Aloe)
alodi.o  allodium, alodium, freehold estate, fee-simple estate
along.e {prep.}  along, at the side of
        along-ir.ar {tr}  to go along, skirt, coast
alonj.o  extension (lengthening piece); leaf (of telescope, table); allonge (fin.)
alopati.o (medic.)  allopathy
alopeci.o (morbo)  alopecia, (baldness from) loss of hair
alos.o (fisho)  allis shad, allis, shad of the genus Alosa
alotrop.a (kem.)  allotropic
        alotrop.o (kem.)  allotrope
        alotrop.es.o (kem.)  allotropy
aloy.ar {tr}  to alloy; combine metals by fusion
        aloy.ur.o  alloy (of metals); (fig.) any impure mixture; quality (of things in general)
Alp.i (mont.)  (the) Alps
alp.o  alpine pasture
alpak.o (mamif.)  alpaca (animal; wool)
alt.a  high (dimension, sound or pressure); tall
        alt.es.o  height (quality)
        alt.ig.ist.o (financ.)  bull (operator)
alt.o (muzin.)  viola (alto violin), alto
        alt.o-voc.o (muz.)  alto, countertenor (voice)
        alt.ist.o (muz.)  alto player, (US) violist
altar.o (rel.)  altar
alte.o (pl.)  althaea, (US) althea (such as hollyhock, marsh mallow, (US) rose mallow)
alter.ar {tr}  to alter (modify the nature or quality of a thing, generally for the worse), spoil, debase (currency), corrupt (language)
altern.ar {ntr}  to alternate, take turns
alternativ.a  alternative (in place of another)
        alternativ.o  alternative, choice, option
alternator.o  alternator
altitud.o  altitude
altr.a  other, another
        altr.e  otherwise
        altr.o  another (thing), something else
        altr.u  another person, someone else
        altr.i  others
        altr.ig.ar  to alter
        altr.a.klok.e  at another hour, at another time
        altr.a.lok.e  elsewhere
        altr.a.nom.e  by another name
        altr.a.vort.e  in other words
altruism.o  altruism
altruist.o  altruist
alud.ar {tr}  to allude to, refer to, have reference to
        alud.o  allusion
alumini.o (elem.)  aluminium, (US) aluminum
alun.o (kem.)  alum
alur.o  gait
aluvion.o  alluvium
alveol.o  alveolus (honeycomb cell, tooth socket, etc)
Alzaci.a (lando)  Alsace
        Alzaci.an.o  Alsatian (n.)
am.ar {tr}  to love, like (very much), care for, cherish
        am.o  love (strong liking)
        am.ant.o  lover
        am.at.o  beloved (n.)
amalgam.o  amalgam (also fig.)
amans.ar {tr}  to tame (an animal), make docile, make tractable; (fig.) make (someone) more sociable
amar.o  hawser, mooring rope or cable; lashing (as for a gun, etc.)
amarant.o (pl.)  amaranth, amarant (plant of the love-lies-bleeding genus)
        amarant.e.a  amaranth-coloured
amarilis.o (pl.)  amaryllis
amas.o  mass, pile, heap
        amas.ig.ar  to heap up, amass
amator.o  amateur
amauros.o (morbo)  amaurosis
amazon.o  amazon (also fig.)
amb.a  both
ambaj.o  circumlocution, roundabout expression, ambage
ambasad.o  embassy (function)
        ambasad.eri.o  embassy (administration)
        ambasad.ey.o  embassy (residence)
        ambasad.ist.o  ambassador
ambici.ar {tr}  to be ambitious (to), aim at
        ambici.o  ambition
        ambici.oz.a  ambitious
ambidextr.a  ambidextrous
ambigu.a  ambiguous, equivocal
        ambigu.aj.o  ambiguity (equivocal expression)
        ambigu.es.o  ambiguousness, ambiguity
ambl.ar {ntr}  to amble (of horses, etc.)
ambliop.a (patol.)  amblyopic
        ambliop.es.o (morbo)  amblyopia
ambon.o  ambo
ambos.o  anvil
ambr.o (subs.)  ambergris
ambrozi.o  ambrosia (also fig.)
ambulanc.o (veturo)  ambulance
ameb.o (animalo)  amoeba, (US) ameba
amebocit.o (biol.)  amoebocyte, (US) amebocyte
ameboid.a (biol.)  amoeboid, (US) ameboid
amelior.ar {tr}  improve, ameliorate
«amen»  amen
amend.o  fine, penalty
ament.o (bot.)  catkin, amentum, ament
americi.o (elem.)  americium
Amerik.a (lando)  America
        Amerik.an.a  American (adj.: of (the continent of) America)
        Amerik.an.a  American (of the American continent)
        Amerik.an.o  American (native of America)
ametist.o (min.)  amethyst
amfetamin.o  amphetamine
amfibi.a (zool.)  amphibious
        amfibi.o  amphibian
amfimixi.o (biol.)  amphimixis
amfiox.o (animalo)  amphioxus, ~lancelet
amfipirenin.o (biokem.)  amphipyrenin
amfiteatr.o  amphitheatre (all senses), (US) amphitheater
amfor.o  amphora
Amhar.a (lando)  Amhara (region of Abyssinia)
        Amhar.an.a  Amharic (adj.)
        Amhar.an.o  Amhara (native)
amiant.o (min.)  amianthus, amiantus
amid.o (kem.)  amide
amidol.o  Amidol
amik.o  friend
        amik.al.a  friendly, amicable
        amik.es.o  friendship, friendliness, amity
amil.o (kem.)  starch (fecula used to stiffen linen etc.; amylum)
amiloplast.o (biol.)  amyloplast
amin.o (kem.)  amine
amitos.o (biol.)  amitosis
amnesti.ar {tr}  to give a general pardon to
amnezi.ar {ntr}  to have amnesia
        amnezi.o  amnesia, loss of memory
amnion.o  amnion
amniot.o (anat.)  amniotic fluid
amon.o (kem.)  ammonia (gas)
amoni.o (kem.)  ammonium
amoniak.o (kem.)  aqueous ammonia, ammonium hydroxide
        amoniak-gum.o  gum-ammoniac
        amoniak-sal.o  sal-ammoniac
amonit.o  ammonite (fossil shell)
amont.ar {tr}  to add up to, amount to
amor.ar {tr}  to love passionately (as between the sexes)
        amor.ant.o  passionate lover
        amor.o  passionate love
amorc.ar {tr}  to set going (an instrument or a force), prime (a pump or gun)
        amorc.il.o  primer (of a firearm)
amorf.a (fizk.)  amorphous
amortis.ar {tr}  to weaken, deaden, soften (a blow, a fall, etc.); calm (passions); abate (inflammation); tone down, soften (colours); pay, liquidate (a debt); redeem (an annuity); amortise (alienate in mortmain); tenderise (meat)
        amortis.ebl.a (pek.)  redeemable
amortis.il.o  damper, (US) dampener; extinguisher (for charcoal, etc.)
        amortis-pekuni.o (pek.)  sinking-fund
ampelops.o (pl.)  Virginia creeper
amper.o  ampere, "amp"
ampermetr.o  ammeter
ampl.a  ample, spacious; full (of garments), abundant (of supplies); liberal (of a reward)
        ampl.es.o  ampleness
        ampl.ig.ar  to amplify
        ampl.ig.o  amplification
amplitud.o (fizk.)  amplitude (tech.)
ampul.o  (glass) bulb, (light) bulb, bellied phial; blister
amput.ar {tr} [de]  to amputate, cut off (surg. and fig.)
amulet.o  amulet
amuz.ar {tr}  to amuse, entertain; (fig.) distract, divert
        amuz.ant.a  amusing
        amuz.er.o  entertainer
an {prep.}  at, on (indicates contiguity, juxtaposition)
-an- {suf.}  (suffix) member, inhabitant, partisan, adherent
anabaptism.o (rel.)  anabaptism
anabaptist.o (rel.)  anabaptist
anabios.o (biol.)  anabiosis
anad.o (ucelo)  duck
        anad.o nigr.a (ucelo)  black duck
        anad.ul.o  drake
        anad.yun.o  duckling
anaerobi.a (biol.)  anaerobic
anafaz.o (biol.)  anaphase
anagal.o (pl.)  pimpernel
anagram.o  anagram
anakolut.o (gram.)  anacoluthia, anacoluthon
anakond.o (rept.)  anaconda
anakoret.o  anchorite, anchoret, religious recluse
anakronism.o  anachronism
anal.o  annal; (-i) annals
analgezi.ar {tr} (medic.)  to produce analgesia in
        analgezi.o (medic.)  analgesia
        analgezi.iv.a  analgesic
analitik.o  science of analysis, analytics
        analitik.al.a  analytical (related to the science of analysis)
        analitik.ist.o  analyst
analiz.ar {tr}  to analyse (log., chem.), (US) analyze
        analiz.o  analysis
        analiz.al.a  analytical (related to analysis)
analog.a  analogous
        analog.aj.o  analogue (something analogous), analogon, (US) analog
        analog.es.o  analogousness, analogy
analogik.a (elektrn.)  analogue (adj.: in electronics, computing, etc.), (US) analog
Anam (lando)  Annam, Anam
        Anam.an.o  Annamese (native of Annam)
anamnez.ar {tr} (medic.)  to make an anamnesis, make a medical case history (of)
anamorfos.o (opt.)  anamorphosis
ananas.o (frukto)  pineapple
anapest.o (proz.)  anapaest, (US) anapest
anarki.o (polit.)  anarchy
        anarki.ism.o  anarchism
        anarki.ist.o  anarchist
anastigmat.a (opt.)  anastigmatic
anastomos.o (anat.)  anastomosis
anatem.ar {tr}  to anathematise
        anatem.o  anathema (ecclesiastical denunciation)
Anatoli.a (lando)  Anatolia
anatomi.o (cienco)  anatomy (science)
ancestr.o  ancestor
        ancestr.al.a  ancestral
anchov.o (fisho)  anchovy
ancien.a  old (opposite of new)
And.i (mont.)  Andes
Andaluzi.a (lando)  Andalusia
        Andaluzi.an.o  Andalusian (n.)
Andor.a (lando)  Andorra
andrinopl.o (stofo)  red cotton fabric
androce.o (bot.)  androecium
androdioik.a (bot.)  androdioecious
androgin.a (biol.)  androgynous
android.o (aparato)  android
andromonoik.a (bot.)  andromonoecious
anekdot.o  anecdote
anemi.o (morbo)  anaemia, (US) anemia
        anemi.ik.a  anaemic, (US) anemic
anemofil.a (bot.)  anemophilous
anemometr.o  wind gauge, anemometer
anemon.o (pl.)  anemone
aneroid.a (fizk.)  aneroid
        aneroid.o  aneroid (barometer)
anestezi.ar {tr} (medic.)  to anaesthetise, (US) anesthetize
        anestezi.o (medic.)  (act of) anaesthetising
        anestezi.es.o (medic.)  anaesthesia, anaesthesis, (US) anesthesia, anesthesis
        anestezi.iv.a (medic.)  anaesthetic, (US) anesthetic
anet.o (pl.)  dill
anevrism.o (morbo)  aneurysm, aneurism
anex.ar {tr}  to annex
angel.o  fish hook
angelik.o (pl.)  angelica
«angelus» (rel.)  angelus
angin.o (morbo)  angina (quinsy, croup or similar inflammatory ailment)
angiom.o (patol.)  angioma
angiopati.o (morbo)  angiopathy
angioplasti.o (kir.)  angioplasty
angiosperm.o (bot.)  angiosperm
Angl.a  English
        Angl.o  English person, Englishman
Angli.a (lando)  England
anglikan.a (rel.)  Anglican
        anglikan.ism.o  Anglicanism
Angol.a (lando)  Angola
angor.ar {ntr} [pri, pro]  to be in anguish (of mind or body)
        angor.o  anguish
Angora-kapr.o (animalo)  Angora goat
Angora-kat.o (animalo)  Angora cat
angostur.o (arb.)  angostura (tree)
anguil.o (fisho)  eel (fish)
angul.o (geom.)  angle; corner
        angul.o akut.a  acute angle
        angul.o obtuz.a  obtuse angle
        angul.al.a  angular, corner (adj.)
        ort-angul.a  right-angled
        angul.o-mobl.o  corner-piece (furniture)
        angul.o-petr.o  corner stone
Anhalt (lando)  Anhalt (German duchy)
anhel.ar {ntr} [pro] (medic.)  to pant, gasp for breath
        anhel.ad.o (medic.)  anhelation, shortness of breath, panting
        anhel.ig.ar  to wind, put out of breath
anhidr.a (kem.)  anhydrous
anilin.o (kem.)  aniline
anim.ar {tr}  to animate (endow with life); (fig.) enliven
        anim.e  animatedly, with brio
animal.o (animalo)  animal (n.)
        animal.al.a  animal (adj.)
        animal.ar.o  group of animals; fauna
animism.o  animism
anion.o (fizk.)  anion
aniversari.o  anniversary
aniz.o (pl.)  anise
        aniz.o-semin.i  aniseed
        aniz-liquor.o  anisette
anizotrop.a (biol.)  anisotropic
anjel.o (rel.)  angel
        anjel.atr.a  angelic
ank [= anke]  
anke {adv.}  also, too
ankilos.ar {tr}  to ankylose, achylose, cause ankylosis
        ankilos.o  ankylosis, anchylosis
ankor [= ankore]  
ankore {adv.}  still, yet, until now, until then (refers to a fact or an act already existing)
ankr.o  anchor
        ankr.o-ag.ar (nav.)  to anchor
        ankr.o-ag.ey.ar (nav.)  anchorage
        ankr.o-trab.o  cat-head (naut.)
anm.o (rel.)  soul
        anm.oz.a  soulful, with spirit
anobi.o (insekto)  death-watch beetle, death-tick or woodworm, furniture beetle
        lign.o-anobi.o (insekto)  wood-fretter, furniture beetle (larva: woodworm)
anod.o (fizk.)  anode
anomal.a  abnormal, anomalous, irregular
anonim.a  anonymous
anorak.o (vesto)  anorak
ans.o  arc-shaped handle (of cup, bucket etc)
-ant-  (suffix for the present active participle)
antagonism.o  antagonism
antagonist.o  antagonist
antarktik.a (geog.)  Antarctic (adj.)
ante {prep.}  before (of time), earlier than
ante ke  before (conj.)
ante.a  former, previous, preceding, prior
        ante.e  previously, before (adv.), heretofore
antecedent.o  antecedent (gram., log., math.)
anten.o  antenna, feeler; aerial
anter.o (bot.)  anther
anteridi.o (bot.)  antheridium
anterior.a  anterior, earlier, previous, preceding (in space or time)
anterozoid.o (bot.)  antherozoid, antherozooid
antez.o (bot.)  anthesis
anti- {pref.}  anti-, contra-, counter- (for use mainly in scientific terms)
        anti-bakteri.a  antibacterial (adj.)
        anti-toxin.o (medkm.)  antitoxin
        anti-verm.o (medkm.)  vermifuge, anthelmintic, anthelminthic, helminthic
antibiotik.a (medic.)  antibiotic (adj.)
        antibiotik.o (medic.)  antibiotic (n.)
anticiklon.o (meteor.)  anticyclone
anticip.ar {tr}  to anticipate
antidot.o (medkm.)  antidote (also fig.)
antifon.o (rel.)  antiphon, antiphony, ~refrain
        antifon.ar.o  antiphonary, antiphoner
antifraz.o (retor.)  antiphrasis
antigen.o  antigen
antiklin.a (geol.)  anticlinal (geol.)
antikorp.o (biokem.)  antibody
antikrist.o (rel.)  Antichrist
Antil.i (lando)  West Indies, Antilles
antilogi.o  antilogy, contradiction in ideas
antilop.o (mamif.)  antelope
antimateri.o (fizk.)  antimatter
antimilitarismo  antimilitarism
antimilitaristo  antimilitarist
antimoni.o (elem.)  antimony, stibium
antinomi.o  antinomy (jur., philos.)
antipartikul.o (fizk.)  antiparticle
antipati.ar {tr}  to have an aversion to, have an antipathy to
        antipati.o  antipathy, natural aversion, natural repugnance
antipod.o (geog.)  antipode, (-i:) antipodes
antiqu.a  antique, ancient, of a former epoch
        antiqu.aj.o  antique (n.)
        antiqu.aj.ist.o  antiquary
antiquar.a  antiquarian (adj.)
antirin.o (pl.)  antirrhinum, snapdragon
antisepsi.ar {tr} (medic.)  to antisepticise, make antiseptic, free from microbial contamination
        antisepsi.iv.a  antiseptic (adj.)
        antisepsi.iv.o  antiseptic (agent)
antisept.a (medic.)  antiseptic (adj.)
antitez.o  antithesis
antitoxin.o (medkm.)  antitoxin
antologi.o  anthology
antonim.o  antonym
antonomazi.o (retor.)  antonomasia
antracit.o (min.)  anthracite, hard-coal
antropoid.a (zool.)  anthropoid (adj.)
        antropoid.o (zool.)  anthropoid (n.)
antropologi.o (cienco)  anthropology
antropometri.o (cienco)  anthropometry
antropomorf.a  anthropomorphic
        antropomorf.o  anthropomorph
        antropomorf.ism.o  anthropomorphism
antus.o (ucelo)  pipit, titlark
anul.ar {tr}  annul
anunc.ar {tr} [ad]  to announce
        klam.e anunc.ar var.i  to cry wares (for sale)
        anunc.o-fest.o  Annunciation (day), Lady-day
anus.o  anus
anxi.ar {ntr} [pri, pro, de]  to be anxious
        anxi.o  anxiety
        anxi.oz.a  anxious
aorist.o (gram.)  aorist
aort.o  aorta
aortit.o (morbo)  aortitis
apanaj.o (pek.)  appanage, apanage
        apanaj.iz.ar  to endow with an appanage
apar.ar {ntr} [ad, avan]  to appear, become visible, be in sight
aparat.o (tekn.)  apparatus
apart.a  apart (adj.), separate, alone, (US) aside (adj.)
        apart.e  separately, apart (adv.), aside
apartament.o  appartment, flat, suite of rooms
aparten.ar {ntr} [ad]  to belong, appertain, pertain
        aparten.aj.o  appurtenance
apati.o  apathy, indifference (lack of feeling or interest)
        apati.oz.a  apathetic, impassive
apel.ar {ntr} [ad ulu, pri ulo]  to appeal (in law); (fig.) call (for help or sympathy)
        asign.ar apel.o  to give notice of an appeal
        fac.ar apel.o  to lodge an appeal
apen [= apene]  
apendic.o  appendix (lit., anat., zool., bot.)
apendicit.o (morbo)  appendicitis
apene {adv.}  hardly, scarcely, barely
Apenin.i (mont.)  Apennines
apercept.ar {tr}  to realise (become conscious of (an idea or fact)), grasp mentally
aperitiv.o (drnkj.)  aperitif
apert.ar {tr} [por]  to open, unclose (also fig. with heart, soul, etc.)
        apert.ur.o  aperture, gap
        apert.iv.o (medkm.)  aperient, laxative
apetit.ar {tr}  to have an appetite for (also fig.)
api.o (pl.)  smallage, wild celery
apikal.a (biol.)  apical
aplanat.a (opt.)  aplanatic
aplast.ar {tr}  to crush, squash (soft objects); (fig.) oppress
        rul-aplast.il.o  roller (as for flattening roads)
aplaud.ar {tr}  to clap, applaud; (fig.) to express approbation
aplik.ar {tr} [ad, sur]  to apply (also fig.), lay on, impose (one thing on another)
        aplik.ar su  (fig.) to apply oneself (the mind, attention)
        aplik.ebl.a  applicable (also fig.), apposite
aplomb.o  perpendicularity; plummet, plumb line; (fig.) assurance, self-confidence
apodiktik.a (filoz.)  apodictic, apodeictic, necessarily true
apofiz.o (anat.)  apophysis
apog.ar {tr} [ad, an, sur]  to prop (up), stay, support; lean, rest; base (one thing on another), found; ground (also fig.: assertions, reasons, etc.)
        apog.il.o  prop, stay, support, stanchion
        kap-apog.il.o  head-support
        apog-ark.o (arkit.)  flying buttress
        apog-punt.o  point of support
        apog-trab.o  strut, brace, prop
apogam.a (biol.)  apogamic, apogamous
apoge.o (astron.)  apogee
apokalips.o (rel.)  apocalypse
apokrif.a  apocryphal
apokromat.a (opt.)  apochromatic
apolog.o  apologue, moral fable
apologi.ar {tr}  to defend or justify (in speech or writing)
        apologi.o  justification, apologia, defence
aponevros.o (anat.)  aponeurosis
apoplexi.o (patol.)  apoplexy
        aces.o di apoplexi.o  apoplectic attack
apospori.o (bot.)  apospory
apostat.a (rel.)  apostate (adj.)
        apostat.o (rel.)  apostate (n.)
        apostat.es.o  apostasy
aposteriori.e  a posteriori (adv.)
        aposteriori.al.a  a posteriori (adj.)
apostil.o  apostil, annotation, marginal note; recommendatory note (to back a petition)
apostol.o (rel.)  apostle
apostrof.o  apostrophe (gram., rhetoric)
apotek.o  chemist's shop, pharmacy, (US) drugstore (medical)
apotem.o (geom.)  apothem
apoteos.o  apotheosis, deification, glorification
apozicion.o (gram.)  apposition (gram.)
apr.o (mamif.)  wild boar
apreci.ar {tr}  to appreciate (be aware of the good qualities in, realise the importance of)
aprentis.o [pri]  apprentice
apret.ar {tr} (tekn.)  to dress (leather, calico, fabric, paper etc.)
april.o  April
apriori.e  a priori (adv.)
        apriori.al.a  a priori (adj.)
aprob.ar {tr}  to approve of, give approbation to
aproch.o (fortif.)  sap (trench or works made by besiegers), (-i) approaches
aproxim.ar {tr}  to estimate, evaluate approximately
apsid.o  apse, apsis (arch., astron.)
apt.a [ad, por]  apt, suitable, fit (for), good (for), appropriate
apud {prep.}  next to, beside
        apud.a [ad]  adjacent
        apud.e  adjacently
        apud.poz.ar  to juxtapose
Apuli.a (lando)  Apulia
apunt.ar {tr} [ulo, ad]  to point (camera, gun, telescope, etc.), take aim with
        apunt.il.o (tekn.)  sight (of a gun)
apus.o (ucelo)  swift (bird)
aqu.o (subs.)  water
        aqu.oz.a  aqueous
        rej.al.a aqu.o (kem.)  aqua regia
        aqu.o-espruv.a  waterproof
        aqu.o-fal.o  waterfall
        aqu.o-kont.il.o  water meter
        aqu.o-pent.o  watershed
        aqu.o-spric.o  jet of water
aquafort.o (kem.)  nitric acid, aqua fortis
        aquafort.aj.o (arto)  (copper) etching (made using aqua fortis) ?
aquamarin.o (min.)  aquamarine (mineral)
aquarel.o (arto)  watercolour, (US) watercolor (painting)
        aquarel-pikt.ar  to paint in watercolour
aquari.o (aparato)  aquarium
aquatint.o (arto)  aquatint (print)
aquedukt.o (tekn.)  aqueduct
aquilegi.o (pl.)  columbine, aquilegia
aquilon.o  north wind (likened to an eagle: litt., poet.)
aquir.ar {tr} [per, po]  to acquire, get, gain, win (through one's own effort), contract (a habit, a disease), incur (dislike, hatred)
        aquir.aj.o  acquisition (thing acquired)
Aquitan.o  native of Aquitaine
Aquitani.a (lando)  Aquitaine
-ar (gram.)  (present infinitive ending)
ar.o (mez.)  are (measure of area)
-ar- {suf.}  (suffix denoting a collection, group or set of objects or beings)
Arab.a  Arab (adj.), Arabic, Arabian
        Arab.o  Arab (n.)
arabesk.o (arto)  arabesque
Arabi.a (lando)  Arabia
arach.ar {tr} [de, ek, ulo de ulu]  to pull out, drag out, tear out, grub up (roots), wrest (also fig.)
Aragon (lando)  Aragon
arak.o (drnkj.)  arrack, arak
arakid.o (pl.)  peanut (plant), groundnut, monkey nut, goober
araknid.o (animalo)  arachnid (mite, scorpion, spider or tick)
araknoid.o (anat.)  arachnoid (membrane)
Arame.a (lando)  Aram
        Arame.an.a  Aramaic; Aramaean, Aramean
        Arame.an.o  Aramaean, Aramean
arane.o  spider
        arane-ped.o  spider leg
        arane-ret.o  spider-web, cobweb
aranj.ar {tr}  to arrange, dispose, settle
arbalest.o (armo)  crossbow, arbalest (bow), arbalist
arbitr.ar {tr}  to judge or decide (as an arbitrator), arbitrate on (a disagreement)
        arbitr.ant.o  arbitrator; referee; umpire
arbitraj.ar {tr} [pri]  to carry on arbitrage (buy and sell on the market)
        arbitraj.o  arbitrage
arbitri.o  free-will
        arbitri.al.a  arbitrary, discretionary
        arbitri.aj.o  arbitrary act, capricious act
        arbitri.e  at will, ad libitum, ad-lib
        segun la arbitri.o di  at the discretion (or will) of
arbor.o (bot.)  tree; axletree, shaft (revolving rod)
        ax-arbor.o  axletree, shaft (revolving rod)
        arbor.al.a  arboreal
        arbor.atr.a  arborescent
        dorn-arbor.o  thorn-tree
        eben-arbor.o  ebony tree
        transmis-arbor.o  transmission shaft
        arbor.oz.a  wooded (containing trees)
        arbor.o genealogi.al.a  genealogical tree
        arbor.o-ran.o (animalo)  tree frog
arbust.o (bot.)  shrub, small bush
        sub-arbust.o  underbrush
        arbust.ar.o  thicket
arbut.o (frukto)  arbutus berry
        arbut.ier.o (arb.)  (European) arbutus, strawberry-tree
arch.o (biblo)  (Noah's) ark (biblical)
        arch.o di kontrat.o (biblo)  Ark of the Covenant
Arden.i (lando)  the Ardennes (plateau)
ardez.o (subs.)  slate (material)
        ardez.a tabel.o  slate (for writing)
        ardez-kovr.ar  to cover or roof with slate
        ardez-min.ey.o  slate quarry
ardor.ar {ntr} [pri]  to be aglow, glowing hot, fiery; (of passion, zeal) be ardent, be fervent (of animals) be in heat, rut
        ardor.o  glowing heat; ardour, (US) ardor; rut
ardu.a  rugged; (of mountains, etc.) arduous, hard
are.o  area, extent of surface, surface area
arek.o (pl.)  areca nut, betel nut
        arek.ier.o (arb.)  areca (palm), betel palm
aren.o  arena, ring (for games etc.)
areol.o  areola (anat., med.)
areometr.o (instr.)  araemometer, areometer, hydrometer
areometri.o (cienco)  araeometry, areometry
areopag.o (antiq.)  Areopagus (also fig.)
        areopag.an.o  Areopagite
arest.ar {tr} (judic.)  to arrest (someone), put under arrest
argal.o (ucelo)  marabou (stork)
argan.o  sheers, shears, sheerlegs, gin (hoisting apparatus)
argil.o  clay, argil, potter's earth
Argolid.o (lando)  Argolis
argon.o (elem.)  argon
argonaut.o  Argonaut; argonaut, paper nautilus
Argovi.a (lando)  Aargau
argument.ar {ntr} [pri]  to argue (a case), try to prove something
ari.o (muz.)  tune, air
-ari- {suf.}  (suffix indicating the object of an action, the recipient of an action, or one upon whom a right, especially legal, is conferred)
arid.a  arid, dry and barren
Ariet.o (astron.)  Aries
ariet.o  battering ram
        ariet.o hidraulik.al.a (aparato)  hydraulic ram
aril.o (bot.)  aril
arist.o  arris, edge (line where two faces or planes meet); ridge (of nose, mountain etc.); awn, beard (of cereal)
aristokrat.a  aristocratic
        aristokrat.o  aristocrat
        aristokrat.ar.o  aristocracy (collectively)
        aristokrat.es.o  aristocracy (quality)
        aristokrat.ism.o  aristocracy (system)
aristoloki.o (pl.)  plant of genus Aristolochia, birthwort
Aristotel.es  Aristotle
        Aristotel.ism.o  Aristotelianism
aritmetik.o  arithmetic
aritmograf.o (aparato)  arithmometer, (mechanical) calculating machine
aritmologi.o  theory of numbers
aritmomanci.ar {ntr}  to practise divination by numbers
        aritmomanci.o  divination by numbers
ariv.ar {ntr} [an]  to arrive (at a destination, at a certain place)
arjent.o  silver
        arjent.a  silver (adj.: of silver)
        arjent.e.a  argentine, silvery (silver-coloured)
        arjent.oz.a  argentiferous
arjentan.o (subs.)  alloy of copper, zinc and nickel
Arjentini.a (lando)  Argentina, the Argentine
        Arjentini.an.a  Argentine, Argentinian (adj.)
        Arjentini.an.o  Argentine, Argentinian (person)
ark.o  arch (archit.); arc (geom., elec.)
        apog-ark.o  flying buttress
        ark-apog.ar  to buttress
        ark-arm.o  bow (weapon)
        ark-lamp.o  arc lamp
        arm-ark.o  bow (weapon)
        pluv-ark.o  rainbow
        sel-ark.o  saddle bow
        triumf-ark.o  triumphal arch
        ark.et.o  bridge (of a violin)
        Ark.er.o (astron.)  Sagittarius, the Archer
arkabuz.o (armo)  arquebus, harquebus
arkad.o (arkit.)  arcade
Arkadi.a (lando)  Arcadia
        Arkadi.an.o  Arcadian (native of Arcadia)
arkaik.a  archaic, antiquated
arkaism.o  archaism (expression), antiquated form of speech
arkan.a  arcane
        arkan.o  arcanum
arkegoni.o (bot.)  archegonium
arkeolog.o  archaeologist, (US) archeologist
arkeologi.o (cienco)  archaeology, (US) archeology
arkespor.o (bot.)  archesporium
arki- {pref.}  (prefix used especially in titles: of eminent degree, chief)
        arki-anjel.o  archangel
        arki-episkop.o  archbishop
arkimandrit.o  archimandrite
Arkimed.es  Archimedes
arkipelag.o (geog.)  archipelago
arkiplasm.o (biol.)  archiplasm
arkitekt.o  architect
arkitektur.o (arto)  architecture
arkitrav.o (arkit.)  architrave
arkiv.o  archive, record(s)
arkivolt.o (arkit.)  archivolt
arkont.o  archon (hist.)
arktik.a (geog.)  Arctic
arlekin.o  harlequin
        arlekin-vest.o  harlequin dress; (fig.) patch-work, medley
arm.o  weapon, arm
        arm.ey.o  armoury
        arm.iz.ar  to arm
        arm.o-hak.il.o  battleaxe
        arm-ark.o (armo)  bow (weapon)
        arm-drash.il.o (armo)  flail (weapon)
        paf-arm.o  firearm
armadil.o (mamif.)  armadillo
armator.o  shipowner
armatur.o  armature (elec.); iron stays or braces (to strengthen masonry, etc.)
        beton.o armatur.iz.it.a  reinforced concrete
        kabl-armatur.o  wire covering of a cable
arme.o (milit.)  army, armed force (army, navy, air force)
        aer-arme.o  air force
        mar-arme.o  navy
        arme-korp.o  army corps
Armeni.a (lando)  Armenia
        Armeni.an.a  Armenian (adj.)
        Armeni.an.o  Armenian (person)
armistic.o  truce, armistice
armor.o (moblo)  cupboard
        armor.et.o  cabinet (small cupboard)
        plad-armor.o  dish closet, crockery cupboard
        vest-armor.o  wardrobe
armoraci.o (pl.)  horseradish
arnik.o  arnica (plant; medicine)
arog.ar {tr} [ulo, a su]  to arrogate, claim (for oneself) without justification, make undue claim for
        arog.ant.a  arrogant
        arog.em.a  arrogant
arog.em.es.o  arrogance
arom.o  aroma
aromat.o (subs.)  seasoning (herb or spice), aromatic substance of vegetable origin
arorut.o  arrowroot (flour)
aroz.ar {tr} [per ulo]  to wet (with any liquid), water
        aroz.eg.ar {tr}  to drench, soak
        aroz.et.ar {tr}  to moisten, dampen
        aroz.il.o (aparato)  watering can
arpej.ar {ntr} (muz.)  to play arpeggios
        arpej.o  arpeggio
arsen.o (elem.)  arsenic (element)
arsenal.o (milit.)  arsenal (for weapons)
art.o (arto)  art (practical skill or its application, guided by principles)
        art.al.a  artistic (relating to arts)
        art.al.es.o  artistic quality or character
        art.em.a  artistic (of a person)
        art.i bel.a  (the) fine arts
        art.i soci.all.a  social accomplishments
artemizi.o (pl.)  artemisia (mugwort, sagebrush, southerwood, etc.)
arteri.o (anat.)  artery
        arteri.al.a  arterial
        arteri.et.o (anat.)  arteriole
arteriit.o (morbo)  arteritis
arteriotomi.o (kir.)  arteriotomy
artez.a (tekn.)  artesian
        artez.a pute.o (tekn.)  artesian well
artichok.o (pl.)  artichoke, globe artichoke, French artichoke
artific.o  artifice (artful or ingenious expedient)
        artific.ach.o  cunning trick
        artific.al.a  artificial
        artific.oz.a  artful, cunning
artik.o  joint, articulation (anat., tech.)
        [bul-artik.o (obs.) > artrodio]  
artikl.o  article (newspaper, etc; grammar)
        defin.it.a artikl.o (gram.)  definite article
artikul.ar {tr}  to articulate, speak (words, syllables, etc.) clearly
artileri.o (milit.)  artillery (troops)
artiodaktil.o (mamif.)  artiodactyl
artizan.o  artisan, mechanic
artokarp.o (arb.)  artocarpus (breadfruit tree, jack tree, etc.)
        artokarp.o-frukt.o (frukto)  breadfruit; breadnut (fruit)
artr.o (anat.)  part or segment of a limb or body, articulation (segment)
artrit.o (morbo)  arthritis
        artrit.ik.o  arthritis sufferer
artrodi.o (anat.)  arthrodia
artropod.o  arthropod
aruf.ar {tr}  to ruffle (up), turn back (feathers, hair)
        karez.ar kat.o aruf.e  to stroke a cat the wrong way
arum.o (pl.)  arum, cuckoopint, lords-and-ladies, wake-robin
aruspic.o  haruspex, aruspex
Arverni.a (lando)  Auvergne
Aryan.a  Aryan (adj.: race, language), ~Indo-European
        Aryan.o  Aryan (person)
-as  (ending of a verb in the present tense)
as.o (lud.)  ace (cards, dice)
        kordi.o-as.o  ace of hearts
asafetid.o  asafoetida, asafetida (resin)
asalt.ar {tr} (milit.)  to assault (a fortified place), storm, charge (the enemy)
        asalt.ant.o  assailant
        asalt.ar quik l'obstaklo  (fig.) to take the bull by the horns
        ek-asalt.ar  to make a sally, sortie
        ne.asalt.ebl.a  unassailable, impregnable
asasin.ar {tr}  to assassinate (kill with intent and by ambush or surprise)
asbest.o (min.)  asbestos
asekur.ar {tr} [kontre] (pek.)  to insure, underwrite (against loss)
        asekur.o-akt.o  insurance (policy) document
        asekur.o-tax.o  (insurance) premium
        asekur.ist.o  insurer, underwriter
        asekur.it.o  (the) insured
        asekur-akt.o  insurance policy
asel.o (animalo)  woodlouse
asembl.ar {tr}  to assemble, bring together (people, materials, etc.)
asent.ar {tr}  to give assent to, agree (to), acquiesce in
asept.a (medic.)  aseptic
asert.ar {tr}  to assert (make an assertion, state as a fact), claim (as a fact)
        asert.it.a  asserted, claimed, so-called
asesor.o  assistant judge or magistrate
asfalt.o (subs.)  asphalt
        asfalt.iz.ar  to asphalt
asfixi.ar {tr}  to asphyxiate
asfodel.o (pl.)  asphodel
asidu.a  regular, constant (in attendance or work)
asiej.ar {tr} (milit.)  to besiege, beleaguer, lay siege to
asign.ar {tr} [ad]  to assign, allot, set apart (a sum), fix, appoint (a day, place, rank); (fig., legal) summons, cite, subpoena
        asign.o-letr.o (judic.)  subpoena, writ, summons
asimil.ar {tr} (fiziol.)  to assimilate (physiol. & fig.)
asimptot.o (geom.)  asymptote, asymptotic line
Asiri.a (lando)  Assyria
        Asiri.an.o  Assyrian (person)
asist.ar {tr} [ulo]  to attend (be present at)
        asist.o  presence, attendance
        asist.ant.aro  audience, congregation
askarid.o (animalo)  ascarid
asket.o  ascetic (n.)
        asket.ism.o  asceticism (doctrine)
asklepiad.o  asclepiad (plant: swallow-wort; type of verse)
askolt.ar {tr}  to listen to, hearken to, give ear to
asn.o (mamif.)  donkey, ass
        asn.ach.o  stupid ass
        asn.in.o (mamif.)  she-ass
        asn.ul.o (mamif.)  jackass
asoci.ar {tr} [ad]  to make (someone) one's associate (in any matter), make (someone) participate or share in something
        asoci.em.a  sociable
        asoci.it.o  associate, fellow
asom.ar {tr}  to bludgeon, fell (with a blow), beat senseless
asonanc.ar {ntr} [kun]  to be assonant
        asonanc.ant.a  assonant
        asonanc.o  assonance
asort.ar {tr} [kun]  to sort, assort, match (things alike, or somewhat alike, or that match or suit one another)
        asort.aj.o  assortment
        asort.ur.o  set (group of things that match)
asparag.o (pl.)  asparagus
asparagin.o (biokem.)  asparagine
aspartam.o (kem.)  aspartame
aspekt.ar {ntr}  to look (like), appear (have an appearance)
        aspekt.ar felic.a  to look happy
        aspekt.ar quale fol.o  to look like a fool
        aspekt.o  aspect, look, sight
asper.a  rough (of a surface), uneven
aspers.ar {tr} [per]  to sprinkle (with a liquid), spray lightly
asperul.o (pl.)  plant of genus Asperula (such as woodruff and squinancy-wort)
asperul.o odor.oz.a (pl.)  (sweet) woodruff
aspik.o (animalo)  asp (snake)
aspikjele.o  aspic (jelly with meat or fish), ~brawn
aspir.ar {tr} [per, ad] (biol.)  to inhale, draw in (air, smoke, etc.), suck in (liquid); (ling.) aspirate; (fig.) long for, aspire to
        aspir.aj.o  aspirate (ling.)
aspirator.o (aparato)  aspirator
aspirin.o (medkm.)  aspirin
astat.o (elem.)  astatine
astatik.a (fizk.)  astatic (magnetism)
aster.o (pl.)  aster
        aster.o Chini.an.a (pl.)  China aster
asteri.o (animalo)  starfish, asterid, asteridian
asterisk.o  asterisk
asterism.o (fizk.)  asterism (star-like optical phenomenon)
asteroid.o (astron.)  asteroid
astigmat.a  astigmatic
        astigmat.es.o  astigmatism
astm.o (morbo)  asthma
        astm.ik.a  asthmatic (adj.)
aston.ar {tr}  to astonish, amaze
        aston.eg.ar  to astound
        aston.es.ar  to be amazed
astr.o  heavenly body (star, planet, etc.)
        astr.o.fizik.o  astrophysics
astragal.o  ankle bone, talus (bone), astragalus (bone); astragal (archit.)
astrakan.o  astrakhan (pelt, fur)
astrikt.ar {tr}  to have an astringent effect on
        astrikt.iv.a  astringent
astroid.o (matem.)  astroid
astrolab.o  astrolabe
astrolog.o  astrologer
astrologi.o (doktrino)  astrology
astronaut.o  astronaut
astronautik.o  astronautics
astronom.o  astronomer
astronomi.o (cienco)  astronomy
Asturi.a (lando)  Asturias
        Asturi.an.o  Asturian
asum.ar {tr}  to assume, take on oneself (a responsibility), undertake (a duty)
Asuncion.o (rel.)  Assumption (of the Virgin Mary)
-at-  (suffix for the present passive participle of a verb)
atach.ar {tr}  to attach
atak.ar {tr} [per, ye]  to attack
        atak.em.a  aggressive
        atak.o  attack (also med.)
        kontre-atak.o  counter-attack
ataraxi.o (filoz.)  ataraxia, ataraxy
atashe.o  attaché
atavism.o  atavism
ataxi.o (patol.)  ataxia, ataxy
ateism.o  atheism
ateist.o  atheist (n.)
atelier.o  studio (artist's), workshop (artisan's)
atenc.ar {tr}  to pay attention to; apply the mind to, heed
        atenc.o  attention, heed
        atenc.em.a  attentive, mindful
        atenc.ez  pay attention, look out
atene.o  athenaeum, (US) atheneum (temple; literary institution)
atent.ar {tr} (judic.)  to make a criminal attempt or assault on (someone or something)
        atent.o  attempt (to commit an offence or crime); assault (unlawful attempt)
        atent.o kontre la majest.o  lese-majesty, leze-majesty, lese-majesté
        atent.o kontre la pudor.o  indecent assault
        atent.ar la viv.o di ulu  to make an attempt on someone's life
        atent.ar la honor.o di ulu  to assail someone's honour
atenu.ar {tr}  to attenuate
atest.ar {tr} [ulo, pri ulo, ulu]  to bear witness to, attest to, give proof of
        atest.o  attestation, testimony, deposition, certification
        atest.ur.o  certificate, voucher
atik.a  Attic
atik.o (arkit.)  attic
ating.ar {tr}  to reach, attain
        ne-ating.ebl.a  beyond reach
atip.a (biol.)  atypical
atitud.o  attitude (mental)
atlant.o (arkit.)  telamon, atlas (archit.), (-i) atlantes
Atlantik.a (mar.)  Atlantic (adj.)
        Atlantik.o (mar.)  Atlantic (ocean)
        trans-atlantik.a  transatlantic
atlas.o  atlas (geog.; anat.)
atlet.o  athlete
        atlet.ism.o  athleticism (devotion to athletics)
        atlet-exerc.ad.o  athletics (the activity)
atmosfer.o (meteor.)  atmosphere
atol.o (geog.)  atoll
atom.o (fizk.)  atom
        atom.al.a pez.o  atomic weight
        atom.ism.o  atomism (theory)
        atom.ist.o  atomist
atoni.o (medic.)  atony (med.)
-atr- {suf.}  (of the nature of, or having nearly the same appearance, qualities or characteristics; suffix used ordinarily with non-verbal roots)
atrakt.ar {tr}  to attract (also fig.), draw
        atrakt.iv.a  attractive
atrap.ar {tr}  to trick, take in, hoax
        atrap.o  hoax, trick
        atrap.it.a da fripon.o  taken in by a rogue
atribu.ar {tr} [ad]  to bestow, assign, vest, allocate, invest with (something as due and appropriate)
atribut.o  attribute (grammar; logic), attributive (n.)
atric.ar {ntr} (teol.)  to feel attrition (theol.), have defective or imperfect sorrow for one's sin
        atric.o  attrition (theol.)
atrium.o (arkit.)  atrium
atrofi.ar {tr} (medic.)  to atrophy (cause to atrophy)
        atrofi.es.ar  to atrophy (intr.), waste away
        atrofi.o  atrophy
atropin.o (kem.)  atropine, atropin
atun.o (fisho)  tuna, tunny
aturd.ar {tr}  to stun
aud.ar {tr}  to hear (receive sensations by the ear)
        aud.al.a  auditory, auditive
        per aud.o  by hearsay
audac.ar {tr}  to dare, be so bold as
        audac.o  audacity, daring (n.)
        audac.eg.o  rashness, temerity
        audac.ig.ar  to embolden
        audac.oz.a  daring (adj.), bold, audacious, intrepid
audienc.o  hearing, audience (granted by a person in authority)
audiometr.o (aparato)  audiometer
audion.o (elek.)  audion
auditor.o  (title of a) junior court official, court assessor
Augias-stabl.o (mitol.)  Augean stable
augment.ar {tr/ntr} [per]  to increase, augment, make larger or more numerous; raise (rents, prices, wages, etc.)
        augment.o  increase, augmentation; augment (gram.)
        augment.iv.a  augmentative
augur.ar {tr} [de ulo]  to augur (foretell from signs)
        augur.ist.o  augur, soothsayer
august.a  august, venerable, imposing, majestic
aul.o  hall (as in a college, university, etc.), great hall, aula
Aulid.o  Aulis
aureol.o  halo (as around the head of a saint or angel), aureola, aureole
aurikul.o (anat.)  auricle, atrium (anat.)
auror.o  dawn, aurora
        auror.o pol.al.a  aurora borealis, northern lights; aurora australis, southern lights
auskult.ar {tr} (medic.)  to auscultate
auspici.o  omen, auspice
auster.a  strict or severe with oneself, self-disciplined, ~austere, ~rigid
austr.o (meteor.)  south wind, austral wind (poet.)
        austr.al.a (meteor.)  austral, southern
        austr.al.a latitud.o  southern latitude
Australazi.a (lando)  Australasia
Australi.a (lando)  Australia
        Australi.an.a  Australian (adj.)
        Australi.an.o  Australian (n.)
Austri.a (lando)  Austria
        Austri.an.a  Austrian (adj.)
        Austri.an.o  Austrian (n.)
autark.a  autarkic, autarkical
        autark.es.o  autarky
autentik.a  authentic, genuine
autism.o (psik.)  autism
auto- {pref.}  auto-, self- (in scientific & technical words)
autobiografi.o  autobiography
autobus.o (veturo)  bus (vehicle)
«autodafe» (hist.)  auto-da-fé
autodidakt.a  self-taught (of a person), autodidactic
        autodidakt.o  autodidact, self-taught person
autogam.a (biol.)  autogamous, autogamic
        autogam.es.o  autogamy
autogir.o (veturo)  autogyro, autogiro, gyroplane
autograf.a  autographic (written with one's own hand), autograph (adj.)
        autograf.o  autograph (writing in author's hand, original signature or writing)
autoklav.o  autoclave
autokrat.o  autocrat
        autokrat.es.o  autocracy (quality)
        autokrat.ism.o  autocracy (regime)
autoliz.o (biol.)  autolysis
automat.a  automatic, self-acting
        automat.o (aparato)  automaton
automobil.o (veturo)  motor-car, automobile
autonom.a (polit.)  autonomous, self-governing, independent
autopsi.ar {tr} (medic.)  to hold an autopsy on
        autopsi.o  autopsy, autopsia, post-mortem (examination)
autor.o  author; (fig.) creator, originator
        autor-yur.o  (author's) copyright
autoritat.o  authority, legal or rightful power (also fig.)
        autoritat.oz.a  authoritative
autotip.ar {tr}  to autotype
        autotip.ur.o  autotype, halftone etching
autotomi.o (zool.)  autotomy
autun.o  autumn, (US) fall (season)
        autun.al.a  autumnal
auxiliar.a  auxiliary
av.o  grandparent
        av.in.o  grandmother
        av.ul.o  grandfather
        pre-av.o  great grandparent; forefather
aval.o  assurance of payment, surety (signed assurance)
        aval.iz.ar  to guarantee (payment of) (a bill, invoice, promissory note) by endorsement
avalanch.ar {ntr}  to fall as an avalanche
        avalanch.o  avalanche
avan {prep.}  in front of, ahead of, before (in space)
        avan.a  forward, advance, front (adj.)
        avan.e  in front
        avan.o  front (n.)
        avan.aj.o  forepart, front part; (fig.) forequarters (as of a horse)
        avan.braki.o  forearm
        avan.chambr.o  anteroom, antechamber
        avan.guard.o  vanguard
        avan.haven.o  outer harbour, (US) outer harbor
        avan.hold.o  forward hold (of a ship)
        avan.ir.ar {ntr}  to advance, go forward
        avan.posten.o  outpost (mil.)
        avan.urb.o  suburb
        avan.vir.o  front man; (mil.) chief of file
Avan-Azi.a (lando)  Asia Minor
avanc.ar {tr/ntr}  to advance (in space or time), go forward, move forward (a hand, a foot, an army, departure, etc.)
avantaj.o  advantage
        avantaj.oz.a  advantageous
        des.avantaj.o  disadvantage
avantal.o  apron (garment or mech.); pinafore
avar.a [pri]  miserly, greedy, avaricious
        avar.es.o  avarice
avari.ar {tr}  to damage (in conveying goods, the ship, vehicle, train, aircraft or goods carried)
        avari.o  damage, loss (while conveying goods), average (maritime loss)
avelan.o  hazelnut, cobnut, filbert
        avelan.ier.o (arb.)  hazel, cob (tree)
        avelan.e.a  hazel (in colour)
aven.o (pl.)  oats, oat
        aven-gruel.o  porridge
aventur.ar {ntr}  to go on adventures, seek adventures
        aventur.o  adventure
        aventur.em.a  adventurous
avenu.o  avenue (tree-lined approach road)
averaj.o  average
avers.o  front (of a coin, medal, cloth, etc.), obverse; odd(-numbered) page
avert.ar {tr} [pri ulo]  to give notice to, apprise (of a future event or possibility), ~warn
aviac.ar {ntr}  to practise aviation, fly (of a person)
        aviac.ad.o  aviation
        aviac.il.o  flying machine (heavier than air)
avid.a [ad, de]  avid, eager (for), craving, greedy
        venj-avid.a  vindictive
avion.o (veturo)  aeroplane
avionik.o (cienco)  avionics
aviz.ar {tr} [pri ulo]  to give notice to, notify, apprise, advise (give information of a practical nature, such as opening hours, an order or prohibition)
aviz.o  notification, notice
avocet.o (ucelo)  avocet
avokad.o (frukto)  avocado
«avoué»  "avoué" (a type of judicial official in France)
ax.o  axis; axle
        ax.al.a  axial
        ax-arbor.o (mek.)  horizontal shaft
        rot-ax.o (mek.)  axle-tree
        rotac-ax.o (mek.)  axis of rotation
axel.o  armpit, axilla (anat.); axil, axilla (bot.)
axiom.o  axiom
        axiom.al.a  axiomatic
axoid.o (anat.)  axis (second vertebra of the neck)
axolotl.o (rept.)  axolotl
axon.o (biol.)  axon
aye [!] {interj.}  ow!, ouch!
azale.o (pl.)  azalea
Azerbaijan (lando)  Azerbaijan
Azi.a (lando)  Asia
        Azi.an.a  Asian, Asiatic (adj.)
        Azi.an.o  Asian, Asiatic (person)
azil.o  refuge (place for poor, sick or helpless); (fig.: any place of retreat or security), asylum, sanctuary, shelter
azim.a (koquo)  unleavened, azymous
        azim.o  azyme, azym
        azim.a pan.o  unleavened bread
azimut.o (astron.)  azimuth
azot.o (elem.)  nitrogen, azote
azur.o  azure, sky blue (colour); smalt (pigment)
        azur.e.a (koloro)  azure(-coloured), sky-blue


b (muz.)  te, ti (seventh note of musical scale)
ba [!] {interj.}  bah!, pshaw!
«baba»  baba (small cake of leavened dough)
«Babel»  Babel (lit. & fig.)
«Babel»-turm.o  tower of Babel
babil.ar {ntr} [kun ulu, pri ulo]  to gossip, tattle, prate, babble, prattle, chatter (also as of a magpie)
        babil.ach.ar  to blather, blether
        babil.ad.o  tittle-tattle, gossip, idle talk
        babil.em.o  chatter-box
babirus.o (mamif.)  babirusa, babiroussa, babirussa
babuch.o (vesto)  heelless slipper, mule, babouche, babuche, baboosh
babuin.o (mamif.)  baboon
bacheler.o [pri]  bachelor (of a university)
        bacheler.es.o  bachelorship, degree of bachelor
bacil.o (biol.)  bacillus
Badeni.a (lando)  Baden (duchy)
        Badeni.an.o  native of Baden
badern.o (nav.)  paunch (nautical), chafing mat (to protect equipment or cargo against chafing)
bagaj.o  luggage, baggage
        bagaj.uy.o  boot (of a motor-car), (US) trunk (of an automobile)
        manu-bagaj.o  hand luggage
        port.ist.o di bagaj.i  (baggage) porter
bagatel.o  bauble, trifle, bagatelle
bagn.o (judic.)  convict prison, labour camp (prison)
Baham.a (lando)  (the) Bahamas
bak.ar {tr} [en] (koquo)  to bake
Bak.o (mitol.)  Bacchus
        Bak.an.o  follower of Bacchus
        Bak.al.a  Bacchian, Bacchic
bakanal.o  bacchanalia, bacchanals; (fig.) drunken feast or revelry
bakelit.o (subs.)  bakelite, Bakelite
bakteri.o (biol.)  bacterium
        bakteri.ocid.iv.o  bactericide
bakteriolog.o  bacteriologist
bakteriologi.o (cienco)  bacteriology
Baktri.a (lando)  Bactria
        Baktri.an.o  Bactrian (person)
bal.o (danso)  ball (dance)
        mask-bal.o  masked ball
        travesti-bal.o  fancy-dress ball
balad.o  ballade, ballad
balalaik.o (muzin.)  balalaika
balanc.o (instr.)  balance (weighing instrument), scales, scale
        balanc.o Rom.an.a  steelyard
        tord.o-balanc.o  torsion-balance
Balanc.o (astron.)  Libra
balancier.o (mek.)  balance-wheel, flywheel; gimbals (of a compass, etc.)
balas-rubin.o (min.)  balas, balas ruby
balast.o  ballast (ship, railway)
        balast.ey.o  ballast space
balay.ar {tr} [ulo, ad]  to sweep
        balay.aj.i  sweepings
        balay.il.o  broom (for sweeping)
        balay.il.et.o  brush
balbut.ar {tr/ntr}  to gabble (speak inarticulately), speak hesitantly and indistinctly, hum and haw
bald.e {adv.}  soon, shortly
        bald.a  soon to happen, impending, imminent
        tam bald.e kam  as soon as
baldakin.o  canopy (supported by columns, of a throne, altar, pulpit, bed, etc.), baldachin (canopy), baldaquin, tester (canopy)
baldri.o  baldric, baldrick, shoulder belt (for a sword, etc.)
Balear.i (lando)  Balearics, Balearic islands
balen.o (mamif.)  baleen whale, whalebone whale
balet.o  ballet
balif.o  bailiff (hist.: judicial officer acting for the king; title in some countries of a judicial or administrative officer)
balis.o (nav.)  (navigational) beacon, marker buoy; signal-pole (on railway or towpath)
        balis.et.o  range pole, ranging rod (for surveying)
balist.o  ballista (ancient military catapult)
balistik.o (cienco)  ballistics
balkon.o  balcony; stern gallery (of a ship)
baln.ar {tr/ntr}  to bathe, bath
        baln.ey.o  bathing place
        baln.o-chambr.o  bathroom
        baln.uy.o  bath (receptacle)
        maria-baln.o (kem.)  water-bath
balon.o (lud.)  ball (hollow, air-filled); balloon
        balon.eg.o  large balloon (as for carrying people)
        balon.et.o (lud.)  small ball (as for tennis, etc.)
balot.ar {tr} [ulu]  to vote in a second ballot (between two candidates whose votes were greatest in the first ballot, but neither having an absolute majority)
balote.ar {ntr} [pro]  to quiver, tremble, shake, wobble (of something elastic or viscous, like gelatine)
Baltik.a (lando)  Baltic (adj.)
        Baltik.o (mar.)  Baltic (sea)
balustr.o (arkit.)  baluster
balustrad.o (arkit.)  balustrade, railing
balzam.o  balsam (fragrant resin used medicinally); (fig.) balm, consolation
        balzam.o di Gilead  balm of Gilead
        balzam.ier.o  balm, balsam (tree)
balzamin.o (pl.)  garden balsam
bambu.o (pl.)  bamboo
banan.o (frukto)  banana (fruit)
        banan.ier.o (pl.)  banana (plant), banana tree
band.o [de]  company (of people), band (group acting together); shoal (of fish)
        band.ach.o  gang, clique
bandaj.o  bandage; truss; tyre, (US) tire
        bandaj.iz.ar  to bandage; apply a truss; put a tyre on
bande.ar {ntr} (nav.)  to (have a) list (of a ship), be lopsided (lean to one side)
banderol.o  pennon, pennant, streamer, banderol, banderole
bandit.o  bandit
        bandit.ism.o  banditry, banditism
bandolier.o  bandoleer, bandolier
baner.o  banner (cloth badge, device or flag carried by hanging it horizontally, as used by societies and orders)
Bangladesh (lando)  Bangladesh
bank.o  bank (financial)
        bank.o-biliet.o  banknote
        bank.ist.o  banker
        bank.o di diskont.o  discount house (fin.)
        bank.o di komerc.o  merchant bank
        emis.o-bank.o  bank of issue
bankrot.ar {ntr}  to become bankrupt
        bankrot.ig.ar  to bankrupt (tr.), cause bankruptcy to
        bankrot.o  bankruptcy
banyan.o (arb.)  banyan (tree)
baobab.o (arb.)  baobab (tree), monkey-bread tree
bapt.ar {tr} (rel.)  to baptise
        bapt.ey.o  baptistry
        bapt.o-fili.o  godchild
        bapt.o-matr.o  godmother
        bapt.o-nom.o  Christian name
        bapt.o-patr.o  godfather
bar.ar {tr}  to bar, stop up (a way, a route, a door, etc.)
        bar.il.o  barrier (in general)
        bar.o-flux.o (geog.)  bore (in a river), eagre, eger
        bar.o-stang.o  bar (of wood or metal, as for doors, windows)
barak.o  shed, hut; temporary wooden building; booth, (covered) stall
barakan.o (stofo)  barracan, baracan (fabric)
barakt.ar {ntr} [kontre]  to strive to get away, struggle (against), writhe
baratri.o  barratry, barretry (maritime fraud)
barb.o (anat.)  beard (hair on the chin, lips and cheeks of a man or an animal)
        barb.ist.o  barber
        barb.oz.a  bearded
        labi.o-barb.o  moustache, (US) mustache
        lanug.o-barb.o  down (on the face)
        menton.o-barb.o  chin-beard
        sen-barb.a  beardless
        vang.o-barb.o  whiskers
Barbados (lando)  Barbados
barbakan.o (arkit.)  escape hole (in a retaining wall for water), cross-drain, loophole (castle wall)
barbar.a  barbarian (adj.), barbaric, uncivilised
barbar.o  barbarian (n.)
        barbar.aj.o  barbarism (form of speech)
        barbar.atr.a  similar to barbarians
        barbar.es.o  barbarism (state)
barbel.o (fisho)  barbel
barbiturat.o (kem.)  barbiturate
barbot.ar {ntr}  to dabble, paddle, splash about (in water or mud)
barbuli.ar {ntr}  to speak too fast and therefore unclearly, splutter, sputter
bard.o  bard (poet)
bardan.o (pl.)  burdock
barej.o (stofo)  barege, barège (fabric)
        barej.o silk.a (stofo)  grenadine (fabric)
barel.o  cask, barrel (wooden container made of staves)
        barel.o de bir.o  barrel of beer
        barel.eg.o  hogshead, tun
        barel.et.o  keg (wooden)
        barel.if.ar  to cooper
bari.o (elem.)  barium
baricentr.o (mek.)  centre (US: center) of gravity, barycentre
barikad.o  barricade
        inkluz.ar su per barikad.o  to barricade oneself
        barikad.e kloz.ar  to barricade (an area)
barit.o (kem.)  baryta
bariton.o  baritone (person, voice)
bark.o (batelo)  small boat (without a mast), wherry, punt, skiff
barkarol.o (muz.)  barcarole, barcarolle (song)
barkas.o (batelo)  longboat; launch (of a man-of-war)
barograf.o  barograph
[barok.a (obs.) > bizara]  
barometr.o  barometer
baron.o  baron; baroness
        baron.ar.o  baronage (collectively)
        baron.es.o  barony (rank)
        baron.i.o  barony (domain)
        baron.in.o  baroness
        baron.ul.o  baron
baroskop.o  baroscope
barsh.o (fisho)  bass (European fish)
bart.o (zool.)  whalebone, baleen
bas.a  low (opposite of high: in dimension, sound or pressure)
        bas.ig.ar  to make low, shorten the height of
        bas.ig.ist.o (financ.)  bear (operator)
        bas.o (muz.)  bass
        bas-German.a  low German (dialect)
        bas-part.o  lower part; (mus.) bass part
        bas-rang.a  lowly, humble
        bas-relief.o  bas-relief
        bas-voc.o  bass (voice)
basament.o (arkit.)  base of a building (lower visible part, resting on the foundations)
basen.o  basin (deep and wide pan; catchment area of a river; of a dock or waterworks; geol.: valley, hollow)
        baln.o-basen.o  wash-basin
        fish-basen.o  fish-pond
        pulver-basen.o  pan (of a flint-lock)
bask.o (vesto)  tail, flap, skirt (of a garment)
        bask.o-rob.o (vesto)  basquine
baskul.ar {ntr}  to seesaw, rock to and fro, sway up and down
        baskul.il.o  see-saw; swing (for play); rocker (of a chair)
        lev-pont.o kun baskul.il.o  bascule bridge, draw-bridge with plyer
        baskul-chariot.o  dump-cart; tumbrel (cart), tumbril (cart)
        baskul-stul.o  rocking-chair
bason.o (muzin.)  bassoon
basot.o  basset (hound)
bast.o (bot.)  bast, bass (inner fibrous bark), phloem
bastard.a  bastard (adj.), illegitimate
        bastard.o  bastard (person born out of wedlock)
basting.o (nav.)  quarter-netting, waist-cloths
        basting.iz.ar  to rig the boarding-nettings
bastion.o (fortif.)  bastion
baston.o  stick, staff; cudgel; cue; pole
        baston.et.o  baton
        biliard-baston.o  billiard cue
        espad.o-baston.o  sword-stick
        pesk.o-baston.o  fishing rod
        tambur-baston.o  drumstick (mus.)
        baston-bat.ad.o  bastinado, bastinade, beating with a stick
bat.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to beat, strike repeatedly
        bat.ar per l'al.i  to beat the wings
        bat.ar per verg.o  to beat with a rod
        bat.il.o  beater (instrument)
        puls.o-bat.o  beat of the pulse
batali.ar {ntr} (milit.)  to (give) battle
        batali.agr.o  battleground
        batali.o  battle (between armies)
batalion.o (milit.)  battalion
batel.o (nav.)  boat (launch, barge, lighter, etc.)
        batel.ed.o  boatful
        batel.et.o  small boat, skiff
        drag-batel.o  dredger
        fish-batel.o  fishing boat
        rem-batel.o  rowing-boat, (US) rowboat
        segl.o-batel.o  sailing-boat
bateri.o  battery (elec.; milit.)
batik.o (arto)  batik, battik (method)
batisfer.o (veturo)  bathysphere
batiskaf.o (veturo)  bathyscaph, bathyscaphe, bathyscape
batist.o (stofo)  batiste; cambric, ~chambray
batrak.o (zool.)  batrachian, anuran (n.), tailless amphibian; frog; toad
baud.o (mez.)  baud
bauxit.o (min.)  bauxite
bav.ar {ntr} [sur]  to slobber, slaver, drool
        bav.o-tuk.o  bib
Bavari.a (lando)  Bavaria
        Bavari.an.o  Bavarian (n.)
bay.o (geog.)  bay (of sea)
bayader.o  bayadere (Indian dancing girl)
bayonet.o (armo)  bayonet
        prizent.ar la bayonet.o  to bring the bayonet to a charge
baz.o  base (lowest part), foundation, bottom, foot; (fig.) basis, foundation, grounds; (chem.) base
        baz.al.a  basic
        baz-line.o (matem.)  base-line
        sen-baz.a (matem.)  baseless
        ark.o-baz.o (matem.)  springing (of an arch)
bazalt.o (min.)  basalt (rock)
bazar.o  bazaar, bazar
bazil.o (pl.)  basil, sweet basil
bazilik.o (arkit.)  basilica
bazilik-vein.o  basilic vein
bazilisk.o  basilisk (myth.; zool.)
be.ar {ntr}  to open the mouth, gape (with an open mouth); (fig.) yawn, gape
beat.a  blessed, blissful; (iron.) sanctimonious
        beat.es.o  bliss; beatitude
beatifik.ar {tr} [ulu] (rel.)  to beatify (eccles.)
bechik.a (medic.)  cough-relieving (such as a linctus)
        bechik.o (medic.)  cough remedy
bed.o  bed (of plants)
        flor.o-bed.o  flower-bed
        gazon-bed.o  grass-plot
bedel.o  person whose task it is to lead or follow processions (generally religious), beadle (mace-bearer)
Beduin.o  Bedouin
begin.o (rel.)  beguine, béguine, Beguine (member of a Christian sisterhood)
        begin.o-kofi.o (vesto)  beguine's bonnet or cap
begoni.o (pl.)  begonia
bej.a  beige
bek.o  beak, bill (of a bird); (tech.) spout (of a vessel)
        bek.o di ambos.o  anvil beak
        bek.ag.ar  to peck at
bekafik.o (ucelo)  garden warbler, beccafico, fig-eater
bekas.o (ucelo)  woodcock
bel.a  fine, beautiful, handsome, bonny
        bel.aj.o  beautiful object
        bel.es.o  beauty (quality)
        bel.ig.ar  to beautify, embellish
        bel.in.o  belle
        bel.o  good-looking person
        bel.ul.o  handsome fellow
beladon.o (pl.)  belladonna, deadly nightshade
belemnit.o (fosilo)  belemnite
Belg.a  Belgian (adj.)
        Belg.o  Belgian (n.)
Belgi.a (lando)  Belgium
Belize (lando)  Belize
Beludj.o  Baluch (person)
Beludjistan (lando)  Baluchistan
belveder.o (arkit.)  belvedere
bemol.o (muz.)  flat (music)
bend.o  band (long, narrow piece of cloth, paper, metal, etc.), strip, stripe, fillet (for the hair)
        bend.o plat.a (arkit.)  platband
        agr.o-bend.o (arkit.)  strip of field
        bord.o-bend.o (arkit.)  piping, welt (of cloth)
        plat-bend.o (arkit.)  platband
        bend.o-seg.il.o (arkit.)  band-saw
«benedicite» (rel.)  grace (prayer before a meal)
benedik.ar {tr} (rel.)  to bless, pronounce a benediction on
benediktan.o (rel.)  Benedictine (monk or nun)
benefic.ar {tr}  to benefit by, benefit from (something granted)
        benefic.o  benefice, living, benefit (proceeds)
        benefic.ier.o  beneficiary, holder of a benefice
Bengal (lando)  Bengal
        Bengal.an.o  Bengali, Bengalese (n.)
benign.a  kind, benign, good (to others)
Benin (lando)  Benin
benk.o (moblo)  bench (long seat), form (long seat), thwart (in a boat)
benzen.o (kem.)  benzene
benzin.o (kem.)  benzine
benzo.o  benzoin, gum benzoin, gum benjamin
benzoat.o (kem.)  benzoate
        benzoat-acid.o (kem.)  benzoic acid
benzol.o (kem.)  benzol, benzole (crude form of benzene)
Beoti.a (lando)  Boeotia
        Beoti.an.o  Boeotian (n.)
bequadr.o (muz.)  natural (music)
ber.o (bot.)  berry, bacca
        vit-ber.o  grape
        sik.a vit-ber.o  raisin
Berber.o  Berber (n.)
Berberi.a (lando)  Barbary
berberis.o (frukto)  barberry, berberry (fruit)
        berberis.ier.o (pl.)  barberry, berberry (plant)
bered.o  beret
berenjen.o (pl.)  aubergine, (US) egg-plant
bergamot.o (frukto)  bergamot (citrus fruit)
        bergamot.ier.o (arb.)  bergamot tree
        bergamot-esenc.o  essence of bergamot
beriberi.o (morbo)  beriberi
beril.o (min.)  beryl
berili.o (elem.)  beryllium
berjer.o (moblo)  upholstered armchair
berkeli.o (elem.)  berkelium
berlin.o (veturo)  berlin, berline (coach)
berlok.o  trinket; charm (as worn on a bracelet)
berm.o (milit.)  berm, berme (ledge of a talus, area of level ground between an earthwork and a ditch)
Bermud.i (lando)  (the) Bermudas (islands)
bernakl.o (ucelo)  brent goose, brent, brant (formerly bernacle or barnacle goose)
bers.ar {tr}  to rock (a child)
        bers.il.o  cradle (for an infant, suspended or on rockers)
        bers.o-kant.o  lullaby, cradle song
bes (muz.)  B flat
Besarabi.a (lando)  Bessarabia
besti.o (animalo)  beast, animal (other than man)
bestiari.o  beast fighter in a Roman amphitheatre
bet.o (pl.)  beet (genus: Beta)
betel.o (arb.)  betel pepper
        betel.aj.o  pan (betel-based snack)
Betlehem  Bethlehem
beton.o (subs.)  concrete (building material)
betoni.o (pl.)  betony (labiate plant)
betrav.o (pl.)  beetroot, (US) red beet
bezig.o (lud.)  bezique (card game)
bezoar.o (zool.)  bezoar
bezon.ar {tr}  to need, be in want of something necessary
bi- {pref.}  (prefix indicating two, largely in scientific or technical terms)
        bi-dent.a  bidentate
        bi-konkav.a  biconcave
        bi-konvex.a  biconvex
        bi-korn.a  bicorn, bicorne
        bi-later.a  bilateral
        bi-lingu.a  bilingual
        bi-lorn.o (aparato)  binocular (n.), "(pair of) binoculars", (double) field glass
        bi-lorn.et.o (aparato)  opera-glasses, opera-glass
        bi-metal.a  bimetallic
        bi-metal.ism.o  bimetallism
        bi-ped.a  biped, bipedal
        bi-plan.o (veturo)  biplane
        bi-punt.o  colon (written)
        bi-refrakt.ar (min.)  to be birefracting, be birefringent
        bi-sak.o  (beggar's) double wallet, double pouch
        bi-sek.ar (geom.)  to bisect (geom.)
        bi-sexu.a  bisexual
        bi-valv.o  bivalve (mollusc)
bibl.o  Bible
bibliofil.o  bibliophile, bibliophil
bibliografi.o  bibliography
biblioman.o  bibliomaniac
bibliomani.o  bibliomania
bibliotek.o  library (building); book-case
        plank.o di bibliotek.o  book-shelf, shelf of a book-case
biceps.o (anat.)  biceps
bicikl.o (veturo)  bicycle
        bicikl.eg.o  penny-farthing (bicycle), (old) high ordinary (bicycle), (US) ordinary
        bicikl.ir.ar  to bicycle, go by bicycle
bidet.o (aparato)  bidet
bidon.o  can (for oil, etc.), oil can, petrol can, (US) gasoline can; canteen (soldier's flask)
biel.o (mek.)  connecting rod (such as connects a piston to a crankshaft)
bifstek.o  beefsteak
bifurk.ar {tr/ntr} [ek, kun]  to bifurcate, fork, branch off
        bifurk.ant.a  forked
        bifurk.il.o  point (railway), switch (railway fork)
        bifurk.o-stacion.o  railway junction, (US) railroad junction
        bifurk.o-voy.o  junction (of two roads)
bigam.a  bigamous
        bigam.o  bigamist
        bigam.es.o  bigamy
bigot.a  bigoted
bigot.o  bigot
        bigot.es.o  bigotry
bikuspid.a (anat.)  bicuspid, bicuspidate (tooth)
        bikuspid.a dent.o (anat.)  bicuspid tooth
bil.o (fiziol.)  bile, gall (fluid)
        bil.o-kalkol.o (patol.)  gallstone
        bil.o-vaskul.o  bile duct
        bil.o-vezik.o  gall-bladder
bilanc.o  balance (accounts); balance-sheet
bilboket.o (ludl.)  cup-and-ball (toy)
bilg.o (nav.)  bilge
biliard.o (lud.)  billiards
        biliard.o-baston.o  billiard cue
        biliard.o-bul.o  billiard ball
biliet.o  ticket, pass, written order
        kontrol-biliet.o  cloakroom ticket (theatre), ticket (left-luggage office)
        biliet.i komerc.al.a  commercial paper: notes in hand, promissory notes, bills of exchange
bilion.o  million million, (UK traditionally) billion, (US) trillion
bin.ar {tr} (rel.)  to celebrate mass twice in one day
binar.a (matem.)  binary (math., mus., chem.)
bind.ar {tr} [ulo, kun]  to bind (books)
        bind.ur.o  binding (on a book)
binet.o  hoe
        binet.ag.ar  to hoe
binokl.o  double eye-glass
        orel-binokl.o  spectacles
        etuy.o di orel-binokl.o  spectacle-case
binokular.a (opt.)  binocular (designed for use by both eyes)
binomi.o (matem.)  binomial (in algebra)
        binomi.al.a (matem.)  binomial (adj.)
biofizik.o (cienco)  biophysics
biogenez.o (biol.)  biogenesis
biografi.o  biography
        biografi.al.a  biographical
biokemi.o (cienco)  biochemistry
biologi.o (cienco)  biology
biomas.o (biol.)  biomass
biomekanik.o (biol.)  biomechanics
biomekanism.o (biol.)  biomechanism
bionik.o (cienco)  bionics
biopsi.o (medic.)  biopsy
bioritm.o  biorhythm
biosfer.o  biosphere
bioteknologi.o (cienco)  biotechnology
biotop.o (biol.)  biotope
bir.o (drnkj.)  beer
        bir.if.ar  to brew, produce beer
        bir.if.eri.o  brewery
birem.o (batelo)  bireme
biret.o (vesto)  biretta (square cap)
birk.o (arb.)  birch (tree)
bis  twice, for the second time; repeat, encore (intejection in a theatre)
bis (muz.)  B sharp
bis.o  byssus (fine linen made from flax; biol.: bundle of filaments)
bisextil.a  leap (of day or year)
        bisextil.a yar.o  leap-year
bisk.o  bisque (soup), bisk
Biskay.a (lando)  Biscay
biskot.o  rusk, zwieback (rusk)
bismut.o (elem.)  bismuth
bisquit.o  biscuit, (US) cookie, cooky, cracker
        bisquit.o nav.al.a  hardtack, ship's biscuit, sea biscuit
bistr.a (koloro)  bistre, (US) bister
        bistr.o (subs.)  bistre, (US) bister (pigment)
bisturi.o  bistoury
bisulfat.o (kem.)  bisulphate, (US) bisulfate
bisulfid.o (kem.)  disulphide, bisulphide, (US) disulfide, bisulfide
bisulfit.o (kem.)  (GB) bisulphite, (US) bisulfite
bit.o (nav.)  bitt
bit.o  bit (binary digit)
Bitini.a (lando)  Bithynia
bitr.a  bitter (lit. & fig.), sharp, poignant, acrimonious
        bitr.es.o  bitterness
        bitr.ig.ar  to make bitter; (fig.) embitter
bitum.o (subs.)  bitumen
bivak.ar {ntr}  to bivouac
bizantin.a  Byzantine (fig.), very complicated
bizar.a  bizarre
bizel.o  bevel (edge), chamfer; bezel (sloped cutting edge)
        bizel.iz.ar  to bevel
        bizel.iz.it.a  bevelled; (US) beveled
bizon.o (mamif.)  bison, (US) "buffalo" (bison)
blam.ar {tr} [ulo, pri, pro]  to blame, find fault with
        blam.ind.a  blameworthy
blank.a  white; (fig.) blank
        blank.a indos.o  blank endorsement
        blank.a-har.a  white-haired
        blank.aj.o  white object
        blank.e vest.iz.it.a  dressed in white
        blank.o  white (person)
Blank.a-Mont.o (mont.)  Mont Blanc
blasfem.ar {tr/ntr} (rel.)  to blaspheme (tr., intr.), swear (intr.)
        blasfem.o  blasphemy
blastem.o (biol.)  blastema
blat.o (insekto)  cockroach, (US) roach (insect)
blaz.ar {tr} [ulu, pri ulo]  to cloy, pall, blunt, dull (from excess), make blasé
        blaz.es.ar [pri]  to be palled, surfeited, made blasé
blazon.o  coat of arms, armorial bearing, blazon
        blazon.al.a  heraldic
        blazon-art.o  heraldry
blend.o (min.)  blende (zinc ore), zinc blende, sphalerite
blez.ar {ntr}  to lisp (pronounce "s" like "th")
blind.a  blind, sightless (also fig.)
        blind.a entuziasm.o  blind enthuiasm
        blind.eg.a  completely blind
        blind.o  blind person
        blind.o-lud.o  blindman's buff
blok.o  block, lump (of wood, stone, iron, etc.)
        blok.e  in bulk, in the lump
        blok.e exkluz.ar  to lock out
        blok.al.a exkluz.o  lock-out
blok.um.ar {tr}  to substitute provisionally (a brick, a tile, a typeface, etc.)
blokhaus.o (milit.)  blockhouse (mil.)
blokus.ar {tr} (milit.)  to blockade (a port), invest, besiege, surround (a town)
blond.a  blond, flaxen, fair-haired
blotis.ar {ntr} [ad, en]  to crouch, cower, lie close to the ground
blu.a  blue
        blu.kalz.o  bluestocking, intellectual woman
bluf.ar {ntr}  to bluff
blut.ar {tr}  to sift, bolt (flour, meal)
        blut.il.o  (flour) sifter
bluz.o (vesto)  blouse (workman's), smock (peasant's)
bo- {pref.}  (prefix indicating relationship by marriage)
        bo-fili.o  son-in-law; daughter-in-law
        bo-matr.o  mother-in-law
        bo-parent.es.o  relationship by marriage
        bo-patr.o  father-in-law
boa.o (rept.)  boa constrictor
bobin.o (mek.)  bobbin, spool, reel
bodmeri.ar {tr/ntr}  to pledge (a ship or its cargo) as security (in bottomry)
        bodmeri.o  bottomry (maritime law)
bodruch.o  gold-beater's skin (animal membrane with various uses)
bofist.o (fungo)  puffball (fungus: Bovista)
bogi.o (mek.)  bogie, bogy (assembly of wheels)
Bohemi.a (lando)  Bohemia
        Bohemi.an.o  Bohemian (native of Bohemia)
boikot.ar {tr}  to boycott
bok.o  mouth; opening, entrance (of a utensil, volcano, harbour, etc.)
        bok.o di fusil.o  mouth of a gun
        bok.o-pec.o  mouthpiece (piece held to the mouth)
        bok.o-stop.ar  to gag
        bok.ed.o  mouthful
        bok-harmonik.o  (mouth) harmonica, mouth organ
        bok-tuk.o  napkin
bokal.o  glass jar (cylindrical, with a wide mouth)
bol.o  bowl
        bol.ed.o  bowlful
«bolero» (danso)  bolero (dance)
bolet.o (fungo)  boletus
        bolet.o manj.ebl.a  esculent boletus, edible boletus
boli.ar {ntr}  to boil, be boiling
        boli.ig.ar  to boil (tr.)
        boli.o-pot.o  kettle
        boli.o-punt.o  boiling point
        boli.o-varm.a  boiling hot
bolid.o (astron.)  bolide, brilliant meteor, fireball (astron.)
Bolivi.a (lando)  Bolivia
Bolivi.an.a  Bolivian (adj.)
        Bolivi.an.o  Bolivian (n.)
bolt.o (mek.)  bolt (long pin of metal)
bolus.o  bole (soft, reddish, friable clay), bolus (clay)
bomb.o (armo)  bomb, bombshell
        bomb-espruv.a  bomb-proof
bombard.ar {tr} (milit.)  to bombard
        bombard.il.o  mortar (weapon)
bombicil.o (ucelo)  (GB) waxwing, (US) Bohemian waxwing
bombinator.o (animalo)  orange-speckled toad
bon.a  good
        bon.aj.o  good thing
        bon.e  well (adv.)
        bon.o  good person
        bon.es.o  goodness
        bon.fac.ar  to do good (to)
        bon.humor.a  good-tempered, genial
        bon.ven.ant.a  welcome (adj.)
        bon.ven.ig.ar {tr}  to welcome
        bon.viv.ant.o  bon vivant, bon viveur
        bon.vol.ar {tr/ntr} [ulu]  to be kindly disposed, wish well to
        bon.vol.e  please, kindly
        bon.vol.o  goodwill, benevolence
bonbon.o  sweet (confection)
bonet.o  soft rimless cap; bonnet (in Scotland)
boniment.ar {ntr}  to speak claptrap
bonz.o (rel.)  bonze
bor.ar {tr} [ulo, en]  to bore (pierce with a turning motion)
        bor.il.o  borer (tool), drill bit
        bor.il.et.o  gimlet
bor.o (elem.)  boron
borach.o (pl.)  borage
borax.o (kem.)  borax
borborigm.o (medic.)  borborygm, borborygmus, rumbling in stomach or bowels
bord.o  border, edge, brink, brim; (ship's) side
        bord.o an bord.o  alongside, edge to edge
        rez.e la bord.o  (full) to the brim
        super la bord.o  over the edge
        bord.o-petr.o  curb-stone
        bord.iz.ar  to edge, hem, border
        bord.iz.ur.o  planking, sheathing (ship)
        bord.um.o  edging, piping, selvedge, trimming (of clothing or a cloth)
borde.ar {ntr}  to tack (zigzag into the wind)
bore.o (meteor.)  north wind (poet.), boreas
        bore.al.a (meteor.)  boreal
borgez.o  bourgeois, tradesman
        borgez.al.a  bourgeois (adj.)
        borgez.ar.o  bourgeoisie
bori.o (elem.)  bohrium
born.o (elek.)  terminal (electrical)
Borne.o (lando)  Borneo
bors.o  stock-exchange
        bors.o-kurs.o  market price (on the exchange)
        bors-agent.o  stockbroker
bosaj.o (arkit.)  bossage, boss work, projecting stonework
bosel.ar {tr} (tekn.)  to emboss, chase (metal, leather, etc.)
Bosfor.o (mar.)  Bosporus, Bosphorus
bosk.o  small wood (trees), bosk
        bosk.et.o  grove, coppice
Bosni.a (lando)  Bosnia
Bosni.an.a  Bosnian (adj.)
        Bosni.an.o  Bosnian (n.)
boston.o  boston (card game, dance)
bot.o (vesto)  boot (for foot and leg), long boot
        bot.et.o  short boot (for foot and lower leg)
        bot.form.iz.il.o  bootlast, boot-tree
        bot.iz.ar  to put boots on
        bot.tir.il.o  boot-jack
botanik.o (cienco)  botany
botaniz.ar {ntr} (bot.)  to botanise, botanize (collect plants for study), herborise, herborize
botel.o  bottle
Botswan.a (lando)  Botswana
botulism.o (patol.)  botulism
bov.o (mamif.)  ox; bull; cow
        bov.al.a  bovine
        bov.in.o  cow
        bov.karn.o  beef
        bov.ul.o  bull
        bov.yun.o  calf
box.ar {tr/ntr} (sporto)  to box (sport)
        box.er.o  boxer
        box.o-gant.o  boxing glove
        box.o-kombat.o  boxing match
boy.o (nav.)  buoy
        salv.o-boy.o  life-buoy
boyar.o  boyar
Brabant (lando)  Brabant
        Brabant.an.o  native of Brabant
brac.o (nav.)  brace (of a yard)
bracelet.o  bracelet
brach.o (vesto)  breeches, knickerbockers
bradip.o (mamif.)  sloth (animal)
brak.o (mamif.)  pointer (dog)
braki.o  arm (anat.; fig.: arm of sea)
        braki.al.a  brachial
        braki.ed.o  armful
        braki.um.o  brassard, brassart, armlet (to show function or office)
brakicefal.a (antrop.)  brachycephalic, brachycephalous
        brakicefal.o (antrop.)  brachycephal
brakiopod.o  brachiopod, lamp shell
brakistokron.o  brachistochrone
brakte.o (bot.)  bract
bram.ar {ntr}  to make the characteristic call (of any animal, such as bull, cow, ass, sheep, horse)
        bram.o  bellowing; lowing; braying; bleating; neighing; (fig.) roaring, yelling (of a mob)
braman.o (rel.)  Brahman, Brahmin
        braman.ism.o  Brahmanism
bran.o (subs.)  bran
branch.o  branch (also geom., geneal.), bough
        branch.o-voy.o  branch route, branch line
brand.o  firebrand, flaming torch
brandi.o (drnkj.)  brandy
brandis.ar {tr}  to brandish, flourish (a sword, etc.)
brankard.o (mek.)  shaft (as used in pairs, for a cart, waggon, etc.)
branki.o (zool.)  gill (of a fish), branchia
brankiopod.o (animalo)  branchiopod
bras.ar {tr}  to stir, mix up (ingredients); (fig.) concoct, plot (schemes, etc.)
brav.a  brave, bold, valiant
        brav.e  bravely; (interj.) bravo
        brav.o  brave person, one of the brave
bravur-ari.o (muz.)  bravura aria
braz.ar {tr}  to braze (join with hard solder)
Brazili.a (lando)  Brazil
        Brazili.an.a  Brazilian (adj.)
        Brazili.an.o  Brazilian (n.)
brech.o  breach, break, gap, opening (in a wall, etc.)
        dent.o-brech.oz.a  gap-toothed
        brech.iz.ar  to make a gap in
brechi.o (geol.)  breccia
brek.o (veturo)  brake, break (four-wheeled open horse-drawn carriage)
brem.o (fisho)  common bream
bretel.o  strap (to carry a pack etc), sling (for lifting or carrying something); braces, (US) suspenders (for trousers)
Breton.a  Breton (adj.)
        Breton.o  Breton (n.)
Bretoni.a (lando)  Brittany
brev.o (ekl.)  (papal) brief
breviar.o (rel.)  breviary
brez.o  embers (hot or cold)
        brez-basen.o  brazier (of hot coals)
brid.o  bridle (of a horse); (fig.) check, curb
brig.o (batelo)  brig (ship)
        brig.o-segl.o (nav.)  spanker (sail)
brigad.o (milit.)  brigade
        brigad.ier.o  brigadier
        brigad-general.o  brigadier, (US) brigadier general
brigantin.o (batelo)  brigantine
brik.o (arkit.)  brick
        brik.et.o  briquette, briquet
        brik.if.eri.o  brick field, brick yard, brick-kiln
        brik-konstrukt.ad.o  bricklaying
brikol.ar {tr/ntr}  to do odd jobs, be busy with various things, potter, (US) putter
bril.ar {ntr} [de, per, pro]  to shine (emit or reflect light)
        bril.ant.a stil.o  brilliant style
briliant.o (gemol.)  brilliant (brilliant-cut diamond)
brin.o  strand (of a rope or cord)
brioch.o  bun (made with butter and egg), brioche
brisk.a  brisk, lively, sprightly
Britan.a  British (of the ancient Britons)
Britan.o  Briton (ancient)
Britani.a (lando)  Britain, Great Britain
        Britani.an.a  British
        Britani.an.o  Briton (native of Britain)
briz.o (meteor.)  breeze (of wind)
        briz.oz.a  breezy
brizant.o (geog.)  shoal, reef (level with sea surface)
broch.o  brooch
        broch.o-pingl.o  breastpin; safety pin
brod.ar {tr} [sur]  to embroider with needle-work
brodkast.ar {tr}  to broadcast (radio, television)
        brodkast.o  broadcast, broadcasting
brokant.ar {ntr} (pek.)  to deal in second-hand goods
        brokant.e  second-hand (adv.)
brokat.o (stofo)  brocade
brokatel.o  brocatelle, (US) brocatel (fabric, mineral)
brokoli-kaul.o (pl.)  broccoli
brom.o (elem.)  bromine
bromid.o (kem.)  bromide (chem.)
bronki.o (anat.)  bronchus
bronkit.o (morbo)  bronchitis
brontosaur.o (paleo.)  brontosaurus, brontosaur
bronz.o (subs.)  bronze
bros.ar {tr}  to brush (the hair, etc.)
        bros.il.o  brush (implement)
brosh.ar {tr} [en, kun]  to stitch, sew (books)
        brosh.ur.o  stitched brochure
brov.o  eyebrow, brow (of an eye)
bru.o (bot.)  green husk, shell (of a nut), (US) shuck (of a nut)
bruet.o (aparato)  wheelbarrow
bruis.ar {ntr}  to make a noise, rustle, rattle, clatter, rumble
        bruis.o  noise (of any kind, but chiefly when loud or disagreeable), rattle, rumble, report (of a gun), bang, slam (of a door)
brul.ar {tr/ntr}  to burn (also fig.), consume with fire; wound or injure with fire; scorch
        brul.aj.o  burnt object
        brul.it.a  burnt
        brul.ur.o  burn mark
brun.a  brown; dusky, swarthy; dark-haired, brunette (adj.)
        brun.atr.a  brownish
        brun-or.e.a  golden brown
Brunei (lando)  Brunei
brunis.ar {tr} (tekn.)  to burnish (brass, gold, etc.)
Brunsvig (lando)  Brunswick (duchy)
brusk.a  brusque, gruff, abrupt, blunt
brut.o (animalo)  brute (animal; fig. of man)
        brut.al.a  brutal
bub.o  urchin, waif, street Arab
bubal.o (mamif.)  bubal, bubalis
bubon.o (patol.)  bubo
buch.ar {tr}  to slaughter (animals for food), butcher (kill)
        buch.eri.o  abattoir
bud.ar {ntr} [ad, kontre, pri]  to sulk, be sullen
budjet.o (financ.)  budget
buduar.o (arkit.)  boudoir, lady's private room
buf.ar {ntr} [de, pro]  to swell, puff up, distend
        buf.ant.a  bouffant
bufal.o (mamif.)  buffalo
bufet.o  refreshment room, buffet
bufon.o  buffoon, clown, jester
bufr.o (mek.)  buffer (as for trains)
bugl.o (muzin.)  valved trumpet
bugran.o (stofo)  buckram
buji.o  wax (or stearin) candle; spark(ing) plug; bougie (med.)
bukanier.o  cowboy; buccaneer, buccanier
buket.o  bouquet, nosegay, posy
Bukhari.a (lando)  Bukhara, Bokhara
bukl.o (mek.)  buckle (clasp)
        bukl.o-pint.o  prong of a buckle
        bukl.ag.ar  to buckle
bukmaker.o  bookmaker
bukolik.o (poez.)  bucolic (poem)
bul.o  ball (solid, as for play in billiards, baseball, etc.); bubble
bul.o  ball (solid, as for play in billiards, baseball, etc.)
        bul-letr.o  (papal) bull
bulb.o  bulb (of a plant)
buldog.o (mamif.)  bulldog
buldozer.o (aparato)  bulldozer
buletin.o  bulletin, small periodical
Bulgari.a (lando)  Bulgaria
Bulgari.an.a  Bulgarian (adj.)
        Bulgari.an.o  Bulgarian (n.)
bulimi.o (morbo)  bulimia
bulin.o (nav.)  bowline
bulion.o (koquo)  bouillon, broth
bulvard.o  boulevard
bumerang.o  boomerang
bunt.a [per]  many-coloured; motley, checkered, piebald, dappled
Bur.o  Boer
bur.o (subs.)  stuffing material (of short hair etc., and also used for making mortar); wad, wadding (for guns)
burask.o (meteor.)  squall; (fig.) outburst of passion
burbilion.o (patol.)  core (of a boil)
burdon.o  bumble-bee, humble-bee
burel.o (stofo)  frieze (woolen fabric), baize
buret.o  burette, (US) buret
burg.o  market-town, borough, burgh
burgrav.o  burgrave
Burgund.o  Burgundian (ancient)
Burgundi.a (lando)  Burgundy
        Burgundi.an.o  Burgundian (n.)
burjon.o (bot.)  bud
burlesk.a  burlesque; ludicrous
Burm.a (lando)  Burma
        Burm.an.a  Burmese (adj.)
        Burm.an.o  Burmese (n.), Burman
burnus.o (vesto)  Arab or Moorish hooded cloak, burnous, burnouse, (US) burnoose
burokrat.o  bureaucrat
        burokrat.al.a  bureaucratic
        burokrat.ar.o  bureaucracy (collectively)
        burokrat.ism.o  bureaucracy (system)
burs.o  purse; wallet, (US) pocket book
Burundi (lando)  Burundi
bus.o (arb.)  box (tree)
        bus-lign.o  box-wood
bush.o  thicket, spinney
bushel.o (mez.)  bushel (measure)
Bushman.o  Bushman (Africa)
busk.o (vesto)  busk (corset stay)
busol.o (instr.)  compass (magnetic)
        busol-bux.o  binnacle
busprit.o (nav.)  bowsprit
bust.o (arto)  bust (upper front part of human body; sculpture or painting thereof)
bustrofedon.o  boustrophedon writing
but.ar {ntr} [kontre, sur]  to stumble (in walking), trip (catch one's foot), strike one's foot; butt (join end to end or side by side, but not overlapping), abut
        but-junt.o  butt joint
        but-weld.o  butt weld
butan.o (kem.)  butane
butik.o  shop, store (offering goods for sale)
butom.o (pl.)  flowering rush
buton.o  button (clothing)
        buton-tru.o  bottonhole
buton-tir.il.o  botton-hook
kol.um.o-buton.o  collar stud
parament.o-buton.o  cuff link
butor.o (ucelo)  bittern
butr.o  butter
buvrel.o (ucelo)  bullfinch
bux.o  box
buz.o (ucelo)  buzzard (bird)


c.e. (= co esas)  i.e., that is to say
ca (= ica)  this (adj.)
        ca-manier.e  in this manner
car.o  tsar, czar; tsarina, czarina
        car.in.o  tsarina, czarina
        car.ul.o  tsar, czar
cecidi.o (bot.)  cecidium, gall
ced.ar {tr} [ulo, ad ulu, pri ulo]  to cede, yield, give up; assign (property)
        ced.ari.o  grantee, assignee
        ced.ebl.a  transferable, assignable
        ced.em.a  conciliatory
        ced.o  yielding (n.), relinquishment
cedili.o  cedilla
cedr.o (arb.)  cedar (tree)
cedrat.o (frukto)  cedrat, cedrate (fruit, a large variety of citron or lemon)
cefalopod.o (animalo)  cephalopod
cek.o (anat.)  caecum, (US) cecum
cel.ar {tr} [ulo, de ulu]  to hide, conceal, secrete. keep secret
        cel.e paf.ar  to shoot from cover
        cel.it.a  hidden, concealed
        cel.o-trov.o (lud.)  hide-and-seek, (US) hide-and-go-seek (game)
celebr.ar {tr}  to celebrate, commemorate
celeri.o (pl.)  celery
celib.a  celibate
celofan.o (subs.)  cellophane
celul.o  cell (small cavity (as in a honeycomb, plant or animal; small room in convent or prison, etc.)
celuloid.o  celluloid
celulos.o (biokem.)  cellulose
cembr.o (arb.)  arolla pine, Swiss stone pine
cement.o (subs.)  cement
cementac.ar {tr} (tekn.)  to suject to cementation (impregnating the surface of a metal with another substance, using heat, as in steel-making and case-hardening)
        cementac.o  cementation
cen.o  scene (place; part of an act); scenery (theatre)
        cen.ey.o  stage (of a theatre)
        cen.o sen.viv.a  still life
        cen.al.a  theatrical, dramatic
cenobit.o (rel.)  coenobite, cenobite
cenotafi.o  cenotaph
censor.o  censor (senior Roman magistrate)
censur.ar {tr}  to censor (books, plays, letters, etc.)
cent  hundred
        cent.o  (a) hundred, one hundred; (in reckoning interest or fractional parts) cent
        cent.yar.a  centennial (adj.)
        cent.yar.ier.o  centenarian
        cent.esm.a aniversari.o  centenary (hundredth anniversary), (US) centennial (n.)
        tri po cent.o  three per cent
        yar.cent.o  century
«cent»  cent (unit of money)
«cent-i»  cents
centaur.o  centaur (myth., astr.)
centaure.o (pl.)  centaurea (plant of a family including the cornflower and knapweed), centaury
centauri.o (pl.)  common centaury, centaury
centezimal.a (mez.)  centesimal (adj.: fraction, division)
centi- {pref.}  centi- (hundredth part)
centiar.o (mez.)  centiare, centare (square metre)
centifoli.o (pl.)  cabbage rose
centigrad.a (mez.)  centigrade
centigram.o (mez.)  centigram, centigramme
centilitr.o (mez.)  centilitre, (US) centiliter
centim.o (pek.)  centime
centimetr.o (mez.)  centimetre, (US) centimeter
centon.o  cento (verse)
centr.o  centre, (US) center (also fig.)
        centr.al.a  central
        centr.al.ig.ar  to centralise
centrifug.ar {tr} (mek.)  to act on with (apparent) centrifugal force, centrifuge
        centrifug.al.a (mek.)  centrifugal
centriol.o (biol.)  centriole
centripet.ar {tr} (mek.)  to act on with centripetal force
        centripet.al.a (mek.)  centripetal
centroid.o (geom.)  centroid
centrolecit.a (biol.)  centrolecithal
centroplasm.o (biol.)  centroplasm
centrosom.o (biol.)  centrosome
centuri.o  century (unit of soldiers)
centurion.o  centurion
cep.o  cep
ceptr.o  sceptre, (US) scepter
cer.o  large wax candle (as used in churches)
ceramik.o (arto)  ceramics
cerasti.o (pl.)  plant of the genus Cerastium
        cerasti.o agr.al.a (pl.)  mouse-ear chickweed
cerat.o (medkm.)  cerate, medicated paste or stiff ointment containing wax
cerber.o  Cerberus (pr. and fig.)
cereal.o  cereal
cerebel.o  cerebellum
cerebr.o  brain
ceremoni.ar {ntr}  to have a ceremony, take part in a ceremony
        ceremoni.o  ceremony
        ceremoni.al.a  ceremonial
cerfoli.o (pl.)  chervil
ceri.o (elem.)  cerium
ceriz.o (frukto)  cherry (fruit)
        ceriz.ier.o (arb.)  cherry tree
        ceriz.e.a  cerise, cherry-coloured
cerizlaur.o (arb.)  cherry laurel
cern.ar {tr}  to beset, encircle (militarily), surround with hostile intentions; (fig.) cut or dig around (a tree)
cert.a  sure, certain
        cert.aj.o  certainty (something certain)
        cert.e  surely, certainly
        cert.es.o  certainty (quality)
certen.a  a certain, a particular
certi.o (ucelo)  tree creeper (bird)
certifik.ar {tr}  to certify (as correct or authentic)
        certifik.o  certification
        certifik.ur.o  certificate
cerumen.o (fiziol.)  earwax, cerumen
ceruz.o (kem.)  ceruse, white lead (pigment)
cerv.o (mamif.)  deer
        cerv.in.o  hind, roe
        cerv.ul.o  stag, hart
«ces» (muz.)  C flat (music)
ces.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo, per]  to cease, stop, discontinue
        ces.o  cessation
        ig.ar  to put a stop to, cause to discontinue
        sen.ces.a  unceasing
cesi.o (elem.)  caesium, (US) cesium
cest.o (antiq.)  cestus, caestus (boxer's gauntlet)
cetace.o (mamif.)  cetacean, ~whale
ceter.a  remaining (those left out, further to those named)
        ceter.o  rest (that left over), remainder
        ceter.i  rest (those left over), remaining ones
        e ceter.e  et cetera, and the rest
        e ceter.i  et ceteri, and the other people
cetoni.o (insekto)  beetle of the type Cetonia
        cetoni.o or.e.a (insekto)  rose chafer, rose scarabee, beetle-chafer
Ceylon (lando)  Ceylon
        Ceylon.an.a  Ceylonese (adj.)
        Ceylon.an.o  Ceylonese (n.), Cingalese
cezar.o  caesar, emperor (especially Roman)
Cezar.o  Caesar
        cezar.ism.o  Caesarism
cezur.o (poez.)  caesura, (US) cesura
chagren.ar {ntr} [pri ulo]  to grieve (be sorrowful), (have) sorrow
        chagren.ant.a  sorrowful, sad
        chagren.o  grief, sorrow, sadness
        chagren.ig.ar  to grieve (cause to grieve), sadden
chak.o  shako, shacko
chaket.o (lud.)  "jacquet" (a variety of backgammon)
chalaz.o  chalaza (bot., zool.)
chalenj.o  challenge (periodical contest in which the prize is a cup or trophy lent to the winner); challenge cup (the trophy itself)
cham.o (mamif.)  chamois (animal)
        cham.o-pel.o  chamois (leather), chammy leather, shammy leather
        cham.e.a  chamois(-coloured), buff(-coloured)
chamad.o  chamade
chamar.o (vesto)  polonaise (woman's bodice and skirt in one piece, showing an underskirt)
chambelan.o  chamberlain
chambr.o (arkit.)  room, chamber; (fig.) house of parliament
        chambr.o di komerc.o  chamber of commerce
        chambr.o mobl.iz.ita  furnished room
        baln.o-chambr.o  bathroom
        repast.o-chambr.o  dining room
        chambr.o-rob.o  dressing-gown
        chambr.ar.o  rooms (collectively), suite of rooms
Champani.a (lando)  Champagne (region)
champani.o (drnkj.)  champagne
champinion.o (fungo)  champignon, meadow mushroom, field mushroom
champion.o  champion
        champion.es.o  championship (state)
        champion.o-konkurs.o  championship (contest)
chanc.o  chance, (good or bad) luck, possibility, likelihood (chance)
chanfren.o  muzzle (face of a horse, dog etc., from ears to nose)
chanj.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo ad ulo]  to change, alter
chankr.o (patol.)  chancre
chant.o  edge or narrow side of a flat or slim object (such as a coin or a book)
chap.o  cope (cloak); (arch.) coping; (fig.) protective covering
chapel.o  hat (with a brim all round)
        chapel.o bi-korn.a  bicorn, bicorne (hat)
        chapel.o cilindr.a (vesto)  top hat
        chapel.o felt.a (vesto)  felt hat, ~trilby
        chapel.o tri-korn.a  three-cornered hat
        klerik-chapel.o  clerical hat
chapitr.o  chapter (of a book)
chaplet.o (rel.)  chaplet (part of a rosary)
char.o (veturo)  (antiq.) chariot; (modern) (ornamental) cart (two-wheeled or four-wheeled)
        char.o funer.al.a (veturo)  hearse (old-fashioned)
        bov.o-char.o  ox-cart
        char.ed.o  cart-load
        char.et.o (veturo)  light two-wheeled cart, cariole, carriole (light cart), jaunting-car
chariot.o (veturo)  wagon, waggon (four-wheeled road vehicle for heavy loads)
charj.ar {tr} [ye, per ulo]  to load (a vehicle, an animal, etc.), lade, burden; load or charge (a gun, etc.)
        super-charj.ar  to overload
        charj.o-besti.o  beast of burden
charm.ar {tr}  to charm, delight
        charm.o  charm
        charm.iv.a  charming, delightful
charnir.o (mek.)  hinge (of a door, box, etc.), (hinge-like) joint (as for drawing compass)
chart.o  charter (document granting rights or privileges)
chas.ar {tr/ntr} [ulu, de, per]  to chase; hunt
        chas.aj.o  game, thing hunted
        chas-gard.ist.o  gamekeeper
        chas-hund.o  hunting-dog
chast.a  chaste; (fig.) pure (in taste, style)
        chast.es.o  chastity
chazubl.o  chasuble
che {prep.}  at, in, to (someone in his or her house, home or place), with (a people, in respect of their customs)
chef.o  chief, leader, head
        chef.a  chief, leading
        chef.a klef.o  master key, pass key
        chef.es.o  leadership (position, authority)
        chef-injenior.o  chief engineer
        chef-kontrol.ist.o  superintendent, comptroller, overseer
        chef-ministr.o  prime minister
        chef-sacerdot.o  chief priest
        chef-urb.o  chief town, capital
Chek.a  Czech (adj.)
        Chek.o  Czech (n.)
chek.o (financ.)  cheque, (US) check (financial)
Chekoslovaki.a (lando)  Czechoslovakia
chelat.o  sallet, salet, salade
cher.a (pek.)  dear (in price), expensive, costly
cherp.ar {tr} [ulo, de, ek]  to draw (a liquid, such as water from a spring or river, wine from a barrel; or, figuratively, an example from another author); (fig.) take, borrow, draw
chevron.o  (arch.) V-shaped piece in a roof; (fig.) chevron (V-shape)
chifchaf.o (ucelo)  chiffchaff
chifr.ar {tr}  to encipher, write in cipher
chig.o (insekto)  chigoe (tropical flea), chigger, jigger, sand flea
chik.a  chic, natty, stylish and original, smart
        chik.es.o  chic, knack, adroitness; originality and taste (as in dress)
chil.o (fiziol.)  chyle
Chili (lando)  Chile
        Chili.an.a  Chilean (adj.)
        Chili.an.o  Chilean (n.)
chim.o (fiziol.)  chyme
chimpanze.o (mamif.)  chimpanzee
chinchil.o (mamif.)  chinchilla (animal)
Chini.a (lando)  China
        Chini.an.a  Chinese (adj.)
        Chini.an.o  Chinese (n.)
        Chini-ink.o  Indian ink, China ink
chinion.o  chignon (back hair of a woman)
chip.a (pek.)  cheap, inexpensive
Chipr.o (lando)  Cyprus
        Chipr.an.a  Cypriot, Cyprian (adj.)
        Chipr.an.o  Cypriot, Cyprian (n.)
chitin.o (biokem.)  chitin
choan.o  choana, internal nostril
chokolad.o  chocolate
chom.ar {tr/ntr}  to be out of work, suspend work on, rest from work (as on a day of rest)
chopin.o  beer glass (holding about a pint); (fig.) pint
chose.o  roadway; causeway
chuv.o (ucelo)  jackdaw
ci (= ici)  these (pron.)
cian.o (kem.)  cyanogen
cianat.o (kem.)  cyanate
cianhidr.a (kem.)  prussic, hydrocyanic (acid)
cianid.o (kem.)  cyanide
cianofil.a (biol.)  cyanophilous
ciatik.a (anat.)  sciatic
        ciatik-nevralgi.o (morbo)  sciatica
cibernetik.o (cienco)  cybernetics
cibol.o (pl.)  cibol, ciboule, chibol, Welsh onion, Japanese bunching onion
        cibol.et.o (pl.)  chive (plant), cive, chives
cibori.o (rel.)  pyx, ciborium (religious vessel)
cicisbe.o  cicisbeo (publicly acknowledged lover of a married woman)
cidr.o (drnkj.)  cider
ciel.o  sky (pr. and fig.); heaven
        ciel.al.a  celestial; heavenly
        ciel-blu.a  sky-blue (adj.)
        ciel-skrap.er.o  skyscraper
        ciel-vult.o  (the) celestial vault
cienc.o  science
        cienc.al.a  scientific
        cienc.ist.o  scientist, savant
cifr.o  digit, cipher (number sign)
        cifr.o-plak.o (tekn.)  dial, face (of clock, gauge, compass, etc.)
cigan.o  Gypsy, gypsy, Gipsy, gipsy (person)
cign.o (ucelo)  swan
cikad.o (insekto)  cicada, cicala
cikatr.o (fiziol.)  scar, cicatrix (mark remaining from wound or ulcer)
cikl.o  cycle: period of recurrent events (astron., biol., elec., econ., etc.); cycle (bicycle, etc.)
        cikl.ism.o  cycling (activity, sport)
ciklamen.o (pl.)  cyclamen (plant)
ciklit.o (patol.)  cyclitis, inflammation of the ciliary body of the eye
cikloid.o (geom.)  cycloid (geom.)
ciklometri.o (geom.)  cyclometry (geometry and measurement of circles)
ciklon.o (meteor.)  cyclone (meteor.)
ciklop.o (mitol.)  Cyclops (myth. & fig.), one-eyed monster
ciklos.o (biol.)  cyclosis
ciklotron.o  cyclotron
cikoni.o (ucelo)  stork
cikori.o (pl.)  chicory, succory
cikut.o  hemlock (plant; poison)
cili.o  cilium (bot., zool.)
        cili.o-pil.o  eyelash (single hair)
        cili.al.a  ciliary (of a cilium or cilia)
        cili.oz.a  ciliate (adj.)
ciliar.a (anat.)  ciliary (of the ciliary body)
cilic.o  cilice, hair shirt
Cilici.a (lando)  Cilicia
cilindr.o  cylinder
cilindroid.o (geom.)  cylindroid
cim.o (insekto)  bedbug
cimas.o (arkit.)  cyma, cymatium, ogee (moulding)
cimbal.o (muzin.)  cymbal
cimitar.o (armo)  scimitar
cinabr.o (kem.)  cinnabar (mineral), vermilion (pigment)
        cinabr.e.a (koloro)  vermilion, vermillion (in colour)
cinam.o  cinnamon (bark), Ceylon cinnamon
        cinam.ier.o (arb.)  cinnamon (tree)
        cinam-vin.o (arb.)  hippocras
cindr.o (subs.)  ash, ashes, cinders (of coal); embers (of wood)
        cindr.o-blond.a  ash-blonde
        cindr.o-merkurdi.o (rel.)  Ash Wednesday
        cindr.e.a  ash-coloured
        cindr.ig.ar  to reduce to ashes, incinerate
        cindr.ig.o  incineration
        cindr.uy.o  ash-tray, ash-pan, ash-can, ash-bin
cinekamer.o (aparato)  cine-camera, (US) movie camera
cinem.o (fot.)  cinema, picture-house, (US) movie house
cinematik.o (fizk.)  kinematics
cinematograf.ar {tr} (fot.)  to film, take moving pictures
        cinematograf.il.o  cinematograph
        cinematograf.ur.o  film (moving picture)
cinerari.o (pl.)  cineraria
cinetik.a (fizk.)  kinetic
cinik.a  cynical
        cinik.o  cynic
        cinik.es.o  cynicism
cinkl.o (ucelo)  dipper (bird)
cintil.o  spark (of fire); (fig.) sparkle (of anything shining or vivid)
        cintil.if.ar  to emit sparks; glitter, sparkle, scintillate, twinkle
cip.o  cippus (a low column used by the ancients as a landmark, funerary monument, etc.)
cipres.o (arb.)  cypress (coniferous tree of the genus Cupressus)
ciprin.o (fisho)  carp (fish of the genus Cyprinus)
ciraj.o (subs.)  polish (as for shoes and boots)
        ciraj.iz.ar  to apply polish
        ciraj.iz.ist.o  bootblack
cirk.o  circus
Cirkasi.a (lando)  Circassia
        Cirkasi.an.o  Circassian (person)
cirkl.o (geom.)  circle
        jir.ar cirkl.e  to turn in a circle
cirkonciz.ar {tr} [ulu]  to circumcise
        cirkonciz.o  circumcision
cirkond.ar {tr}  to surround, encompass
        cirkond.ant.a  surrounding
        cirkond.ant.i  (fig.) confidants, friends and relations
cirkonflex.a  circumflex (adj.)
cirkonflex.o  circumflex
cirkonspekt.a  wary, circumspect, cautious
cirkonstanc.o  circumstance (a fact, occurrence or condition attending something else)
        cirkonstanc.al.a  circumstantial
        cirkonstanc.i tenu.ig.ant.a  extenuating circumstances
cirkonvalacion.o (fortif.)  circumvallation (rampart, entrenchment or fortification surrounding a town or fort)
cirkonvolucion.o  circumvolution (winding of one thing around another; that rolled around something else)
cirkuit.o  circuit (perimeter, compass, circumference; path of an electric current; judge's round); roundabout way
        kurt.a cirkuit.o (elek.)  short circuit
cirkul.ar {ntr} [sur, en]  to circulate, move around, flow in a circuitous way; (of money, etc.) pass from hand to hand
        cirkul.ig.ar  to (cause to) circulate, put into circulation
cirkuler.o  circular (letter, notice)
cirkum {prep.}  about, around, roundabout
        cirkum.e {adv.}  around, round, roundabout; roughly (of a place, time or quantity)
        cirkum.aj.o  surroundings, setting
        cirkum.ir.ar {tr/ntr}  to go or wind around
        cirkum.ir.o  circuitous way, detour
        cirkum.kloz.ar  to enclose, inclose
        cirkum.pol.a  circumpolar
cirkum.skrib.ar {tr} (geom.)  to circumscribe (geom.)
cirkumnutacion.o (bot.)  circumnutation
cirus.o (meteor.)  cirrus (cloud)
cis (muz.)  C sharp
cis {prep.}  on this side of
cis.a  hither (on this side)
        cis.e  (on) this side
cis.alp.a  cisalpine
cisipar.a (biol.)  fissiparous
cisoid.o (matem.)  cissoid
cistercian.o (rel.)  Cistercian
cistern.o  rainwater tank, rainwater cistern
cit.ar {tr} [ulu]  to cite, quote (an author)
        cit.o  citing
        cit.aj.o  citation (text cited)
        cit.at.o  author cited
citadel.o  citadel (also fig.)
citar.o (muzin.)  cittern, cither, cithern; zither
citiz.o (arb.)  laburnum, cytisus
citod.o (biol.)  cytode, protoplasm body without nucleus
citokin.o (biokem.)  cytokine
citologio  cytology
citoplasm.o (biol.)  cytoplasm
citosom.o (biol.)  cytosome
citrat.o (kem.)  citrate
citron.o (frukto)  citron (fruit)
        citron.ier.o  citron tree
citrus.o (arb.)  citrus
        citrus-frukt.o (frukto)  citrus fruit
civet.o (mamif.)  civet, civet cat
civil.a  civil (concerning the ordinary citizen and his rights; not military or criminal); lay (not ecclesiastical)
        civil.a kodex.o  civil code (of law)
        civil.a mariaj.o  civil marriage
civiliz.ar {tr}  to civilise, civilize
        civiliz.es.o  civilisation (state of advancement)
civism.o  civic spirit or devotion, principles of good citizenship, civism
civit.o (polit.)  city, town (as a political body)
        civit.an.o  citizen
        civit.an.es.o  citizenship
        civit.an.ig.o  conferring of citizenship, naturalisation
        civit.an.al.a milit.o  civil war
        civit.an.al.a yur.o  common law
ciz.o  scissors
        ciz.eg.o  shears
        ciz.ag.ar {tr}  to scissor, shear
cizel.o  chisel
        cizel.ag.ar  to chisel, chase
[cizel.ar {tr} (obs.) > cizelagar]  
        [cizel.il.o (obs.) > cizelo]  
co (= ico)  this (thing)
«conquistador»  conquistador
«corpus juris» (leg.)  corpus juris, body of the law


da {prep.}  by (indicates the doer of an action, the agent after a passive verb or the author of a work)
Daci.a (lando)  Dacia
dafn.o (pl.)  common daphne, spurge-olive, dwarf bay
dag.o (armo)  dagger (weapon), dirk
daim.o (mamif.)  fallow deer
daktil.o (poez.)  dactyl (in verse), dactylic
dal [= da la]  by the (indicating the doer)
dali.o (pl.)  dahlia
Dalmati.a (lando)  Dalmatia
        Dalmati.an.o  Dalmatian (person)
dalmatik.o  dalmatic
daltonism.o (medic.)  Daltonism (colour blindness)
        daltonism.ik.o  person with Daltonism
dam.o  married or widowed woman; dame; queen (in cards, chess etc.)
        dam.o-plank.o  draught-board, (US) checker-board
        dam.i  draughts, (US) checkers (game)
        lud.ar per dam.i  to play draughts (US: checkers)
damacen.o (frukto)  damson (fruit)
damask.o (stofo)  damask (fabric)
damaskin.ar {tr}  to damascene, damask (usually iron or steel, with gold or silver)
damijan.o  demijohn
damn.ar {tr}  to damn (theol. & fig.)
damzel.o  young lady, damsel, maiden, wench; miss, maid (unmarried woman), spinster
Dan.a  Danish
        Dan.o  Dane
dandi.o  dandy, fashionably elegant man, ~fop
Dani.a (lando)  Denmark
danjer.o  danger, peril, jeopardy
        poz.ar en danjer.o  endanger, jeopardise
        danjer.oz.a  dangerous
dank.ar {tr} [ulu, pri, pro ulo]  to thank
dans.ar {tr/ntr}  to dance
Danubi.o (river.)  (the) Danube
dard.o  dart (pointed missile); sting (weapon of an insect)
Dardanel.i (mar.)  (the) Dardanelles, Hellespont
darf.ar {ntr}  to have a right (to ...), be permitted (to ...); (darfas) may
darn.ar {tr}  to darn (garments)
Darwin.ism.o  Darwinism
        Darwin.al.a  Darwinian
dat.o  date (calendar)
        dat.iz.ar  to date (a letter, etc.)
datel.o (frukto)  date (fruit)
        datel.ier.o  date tree
dativ.o (gram.)  dative (case)
datur.o (pl.)  datura; ~thorn-apple, (US) ~jimson-weed, ~jimpson-weed (Datura stramonium)
dax.o (mamif.)  badger
dazl.ar {tr}  to dazzle, overpower by bright or moving lights; (fig.) dazzle, excite to admiration by brilliancy, beauty, cleverness etc.
de {prep.}  from (indicating starting point, origin or derivation. E.g. "treno de London", "blinda de nasko", "de omna lateri", "komprar de ulu", "malada de febro"); of (where an amount is indicated. E.g. "peco de pano", "glaso de aquo", "un horo de marcho", "tri metri de rubando", "ponto longa de du milii", "barelo plena de vino")
de dop  from behind
de nun  from now
de sub  from under
de.nov.e  anew
        de.tranch.ar {tr}  to cut off, cut away
        de.turn.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo, de]  turn away, avert (turn aside)
        de.ven.ar  to derive (come, issue, originate)
        de-kande  since when
        de-long.e  for a long time past
        de-lor.e  from that time, since then
        de-pos  since (prep.)
        de-pos ke  since (conj.)
        de-pos.e  since (adv.), from that time
        de-pren.ar {tr} [ulo, de]  to take (something from)
        de-rod.ar {tr} [ulo]  to gnaw (something) away
        de-tranch.ar {tr}  to cut off, cut away
de.o  god
        De.o (rel.)  God
        de.in.o  goddess
        de.ism.o  deism
        De.o-fest.o  Corpus Christi (festival)
deb.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo, ad ulu] (financ.)  to owe (something to someone), be under obligation (to someone, for something)
        deb.aj.o (financ.)  debt (something owed), debit
        deb.o honor.al.a  debt of honour
        deb-rest.aj.o (financ.)  balance due
        charj.ar su per deb.i (financ.)  to run into debt
debat.ar {tr} [ulo, kun ulu]  to debate
debet.o (financ.)  debit (entry on the debtor side of an account, recording a sum owed)
        debet.ig.ar (financ.)  to debit (a sum to someone's account)
        debet-kont.o (financ.)  debit account
debil.a  (of persons) weak by nature or temperament, feeble
        debil.ig.ar  to debilitate, make weak
debit.ar {tr} [ulo]  to retail, offer for (retail) sale; (of a liquid) allow to flow
deboch.ar {ntr}  to live immorally, live dissolutely, overindulge in sensual pleasures
        deboch.er.o  debauchee, libertine, rake
        deboch.ig.ar  to debauch (cause to be dissolute)
debush.ar {ntr} (milit.)  to debouch (move into a more open space from a narrow pass or confined space, in a military context)
debut.ar {ntr}  to make one's debut; (fig.) set out, start, take one's first steps
dec.ar {ntr}  to be decent or proper
        dec.ant.a  decent, becoming, decorous
        dec.as {imp}  it is proper (that ...)
        dec.o  decency, propriety
decembr.o  December
decemvir.o  decemvir (in ancient Rome)
decend.ar {ntr} [de]  to descend (from ancestors)
        decend.ant.o  descendant, descendent (n.), offspring
        decend.ant.ar.o  progeny, posterity, descent (collectively)
        decend.o  descent (derivation from an ancestor)
decens.ar {tr/ntr} [de]  to go down, descend, move down
        decens.o  descent (moving down)
decept.ar {tr} [ulu]  to disappoint, defeat (the hopes, the expectations of someone)
dechifr.ar {tr} [ulo]  to discover the key to a cipher (and thereby decipher)
decid.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo, pri ulo]  to decide, settle, determine (a theoretical question)
        ag.ar decid.oz.e  to act with decision
        fac.ar decid.o  to make a decision
        decid.em.a  decisive
decidu.o  deciduous membrane, decidua
decigram.o (mez.)  decigram, decigramme
decil.o (matem.)  decile
decilion.o  decillion
decilitr.o (mez.)  decilitre, (US) deciliter
decim.o (pek.)  "decime" (ten centimes, a tenth of a franc)
decimac.ar {tr}  to decimate (kill one in ten)
decimal.a (aritm.)  decimal (adj.)
        decimal.o (aritm.)  decimal (number)
decimetr.o (mez.)  decimetre, (US) decimeter
        decimetr.o-kub.o (mez.)  cubic decimetre
        decimetr.o-quadrat.o (mez.)  square decimetre
dedik.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulu]  to dedicate (consecrate to a divine being; devote to a sacred use; inscribe or address to someone)
dedukt.ar {tr} [ulo, de] (log.)  to deduce, infer
defekt.o  defect, flaw, fault, blemish, imperfection
        defekt.oz.a  defective, faulty
defektiv.a (gram.)  defective (grammar)
defens.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo, kontre]  to defend
        defens.ebl.a  defensible, defendable
        defens.iv.a  defensive
deferenc.ar {tr} [ulu]  to defer to, show deference to, comply with the wishes of
deferent.a  deferent (anat., bot., math.)
defervec.ar {ntr} (medic.)  to cool down (of a fever)
        defervec.o  defervescence (decrease of feverish symptoms)
defi.ar {tr} [ulu, pri ulo]  to defy, challenge, dare
        defi.o  defying (act), defiance, challenge
deficient.a (matem.)  deficient (of a number that exceeds the sum of its divisors)
deficit.o (financ.)  deficit
defil.ar {ntr} [avan ulu]  to defile, file off, march past (of troops)
defile.o  defile (narrow gorge or pass)
defin.ar {tr}  to define, state the meaning of
        defin.o  definition
        defin.it.a  defined; definite (article)
definitiv.a  definitive, final (as of an arrangement or judgment)
deform.ar {tr} [ulo]  to deform, put out of shape
degener.ar {ntr}  to degenerate, deteriorate
degn.ar {ntr}  to condescend, deign, vouchsafe
degrad.ar {tr} [ulu]  to demote, degrade (lower in grade or rank, remove from office)
dehicent.a (bot.)  dehiscent
dejun.ar {ntr} [de, per]  to lunch, eat lunch (midday meal)
        dejun.o  lunch (midday meal)
dejur.ar {ntr}  to be on duty
        dejur.ant.a oficir.o  duty officer, orderly officer
dek  ten
        dek.esm.a  tenth (adj.)
        dek.im.o  (a) tenth (part)
        dek.op.e  by tens
        dek.opl.a  tenfold (adj.)
        dek.opl.e  tenfold (adv.), ten times (as many, as much)
dek-e-du  twelve
        dek-foy.e  ten times (on ten occasions)
        dek-yar.a  ten-year (adj.), decennial
yar.dek.o  decade
dekad.ar {ntr}  to deteriorate, decline (physically or morally), be decadent, be in a state of decay
        dekad.ant.a  decadent, decaying
        dekad.o  decadence, decay
dekaedr.o (geom.)  decahedron
dekagon.o (geom.)  decagon
dekagram.o (mez.)  decagram
dekalitr.o (mez.)  decalitre, (US) decaliter
dekalkomani.o  decalcomania (design transferred), decal, transfer
dekalog.o (rel.)  Decalogue, (the) Ten Commandments
dekametr.o (mez.)  decametre, (US) decameter
dekan.o  dean (ecclesiastic or academic)
dekant.ar {tr} [ulo]  to decant (a liquid)
dekap.ar {tr} [ulo]  to scale, scour, pickle, clean (metal to remove surface impurities)
dekaster.o (mez.)  decastere
deklam.ar {tr} [ulo, ad ulu]  to declaim (speak or deliver in an oratorically)
        deklam.ach.ar  to deliver a harangue
deklar.ar {tr} [ulo, ad ulu]  to declare
deklin.ar {tr/ntr}  to decline, inflect (grammar: tr.); deviate from the meridian (astr.; compass needle: intr.)
        deklin.o  inflection (gram., of verbs); declination (magnetic or astronomical)
dekokt.ar {tr}  to decoct (extract the useful substance of by boiling)
dekolt.ar {tr}  to cut (a garment) low (so the wearer's neck is fully visible); to bare the neck (and shoulders)
        dekolt.it.a  décolleté (low-cut)
        dekolt.ur.o  décolletage
dekor.ar {tr}  to decorate (a house, etc.)
dekrement.o (fizk.)  decrement (phys.)
dekret.ar {tr} [ulo]  to decree, enact
dekubit.ar {ntr} (medic.)  to lie (down) in a particular way (on one's side, back, etc.)
        dekubit.o (medic.)  decubitus, posture when lying down, posture in bed
del [= de la]  from the
deleg.ar {tr} [ulu]  to delegate (someone)
        deleg.it.o  delegate
delegacion.o  delegation (group of delegates)
delekt.ar {tr} [ulu]  to delight
        delekt.es.ar  to be delighted
        delekt.es.o  delight
        delekt.iv.a  delightful, delectable
deleter.a (biol.)  deleterious (biol.)
delfin.o  dolphin (mammal: Delphinus); the Dolphin, Delphinus (constellation); dauphin (France)
        delfin.al.a  dolphin (as adj.); delphin (of the dauphin; of Latin classics)
delfinel.o (pl.)  delphinium, ~larkspur
deliber.ar {ntr} [pri ulo, kun ulu]  to deliberate
delici.o  delight
        delici.oz.a  delightful, delicious
delikat.a  delicate, refined
        delikat.aj.o  delicacy (object)
        delikat.eg.a  exquisite, superfine
        delikat.es.o  delicacy (quality)
delikt.ar {ntr} [kontre ulo] (judic.)  to commit an offence (US: offense) against the law
        delikt.ant.o  offender, malefactor
        delikt.o  misdemeanour, offence, (US) misdemeanor, offense
        materi.o di la delikt.o  corpus delicti, substance of the offence
deliquec.ar {ntr} (kem.)  to deliquesce
delir.ar {ntr}  to be delirious, rave
        delir.ant.a  delirious
        delir.o  delirium (state of being delirious)
delt.o (geog.)  delta
deltoid.o  deltoid muscle (anat.)
demagog.o  demagogue
demagogi.o (polit.)  demagogy, demagoguery
demand.ar {tr} [ulo, de ulu, ad ulu]  to ask for
        demand.o  request, asking; demand (economic)
demarsh.ar {ntr} [por ulu, por ulo]  to take steps, take measures (through influence on others, to obtain something, such as help or a favour)
dement.a  insane, demented
        dement.eri.o  mental hospital, lunatic asylum
        dement.es.o  dementia
dementi.ar {tr} [ulu, pri ulo]  to accuse (someone) of lying, give the lie to (someone), assert that (someone) has lied; flatly contradict (something asserted)
        dementi.o  accusation of lying; flat contradiction
demision.ar {ntr} [de, ek]  to resign (from a position, office or job)
        demision.o  resignation (from a position, office or job)
demiurg.o (filoz.)  demiurge (philos.)
demografi.o (cienco)  demography
demokrat.a (polit.)  democratic
demokrat.o  democrat
demokrati.o (polit.)  democracy
demolis.ar {tr}  to demolish, pull down, break up (a house, a fortification, an old ship, reputation, etc.)
        demolis.o  demolition
demon.o (mitol.)  demon (myth. & fig.)
demonstr.ar {tr} [ulo]  to demonstrate (show by reason; make evident)
        demonstr.o  demonstration (log., polit., milit., naval)
demonstrativ.a (gram.)  demonstrative (gram.)
demotik.a  demotic (script)
denar.o (pek.)  denarius (silver coin of ancient Rome)
denatur.ar {tr} [ulo]  to denature (alcohol, etc., by making it unpleasant for consumption)
dendrit.o (biol.)  dendrite
dendrologi.o  dendrology
denigr.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to denigrate, vilify, defame
denominator.o (aritm.)  denominator
dens.a  dense, closely spaced; thick (of a liquid or gas)
densimetr.o (instr.)  densimeter
dent.o  tooth (also fig.)
        dent.o di saj.es.o (anat.)  wisdom tooth
        sen-dent.a  toothless
        dent.o-pik.il.o  toothpick
        dent.o-rot.o  cogwheel
        dent.al.a  dental
        dent.ar.o  set of teeth
        dent.eg.o  tusk
        dent.et.o-rot.o  pinion, small gear wheel
        dent.ist.o  dentist
        dent.oz.a  toothed, notched, denticulate, denticulated
dentel.o  lace
dentifric.o (subs.)  toothpaste, dentifrice, tooth powder
dentin.o (anat.)  dentine
denunc.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to denounce (inform against)
deontologi.o (filoz.)  deontology
depart.ar {ntr} [ad, de, ek]  to depart (intr., also fig.)
        depart.o  departure
department.o (polit.)  administrative region, department (territorial), département (France)
depend.ar {ntr} [de ulu, de ulo]  to depend (be conditioned; be contingent; be sustained, rely for support)
        ne-depend.ant.e  independently
        ne-depend.es.o  independence
deperis.ar {ntr} [pro]  to lose strength, wither, decline, waste away
depesh.o  urgent communication, dispatch, despatch
deplor.ar {tr} [ulo]  to deplore (feel or express deep grief over)
        deplor.ind.a  deplorable, lamentable, wretched
deponent.a (gram.)  deponent (adj.)
        deponent.o (gram.)  deponent (verb)
deport.ar {tr} [ulu]  to deport (expel from a country), transport into banishment
depoz.ar {tr} [ulo, che]  to deposit (lay down, set down, put down; lodge or place for safety); bond (put in a bonded warehouse)
        depoz.o  deposit (act)
        depoz.aj.o  deposit (thing deposited)
        depoz.ari.o  depositary, depository, guardian
        depoz.ey.o  place of deposit, depot, warehouse
depres.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to press down; depress (physically or mentally); deject
        depres.ur.o  depression (consequence of act of depressing)
deput.ar {tr} [ulu]  to depute, send as a deputy, deputise (tr.)
        chambr.o di deput.at.i (polit.)  chamber of deputies
        deput.at.ar.o  deputation (group of deputies)
deriv.ar {tr} [ulo, de]  to derive (gram., math., etc.)
        deriv.aj.o  derivative
        deriv.es.ar  to be derived, derive (intr.)
        deriv.o  derivation (act)
derm.o  corium (dermis), derm, derma, dermis (deepest layer of skin)
dermatit.o (morbo)  dermatitis
dermatogen.o (bot.)  dermatogen
dermatologi.o (cienco)  dermatology
derog.ar {ntr} [de ulo] (yuro)  to depart (from, or curtail the application of, a law, regulation or convention), ~derogate (but intr.)
dervish.o (rel.)  dervish
des (muz.)  D flat (music)
des- {pref.}  (prefix demoting the direct opposite of the idea)
des.afabl.a  churlish, surly, uncivil
        des.agnosk.ar {tr}  to disown, disavow
        des.agraf.ag.ar {tr}  to unclasp
        des.agreabl.a  disagreeable
        des.agreabl.aj.o  disagreeable thing or experience
        des.akroch.ar {tr} [ulo de]  to unhook
        des.amar.ag.ar {tr} (nav.)  to unmoor
        des.ankr.ag.ar {tr/ntr} (nav.)  to weigh anchor, get up anchor on
        des.apar.ar {ntr}  to disappear
        des.aprob.ar {tr}  to disapprove of
        des.aranj.ar {tr}  to disarrange, derange, unsettle
        des.arm.iz.ar  to disarm, unarm
        des.asembl.ar {tr}  to disassemble, take to pieces
        des.asoci.ar {tr}  to dissociate, disassociate; dissolve (a partnership)
        des.avantaj.o  disadvantage
        des.bolt.ag.ar {tr}  to unbolt
        des.bukl.ag.ar {tr}  to unbuckle
        des.buton.ag.ar {tr}  to unbutton
        des.centr.al.ig.ar {tr}  to decentralise, decentralize
        des.charj.ar {tr}  to discharge (unload, take away the burden of); (fig.) ease, throw off the care of (a thing)
        des.ebri.esk.ar {ntr}  to sober down; (fig.) come to one's senses
        des.embark.ar {tr/ntr}  to disembark, land (go or take ashore)
        des.embrag.ar {tr} (mek.)  to disengage (tech.: gears etc.), declutch
        des.entrav.ar {tr}  to unshackle, unfetter (lit. & fig.)
        des.equilibr.ig.ar  to unpset the equilibrium of, unbalance
        des.esper.ar {ntr}  to despair
        des.esper.ig.ar  to drive to despair; dishearten, depress
        des.estim.ar {tr}  to despise, scorn, contemn
        des.estim.ant.a  contemptuous, scornful
        des.estim.ind.a  contemptible, despicable
        des.fac.ar {tr}  to unmake, undo
        des.facil.a  difficult
        des.facil.aj.o  difficult thing
        des.facil.es.o  difficulty (state, condition)
        des.fald.ar {tr}  to unfold
        des.fald.es.ar {ntr}  to unfold
        des.fatig.ar {tr}  to refresh (give fresh energy to)
        des.favor.ar {tr}  to disfavour, (US) disfavor
        des.favor.iz.ar  to disgrace, put out of favour
        des.favor.iz.it.a  disgraced, put out of favour
        des.favor.oz.a  disadvantageous, unfavourable, (US) unfavorable
        des.felic.a  miserable, unhappy
        des.fortun.o  misfortune, reverses, run of ill-luck
        des.fortun.e  unluckily
        des.fortun.oz.a  unfortunate
        des.friz.ar {tr}  to uncurl
        des.frost.ar {ntr}  to thaw (intr.)
        des.frost.ig.ar {tr}  to thaw (tr.)
        des.glat.ig.ar  to roughen, ruffle
        des-help.ar  to disoblige, hinder
        des.hered.ig.ar  to disinherit
        des.honest.a  dishonest
        des.honor.o  disgrace, dishonour, (US) dishonor
        des.human.ig.ar  to dehumanise
        des.infekt.ar {tr}  to disinfect
        des.infekt.iv.o  disinfectant (n.)
        des.infl.ar {tr}  to deflate
        des.ingran.ar {tr}  to throw out of gear
        des.inkombr.ar {tr}  to disencumber
        des.intrik.ar {tr}  to disentangle, unravel; (fig.) extricate, free
        des.junt.ar {tr}  to disjoin, take to pieces
        des.junt.iv.a {tr} (gram.)  disjunctive
        des.karg.ar {tr}  to unload (things, goods)
        des.katen.iz.ar  to unchain
        des.klef.ag.ar {tr}  to unlock
        des.kloz.ar {tr}  to unclose
        des.komfort.o  discomfort
        des.konfes.ar {tr}  to recant; unsay; take back (what one has said)
        des.korp.iz.ar  to disembody
        des.kovr.ar {tr}  to uncover (remove the cover from); (fig.) discover, disclose, detect (find out)
        des.kras.iz.ar  to scour, clean (removing the surface dirt from)
        des.kupl.ar {tr} (mek.)  to uncouple, release
        des.kuraj.o  cowardice
        des.kuraj.oz.a  cowardly
        des.laut.a  soft (to hearing)
        des.lig.ar {tr}  to untie
        des.loyal.a  disloyal
        des.magnet.ig.ar  to demagnetise
        des.mariaj.ar {tr}  to unmarry, annul the marriage of
        des.mask.ar {tr}  to unmask
        des.mast.iz.ar  to dismast
        des.met.ar {tr}  to take off, remove (a garment)
        des.monet.ig.ar {tr}  to demonetise
        des.munt.ar {tr}  to dismantle, disassemble, dismount, take apart (equipment)
        des.nacion.al.ig.ar  to denationalise
        des.nacion.an.ig.ar  to denaturalise
        des.nobl.a  unworthy, base, ignoble
        des.nobl.es.o  unworthiness, baseness
        des.obedi.ar  to disobey
        des.obstrukt.ar  to deobstruct, unblock, clear (of obstruction)
        des.obstrukt.iv.a (medic.)  deobstruent
        des.oportun.a  inopportune
        des.ordin.ar {tr}  to disorder, derange
        des.ost.iz.ar  to bone
        des.pak.ig.ar  to unpack
        des.pend.ar {tr}  to take down (something hanging)
        des.pi.a  impious, ungodly
        des.plas.iz.ar  to displace
        des.plez.ar {tr/ntr}  to displease; be displeasing
        des.plezur.o  displeasure
        des.plum.iz.ar  to pluck (take feathers from)
        des.popul.iz.ar  to depopulate
        des.popular.ig.ar  to make unpopular
        des.posed.ig.ar  to dispossess
        des.priz.ar {tr}  to disdain, despise, scorn
        des.profund.a  shallow (adj.)
        des.profund.aj.o  shallow (n.), shoal (area of shallow water)
        des.pur.a  impure
        des.qualifik.ar {tr}  to disqualify
        des.quiet.a  uneasy (in one's mind), anxious
        des.quiet.es.o  disquietude, inquietude
        des.quiet.ig.ar {tr}  to worry (someone), make (someone) uneasy
        des.quiet.ig.ant.a  disquieting
        des.rigid.ig.ar  to make pliant, unstiffen
        des.rigl.ag.ar {tr}  to unbolt
        des.saj.a  unwise, foolish
        des.sal.iz.ar {tr}  to desalinate, desalinise
        des.sel.iz.ar {tr}  to unsaddle (take the saddle from)
        des.sepult.ar {tr}  to exhume, disinter
        des.sigl.ar {tr}  to unseal
        des.skrub.ag.ar {tr}  to unscrew (a thing)
        des.sold.ar {tr}  to unsolder
        des.spul.ar {tr}  to unwind (from a bobbin or spool)
        des.stop.ar {tr}  to unstop, uncork
        des.stop.il.o {tr}  ~corkscrew
        des.sut.ar {tr}  to unsew, unstitch
        des.tens.ar  to slacken, relax (tr.)
        des.tord.ar {tr}  to untwist
        des.tromp.ar {tr}  to undeceive
        des.tron.iz.ar {tr}  to dethrone
        des.trus.ar {tr}  to untuck, let down (a garment)
        des.union.ar  to disunite (tr.)
        des.valid.ig.ar  to invalidate
        des.varm.ig.ar  to cool (something warm or hot)
        des.vel.iz.ar  to unveil; (fig.) disclose
        des.vest.iz.ar {tr}  to undress, unclothe, divest, strip
        des.virg.ig.ar  to deflower (strip of virginity)
        des.vis.ar {tr}  to unscrew, loosen (a screw)
        des.volv.ar {tr}  to unroll, unwrap
        des.zon.iz.ar {tr}  to ungird
desegn.ar {tr} (arto)  to draw (sketch), delineate, sketch
deser.o  dessert
desert.ar {tr/ntr}  to desert, quit
deserv.ar {tr/ntr} (rel.)  to serve (a living), have the parochial duties of (a church, a parish)
desikator.o  desiccator
deskript.ar {tr} [ulo, ad ulu]  to describe (in words)
despens.o  larder, pantry, buttery; steward's office
        despens.ist.o  steward (person in charge of provisions)
despit.ar {ntr} [ad, kontre, pri, pro]  to fret (be sorrowful and angry), be vexed
despot.o  despot
destin.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo, ad, por]  to destine
destrukt.ar {tr}  to destroy
detach.ar {tr} (milit.)  to draft, detach (military personnel)
detachment.o (milit.)  detachment (military unit), draft
detal.o  detail, particular (minute or distinct part)
        detal.e  in detail, minutely, bit by bit
        detal.oz.a  detailed
detektiv.o  detective (n.)
detektor.o (fizk.)  detector (electronics)
determin.ar {tr} [ulo, per]  to determine (put terms or bounds to; ascertain definitely, settle conclusively); (gram.) fix the extent or meaning of a word or sentence
        determin.o  determination (act)
        determin.ism.o (doktrino)  determinism
deters.ar {tr}  to cleanse, deterge
        deters.iv.o  detergent (n.)
deton.ar {ntr} (fizk.)  to detonate (intr.), explode noisily
        deton.ig.ar  to detonate (tr.)
detriment.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to be detrimental to, cause a loss to
deuteri.o (kem.)  deuterium
deutomerit.o (zool.)  deutomerite
deutoplasm.o (biol.)  deutoplasm
dev.ar  to be obliged, have a duty (to ...)
        dev.as  ought, should, must (as an obligation)
        dev.o  obligation, duty
devanc.ar {tr}  to outstrip, overtake, outdo, surpass, outrun, distance (leave behind)
devast.ar {tr} [ulo]  to lay waste, devastate, ravage, desolate
develop.ar {tr}  to develop, make larger, make fuller; develop, unfold (a plot, etc.)
deviac.ar {tr/ntr} [ulu, ulo, de]  to deviate, veer, swerve; divert
deviz.o  device (heraldic motto)
devoc.o (rel.)  devotion (religious zeal)
        devoc.aj.o  devotion (religious act)
        devoc.al.a  devotional
        devoc.oz.a  devout
devor.ar {tr}  to devour; eat greedily
        devor.em.a  ravenous, voracious
        devor.em.es.o  voracity, voraciousness
devot.a [ad]  devoted
        devot.es.ar  to be devoted
        devot.es.o  devotion, devotedness
        devot.ig.ar su  to devote oneself
dextr.a  right (opposite of left)
        turn.ar ad-dextr.e  to turn to the right
        dextr.a-uz.er.o  right-handed person
        dextr.an.o  right-winger (as in politics)
dextrin.o (kem.)  dextrin, dextrine
dezert.a (geog.)  desert (adj.), deserted
        dezert.o (geog.)  desert (n.), wilderness
dezinenc.o (gram.)  word-ending, formative suffix, desinence (mainly indicating inflexion)
dezir.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo, ad, por]  to desire, wish for earnestly, long for, hanker for, covet
        dezir.aj.o  desirable object, desideratum
        dezir.eg.ar  to covet greatly, lust after
        dezir.ind.a  desirable
dezol.ar {tr} [ulu]  to make disconsolate, seriously distress, grieve (tr.)
        dezol.ant.a  grievous
        dezol.es.o  desolation (mental)
di {prep.}  of (indicates possession or association)
di qua  whose, of which (referring to a single person or object)
di qua, di qui  whose, of whom
di qui  whose, of which (referring to several people or objects)
di.o  day (of 24 hours)
        di.al.a  daily
        di-mez.o  midday, noon
diabas.o (min.)  diabase, greenstone, trap
diabet.o (morbo)  diabetes
        diabet.ik.o  diabetic (n.)
diabl.o  devil (theol. & fig.)
        diabl.aj.o  act of devilry
        diabl.al.a  diabolic (of the devil)
        diabl.atr.a  diabolic (like a devil), devilish
        diabl.et.o  little devil, imp
        diabl.in.o  she devil
        per la diabl.o  what the devil
diad.o  dyad (math.; etc.)
diadem.o  diadem
diafan.a  transparent, pellucid
        diafan.a mark.o  watermark (in paper)
diafiz.o (anat.)  diaphysis, shaft of a long bone
diafragm.o  diaphragm (anat., elec., optic.)
diagnoz.ar {tr} (medic.)  to diagnose (med.)
diagonal.a (geom.)  diagonal
diagram.o  diagram
diakaustik.o (matem.)  diacaustic
diakilon.o (medkm.)  diachylon, diachylum
diakon.o (rel.)  deacon
diakonis.o (rel.)  deaconess
diakritik.a  diacritic (adj.), diacritical
        diakritik.o  diacritic (n.), accent (sign added to a letter)
dialekt.o  dialect
dialektik.o (log.)  dialectics
dialektologi.o (ling.)  dialectology
dializ.ar {tr} (medic.)  to dialyse, (US) dialyze
        dializ.o  dialysis
dialog.ar {ntr} [kun]  to take part in a dialogue, ... (US) dialog
        dialog.o  dialogue, (US) dialog
dialog.iz.ar  to put (something) in the form of a dialogue, ... (US) dialog
diamagnet.a (fizk.)  diamagnetic
diamagnetism.o (fizk.)  diamagnetism
diamant.o (min.)  diamond
        diamant.o krud.a  rough diamond
        diamant.o tali.it.a  cut diamond
        munt.ar diamant.o  to set a diamond
diametr.o (geom.)  diameter
diant.o (pl.)  dianthus (plant such as pink, carnation and sweet william)
diapazon.o  tuning fork
diapedez.o (fiziol.)  diapedesis
diapozitiv.o (fot.)  slide (photographic)
diare.ar {ntr} (patol.)  to have diarrhoea (US: diarrhea)
        diare.o (morbo)  diarrhoea, (US) diarrhea
diari.o  diary
dias.o (geol.)  Dyas, Permian
diastaz.o (biokem.)  diastase
diaster.o (biokem.)  diaster
diastol.o (fiziol.)  diastole
diatez.o (medic.)  diathesis
diatome.o (biol.)  diatom
diatonik.a (muz.)  diatonic
diatrib.o  diatribe
dic.ar {tr} [ulo, ad ulu]  to say, tell
        dic.o  saying, telling
        dic.aj.o  something said
dicern.ar {tr} [ulu de ulu; ulo de ulo]  to discern (see and identify by noting differences), distinguish (one thing from another)
        dicern.ebl.a  distinguishable
        dicern.iv.es.o  discernment (faculty)
        dicern.o  discernment, discrimination
dicion.o  diction (manner of speaking), delivery (manner of speaking), elocution
        dicion-art.o  elocution (art)
dicionari.o  dictionary
diciplin.ar {tr} [ulu]  to discipline (children, soldiers, etc.)
dicipul.o  disciple
didaktik.o  didactics
didelf.o (mamif.)  opossum, common opossum
dieldrin.o (kem.)  dieldrin
dielektrik.o (elek.)  dielectric
diet.o  diet (food; legislative)
dietetik.o (medic.)  dietetics
diez.o (muz.)  sharp (music)
difam.ar {tr} [ulu] (judic.)  to defame, libel, slander, traduce, asperse
difer.ar {ntr} [de, per]  to differ (be different, be unlike); disagree, differ (in opinion)
        difer.ant.a  different
        difer.o  difference (also math.)
diferenci.ar {tr}  to differentiate (cause to develop differences in a developing organism)
        diferenci.ad.o  differentiation (in an organism)
diferencial.o  differential (math.); differential gear (tech.)
        diferencial.ig.ar {tr} (matem.)  to differentiate (math.)
        diferencial.ig.o  differentiation (math.)
difrakt.ar {tr} [ulo]  to diffract
difteri.o (morbo)  diphtheria
diftong.o  diphthong
difuz.ar {tr} [ulo]  to disperse, spread, diffuse
dig.o  dyke, dike, dam (embankment to prevent flooding; also fig.)
        dig.iz.ar  to dyke, dike, dam
digest.ar {tr} (fiziol.)  to digest (also fig.)
        digest.ig.iv.o  digestive (something which promotes digestion)
digital.o (pl.)  digitalis (plant, such as foxglove)
digitalin.o (biokem.)  digitalin
digitigrad.o (zool.)  digitigrade (n.)
dign.a [de, ye]  worthy (of), meriting, deserving, having merit
        dign.es.o  worthiness, merit
digram.o  digraph
digres.ar {ntr} [de]  to digress
        digres.o  digression (departure from main subject; also astron.)
dik.a  thick
diklin.a  diclinous
dikogam.a (bot.)  dichogamous (biol.)
dikotiledon.a (bot.)  dicotyledonous
        dikotiledon.o (pl.)  dicotyledon, "dicot"
dikotom.a (bot.)  dichotomous
dikotomi.o (log.)  dichotomy (log.)
dikt.ar {tr} [ulo, ad ulu]  to dictate (utter words to be written down)
diktam.o (pl.)  dittany
diktator.o  dictator
dil [= di la]  of the
dilat.ar {tr} [ulo]  to dilate, expand, enlarge (in volume)
dilem.o (log.)  dilemma
dilet.ar {tr} [ulo]  to study or practise for pleasure, be an amateur in
        dilet.ant.o  dilettante
diligent.a  industrious, diligent
        diligent.es.o  diligence (quality), industriousness
dilijenc.o (veturo)  diligence (stagecoach)
dilut.ar {tr} [ulo, en]  to dilute, thin (by admixture of a liquid)
diluvi.o  deluge, flood
diluvion.o (geol.)  drift (deposit), diluvium
dimension.o (matem.)  dimension
diminut.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo]  to lessen, decrease, diminish
dimiti.o (stofo)  dimity
din.a  thin (opposite of 'thick' in dimension, lean)
        din.a paper.o  thin paper
        din.e tali.ar  to carve thinly
dinam.o  dynamo
dinamik.o (cienco)  dynamics
dinamism.o (filoz.)  dynamism (philos.)
dinamist.o  dynamist (philos.)
dinamit.o (subs.)  dynamite
        dinamit.ag.ar  to dynamite
dinamometr.o (instr.)  dynamometer
dinamometri.o (mek.)  dynamometry
dinasti.o  dynasty
dind.o (ucelo)  turkey
dine.ar {ntr}  to dine (in the evening)
        dine.o  dinner (evening meal)
        dine.o-klok.o  dinner time
dinosauri.o  dinosaur
dinoteri.o  dinothere, deinothere, dinotherium, deinotherium
diocez.o (ekl.)  diocese
diod.o (fizk.)  diode
dioik.a (bot.)  dioecious (bot.)
dioptr.o  sight-vane (of an alidade)
dioptri.o  dioptre, (US) diopter
dioptrik.o (opt.)  dioptrics
dioram.o  diorama (exhibition of translucent pictures)
diorit.o (min.)  diorite
dioxid.o (kem.)  dioxide
dioxin.o (kem.)  dioxin
diplas.ar {tr}  to displace (move from the usual location), change the place of; misplace, put out of place
        diplas.ar su  to change one's place or residence
        diplas.o-pez.o  displacement (of a ship or immersed body)
diplo.o (anat.)  diploë, diploe
diploid.a (biol.)  diploid
diplom.o  diploma
        diplom.iz.ar  to confer a diploma on (someone)
diplomac.o (polit.)  diplomacy; (fig.) tact, skill in dealing with people
        diplomac.ist.o  diplomat
diplomatik.o (cienco)  diplomatics (scientific study of ancient documents)
diplostemon.a (bot.)  diplostemonous
diport.o (financ.)  backwardation (postponement; price paid)
dipter.o (insekto)  dipteran, dipteron, dipterous insect
diptik.o  diptych
direcion.o [ad]  direction (two-way), bearing (both ways)
direkt.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo, ad ulu, ad ulo]  to direct; manage, conduct; put in a direction
        direkt.ant.a  directing, managing
        direkt.ant.o  director, manager
        direkt.ebl.a  dirigible, manageable
        direkt.o  direction, management (act)
Direktori.o (hist.)  (French) Directory
diret.a  direct (opposite of indirect, of a way, discourse, or method); through (without interruption)
        diret.a tren.o  through train
        ne-diret.a  indirect (way, method, speech, etc.)
        diret.e  directly, straight (adv.)
«dis» (muz.)  (mus.) D sharp
dis- {pref.}  (prefix denoting separation or dispersion), apart, asunder
        dis.don.ar {tr}  to give out (to various people), deal out (cards, etc.), distribute (hand out)
        dis.don.o  distribution, giving out
        dis.poz.ar {tr}  to dispose (lay out), put in various places
        dis.rupt.ar {tr}  to disrupt, break apart
        dis.sek.ar {tr}  to dissect
        dis.sem.ar {tr}  to disseminate, sow, scatter (seed); strew (things); spread abroad (ideas, error, truth, etc.)
        dis.send.ar {tr}  to send in different directions, spread
        dis.solv.ar {tr}  to dissolve (lit. & fig.); liquidate (fin.), wind up (company, club, etc.)
        dis.tens.ar {tr}  to distend
        dis.tord.ar {tr}  to distort
        dis.tranch.ar {tr}  to cut up (into pieces), carve (off)
disenteri.o (morbo)  dysentery
disert.ar {ntr} [pri]  to present a dissertation or thesis, dissertate
        disert.o  dissertation (presentation)
        disert.ur.o  dissertation (treatise)
dish.o  dish (food)
disident.a  dissident, dissenting (relig.)
        disident.o  dissident (n.)
disimul.ar {tr} [ulo]  to dissimulate, dissemble; hide (feelings, thoughts, opinions) under a false appearance
disip.ar {tr} [ulo]  to squander, waste, dissipate
        disip.ant.o  squanderer, waster
        disip.em.o  spendthrift
disjuntiv.a  disjunctive (math., log., gram.)
disk.o  disc, (US) disk; discus
diskont.ar {tr} (financ.)  to discount: buy (a bill of exchange, etc.) before maturity, with a deduction for interest
diskret.a  discreet; discrete
diskriminant.o (matem.)  discriminant (math.)
diskurs.ar {ntr} [ad ulu, pri]  to make a speech, deliver a discourse, deliver an address
        diskurs.o  speech, discourse, address (n.)
        diskurs.ach.ar  to rant
diskursiv.a  discursive (philos.)
diskut.ar {tr} [ulo, pri ulo, kun ulu]  to discuss (a question, subject, project, point of law, etc.)
dislexi.o  dyslexia
dislok.ar {tr}  to break up (a machine, an army, etc.), dismantle, dismember (an empire), dislocate (disorganise)
dism.o (pek.)  tithe, tythe
        impoz.ar la dism.o  to levy tithes
disoci.ar {tr} (kem.)  to dissociate (chem.)
disonanc.ar {ntr} (muz.)  to make a discord
        disonanc.o (muz.)  dissonance, discord
dispach.o  assessment of compensation for damage to ship or cargo, adjustment of averages
        dispach.ist.o  average adjuster, nautical assessor
disparat.a  disparate (log.), unalike and incapable of being compared; (fig.) incongruous
dispens.ar {tr} [ulu, de ulo]  to dispense, exempt (someone, from something), exonerate (free from obligation), excuse, give leave not to do or observe (something)
        dispens.o  dispensation, exemption (of someone, from something)
dispensari.o  dispensary
dispepsi.o (patol.)  dyspepsia, indigestion
        dispepsi.ik.o  dyspeptic (n.)
dispers.ar {tr}  to scatter, disperse
dispon.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to have (something or someone) at one's disposal; dispose of (deal with as one wishes)
        dispon.ebl.a  available, disposable (ready for use); (milit.) unattached
disput.ar {tr/ntr} [pri ulo, kontre ulu]  to quarrel, wrangle, have a dispute, dispute
        disput.o  dispute, quarrel, altercation
        disput.ach.ar  to squabble, bicker
        disput.ebl.a  disputable
        disput.em.a  disputacious, quarrelsome
dist.ar {ntr} [de, per]  to be at a distance (of ...), be distant (by ...)
        dist.o  distance
        dist.ant.a  distant (from), at a distance (of)
distal.a (anat.)  distal
distik.o (poez.)  distich
distil.ar {tr}  to distil, (US) distill
disting.ar {tr} [ulo, de ulo]  to characterise, distinguish, make distinct or different (by sign, mark or characteristic)
        disting.o  distinction (making distinct)
        disting.ant.a  distinguishing (adj.)
        disting.es.o  distinctness
        disting.it.a  distinguished (person or object)
        disting.iv.a  distinctive (marking out as different)
distint.a  distinct (differing, specific)
distrakt.ar {tr} [ulu]  to distract, divert the attention of; (fig.) amuse
        distrakt.o  distraction (act of distracting)
        distrakt.es.o  distraction (state of being distracted); (fig.) absence of mind
        distrakt.it.a  diverted; (fig.) absent-minded
        distrakt.ant.a  diverting, distracting, entertaining
distribut.ar {tr} [ulo, ad ulu, inter]  to distribute (also tech.), apportion, dispense
distrikt.o  district (area of jurisdiction)
diten.ar {tr} [ulo, de ulu]  to detain (keep provisionally), hold, withhold (until some event)
        diten.o  detention; withholding
ditiramb.o (poez.)  dithyramb
ditres.o  distress
divag.ar {ntr}  to wander about, rove, stray, divagate (lit. & fig.); wander (of the mind)
divan.o (moblo)  divan (backless sofa)
diven.ar {tr/ntr}  to become (intr., tr.), get (old, rich, ill, strong, etc.), grow (pass into some new state or condition)
diverg.ar {ntr} [de, ek]  to diverge (separate, or cause to separate, and go in different directions)
divers.a [de]  various, diverse, sundry
        divers.aj.i  sundry articles
        divers.es.o  variety, diversity
diversion.ar {ntr}  to make a diversion (mil.: to turn the attention of an opponent; fig.: to turn a conversation away from from something inconvenient)
        diversion.o  diversion (mil. & fig.), turning aside
divertikul.o (anat.)  diverticulum
divid.ar {tr} [ulo per ulo]  to divide (math., gen.)
        maxim grand.a komun.a divid.ant.o [per]  greatest common divisor
        divid.ebl.a [per]  divisible
        divid.end.o  dividend (math.; fin.)
divin.ar {tr} [ulo, de]  to guess, divine
divizion.o (milit.)  division (military)
divorc.ar {ntr} [de]  to become divorced
        divorc.ig.ar {tr}  to divorce (someone)
        divorc.int.a  divorced (adj.)
divulg.ar {tr} [ulo]  to divulge, reveal, make known (a secret, news, etc.)
dizastr.o  disaster
dizign.ar {tr}  to design (make drawings and plans for the construction or production of)
«djin»  jinni, jinnee, djinni, djinny, genie (plural: djinn, jinn, ginn)
do {konj.}  therefore, so, consequently
«do» (muz.)  doh, do (first note of diatonic scale)
doari.o (financ.)  jointure, dower (jointure, not dowry)
doc.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulu]  to teach (something, not someone)
        doc.aj.o  something taught
docent.o  lecturer (in a university), (US) (assistant) professor
docil.a  docile (easy to manage and teach)
dodekaedr.o (geom.)  dodecahedron
dodekagin.a (bot.)  dodecagynian, dodecagynous, having twelve styles (bot.)
dodekagon.o (geom.)  dodecagon
dodekandr.a (bot.)  dodecandrous
dog.o  mastiff
dogan.o (polit.)  customs (institution)
        dogan.ey.o  customs house, (US) custom house
        dogan-pag.o  customs duty (payment, amount paid)
        dogan-tax.o  customs duty (rate, e.g. 20%)
        dogan-union.o  customs union
dogmat.o  dogma
dogmatik.o (teol.)  dogmatics, doctrinal theology
dogr.o (batelo)  dogger (fishing vessel)
doj.o  doge
dok.o (nav.)  dock (for ships)
doktor.o  doctor (holder of a doctorate)
doktrin.o  doctrine
dokument.o  document
dol.o (judic.)  (jurisprudence) fraud, deception, malice; evil or criminal intent
        dol.oz.a krimin.o  malicious crime
        dol.oz.a tromp.o  fraudulent deception
dolar.o (pek.)  dollar
dolc.a  pleasing to the taste, agreeable, sweet (of fruit, wine, smell, voice, light, humour, etc.)
doli.o (mek.)  dolly-end (the cup of a dolly: an anvil used to hold a rivet)
        doli.ier.o  dolly (tool for holding the head of a rivet)
dolikocefal.a (antrop.)  dolichocephalic, dolichocephalous
        dolikocefal.o (antrop.)  dolichocephal
dolman.o  dolman (hussar's pelisse, a type of military cloak)
dolmen.o (arkeol.)  dolmen
dolomit.o (min.)  dolomite
dolor.ar {ntr} [pro, de, pri]  to feel pain, ache, hurt (physically)
        dolor.ant.a  hurting (suffering)
        dolor.ig.ar  to hurt (cause pain to)
        dolor.ig.ant.a  painful (causing pain), hurting
        dolor.o  pain, ache, hurt, physical suffering
        dolor.oz.a  painful, sore
dom.o  house (dwelling; building for a specific purpose)
        dom.o-chef.o  major-domo
        dom.o-guvern.ist.o  house-keeper
        dom.al.a  domestic (relating to a house or houses)
        dom.estr.o  head of house
        dom.et.o  small house, cottage
domaj.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to damage, harm, impair, spoil (physically)
        domaj.o  damage, injury (physical)
        domaj.iv.a  injurious, damaging
domati.o (bot.)  domatium
domen.o  domain; estate
domestik.a  domesticated (of animals)
        domestik.ig.ar  to domesticate
domicil.o (judic.)  domicile (permanent legal abode); residence, place of abode
domin.o  dominoes (game); domino (cloak)
        domin.o-ston.o  domino (piece)
dominac.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to dominate, have dominion over, hold sway over, control; (fig.) tower over, command (surroundings, etc.)
        dominac.o  domination, dominion
        dominac.ant.a  dominant, predominant, prevailing
        dominac.ach.ar {tr}  to domineer
dominant.o  dominant (mus.: fifth note of a scale; biol.)
Doming.a Republik.o (lando)  Dominican Republic
        Doming.an.o  Dominican (of the Dominican Republic)
Dominik.a (lando)  Dominica
dominikan.o (rel.)  Dominican (friar)
domt.ar {tr} [ulu]  to subdue, break in (an animal), subjugate (make subservient), make (an animal) obedient; (fig.) subdue (passion, crowd, fear, etc.), quell
don.ar {tr} [ulo, ad ulu]  to give (general sense), bestow, impart (give)
        don.o  giving
        don.aj.o  thing given
donac.ar {tr} [ulo, ad ulu]  to give (as a gift), donate, make a present of, give away, bestow
        donac.o  donation (act)
        donac.aj.o  gift, donation (thing given)
        donac.ant.o  donor
        donac.ari.o  donee
dop [ulu, su, ulo] {prep.}  behind (prep., in space), after (in place), (US) back of
        dop.a  back, rear, hind (adj.)
        dop.a kort.o  backyard
        dop.aj.o  rear, back (object or part behind)
        dop.e  at the back, behind (adv.), after (adv., in space)
        dop-land.o  hinterland
        dop-rem.ar  to scull
        dop-rem.il.o  sculling oar
dorad.o (fisho)  dorado (dolphinfish, coryphene)
Dori.an.a  Doric, Dorian (race; dialect)
dorik.a (arkit.)  Doric (archit.)
dorlot.ar {tr} [ulu]  to coddle, mollycoddle, cosset (treat tenderly); (fig.) nurse
        dorlot.ach.ar  to pamper, overindulge
dorm.ar {ntr}  to sleep, be asleep, slumber
        dorm.o  sleep
        dorm.ant.a  sleeping, dormant
        dorm.em.a  sleepy
        dorm.esk.ar  to fall asleep
        dorm.et.ar  to doze
        dorm.et.ig.ar  to make drowsy
        dorm.ey.o  sleeping place, dormitory
        dorm.ig.ar  to lull, send (someone) to sleep
        dorm.ig.iv.a  soporific (adj.)
        dorm.ig.iv.o  soporific (n.)
        dorm.o-chambr.o  bedroom
dorn.o (biol.)  thorn, prickle
        dorn.o-ginest.o (pl.)  gorse, furze, whin
        dorn.o-perk.o (fisho)  stickleback
dors.o  back (anat. & of book, hand, knife, etc.)
        dors.o an dors.o  back to back
        dors.o-kurv.a  round-shouldered
        dors.o-sak.o  rucksack, knapsack, backpack
        dors.o-salt.o  leapfrog
        dors.al.a  relating to the back; dorsal
        dors-apog.il.o  back of a seat
dosel.o  canopy (ceiling above a throne or altar), dais (canopy); raised, canopied seat (fixed or portable)
dosier.o  file (of documents), dossier
dot.ar {tr} [ulu, per ulo]  to endow (furnish with a dowry; supply with permanent funds; also fig.)
        dot.o  endowment, dowry; (fig.) natural gift, talent
doz.o  dose (medicinal)
        doz.ig.ar  to put up a dose of, apportion a dose of
dracen.o (arb.)  dragon-tree
drag.ar {tr} [ulo]  to dredge (out) (a river, etc.), explore with a drag
dragoman.o  dragoman
dragon.o (milit.)  dragoon (mil.)
draje.o  dragée (sugared almond or similar)
drak.o (mitol.)  dragon (myth., astr.)
drakm.o  drachma (money); dram (weight)
drakon.al.a  Draconian, Draconic, very harsh, extremely severe
dramat.o (liter.)  drama
drap.o (stofo)  fine woolen cloth
drapir.ar {tr}  to drape, cover with drapery, hang in folds
drash.ar {tr} [ulo]  to thresh (wheat, etc.)
drastik.a  drastic (med. & fig.)
dren.ar {tr}  to drain (land, a field, a wound, etc.)
        dren-tub.o  drainage pipe
dres.ar {tr} [ulu]  to train (an animal)
drezin.o (veturo)  dandy horse (primitive bicycle without pedals); track (motor)car (railway), (US) gang car, handcar (railroad)
driad.o (mitol.)  wood nymph, dryad
drift.ar {ntr}  to drift
dril.o  drill (tool for boring holes, that holds & turns the drill bit)
drink.ar {tr} [ulo]  to drink
        drink.eri.o  drinking establishment, public house
        drink.ey.o  bar (place for drinking)
        drink.o-kanson.o  drinking song
        drink.o-pekuni.o  drink-money, tip, gratuity
        ne-drink.ebl.a  undrinkable
drog.o (medic.)  drug (medical chemical or ingredient), pharmaceutical (n.)
drol.a  funny, humorous, droll
dromedar.o (mamif.)  dromedary
dron.ar {tr} [en]  to drown (tr.); (of ships) to founder, send to the bootom
dront.o (ucelo)  dodo
droser.o (pl.)  sundew
druget.o (stofo)  drugget (fabric)
druid.o (rel.)  druid
        druid.ism.o  druidism
drup.o (bot.)  drupe
druz.o (min.)  druse, geode (drusy cavity)
du  two
        du.o  duo, dyad
        du.a.dek  twenty
        du.a.dek.o  (a) score (twenty)
        du.esm.a  second (adj.)
        du.foy.e  twice (two times)
        du.im.a  half (adj.)
        du.im.e  half (adv.)
        du.im.o  half (n.)
        du.im.ig.ar  to halve, divide in half
        du.op.e  by twos, two by two
        du.opl.a  double (adj.)
        du.opl.e  doubly, twice (twice as much)
        du.opl.ig.ar  to double, duplicate (double)
        du.al.a  dual (adj.)
        du.al.o (gram.)  dual (form of a word indicating duality)
        du.al.ism.o  dualism
        du.mast.o (nav.)  two-master (ship)
        du.mast.a nav.o  two-masted ship
        du.part.a  bipartite (of two parts)
        du.partis.al.a  bipartisan
        du.senc.a  equivocal (with double meaning)
        du.senc.aj.o  equivocation
        du.yar.al.a  biennial
dubit.ar {tr}  to doubt; waver in opinion, hesitate to believe, dubitate
        dubit.ebl.a  dubitable, doubtful (thing)
        ne-dubit.ebl.a  undoubtable, indubitable
        dubit.em.a  dubitative, inclined to doubt
duel.ar {ntr} [kun, kontre ulu]  to fight a duel
duen.o  chaperon, chaperone, duenna
duet.o (muz.)  duet, duo
duk.o [de]  duke; duchess
        duk.al.a  ducal
        duk.es.o  dukedom (rank)
        duk.i.o  duchy
        duk.in.o  duchess
        duk.ul.o  duke
dukat.o (pek.)  ducat (coin)
dukt.ar {tr} [ulu, ad]  to lead, conduct, bring along
duktil.a (tekn.)  ductile
dulkamar.o (pl.)  woody nightshade, bittersweet, dulcamara
dum {prep.}  during, in (a period of time)
        dum.e  meanwhile, meantime, in the intervening time
        dum ke  while, whilst, during the time when
dumdum.o (armo)  dumdum (bullet)
dun.o  dune, down (dune), sandhill
dung.o (subs.)  manure, fertiliser, compost
duodenum.o (anat.)  duodenum
dup.o  dupe
        dup.ig.ar  to dupe, take in
duplex.a (elek.)  duplex (telegraphy, computing)
duplik.o  rejoinder (jur.)
duplikat.o  duplicate (identical copy)
dur.ar {tr/ntr}  to last, endure (intr.), continue (tr., intr.)
        dur.ant.a  continuing, lasting, enduring
        dur.iv.a  durable, able to last
        dur.ont.a  to be continued
        dur.ig.ar  to make (something) last
duramatr.o (anat.)  dura mater
duramen.o (biol.)  heartwood, duramen
durst.ar {ntr}  to thirst (also fig.)
dush.ar {tr} [ulu, su]  to give a shower bath to, douche
duv.o (tekn.)  stave (of a cask or barrel)
duyong.o (mamif.)  dugong, halicore


e (muz.)  mi (mus.)
-e  (suffix indicating a derived adverb; e.g. lente: slowly; rapide: rapidly)
e (= ed) {konj.}  and
-e- {suf.}  (suffix: having the colour (US: color) of; e.g. arjent-e-a: silvery; or-e-a: golden; oranj-e-a: orange)
e.c. (= ed ceteri, ed cetere)  etc., et cetera
eben.o (ligno)  ebony (wood)
        eben.ier.o  ebony (tree)
        eben.ist.o  a worker in ebony; (fig.) an inlayer (of wood), cabinet maker
        eben-arbor.o  ebony (tree)
-ebl- {suf.}  -able, -ible (suffix added to a transitive verbal root; e.g. kred-ebl-a: believable, credible; rupt-ebl-a: breakable; vid-ebl-a: visible)
ebonit.o  ebonite
ebri.a [de]  drunk (adj.), intoxicated
        ebri.es.o  inebriation, inebriety, intoxication
        ebri.et.a  tipsy (slightly intoxicated)
        ebri.ig.ar  to intoxicate
ebuli.ar {ntr}  to bubble, bubble up, seethe, froth (of water, etc.); (fig.) to overflow with passion
        ebuli.o  bubbling, frothing, seething
ebulioskop.o  ebullioscope
ecel.ar {ntr} [en, pri, per]  to excel, be excellent
        ecel.ant.a  excellent
ecelenc.o  Excellency
ecentrik.a  eccentric, off-centre (geom., mech.)
ecept.ar {tr} [ulo, de ulo]  to leave out, except, exclude
        ecept.o  exception (act)
        ecept.aj.o  exception (object)
        ecept.al.a  exceptional
        ecept.al.e  by way of exception, exceptionally
        ecept.e  unless, except, excepting, save (except)
        ecept.e ke  unless (conj.), with the exception that
eces.ar {tr/ntr}  to exceed (tr.); be excessive, go to excess (intr.)
        eces.o  excess; transgression of due limits; ~waste; difference by which one number exceeds another (math.)
        eces.ant.a  excessive (going to excess); (fig.) exorbitant
        eces.e  immoderately, to excess
        eces.iv.a  excessive (capable of excess, immoderate)
echek.ar {tr}  to keep in check, hold back, curb, rein in
        echek.o  check (stop, repulse, rebuff)
echop.o  booth (small shop of simple construction), stall (in a market)
ecit.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to excite, arouse, impel
        ecit.ebl.a  excitable
eciz.ar {tr} (kir.)  to excise, cut out (in surgery)
ed (= e) {konj.}  and
-ed- {suf.}  (suffix: contents of), -ful (e.g. glas-ed-o: glassful; manu-ed-o: handful; pinch-ed-o: pinch, nip)
edem.o (patol.)  oedema, (US) edema (med.)
eden.o (rel.)  Eden
eder.o (ucelo)  eider (duck)
ederdun.o (subs.)  eiderdown (material)
        ederdun.a kovr.il.o  eiderdown quilt
edific.o  edifice, large building
edifik.ar {tr} [ulu]  to edify, instruct and improve morally
edikt.ar {tr} [ulo]  to order by edict
        edikt.o  edict
edil.o  aedile, edile
«Edipus»  Oedipus; (fig.) riddle-solver
edit.ar {tr} [ulo]  to publish (print or get printed, usually for sale: book, magazine, newspaper, etc.)
        edit.ant.o  publisher
        edit.o-form.o  edition (form in which published)
        edit.ur.o  publication (thing published)
edr.o (geom.)  face (geometry)
eduk.ar {tr} [ulu]  to educate (people), bring up (children); develop and cultivate the physical, intellectual and moral faculties; form the manners of; rear, raise, breed (animals), train (plants)
efac.ar {tr} [ulo, per]  to erase, efface, rub out, expunge (also fig.)
efeb.o  ephebe, ephebus, ephebos
efedrin.o (kem.)  ephedrine, ephedrin
efekt.o  effect
        efekt.ig.ar {tr}  to effect, effectuate, produce, cause, bring about
        efekt.ig.o  causation, production (of an effect)
efektiv.o (milit.)  number (of soldiers), size, strength (of an army, etc.), effective (soldiers ready for service)
efemer.a  ephemeral, short-lived
        efemer.o (insekto)  mayfly, dayfly, ephemerid
efemerid.o (astron.)  ephemeris, astronomical almanac
efervec.ar {ntr}  (of a gas) to effervesce, be effervescent; (fig.) show brief vivacity
eficient.a (mek.)  efficient (mechanics)
        eficient.es.o  efficiency (ratio of a machine's useful output to its input)
efigi.o  effigy
efik.ar {ntr} [ad ulo]  to be effectual, be efficacious, be efficient
        efik.em.a  efficient (of a person)
        efik.em.es.o  efficiency (of a person)
        efik.esk.ar  to come into play, begin to take effect
        efik.iv.a  effective, efficacious, effectual, efficient (of a thing)
        efik.iv.es.o  effectiveness, efficiency (of a thing)
        efik.o  efficacious action
eflorec.ar {ntr}  to effloresce (chem.); come out in a rash, break out in pimples (med.)
efluvi.o  effluvium
eg.o  ego, the self
        eg.o.ism.o  egoism
        eg.o.ist.a  egoistic, selfish
        eg.o.ist.o  egoist
        me.a altr.a eg.o  my other self
        me.a propr.a eg.o  my own self
-eg- {suf.}  (suffix denoting augmentation, intensity, a higher or extreme degree: pluv-eg-o: downpour; grand-eg-a: huge; kold-eg-a: extremely cold)
egal.a  equal
        egal.es.o  equality
        egal.ig.ar  to equalise (make equal)
        ne-egal.a  unequal
        ne-egal.es.o  inequality, unequalness
egar.ar {tr}  to mislay, lose temporarily
        egar.es.ar  to be mislaid, be missing
egard.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to pay regard to, take into account
        egard.o  regard, consideration (taking into account)
        egard.e  with regard to, in consideration of
egid.o  aegis; (fig.) protection
Egipti.a (lando)  Egypt
        Egipti.an.a  Egyptian (adj.)
        Egipti.an.o  Egyptian (n.)
egiptolog.o  egyptologist
egiptologi.o (cienco)  Egyptology
eglefin.o (fisho)  haddock
egocentr.a  egocentric
egorj.ar {tr}  to slay by cutting the throat
egotism.o  egotism
egotist.o  egotist
«eis» (muz.)  E sharp (music)
ejekt.ar {tr} (tekn.)  to eject, expel, cast out, discharge (tech.)
ek {prep.}  out of (motion from; made or extracted from; fractional part of), out from, (US) out (forth from), of (made of)
        el port.is ol ek la chambr.o  she carried it out of (US: out) the room
        ir.ar ek la dom.o  to go out of (US: out) the house
        sis ek dek  six out of ten
        vaz.o ek or.o  gold vase
        bracelet.o ek kupr.o  bracelet of copper
ek.fal.aj.o  (radioactive) fallout
        ek.flu.ar {ntr}  to flow out
        ek.flu.ant.a  effluent (adj.), flowing out
        ek.flu.ey.o  outlet
        ek.ir.ar {ntr}  to go out, get out
        ek.ir.o  exit (act), exodus, (a) going out
        ek.ir.ey.o  exit (place), way out
        ek.lans.ar {tr}  to fling out, send forth
        ek.osmos.o  exosmosis
        ek.pren.ar {tr}  to take out, withdraw (money, etc.)
        ek.pres.ar {tr}  to squeeze out, press out
        ek.puls.ar {tr}  to expel, thrust out, turn out
        ek.puls.ar de la patr.i.o  to expatriate
        ek.sekrec.ar {tr}  to excrete
        ek.spric.ar {ntr}  to spurt out
        ek.sufl.ar {tr}  to blow out
        ek.ter.ig.ar {tr}  to exhume, dig out, disinter, unearth
        ek.teritori.a  extraterritorial, exterritorial
        ek.tir.ar {tr}  to draw out
        ek.tranch.ar {tr}  to cut out
        ek.vars.ar {tr}  to pour off, empty out (from a container), spill
        ek.vok.ar {tr}  to call out to (someone)
ek.o (akustiko)  echo
        ek.ig.ar {tr}  to echo
«ekarte» (lud.)  écarté (card game)
ekidn.o (mamif.)  spiny anteater, echidna
ekimos.o (patol.)  ecchymosis
ekin.o (animalo)  sea urchin, echinus (animal)
ekinoderm.o (animalo)  echinoderm
eklampsi.o (patol.)  eclampsia, eclampsy
eklektik.a (filoz.)  eclectic
        eklektik.ism.o  eclecticism
eklezi.o (rel.)  church (institution)
        eklezi.an.o  church member
eklips.ar {tr}  to eclipse (astron. & fig.)
ekliptik.o (astron.)  ecliptic
eklog.o  eclogue
ekologi.o (cienco)  ecology
ekonom.o  steward (of finances), bursar
ekonomi.o (financ.)  economy (management of resources of a house, company or country; also fig. of an organism)
ekonomik.o (cienco)  economics (science)
        ekonomik.o nacion.al.a  political economy
        ekonomik.ist.o  economist
ekrit.ar {tr}  to keep books (systematically record commercial transactions of), keep the books of (a business, etc.)
        ekrit.ist.o  book-keeper
ektoderm.o (biol.)  ectoderm
ektopi.o (patol.)  ectopia, ectopy
ektoplasm.o (biol.)  ectoplasm (biol.)
ekumenik.a (rel.)  ecumenic, ecumenical
ekzem.o (morbo)  eczema
el (= elu) {pron.}  she, her
elu (= el) {pron.}  she, her
        elu.a  her (possessive), hers
eli  they (feminine)
eli.a  their (feminine)
elabor.ar {tr}  to elaborate (work out in detail, produce by careful labour)
elastik.a  elastic, springy, rebounding
        elastik.es.o  elasticity
elastin.o (biokem.)  elastin
elefant.o (mamif.)  elephant
elefantiaz.o (morbo)  elephantiasis
elegant.a  elegant; fashionable
        elegant.aj.o  exquisite object
        elegant.es.o  elegance; fashionableness
        elegant.o  person of fashion or elegance
        elegant.a mond.um.o  (the) fashionable world
elegi.o  elegy, mournful poem
elekt.ar {tr} [ulu, ek, inter]  to elect (someone by vote, to an office or post)
        elekt.o  election
        elekt.al.a  electoral
        elekt.ant.o  elector
        elekt.it.o  person elected
elektr.o (fizk.)  electricity
        elektr.al.a  electric, electrical
        elektr.iz.ar  to electrify
        elektr.ist.o  electrician
        elektr.al.a bateri.o  electric battery
        elektr.o-ampul.o  electric bulb
        elektr.o-lamp.o  electric lamp
        elektr.o-lum.o  electric light (radiation)
        mort.ig.ar per elektr.o  to electrocute, kill by electricity
        elektr.o.dinamik.o (cienco)  electrodynamics
        elektr.o.kemi.o  electrochemistry
        elektr.o.magnet.al.a  electromagnetic
        elektr.o.motor.o  electric motor
        elektr.o.statik.o (cienco)  electrostatics
        elektr.o.teknik.o  electrotechnics, electrotechnology, electric engineering
        elektr.o.terapi.o (medic.)  electrotherapy, electrotherapeutics
elektrod.o (fizk.)  electrode
elektrofor.o  electrophorus
elektrokardiogram.o  electrocardiogram
elektrolit.o (elek.)  electrolyte
elektroliz.ar {tr} [ulo]  to electrolyse, electrolyze
        elektroliz.o (kem.)  electrolysis
elektrologi.o  electrology, science of electricity
elektrometr.o  electrometer
elektrometri.o (elek.)  electrometry
elektromobil.o (veturo)  electric car, (US) electric automobile
elektron.o (fizk.)  electron
elektronik.o  electronics
elektroskop.o  electroscope
elektuari.o (medkm.)  electuary
element.o  element (all senses)
elev.ar {tr}  to elevate, raise on high, raise (to a higher level), set up (above)
        elev.ant.a  elevating (physical sense)
        elev.il.o (aparato)  elevator (any apparatus for raising something to a higher level)
        elev.it.a  elevated, raised up (to a higher level)
elevacion.o  elevation (drawing, design of the face or side of a building)
elevator.o  elevator (apparatus for lifting goods, materials, equipment, etc.)
elf.o (mitol.)  elf
        elf.al.a  elfish, elvan, elvish
elimin.ar {tr} [ulo, de, ek]  to eliminate, remove, take out, omit from consideration (math., tech.)
elips.o  ellipse; ellipsis
elipsoid.o (geom.)  ellipsoid
elit.o  élite, elite; (also mil.) choice troops, best men
elitr.o (zool.)  elytron, elytrum
elixir.o (medic.)  elixir (medicinal)
Elizabet  Elizabeth, Elisabeth
Elize.o  Elysium (myth. & fig.)
        Elize.al.a agr.i  Elysian fields
elizion.ar {tr}  to elide
        elizion.o  elision
elongacion.o  elongation (angle: tech., astron.)
eloquent.a  eloquent; (fig.) vividly expressive
elud.ar {tr} [ulo]  to elude, evade (cleverly or cunningly)
        elud.em.a  elusive, evasive
«Elzevir» (tipog.)  Elzevir (printing type)
em.o  target (also fig.)
-em- {suf.}  (suffix joined especially to verbal roots to signify a person inclined to ...; e.g. atak-em-a: agressive; labor-em-a: industrious; parol-em-a: talkative)
emaci.ar {tr}  to emaciate
emali.o (subs.)  enamel
        emali.iz.ar  to enamel
        emali.o pariet.oz.a  cloisonné (enamel)
eman.ar {ntr} [de, ek]  to emanate
emancip.ar {tr} [ulu, de]  to emancipate (also fig., of the mind)
emaskul.ar {tr}  to emasculate (deprive of virile vigour)
embalm.ar {tr}  to embalm
embaras.ar {tr} [de, per, pro]  to hamper, impede, encumber, hinder (physically or mentally); disconcert, embarrass
        bagaj.o embaras.ant.a  cumbersome baggage
        question.o embaras.ant.a  embarrassing question
embarg.ar {tr} [ulo]  to embargo, lay an embargo on, prohibit (a ship) to enter or leave port; sequester (goods of a debtor), distrain (seize by law); garnishee (a sum owed)
        embarg.o  embargo; sequestration (of a debtor's goods, of a sum owed)
        pag-embarg.o  lien
embark.ar {tr/ntr} [en; ulu, ulo en] (nav.)  to embark, go on board; put on board
emberiz.o (ucelo)  bunting (bird)
emblem.o  emblem
embol.o (patol.)  embolus, clot obstructing a blood vessel
emboli.o (patol.)  embolism
embot.ar {tr} [ulo] (tekn.)  to cold-roll, beat out, bend, form or shape by force (ductile metal, without using heat)
embrac.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to hug, embrace, clasp (in one's arms); bracket (with a brace)
        embrac.il.o (tipog.)  brace (typog.)
embrag.ar {tr/ntr} (mek.)  to put into gear, engage the clutch, let in (a clutch), connect transmission (mech.)
        embrag.il.o  clutch (mechanism)
embrazur.o  embrasure, embrazure (arch., fort.: recess or aperture)
embriogeni.o (biol.)  embryogeny, embryogenesis
embriologi.o  embryology
embrion.o (biol.)  embryo
embrok.ar {tr} (medic.)  to embrocate, apply a liniment or lotion to
embusk.ar {tr} [ulu, su]  to place (someone) in concealment (so as to surprise or ambush), ambush (place in ambush), ambuscade
        atak.ar embusk.e  to ambush
        vart.ar embusk.e  to wait in ambush
emend.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to emend, rectify (a fault, error); amend (a law)
emerit.a  emeritus, retired
emers.ar {ntr} [ek]  to emerge from a liquid, rise from submersion; (fig.) rise into view
emetrop.a  emmetropic
emfaz.ar {tr} [ulo] (retor.)  to emphasize, stress
emfizem.o (patol.)  emphysema
emigr.ar {ntr}  to emigrate
eminenc.o  Eminence
eminent.a  eminent, outstanding, prominent; conspicuous (of place)
        eminent.es.o  eminence, notability (quality), prominence; conspicuity, conspicuousness
        eminent.o  notability (person of eminence)
emir.o  emir, amir, emeer, ameer
emis.ar {tr}  to emit, give out (phys.); issue (money)
emoc.ar {ntr} [pri, pro]  to feel emotion, be moved
empal.ar {tr} [ulu]  to impale, empale (fix on a sharp stake)
empati.o  empathy
emperial.o  top deck, upper deck (of a vehicle)
empire.o  empyrean, the highest heaven
empirik.o (filoz.)  empiricism (method)
        empirik.al.a  empirical
        empirik.ism.o  empiricism (doctrine)
        empirik.ist.o  empiricist
emplastr.o (farm.)  plaster (medical dressing)
employ.ar {tr} [ulu]  to employ (someone)
        employ.ant.o  employer
        employ.at.o  employee
        employ.o-kontor.o  employment office
empost.o (arkit.)  impost (arch.)
emu.o (ucelo)  emu
emul.a  emulous, eager to emulate, keen to do as well as or better than the others
        emul.es.ar [ad]  to emulate, try to equal or surpass others
emuls.ar {tr} [ulo]  to emulsify
        emuls.iv.o  emulsifier
        emuls.ur.o  emulsion (colloidal suspension)
emulsin.o (biokem.)  emulsin
emund.ar {tr} [ulo]  to prune, trim, lop (a tree, etc.); (fig.) to remove unattractive, useless or inferior parts from (vegetables, fish, etc.)
emuntori.o (fiziol.)  emunctory (n.)
en {prep.}  in (of time or place)
en la urb.o  in the city
en la vintr.o  in the winter
en.botel.ig.ar  to bottle
        en.cirkl.ig.ar  to circle, put into a circle
        en.dukt.ar {tr}  to lead (someone into something), introduce (bring in); (fig.) to involve (someone in something)
        en.faktur.ig.ar  to invoice (goods, services), bill for
        en.filtr.ar {tr/ntr}  to infiltrate (also fig.)
        en.flu.ar  to flow in
        en.flu.o  inflow (movement)
        en.flu.aj.o  inflow (that which flows in)
        en.flu.ant.o  affluent (n.), tributary (stream)
        en.flu.ey.o  place of inflow
        en.fok.ig.ar  to put in focus
        en.forn.ig.ar  to put into an oven or a kiln
        en.gain.ig.ar  to sheath (a sword, etc.)
        en.ir.ar {tr/ntr}  to enter
        en.ir.o  entry, entrance (act)
        en.ir.ey.o  entrance (place), way in
        en.kadr.ig.ar  to frame
        en.kaj.ig.ar  to cage
        en.karcer.ig.ar {tr}  to imprison, incarcerate
        en.kest.ig.ar  to encase, incase, box (put into a box)
        en.korp.ig.ar  to incorporate (combine into one body or mass; also fig.)
        en.lanj.ig.ar  to wrap in swaddling clothes
        en.lit.ig.ar  to put to bed
        en.magazin.ig.ar  to (store in a) warehouse
        en.migr.ar {ntr}  to immigrate
        en.mix.ig.ar  to mix in, mingle
        en.mur.ig.ar  to immure
        en.osmos.o  endosmosis, endosmose
        en.pak.ig.ar  to pack (something), pack up, make into a bundle
        en.posh.ig.ar  to pocket, put (something) in pocket
        en.pot.ig.ar  to pot
        en.sak.ig.ar  to (put into a) sack, bag
        en.skrib.ar {tr}  to inscribe
        en.skrib.ur.o  inscription
        en.tali.ar {tr}  to cut into (so as to produce a certain form)
        en.tali.ar trab.o  to mortise a beam
        en.ter.ig.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to bury, inter
        en.tot.e  in all, altogether, on the whole
        en.tron.ig.ar  to enthrone
        en.vars.ar  to pour in, infuse (pour in)
        en.volv.ar {tr} [ulo, en]  to wrap, roll up, fold up in
        en.volv.ar varm.e  to wrap warmly
enartros.o (anat.)  enarthrosis, ball-and-socket joint (anat.)
encefal.o  encephalon, ~brain
encefalit.o (morbo)  encephalitis
enciklik.a  encyclical (adj.), encyclic
        enciklik.o  (papal) encyclical (letter)
enciklopedi.o  encyclopaedia, (US) encylopedia
-end- {suf.}  (suffix added to a verbal root to indicate what should be, or needs to be, done)
        pag.end.a  payable (to be paid, that must be paid)
        solv.end.a  to be solved, must be solved
endemi.o (patol.)  endemic disease
endemik.a  endemic (confined to a particular area)
endermik.a (medic.)  endermic, endermical
endetal.a  retail (adj.)
        endetal.e  retail (adv.), by retail
endivi.o (pl.)  endive
endoderm.o  endoderm; endodermis
endogami.o (sociol.)  endogamy (sociol.)
endogen.a  endogenous
endokardi.o  endocardium
endokarp.o (bot.)  endocarp
endokrinologi.o (cienco)  endocrinology
endoparazit.o (biol.)  endoparasite
endoplasm.o (biol.)  endoplasm
endorfin.o (biokem.)  endorphin
endoskop.o  endoscope
endoskopi.o  endoscopy
endosperm.o (bot.)  endosperm
eneagon.o (geom.)  nonagon, enneagon
enemik.o  enemy, foe
        enemik.al.a  hostile, inimical
        enemik.es.o  enmity, hostility
energetik.o (cienco)  energetics
energi.o (fizk.)  energy
        energi.al.a  energetic
        energi.oz.a  energetic, full of energy
energid.o (biol.)  energid
enfil.ar {tr} (milit.)  to enfilade
engaj.ar {tr} [ulu]  to engage (for work), hire (someone), enlist (someone, milit.)
engros.a  wholesale
        engros.vend.ist.o  wholesaler
enigmat.o  enigma, riddle, puzzle
enkaustik.a  encaustic (adj.)
enklitik.a (gram.)  enclitic (adj.)
enklitik.o (gram.)  enclitic (n.)
enlumin.ar {tr} [ulo]  to illuminate (a book); colour (an engraving, map)
enmenaj.ar {ntr} [en]  to move (move house), transport one's furniture to a new abode
enorm.a  enormous
enoter.o (pl.)  evening primrose
enoy.ar {ntr}  to be bored, feel dull, be weary (because of inaction or monotony)
        enoy.o  ennui, languor, boredom
        enoy.ig.ar  to bore (someone)
        enoy.ig.ant.a  boring, tedious, irksome
        enoy.ig.iv.a  (able to be) boring, tedious, irksome
enrejistr.ar {tr}  to register or record (in a register); record, make a (mechanical or electronic) recording (of height, pressure, music, speech, etc.)
ensembl.o  the whole, ensemble, all parts taken together, general effect, collectivity, aggregate, totality
ent.o  being (something that exists independently), entity (philos. & fig.)
entablament.o (arkit.)  entablature, entablement (entablature)
entam.ar {tr} [ulo]  to broach, cut the first piece of, make a first cut in, begin upon (loaf, pot of jam, plot of land, etc.)
enterit.o (morbo)  enteritis
entern.ar {tr} [ulu] (judic.)  to intern, confine to a prescribed place or area
entimem.o (log.)  enthymeme
entomofil.a (bot.)  entomophilous
entomologi.o (cienco)  entomology
entraprez.ar {tr}  to undertake (a task), engage to perform, take in hand, set about, contract for
        entraprez.o  undertaking (of a task)
        entraprez.aj.o  what is undertaken, (the) enterprise, contract
        entraprez.em.a  enterprising
        entraprez.ist.o  contractor, undertaker
entraten.ar {tr} [ulu]  to supply with the needs of life and comfort
        entraten.o  maintenance, livelihood
entrav.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to shackle, fetter (also fig.)
        entrav.il.o  shackle, fetter
entre.o  entrée (dish served before the main course)
entrechat.o (danso)  entrechat, cross-caper
entremes.o  entremets (a light dish served between main course and dessert)
entren.ar {tr} [pri, por, per]  to train (for racing, sport, etc.)
        entren.er.o  trainer (sport, racing)
entresol.o (arkit.)  entresol, mezzanine (floor)
entropi.o (fizk.)  entropy
entuziasm.ar {ntr} [ad, por]  to enthuse (intr.), be enthusiastic
        entuziasm.o  enthusiasm
        entuziasm.em.a  enthusiastic
        entuziasm.ig.ar  to enthuse (tr.)
enukle.ar {tr} (kir.)  to enucleate (surg.)
enumer.ar {tr} [ulo]  to enumerate (reckon, tally, state one by one, check those on a list, count or tell off)
enunc.ar {tr} [ulo]  to express (in words), state, enunciate (state)
envelop.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo, en, per]  to envelop, wrap, cover up (pr. & fig.); surround completely (milit.)
        envelop.ant.o (matem.)  envelope (math.)
        envelop.it.a (matem.)  enveloped (math.)
envergur.o  span (of a bird, aeroplane or sail)
envi.o (anat.)  hangnail
envidi.ar {tr} [ulu pri ulo, ulo ad ulu]  to envy, be envious of
enzim.o (biol.)  enzyme
eocen.o  Eocene
Eol.us (mitol.)  Aeolus (god of the winds), Eolus
        Eol.al.a harp.o (muzin.)  Aeolian harp, Eolian harp
Eoli.a (lando)  Aeolis, Aoelia
        Eoli.an.a  Aeolian, Eolian (of Aeolis, Aeolia)
eolipil.o (aparato)  aeolipile, aeolipyle, eolipile
eon.o  aeon, eon
eozin.o  eosin, eosine
eozinofil.a (biol.)  eosinophil (adj.), eosinophilous, eosinophilic
epakt.o (astron.)  epact
epark.o  eparch (provincial governor)
        epark.i.o  eparchate, eparchy
eperlan.o (fisho)  smelt (fish)
epicen.a (gram.)  epicene, denoting or common to both sexes, of common gender (gram.)
epicentr.o (geol.)  epicentre, (US) epicenter
epicikl.o (astron.)  epicycle
epicikloid.o (geom.)  epicycloid
epidemi.o (medic.)  epidemic (n.), epidemic disease
epidemiologi.o (cienco)  epidemiology
epiderm.o  epidermis, cuticle (outermost skin), scarfskin
epidural.a (anat.)  epidural (adj.), extradural
        epidural.a anestezi.o (medic.)  epidural anaesthetic, epidural (n.)
epifani.o (rel.)  Epiphany
epifit.o (bot.)  epiphyte
epifiz.o (anat.)  epiphysis (of a bone)
epigastr.o (anat.)  epigastrium
epigenez.o  epigenesis
epiglot.o (anat.)  epiglottis
epigon.o  epigon, epigone (imitator or successor, ordinarily an inferior one)
(la) Epigon.i (mitol.)  (the) Epigons, Epigones, Epigoni
epigraf.o  epigraph, inscription (on a monument)
epigrafi.o (cienco)  epigraphy (science)
epigram.o  epigram
epik.a (liter.)  epic (of an epic poem)
        epik.aj.o  epic poem
        epik.ist.o  epic poet
epikarp.o (bot.)  epicarp, exocarp
Epikur.us  Epicurus
        Epikur.an.a  Epicurean (adj.)
        Epikur.ism.o  epicurism
        Epikur.ist.o  Epicurean (n.)
epilepsi.o (morbo)  epilepsy
        epilepsi.ik.o  epileptic (n.)
epilog.o  epilogue (concluding section of a book, etc.; short poem or speech at the end), (US) epilog, epilogue
Epir.o (lando)  Epirus
        Epir.an.o  Epirot (n.), native of Epirus
episilogism.o  episyllogism
episkop.o  bishop (church; chess)
        episkop.al.a  episcopal
        episkop.i.o  bishopric (jurisdiction)
epistemologi.o  epistemology
epistol.o  epistle (rel., lit.)
epitaf.o  epitaph (on a tomb)
epitalami.o  epithalamium, epithalamion, nuptial song
epiteli.o (anat.)  epithelium
epitet.o (gram.)  epithet (a word added to qualify a noun)
epitom.o  abridgement, epitome, epitomy, compendium, summary
epizod.o  episode (an event within a series); an incidental narrative or event or digression
epizooti.o (morbo)  epizootic disease
epod.o (poez.)  epode
epok.o  epoch (period, age; also geol.)
epolet.o  epaulet(te)
epruvet.o  test-tube
epulis.o (patol.)  epulis
equacion.o  equation (math.)
Equador (lando)  Ecuador
equator.o (geog.)  equator
        equator.al.a teleskop.o (aparato)  equatorial (telescope)
        equator.al.o (aparato)  equatorial (telescope)
equi- {pref.}  equi- (scientific prefix: equal)
        equi.angul.a (geom.)  equiangular
        equi.dist.ant.a  equidistant
        equi.later.a (geom.)  equilateral
        equi.mult.opl.o  equimultiple
equilibr.ar {tr/ntr}  (intr.) to be in balance, be in a state of equilibrium ("A e B equilibras"); (tr.) to balance, counterpoise ("A equilibras B")
        equilibr.o  balance, equilibrium, equipoise
        equilibr.ig.ar  to equilibrate (put in balance), put into equilibrium ("C equilibrigas A e B")
equinox.o  equinox
equip.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo, per ulo]  to equip, fit out (ship, expedition, soldier, etc.)
equiset.o (pl.)  horsetail (plant)
equitat.o (filoz.)  equity (right as founded on the laws of nature), natural justice
equival.ar {tr} [ulo]  to be equivalent to
        equival.o  equivalence
        equival.ant.a  equivalent
er.o  era
-er- {suf.}  (suffix denoting a person occupied in a customary though not professional activity or occupation, or an animal or even thing with a characteristic action. E.g. dans-er-o: dancer; fotograf-er-o: photographer; rept-er-o: reptile; klim-er-o: climber (person or plant))
eratik.a  erratic (geol.); (fig.) erratic, deviant
erc.o (subs.)  ore
        fer-erc.o  iron ore
erekt.ar {tr}  to erect (monument, statue, column, mast, etc.), stand (something) up straight, set up (upright)
        erekt.ar su  to stand up straight
erg.o (mez.)  erg (unit of work)
ergot.o  ergot (disease of grasses and sedges)
ergotism.o (morbo)  ergotism (disease)
-eri- {suf.}  (suffix denoting an establishment. E.g. imprim-eri-o: printing works; distil-eri-o: distillery; lakt-eri-o: dairy; chapel-if-eri-o: hat factory)
erik.o (pl.)  heather
        erik.ey.o  heath (heather-covered land)
eringi.o (pl.)  eryngium, eryngo, eringo, sea holly
Eritre.a (lando)  Eritrea
eritroblast.o (biol.)  erythroblast
eritrocit.o (biol.)  erythrocyte
eritrozin.o  erythrosin
erizipel.o (morbo)  erysipelas, St Anthony's fire
ermin.o (mamif.)  stoat, ermine (animal)
ermit.o (rel.)  hermit; (fig.) recluse
        ermit-krab.o (zool.)  hermit crab
erod.ar {tr}  to erode (geol., med., etc.)
erogen.a  erogenous, erogenic
eror.ar {ntr} [pri]  to err, be mistaken
        eror.o  mistake, error
        eror.ach.o  blunder, egregious mistake
        eror.iv.a  fallible, liable to err
        eror.o imprim.it.a  erratum
        eror.oz.a  erroneous, mistaken
erotik.a  erotic
erste {adv.}  not earlier, not sooner, not before (of time)
erste morg.e  not before tomorrow
erud.ar {tr} [ulu, su]  to make (someone) erudite
        erud.it.a  learned
        erud.it.es.o  erudition, scholarship
erupt.ar {ntr} [per]  to erupt (geol., med. & gen.), burst out, break forth (from an enclosure); break out in pimples, pustules, rash
        erupt.o  eruption
es (muz.)  E flat (mus.)
es.ar {ntr}  to be
        es.as  am, is, are
        es (= esas)  
        es.o  being (state of, fact of)
-es- {suf.}  -ion, -ness, -ity, -tude, -ship (etc., used abstractly: suffix denoting, with non-verbal roots, a state or quality)
esam.o  swarm (also fig.)
        esam.if.ar  to collect in a swarm
esay.o  essay
esbos.ar {tr} [ulo] (arto)  to rough-hew (in modelling, etc.), boast (stone-cutting); (fig.) make first draft (of a plan, etc.)
        esbos.il.o  boasting tool; mortise chisel
        esbos.ur.o  rude outline; (fig.) first draft (of a plan, etc.)
esenc.o  essence (phys. & metaphys.)
        esenc.al.a  essential
esforc.ar {ntr} [ad, por, ke, kontre, sur]  to strive, endeavour, (US) endeavor, exert oneself, strain
        esforc.o  effort, exertion, endeavour, (US) endeavor
eshafod.o  scaffold; scaffolding, staging (for a mason, etc.); framework (of timbers for a spectators' stand, for execution of criminals)
        eshafod.al.a stang.o  putlog, putlock
eshelon.o (milit.)  echelon (military formation)
esk.o  bait
-esk- {suf.}  (suffix used with a verbal root to denote: being to, start; with an adjectical root: to become, get)
eskadr.o  squadron (naval)
eskadron.o (milit.)  squadron (cavalry)
eskal.ar {ntr} [en] (nav.)  (of a ship) to call at, touch at (a port)
        eskal.ey.o  port of call
eskald.ar {tr}  to scald (injure the skin; expose to the action of boiling water)
eskaler.o (arkit.)  staircase, stairs
eskamot.ar {tr} [ulo]  to conjure away, cause to disappear by sleight of hand
eskap.ar {tr/ntr} [ulu, ulo, de, ek]  to escape, find a way out; escape from, get away from, evade (someone or something)
        eskap.em.a  evasive
        eskap.il.o (tekn.)  escapement (of a clock or watch)
        eskap-moyen.o  (any) means of escape; (fig.) shift, subterfuge, means of evasion
eskar.o (patol.)  eschar, dry slough, crust, scab
eskarbil.o  clinker (coal cinder)
eskarol.o (pl.)  escarole: a variety of endive with broad, undivided leaves
eskarp.a  steep (of slopes)
        eskarp.aj.o  escarpment, scarp (#)
eskart.ar {tr/ntr} [ulu, ulo, de]  to move aside (intr.); move aside (tr.: a blow, a veil, suspicion, etc.), move apart, move away from each other, separate, open, spread, part (arms, legs, fingers, etc.); move away, put aside, put apart, spread (arms, legs, etc.); lead away or astray
        stac.ar eskart.e  to stand aside
        eskart.es.o  being aside, isolation
        eskart.it.a  set aside
eskatologi.o (filoz.)  eschatology
Eskimo.o  Eskimo
eskombr.o  rubble (fragments of rock or ruined buildings), debris, débris (rocky fragments)
eskopet.o (armo)  shotgun, fowling-piece; blunderbuss (gun)
eskort.o  escort, accompanying guard; (nav.) convoy
eskot.o (nav.)  sheet (sail rope)
eskrok.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo de ulu]  to swindle, cheat (someone out of something), cheat out of (something)
eskudel.o  soup plate, porringer
eskup.ar {tr}  to bail, bale (water out of a boat, etc.)
        eskup.il.o  scoop (for bailing)
-esm- {suf.}  (suffix for forming ordinal numbers. E.g. un-esm-a: first; du-esm-a: second)
esmerili.o (ucelo)  merlin
esoter.a (filoz.)  esoteric
espad.o (armo)  sword (of any type)
        espad.ag.ar {tr/ntr}  to use a sword, wield a sword; put (someone) to the sword
        espad.ag.ar pint.e e tranch.e  to cut and thrust
        espad.eg.o  broadsword (sword)
        espad.o-strok.o  sword stroke
        espad.o-zon.o  sword belt
        espad.o-fish.o (fisho)  swordfish
espaler.o  espalier (plant; trellis or framework)
espar.o (nav.)  spar (nautical)
esparset.o (pl.)  sainfoin: a leguminous plant used as fodder
espart.o (pl.)  esparto (grass)
espel.ar {tr} [ulo]  to spell (read letter by letter)
esper.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo, de, en]  to hope; hope for (something)
        esper.ig.ant.a  hopeful (causing hope)
        esper.oz.a  hopeful, full of hope
espin.o (pl.)  thorn bush (e.g. hawthorn, blackthorn)
        espin.o blank.a (pl.)  whitethorn, common hawthorn
        espin.o nigr.a (pl.)  blackthorn
espinet.o (muzin.)  spinet, spinette, spinnet
esplanad.o  esplanade
espres.a  express (expeditious)
espres.o (veturo)  express (train)
        espres-tren.o  express train
        espres.e  by express
esprit.o  wit (cleverness, ingenuity)
        esprit.aj.o  witticism
        esprit.oz.a  witty
        afektac.ar esprit.o  to play the wit
        esprit.o-lud.o  play of wits
espruv.a [kontre]  proof (impenetrable, invulnerable)
        aqu.espruv.a  waterproof
        fair.espruv.a  fireproof
esquad.o  (corporal's) squad; gang (of workmen); team
est.o (geog.)  east
        de est.o  from the east
        est.e  easterly (adv.: at the east)
        ad-est.e  eastward, eastwards, toward the east
        est.al.a longitud.o  east longitude
establis.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo, pri, en, sur]  to establish (set up on a firm basis)
estad.o  state (state of being, manner of existing, particular condition)
        estad.o civil.a  civil status (in the registry of births, marriages, etc.)
        estad.o solid.a  solid state
estafet.o (milit.)  military courier; mounted messenger
estakad.o  boom (barrier across a waterway)
estal.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo, sur]  to display (goods, etc.); spread out flat, lay out (map, gown, etc.); show (one's hand of cards, etc.)
estamp.ar {tr} [ulo] (tekn.)  to stamp with a die, impress in relief (as on a coin)
        estamp.il.o  stamp (n.), die (n.)
estanch.ar {tr} [ulo]  to staunch, stanch (blood, etc.), stop (a leak, tears, etc.)
estay.o (nav.)  stay, guy
ester.o (kem.)  ester
estetik.o (filoz.)  aesthetics, (US also) esthetics
        estetik.ism.o  aestheticism, (US) estheticism
        estetik.ist.o  aesthete, (US) esthete
estezi.o (medic.)  feeling (sensation), aesthesia, aesthesis, (US) esthesia
estim.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to esteem, hold (someone) in high regard
        estim.o  esteem
        estim.ind.a  estimable
estiv.ar {ntr} (zool.)  to aestivate, (US) estivate (be dormant or torpid in the summer)
estomp.ar {tr} [ulo] (arto)  to stump (soften lines in a drawing), shade, shadow (in a drawing, using a stump)
        estomp.il.o  artist's soft pencil or rubber (for softening hard lines, blending, etc.)
Estoni.a (lando)  Estonia
        Estoni.an.a  Estonian (adj.)
        Estoni.an.o  Estonian (n.)
-estr- {suf.}  (suffix denoting head of, chief of ...)
estrad.o (arkit.)  platform (raised, in a room or hall), estrade
estragon.o (pl.)  tarragon
estrib.o  stirrup (for riding); (anat.) stirrup bone, stapes
estriol.o (biokem.)  (GB) oestriol, (US) estriol
estrogen.o (biokem.)  (GB) oestrogen, (US) estrogen
estron.o (biokem.)  (GB) oestrone, (US) estrone
estuari.o (geog.)  estuary
estubl.o  stubble
esturjon.o (fisho)  great sturgeon
esvan.ar {ntr} (medic.)  to faint, swoon
-et- {suf.}  (suffix forimg a diminutive or indicating a smaller degree or qualitative change; also used as an affectionate diminutive. E.g. mont-et-o: hill; varm-et-a: tepid, lukewarm; patr-et-o: daddy)
etaj.o (arkit.)  storey, floor (of a building); tier
        tri-etaj.a dom.o  three-storey house
etajer.o (moblo)  whatnot, set of shelves
etalon.o (mez.)  standard (of measure)
etamin.o (stofo)  tammy (type of cloth for sifting or straining)
etap.ar {ntr} [en]  to halt at a stage (in travel)
        etap.ey.o  stopping place, stage (place of rest on a journey), (bus, tram etc.) stop
        trans-ir.ar etap.o  to pass through without stopping
etat.o (financ.)  statement, account (of receipts and expenses)
        etat.o di spens.i  account of expenses
eter.o  ether (all senses), aether
        eter.atr.a  ethereal, etherial (like ether)
        eter.ig.ar  to etherealise, etherise (convert into ether)
        eter.iz.ar  to etherise (stupefy with ether)
etern.a  eternal, everlasting
        etern.es.o  eternity (quality of being eternal)
        etern.ig.ar  to eternalise, eternise
        etern.o  eternity (duration)
        la Etern.o  (fig.) Eternal God
etik.o (filoz.)  ethics, ethic (science of morality; system of morality)
        etik.al.a  moral, ethical (relating to ethics)
        etik.ist.o  ethicist
        etik.oz.a  moral, ethical (imbued with morality)
        sen-etik.a  immoral, unethical
        sen-etik.es.o  immorality
etiket.o  label, tag, ticket (label)
etimologi.o  etymology
etiol.ar {tr}  to etiolate; blanch (by growing in the dark)
etiolin.o (biokem.)  etiolin
etiologi.o  aetiology, (US) etiology (philos., med.)
Etiopi.a (lando)  Ethiopia
        Etiopi.an.a  Ethiopian (adj.)
        Etiopi.an.o  Ethiopian (n.)
etiquet.o  etiquette
etmoid.o  ethmoid (bone)
etnografi.o (cienco)  ethnography
etnologi.o (cienco)  ethnology
Etoli.a (lando)  Aetolia
        Etoli.an.o  Aetolian (n.)
etologi.o (cienco)  ethology
etos.o  ethos
Etruri.a (lando)  Etruria
        Etruri.an.a  Etruscan, Etrurian (adj.)
        Etruri.an.o  Etruscan, Etrurian (n.)
etuy.o  case, box (opening sideways or from the top, to fit an object: hat, violin, spectacles, etc.)
eudiometr.o (instr.)  eudiometer
eudiometri.o (kem.)  eudiometry
eufemism.o  euphemism
eufoni.o  euphony
euforbi.o (pl.)  spurge, euphorbia
eufori.o  euphoria
eufrazi.o (pl.)  plant of the genus Euphrasia, eyebright
eugenik.o (cienco)  eugenics
eukalipt.o (arb.)  eucalyptus, eucalypt
eukaristi.o (rel.)  Eucharist (sacrament)
Euklid.al.a (geom.)  Euclidean, Euclidian
eunuk.o  eunuch
Europ.a (lando)  Europe
        Europ.an.a  European (adj.)
        Europ.an.o  European (n.)
europi.o (elem.)  europium
eutanazi.o  euthanasia, euthanasy
ev.ar {tr/ntr}  to be (some length of time) old, be aged (some length of time)
        ev.ant.a  old (so much), aged (of a certain age)
        ev.ant.a du.a.dek yar.i  twenty years old, aged twenty
        ev.o  age (of someone or something)
        grand-ev.a  aged, elderly
        grand-ev.es.o  longevity, agedness
        person.o di mez.a ev.o  middle-aged person
        quant.e vu ev.as?  how old are you?
evaku.ar {tr} [ulo, de ulo]  to evacuate (withdraw, remove: med., milit., tech.; not: to empty (a container) = vaku-ig-ar)
        evaku.it.o  evacuee
evalu.ar {tr} [ulo, ye]  to evaluate, value, estimate the worth of; reckon the amount of; appraise
        evalu.o  valuation, estimate
evangeli.o (rel.)  gospel, evangel
        evangeli.o-libr.o  Book of the Gospel
        predik.ar la evangeli.o  to preach the gospel
        evangeli.al.a  evangelical
        evangeli.ist.o  evangelist
event.ar {ntr} [ad ulu]  to happen, occur, come about, befall
        event.o  occurrence, event
eventual.a  contingent, dependent upon events, fortuitous (happening by chance), perhaps to be
        eventual.aj.o  contingency
        eventual.e  contingently, fortuitously (by chance)
        eventual.i  (fig.) perquisites, extra fees
        eventual.a profit.i  casual profits, perquisites
evident.a  obvious, evident, plain, manifest, patent
        evident.aj.o  something obvious
        per su evident.a  self-evident
evier.o  sink (as in a kitchen)
evikt.ar {tr} (leg.)  to evict (dispossess by law)
evit.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to avoid, evade, shun, obviate
evolucion.ar {ntr}  to evolve; (milit.) to perform evolutions
        evolucion.ism.o  evolutionism
        evolucion.ist.o  evolutionist
ex- {pref.}  ex-, late, former, retired (prefix indicating one who formerly held a position)
«ex-libris»  ex-libris
exajer.ar {tr} [ulo]  to exaggerate
exakt.a  accurate (of a representation), exact (correct, faithful to the facts), faithful (of a copy)
        exakt.a kalkul.o, diet.o, cienc.o, kopi.ur.o  exact calculation, diet, science, copy
exalt.ar {tr}  to elate, exalt (fill with high spirits, mainly noble or religious)
examen.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to examine, test (someone)
        examen.o  examination (of someone)
        examen.at.o  examinee
        subis.ar examen.o  to undergo examination, be tested
exantem.o (patol.)  exanthema
        exantem-tif.o (morbo)  spotted fever
exark.o  exarch
exasper.ar {tr}  to exasperate
exauc.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to fulfil (US: fulfill) or grant (a request), answer (a prayer); grant (someone a request), hearken favourably (US: favorably) to
exegez.ar {tr}  to explain critically (especially the Scriptures)
        exegez.o  exegesis
exekut.ar {tr} [ulo]  to perform, execute (a task, a law, an order); execute (a person)
        exekut.ebl.a  feasible, practicable
        exekut.ant.in.o testamenta.al.a  executrix
exempl.o  example
        exempl.e  for example, for instance
exempler.o  copy (of a book, paper, engraving, etc.)
«exequatur» (yuro)  exequatur
exerc.ar {tr} [ulu, su, ad, pri, kontre]  to exercise, exert (legs, body, one's senses, strength, memory, eloquence, mind, etc.); (milit.) drill
        exerc.o  exercise, exertion; (milit.) drill
        exerc.o-libr.o  exercise book
        exerc.ey.o  drilling place
exerg.o  exergue
exfoli.ar {tr}  to exfoliate (peel off the scales or layers of)
exhal.ar {tr}  to give off, emit (gas, fume, odour, odor), exhale
exhaust.ar {tr}  to exhaust, fully deplete, drain, spend, use up (also fig.)
exhort.ar {tr} [ulu, ad]  to exhort, urge, try to persuade
exil.ar {tr} [ulu, su, de, ek] (leg.)  to exile, banish; (fig.) expatriate
        exil.it.o  exile
exin.o (bot.)  extine, exine
exist.ar {ntr}  to exist
        exist.ant.a  existing, extant
exkardin.ar {tr}  to free (a cleric) from his local obligations for incardination elsewhere
exkav.ar {tr} [ulo, per]  to excavate, dig out
        exkav.il.o  excavator
        exkav.ur.o  excavation (result of excavating)
exkluz.ar {tr} [de, ek]  to exclude, debar, deny admission to
        exkluz.ar blok.e  to lock out (workers)
        exkluz.iv.e  exclusively
exkomunik.ar {tr} [ulu] (ekl.)  to excommunicate
exkori.ar {tr}  to tear, abrade, rub off, gall, excoriate (the skin)
exkrement.o  excrement, bodily waste
exkurs.ar {ntr} [en]  to take a trip, make an excursion
        exkurs.o  excursion, trip
exkuz.ar {tr} [ulu, pri ulo]  to excuse (seek pardon for)
        exkuz.ar su [pri, per]  to apologise (give one's excuse, seek pardon for oneself)
        exkuz.o  excuse
exod.o (biblo)  Exodus
exogen.a  exogenous (biol., bot., geol.)
exorcis.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo] (rel.)  to exorcise
exordi.ar {tr} (retor.)  to make an exordium
        exordi.o  exordium
exostos.o  exostosis
exoter.a (filoz.)  exoteric (antonym of "esoteric")
exotik.a  exotic
expans.ar {tr/ntr} [en, pri]  to expand, develop in volume or surface, spread, widen (also fig.)
        expans.em.a  (fig.) unreserved (of persons)
expedi.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulu]  to despatch, send off, forward (goods), (US) ship
expedicion.ar {ntr}  to make an expedition (milit., scient.)
expedicion.o  expedition
expekt.ar {tr} [ulo, de ulu]  to expect
        expekt.o  expectance, expectancy, expectation
expektor.ar {tr} (fiziol.)  to expectorate, cough up
experienc.ar {tr} [ulo]  to experience, have the lot or fortune of, undergo
        experienc.o  experience
        experienc.oz.a  experienced
experiment.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo; pri, per ulo]  to experiment (intr.); try, try out, test (tr.)
        experiment.al.a  experimental
        experiment.o  experiment
expert.a [pri]  expert (adj.), skilful (in trade), (US) skillful, well-versed (in knowledge)
        expert.o  expert (n.)
expertiz.ar {tr} [ulo]  to survey, appraise, assess (a building, an affair, etc.)
expiac.ar {tr} [ulo, per] (rel.)  to expiate, atone for
expir.ar {ntr} (biol.)  to breathe out, expire; (fig.) come to an end (of time), terminate
        expir.o  expiration; (fig.) falling due
        expir.int.a (financ.)  (fig.) expired (account)
        expir.o-dat.o  (fig.) expiry date
explicit.a  explicit
explik.ar {tr} [ulo, ad ulu]  to explain, expound
explor.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo, per]  to investigate, examine, explore, reconnoitre, (US) reconnoiter
explot.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to exploit, put to use, get value out of, work
exploz.ar {ntr}  to explode (intr.)
        exploz.ig.ar  to explode (tr.)
        exploz.iv.a  explosive (adj.)
        exploz.iv.a gas.o  explosive gas, firedamp
        exploz.iv.o  explosive (n.)
exponent.o (matem.)  power, exponent (math.)
exportac.ar {tr} [ulo]  to export
        exportac.aj.i  exports
expoz.ar {tr} [ulu, su, ulo, ad]  to exhibit (lit. & fig.), expose (to (public) view; to the effect of something)
expres.ar {tr} [ulo, ad ulu, su, per, pri]  to express (an idea, thought, feeling, etc.)
expropri.ar {tr} [ulu, de] (leg.)  to expropriate, dispossess
extaz.ar {ntr}  to be in ecstasy
        extaz.o  ecstasy
extens.ar {tr} [ulu, su, ulo, sur]  to extend (an arm, etc.), stretch (rubber, etc.), spread (carpet, authority, power, domain, etc.), draw out
        extens.iv.o (anat.)  extensor
extenu.ar {tr}  to extenuate (make less serious)
exter [ulo] {prep.}  outside, (US) outside of; besides, except
        exter.a  external, outside (adj.)
        exter.e  outside (adv.), externally
        ad-exter.e  outside (to the outside)
        exter.aj.o  exterior, outside (n.)
        exter.land.a  foreign, external (abroad)
        exter.land.e  abroad
        exter.judici.a  extrajudicial
        exter.limit.a  beyond limit, exorbitant, excessive, extravagant
extermin.ar {tr} [ulu]  to exterminate
extern.o  day pupil, day scholar; day-boy; day-girl
        extern.eri.o  school for non-resident pupils, day school
exting.ar {tr/ntr}  to extinguish, put out, quench (a fire, a light; also fig.: quench (thirst), cancel (debt), slack (lime), etc.); go out (of a fire, etc.)
extirp.ar {tr} [ulo, de ulo]  to extirpate, uproot (weeds, cancer, etc.), extract (a tooth); (fig.) eradicate; (surg.) cut out
extors.ar {tr} [ulo, de ulu] (pek.)  to extort (something); blackmail (someone)
extra {adv.}  extra (adverb; e.g.: extra bona; extra-spenso)
extrad.ar {tr} [ulu] (leg.)  to extradite
extrados.o (arkit.)  extrados
extrafloral.a (biol.)  extrafloral
extrakt.ar {tr} [ulo, de, ek]  to extract, draw out; extract (math.)
extraordinar.a  extraordinary
extravag.ar {ntr}  to talk or behave incoherently or irrationally, rave (talk as if delirious)
extravert.o  extrovert
extrem.a  extreme, utmost, outermost
extrinsek.a (filoz.)  extrinsic
exud.ar {tr/ntr}  to exude; ooze out
exulcer.o (patol.)  superficial ulcer, sore (mild ulcer)
exult.ar {ntr} [de, pri]  to exult
exutori.o (medic.)  issue (of blood, pus, etc.)
-ey- {suf.}  (suffix denoting the place of, or for, an object or action. E.g. kaval-ey-o: stable; koqu-ey-o: kitchen)
ezofag.o  oesophagus, (US) esophagus; gullet


fa (muz.)  fa (fourth note of the diatonic scale)
fab.o (bot.)  broad bean (plant), (US) fava bean, faba bean
fabl.o  fable
fabrik.ar {tr}  to manufacture
        fabrik.eri.o  factory, works
        fabrik.o-mark.o  trade mark
fac.ar {tr}  to make (an object); do (an act)
        fac.es.ar  to be made, be done
facet.o  facet
faci.o  front part or view (of anything)
        mi-faci.o  pose between face and profile (photog.)
«facies»  facies
facil.a  easy (to do)
facin.ar {tr}  to fascinate
facion.ar {ntr}  to stand guard, be on sentry duty
faeton.o  (carriage) phaeton; (myth.) Phaeton
fag.o (arb.)  beech (tree)
        fag.o purpur.e.a (arb.)  copper beech
        fag.o-frukt.o (bot.)  beech nut
fagocit.o (biol.)  phagocyte
fagocitos.o (biol.)  phagocytosis
fair.o  fire (also fig.)
        fair.o-stal.o  steel for striking fire
Fair.o-Ter.o (lando)  Tierra del Fuego
fak.o  anything portioned off: compartment, branch, department, speciality, stall (in a stable)
fakir.o  fakir
fakocher.o (mamif.)  wart hog
faksimil.o  facsimile
fakt.o (filoz.)  fact
faktor.o  factor (math. and generally)
faktori.o  trading agency
faktorial.o  factorial
«faktotum»  factotum
faktur.o  invoice, bill
fakultat.o  faculty (power of doing anything; university's)
fakultativ.a  optional
fal.ar {ntr}  to fall, fall down, tumble
falang.o  phalanx (anat.; milit.)
falangin.o  second phalanx (of a finger or toe)
falansteri.o (sociol.)  phalanstery
falarop.o (ucelo)  phalarope
falbal.o  furbelow, flounce, ruffle
falc.o (arkit.)  rebate (of a door or shutter)
falch.ar {tr}  to mow (as with a scythe); (fig.) cut down, destroy
fald.ar {tr}  to fold
fali.ar {tr/ntr}  to fail, miss (an aim); (com.) become insolvent
falk.o (nav.)  washboard (naut.)
Falkland (lando)  Falkland Islands
falkon.o (ucelo)  hawk, falcon
fals.a  false, spurious
falset.o  falsetto
falv.a  fallow, tawny, yellow-brown
fam.o  fame, renown
        fam.oz.a  famous
famili.o  family (also bot., zool.), kin
familiar.a  familiar
famin.o  famine
fan.ar {tr}  to winnow (separate grain from chaff)
fanatik.a  fanatical
fanerogam.a (bot.)  phanerogamous
fanerogam.o (bot.)  phanerogam, spermatocyte
fanfar.o (muz.)  fanfare
fanfaron.ar {ntr}  to boast, brag
fang.o (subs.)  mud, mire
fantastik.a  fantastic, fanciful (unreal)
fantazi.ar {tr}  to fantasise, fancy (whimsically), have a wild fancy for (s-thing) or to do (s-thing)
        fantazi.o  fantasy
fantom.o  phantom, spectre, ghost
        fantom-apar.o  apparition (of a ghost)
far.o  lighthouse; (fig.) guide
farad.o  farad
faradiz.ar {tr}  to faradise
farandol.o (danso)  farandole (dance)
faraon.o  Pharaoh; faro (card game)
farb.o (subs.)  paint
farcin.o (morbo)  farcy (chronic form of glanders)
fard.o (subs.)  make-up, cosmetic, body paint
farin.o  flour
faring.o  pharynx; gullet
faringit.o (morbo)  pharyngitis
farize.o  Pharisee (lit. & fig.)
farm.o-lokac.ar  (o farmo-prenar) to take land on lease
        farm.o-lug.ar  (o farmo-donar) to farm out, lease to, rent ou to (someone for a fixed sum)
farmaci.o (cienco)  pharmacy (science), pharmaceutics
farmakope.o  pharmacopoeia
fars.o  farce, forcemeat; farce (theatrical & fig.)
fasad.o (arkit.)  façade
«fascia» (anat.)  fascia (connective tissue enclosing a muscle or other organ)
fashin.o  fascine
fasiac.ar {tr/ntr}  to fasciate (anat., bot.)
fask.o  sheaf, bundle (as of sticks), bunch; pencil (of light rays)
fason.ar {tr}  to shape, form, fashion (work material to make something)
fast.ar {ntr}  to fast
fat.o  fate, lot
fatig.ar {tr}  to tire, fatigue, weary
        fatig.es.ar {ntr}  to be tired
fatu.a  stupidly conceited, fatuous, foppish
fauc.o (anat.)  (exterior) throat, fore part of neck; (also fig.: tech. & geog.)
faun.o (mitol.)  faun
fav.o (morbo)  favus (a fungal skin disease), ringworm (of scalp)
favor.ar {tr}  to favour, treat or regard kindly
fay.o (stofo)  faille
fayenc.o  faïence, crockery ware
faz.o  phase (astron. & gen.)
fazan.o (ucelo)  pheasant
fazeol.o (pl.)  French bean, kidney bean, haricot bean, string bean, frijol, frijole (plant)
        fazeol.o multa.flor.a (pl.)  scarlet runner-bean (plant)
fe.o (mitol.)  fairy
febl.a  weak, feeble, feint (lit. & fig.)
febr.ar {ntr} (medic.)  to have a fever
        febr.o (medic.)  fever
        febr.o purpur.e.a (morbo)  spotted fever #
februar.o  February
feder.ar {tr}  to federalise
fek.o (biol.)  faeces, (US) feces
fekul.o (subs.)  fecula (starch obtained as a sediment)
fekund.a  fecund (productive of offspring)
fel.o  hide, pelt, fell
feld.o  field (electric, magnetic, optical, scientific)
felg.o (mek.)  rim (of a wheel)
felic.a  happy (of a person)
felin.a  feline
felp.o (stofo)  a kind of plush, shag, velveteen
felt.o (stofo)  felt (fabric)
femin.a (biol.)  female, feminine
        femin.o  female (n.)
femur.o (anat.)  femur, thighbone
fen.o  hay
        fen-katar.o  hay fever
fenacetin.o (kem.)  phenacetin
fenakistoskop.o (aparato)  phenakistoscope
fenc.o  fence (enclosing barrier)
fend.ar {tr}  to split (lengthwise), slit; (fig.) rend (the heart)
fenestr.o (arkit.)  window
Fenici.a (lando)  Phoenicia
        Fenici.an.o  Phoenician (n.)
fenikul.o (pl.)  fennel
fenix.o  phoenix, (US) phenix (also astron.)
fenobarbital.o (farm.)  phenobarbitone, phenobarbital
fenol.o (kem.)  phenol, carbolic acid
fenomen.o  phenomenon
fenomenologi.o (filoz.)  phenomenology
fenotip.o (biol.)  phenotype
fenugrek.o (pl.)  fenugreek
fer.o (elem.)  iron
        fer.voy.o  railway, (US) railroad
ferdek.o (nav.)  deck (of a ship)
feri.o  fair (a gathering for trade)
ferm.a  firm, steady (also fig.)
ferment.o  ferment (yeast, etc.; also fig.)
fermentac.ar {ntr}  to ferment (also fig.); rise (of dough)
Fernandop.o (lando)  Fernando Po
feroc.a  ferocious
feromon.o (subs.)  pheromone
fertil.a  fertile, productive (of the ground; also fig.)
fervor.ar {ntr}  to be fervent, be eager
«fes» (muz.)  F flat
fest.ar {tr/ntr}  to observe a feast day or holy day; celebrate with festivities
        fest.o  religious festival
        fest.o dil Krist.o-korp.o  Corpus Christi
festin.ar {ntr}  to feast, banquet
feston.o  festoon
festuk.o (bot.)  blade of straw
fet.o (biol.)  fetus, foetus
fetid.a  fetid, stinking
fetish.o  fetish
feud.o  fief, feud, feod
        feud.al.a  feudal
fez.o (vesto)  fez
fi [!] {interj.}  tut-tut!, fie!, shame!, ugh!
fiakr.o (veturo)  hackney(-coach), cab
fial.o  vial
fianc.ar {tr}  to betroth
fiask.o  fiasco, ignominious failure
fibr.o  fibre, (US) fiber
fibril.o (biol.)  fibril, fibrilla
fibrin.o (biokem.)  fibrin
fibrinogen.o (biokem.)  fibrinogen
fibroin.o (biokem.)  fibroin
fibrom.o (patol.)  fibroma
fibul.o  fibula (a type of brooch or clasp)
fich.o  counter (in games), token
fid.ar {ntr} [ad ulu, ulo]  to trust, have faith, have confidence
        fid.o  trust, confidence, faith
fideikomis.o (yuro)  trust (legal arrangement)
fidel.a  faithful, true, trusty
Fidji (lando)  Fiji
fier.a  proud (having self-esteem)
fifr.o (muzin.)  fife
fig.o (frukto)  fig (fruit)
        fig.ier.o (arb.)  fig tree
figur.o  figure (visible form, shape of a body; also geom., rhet.)
figurant.o  figurant
fikari.o (pl.)  figwort
fiktiv.a  fictitious, imaginary
fil.o  thread; yarn; (metal-filo) wire
filament.o  filament (of plants, nerves, light bulbs, etc.)
filandr.o  gossamer (floating in the air)
filantrop.o  philantropist
filari.o (animalo)  filaria
filas.o  tow (of flax, hemp, jute, etc.)
filateli.o (cienco)  philately
filet.o  fillet (meat, fish); thread (of a screw etc.)
filetik.a (biol.)  phyletic
filharmoni.o (muz.)  love of music
filhelen.o  philhellene, philhellenist
fili.o  child (son or daughter)
        fili.in.o  daughter
        fili.ul.o  son
filial.o  branch establishment, subsidiary (company)
filigran.o  filigree
filik.o (pl.)  fern, bracken
filipik.o  philippic
Filipin.i (lando)  Philippines
        Filipin.an.o  Filipino (person)
filistr.o  philistine (fig. sense)
film.o (fot.)  film (photographic)
filogenez.o (biol.)  phylogeny, phylogenesis
filolog.o  philologist
filologi.o (cienco)  philology
filoxer.o (insekto)  phylloxera
filozof.o  philosopher
filozofi.ar {ntr} (filoz.)  to philosophise
        filozofi.o  philosophy
filtr.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo, tra ulo]  to filter, strain, pass through a filter
fin.ar {tr/ntr}  to end, finish
        fin.al.a  final
        fin.e  finally
        fin.o  end, finish
financ.o (pek.)  finance
fing.ar {tr}  to feign, sham, pretend
fingr.o (anat.)  finger; (ped-fingr@o) toe
finis.ar {tr} (tekn.)  to finish (give the final touches to), put the finishing touches to, do the last stage in the making of
finit.a  finite (math., philos.)
Finland.o (lando)  Finland
        Finland.an.a  Finnish
        Finland.an.o  Finn
fint.ar {ntr}  to feint (milit., boxing, fencing, etc.)
        fint.o  feint (n.)
fioritur.o (muz.)  flourish, ornamental embellishment (in music), grace-notes
firm.o  firm (commercial)
firmament.o  firmament (lit. & fig.)
«fis» (muz.)  F sharp
fish.o (zool.)  fish
Fish.i (astron.)  Pisces
fisil.a (fizk.)  fissile
fisk.o (pek.)  fisc, public treasury
fistul.o (patol.)  fistula
fit.ar {ntr}  to fit; suit (as to shape or size)
        fit.ig.ar  to make (something) fit
fix.a  fixed (of a star, look, idea, etc.), fast (firm)
        fix.ig.ar {tr}  to fix, fasten
fizik.o (cienco)  physics
fiziognomoni.o  physiognomy (art of reading character from the face or body)
fiziokrati.o  physiocracy
fiziologi.o (cienco)  physiology (science)
fizionomi.o  countenance, physiognomy (facial appearance)
fizioterapi.o (medic.)  (GB) physiotherapy, (US) physical therapy
flad.o  custard pie
flagel.o (biol.)  flagellum
flagr.ar {ntr}  to flare up, deflagrate (chem., also fig.)
        flagr.ant.a delikt.o  flagrante delicto
flajolet.o (muzin.)  flageolet
flak.o  puddle, small pool
flakon.o  flacon, (small) flask
flam.o  flame, flare (also fig.)
flaming.o (ucelo)  flamingo
flan.ar {ntr}  to stroll, saunter, wander idly
Flandr.o  Fleming
Flandri.a (lando)  Flanders
        Flandri.an.o  Fleming
flanel.o (stofo)  flannel (material)
flanj.o (mek.)  flange (of a tube)
flank.o  side (as distinct from front or back), breast (of a ship), flank (of an army)
        flank.um.ar {tr}  to be on the flank of
flar.ar {tr}  to scent, smell (an odour, an object)
flat.ar {tr}  to flatter
flatu.ar {ntr}  to break wind
        flatu.o  flatus
flatulent.a (medic.)  flatulent
flav.a  yellow
flebit.o (morbo)  phlebitis
flech.o  arrow; spire, flèche
fleg.ar {tr}  to nurse, care for (a child, a sick person)
flegm.o  (med.) phlegm; (fig.) phlegm, stolidity, imperturbability
flegmon.o (patol.)  phlegmon
fleret.o (armo)  foil (for fencing)
flex.ar {tr/ntr}  to bend, bow, flex
flexion.o (gram.)  inflection (grammatical)
flintglas.o  flint glass
flirt.ar {ntr}  to flirt
flitr.o  spangle, sequin
flog.ar {tr}  to flog, whip
flok.o  tuft, flock (as of wool or hair); flake (as of snow)
flor.o (bot.)  flower, bloom, blossom (also fig.)
        flor.if.ar  to blossom, bloom
        flor.kaul.o (leg.)  cauliflower
florin.o (pek.)  guilder, florin
floron.o  flower-work (ornament)
flos.o (biol.)  fin
flot.o (nav.)  fleet (naval)
flotac.ar {ntr}  to float
flotili.o (nav.)  flotilla (fleet of small ships)
flox.o (pl.)  phlox
flu.ar {ntr}  to flow
        flu.ant.a  flowing, running
        flu.ant.o (matem.)  fluent, variable quantity
flug.ar {ntr}  to fly
        flug.balon.o  (fig.) shuttlecock
        flug.rot.o (mek.)  flywheel
fluid.a  fluid
fluktu.ar {ntr}  to move to and fro, fluctuate, waver (also fig., of opinions)
        fluktu.o  fluctuation (also elec.)
flundr.o (fisho)  (GB) flounder (fish), fluke (fish)
fluor.o (elem.)  fluorine
fluorec.ar {ntr}  to fluoresce
fluorin.o (min.)  fluorspar, fluor, calcium fluoride, (US) fluorite
fluoroskop.o (aparato)  fluoroscope
fluoroskopi.o (medic.)  fluoroscopy
flur.o (arkit.)  staircase landing, horizontal part of a route
flut.o (muzin.)  flute
        flut.o transvers.a (muzin.)  flute (orchestral), transverse flute
fluvi.o (geog.)  (large) river (flowing into the sea)
flux.ar {ntr}  to rise (of a tide)
        flux.o  flood tide, high tide
Focid.o (lando)  Phocis
fod.ar {tr}  to dig (the ground, etc.)
fok.o  focus (geom., opt.)
fol.a  crazy, mad; (fig.) foolish
folad.o (animalo)  piddock
foli.o  leaf (plant or book); thin sheet (paper etc.); folio (leaf of paper)
        foli.et.o  leaflet
        foli.um.ar  to turn over the leaves (of a book), leaf through
folieton.o  feuilleton (literary part of a newspaper)
folikul.o  follicle (bot., anat.)
folklor.o  folklore
foment.ar {tr} (medic.)  to foment (medical & fig.)
fon.o (fizk.)  sound (phys.)
fond.ar {tr}  to found
fonetik.o  phonetics
fonetism.o  phonetism #
fong.o (patol.)  fungous excrescence (path.), fungus (path.)
fonograf.ar {tr}  to record ... on a phonograph
        fonograf.il.o (aparato)  phonograph
fonometri.o (tekn.)  phonometry
font.o  spring, natural source (of water), font (also fig.)
fontanel.o  fontanelle, fontanel
fonten.o  fountain (artificial)
for {prep.}  away from, far from
        for.a  remote, distant
        for.e  (far) away
        for.jet.ar {tr}  to throw away
forc.o (fizk.)  force (mechanical)
forcat.o  convict; galley slave
forceps.o  forceps
forej.o (subs.)  fodder, forage
forest.o  forest
        forest-alaud.o (ucelo)  woodlark
forfet.o  fixed-price contract (not subsequently variable)
forfikul.o  earwig
forj.ar {tr}  to forge (metals)
fork.o  pitchfork (also fig. of any similar tool)
        fork.et.o  (table) fork
form.o  shape, form, conformation; (fig.) mode, appearance
        form.al.a  formal
formac.ar {tr}  to shape, form
formaldehid.o (kem.)  formaldehyde
formalin.o (kem.)  formalin
format.o  format (book, paper)
formik.o  ant
        formik.um.ar {ntr}  to teem, swarm (like ants)
Formoz.a (lando)  Formosa
formul.o  formula
formulari.o  form (to be filled in), blank (form)
forn.o (aparato)  oven; kiln
fornik.ar {ntr}  to fornicate
foronomi.o  phoronomy (geometry of movement and of the mechanics of movement)
fors.ar {tr}  to (break by) force (a door, lock, etc.)
forsan {adv.}  perhaps, maybe
fort.a  strong (also fig., mus.)
        fort.es.o  strength
        fort.ig.ar  to strengthen
fortifik.ar {tr} (milit.)  to fortify (milit.)
fortres.o (fortif.)  fortress; (fig.) stronghold
fortun.o  good luck, good fortune; (myth.) Fortuna
        fortun.oz.a  lucky, fortunate
forum.o  forum
fos.o  pit, hole (in the ground)
fosat.o  ditch, trench; moat
fosf.o (elem.)  phosphorus
fosfen.o (fiziol.)  phosphene
fosfid.o (kem.)  phosphide
fosforec.ar {ntr} (fizk.)  to phosphoresce
fosil.a  fossil (adj.)
fosil.o  fossil
fost.o  post (upright timber), stake; jamb
fot.o (fizk.)  light (physics)
fotel.o (moblo)  armchair
fotofon.o (aparato)  photophone
fotogen.a (biol.)  photogenic (biol.), light-emitting
fotograb.ar {tr} (arto)  to photoengrave
fotograf.ar {tr} (arto)  to photograph
        fotograf.ur.o  photograph
fotokemi.o (cienco)  photochemistry
fotokopi.ar {tr}  to photocopy
fotolitograf.ar {tr} (imprim.)  to make (a plate) using photolithography
fotometr.o (instr.)  photometer
fotometri.o (fizk.)  photometry
foton.o (fizk.)  photon
fotosfer.o (astron.)  photosphere
fotosintez.o (biol.)  photosynthesis
fototaktism.o (biol.)  phototaxis, heliotaxis
fototropism.o (bot.)  phototropism, heliotropism
fox.o (mamif.)  fox
foxtrot.o (danso)  fox-trot (dance)
foy.o  time (in counting), occasion (in repetition), turn (in series)
        foy.e  on occasion
foyer.o (arkit.)  foyer, lobby
fracion.o (matem.)  fraction (arith.)
frag.o (frukto)  strawberry
        frag.ier.o (pl.)  strawberry plant
fragment.o  fragment, broken piece, scrap
fragmoplast.o (biol.)  phragmoplast
frajil.a  fragile (also fig.)
frak.o (vesto)  tail coat, dress coat
frakas.ar {tr}  to shatter, smash
fraktal.o  fractal
fram.o  frame (of a machine, car, etc.), chassis, sash (of a window)
framason.o  freemason
framb.o (frukto)  raspberry
        framb.ier.o (pl.)  raspberry bush
Franc.a  French
        Franc.o  Frenchman
Franci.a (lando)  France
francisk.o  double-headed battle-axe (of the Franks)
Franciskan.o (rel.)  Franciscan (monk)
frangul.o (arb.)  black alder (tree), alder-buckthorn
franj.o  fringe (border of loose threads, etc.)
frank.o (pek.)  franc
frankolin.o (ucelo)  francolin
Frankoni.a (lando)  Franconia
        Frankoni.an.o  native of Franconia
frap.ar {tr}  to strike, hit, knock, slap; (fig.) make an impression on (s-one)
frat.o  brother or sister (also relig.), sibling
        frat.in.o  sister
        frat.ul.o  brother
fraterkul.o (ucelo)  puffin
fraud.ar {tr/ntr}  to defraud; cheat (at play, in a game or sport)
fraxin.o (arb.)  ash (tree)
fray.o (biol.)  spawn
fraz.o  sentence (gram.), phrase (mus.)
frazeologi.o  phraseology
fregat.o (batelo)  frigate
        fregat-ucel.o (ucelo)  frigate bird
fremis.ar {ntr} [de, pro]  to shudder, quiver; tremble (from passion)
fren.o (mek.)  brake
frenezi.o  frenzy (furious delirium; also fig.)
frenologi.o  phrenology
frequ.a  frequent (tech.); frequentative (gram.)
        frequ.es.o  frequency (also elec.)
frequent.ar {tr}  to frequent, visit often, haunt; attend (a school, etc.)
fresh.a  fresh (newly made, gathered, done or obtained)
fresk.o (arto)  fresco
fret.ar {tr} (pek.)  to charter (a vessel)
frez.ar {tr} (mek.)  to countersink
friabl.a  friable, crumbly
friand.a  tasty
fricion.ar {tr} [per] (mek.)  to rub (mech., med.)
        fricion.o  rubbing, friction
Frigi.a (lando)  Phrygia
        Frigi.an.o  Phrygian (person)
frigor.o  cold (tech.)
        frigor.iz.ar {tr}  to refrigerate
        frigor.iz.il.o (aparato)  refrigerator
frikas.ar {tr} (koquo)  to fricassee
fripon.a  rascally, knavish
        fripon.o  rascal, rogue
fris.o (arkit.)  frieze
frisk.ar {ntr}  to wriggle, fidget, frisk
frist.o  moratorium, respite, delay, postponement (time in which to do something)
frit.ar {tr/ntr} (koquo)  to fry
fritilari.o (pl.)  fritillary (bot.)
frivol.a  (of a person) frivolous; (of a thing) trifling, pointless
friz.ar {tr/ntr}  to curl (of hair)
Frizi.a (lando)  Friesland
        Frizi.an.o  Frisian, Friesian (person)
frog.o  frog (of braid or galloon)
frok.o (vesto)  frock (of a monk)
frol.ar {tr}  to graze (brush past), touch (in passing)
fromaj.o  cheese
frond.o (armo)  sling (weapon; surg.)
front.o  forehead; (fig.) front
frontier.o  frontier
frontispic.o  frontispiece (of a book)
fronton.o (arkit.)  pediment
frost.ar {ntr}  to freeze
        frost.ig.ar {tr}  to freeze (something)
frot.ar {tr}  to rub, scrub
fru.a  early (adj.)
        fru.e  early (adv.)
frugal.a  frugal
frugileg.o (ucelo)  rook (bird)
frukt.o  fruit (also fig.)
frument.o (pl.)  wheat
fruns.ar {tr}  to wrinkle, pucker, purse (the lips), knit (the brows), gather (cloth)
frust.a  worn, defaced, weathered, shabby, threadbare
frustr.ar {tr} [de] (judic.)  to deprive (s-one) unjustly (of s-thing)
ftizi.o (patol.)  phthisis, consumption, tuberculosis
fudr.o  tun, large cask
fuel.o  fuel
fug.ar {tr/ntr}  to flee (from), run away (from)
        fug.o  flight; (mus.) fugue
fuin.o (mamif.)  beech marten, stone marten
fuk.o (pl.)  seaweed, kelp
ful.ar {tr}  to tread or trample on; full (cloth)
fulard.o (stofo)  foulard; (fig.) silk handkerchief
fulgur.ar {ntr} (meteor.)  to flash (like lightning)
        fulgur-pulver.o  flash-light powder
fulgurit.o (min.)  fulgurite
fuligin.o (subs.)  soot
fulk.o (ucelo)  coot
fulmar.o (ucelo)  fulmar
fulmin.ar {tr/ntr} (meteor.)  to strike (as lightning, also fig.)
        fulmin.o  (flash of) lightning, fulmination
fum.ar {tr/ntr}  to smoke
        fum-nigr.o  lamp-black
fumari.o (pl.)  fumitory
fumarol.o (geol.)  fumarole, volcanic vent
funcion.ar {ntr}  to function (all senses), act (as), work (of machinery)
fund.o  bottom, lowest part (of something hollow, of a vase, of a well, of a sea), fundus; (fig.) basis, background (of a picture)
fundament.o  foundation, that on which anything rests, (fig.) basis
funel.o (mek.)  funnel
        funel-fusil.o (armo)  blunderbuss
funer.o  funeral
        funer.ist.o  undertaker
funest.a  baleful, pernicious, malign
fung.o (biol.)  fungus
funikular.a (mek.)  funicular
funt.o (mez.)  pound (weight)
fuort.o (fortif.)  fort
fur.o  fur
furet.o (mamif.)  ferret (also fig. of an inquisitive person)
        furet.ag.ar {ntr}  to hunt with a ferret
        furet.um.ar {tr}  to search into, ferret out
furgon.o (veturo)  van (for goods or army baggage, etc.)
furi.ar {ntr}  to be enraged or furious
        furi.oz.a  furious
Furi.o (mitol.)  Fury (myth.)
furier.o  quartermaster
furnaz.o (aparato)  furnace
furnel.o (aparato)  stove (for heating or cooking)
furnis.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulu]  to furnish, provide or supply (s-thing to s-one)
furt.ar {tr}  to steal, thieve
furunkl.o (patol.)  boil (inflamed swelling), furuncle
fush.ar {tr}  to botch, bungle
fusil.o (armo)  rifle, musket
fusten.o (stofo)  fustian (fabric)
fut.o (mez.)  foot (measure of 12 inches)
futbal.o  football (game)
futer.o  lining (of clothes)
futur.a  future
futur.o  future (also the tense)
fuxi.o (pl.)  fuchsia
fuxin.o (kem.)  fuchsin, fuchsine
fuz.ar {tr}  to melt
        fuz.ebl.o (elek.)  fuse (elec.)
fuze.o  rocket; fuse, (US) fuze (of a bomb, etc.)
fuzelaj.o  fuselage
fuzen.o (arb.)  spindle tree
fuzion.o  fusion (intimate combination, such as biological or nuclear)
fyord.o (geog.)  fjord, fiord


gaban.o (vesto)  storm coat (with hood)
gabar.o (batelo)  lighter (type of barge)
gabion.o (milit.)  gabion
Gabon (lando)  Gabon
gabr.o (min.)  gabbro
gadolini.o (elem.)  gadolinium
gaf.o  boathook; (fig.) gaff (angling)
gagat.o (min.)  jet (mineral)
gain.o  any long narrow vertical holder, scabbard, sheath
gaj.o (pek.)  deposit, pledge, pawn
gal.o (bot.)  gallnut, gall-apple, nutgall
gala- {pref.}  gala (adj.)
galant.a  gallant
galanten.o  galantine
Galati.a (lando)  Galatia (Asia Minor)
galaxi.o (astron.)  galaxy
galban.o (subs.)  galbanum
gale.o (tipog.)  galley (printing)
galen.o  galena
galer.o (batelo)  galley (type of ship)
galeri.o (arkit.)  gallery (covered passageway; top floor in a theatre; (top) balcony in a church, etc.)
galet.o  flat pastry cake
gali.o (elem.)  gallium
Galici.a (lando)  Galicia (on the north side of the Carpathians)
        Galici.an.o  Galician (native of Carpathian Galicia)
galicism.o  Gallicism
galikan.a (rel.)  gallican (religion)
Galile.a (lando)  Galilee
        Galile.an.o  Galilean (person)
galimatias.o  nonsense, gibberish (talk or writing that is so confused as to be unintelligible)
galinel.o (ucelo)  moorhen; water hen; gallinule
galion.o (batelo)  galleon
galiot.o (nav.)  galiot, galliot
Galisi.a (lando)  Galicia (in Spain)
        Galisi.an.o  Galician (Spanish person)
Gall.o  Gaul (person)
Galli.a (lando)  Gaul (region)
galon.o  galloon, braid
galop.ar {ntr}  to gallop (also fig.)
galosh.o (vesto)  shoe with a wooden sole
galvan.al.a  galvanic
galvaniz.ar {tr} (fizk.)  galvanise (stimulate: elec. & fig.)
galvanometr.o  galvanometer
galvanoplast.ar {tr}  to electroplate, galvanise (plate)
galvanotaktism.o (biol.)  galvanotaxis
galvanotropism.o (biol.)  galvanotropism
gam.o (muz.)  gamut or scale (music)
gamb.o  leg
Gambi.a (river.)  Gambia
Gambi.a (lando)  Gambia
gambit.ar {tr} [ulu]  to trip (s-one) up
gambol.ar {ntr}  to skip about, romp, gambol
gamel.o  mess bowl; (fig.) mess (military)
gamet.o (biol.)  gamete
gametofit.o (biol.)  gametophyte (biol.)
gan.ar {tr}  to gain, earn, win
ganet.o (ucelo)  gannet
gang.o (geol.)  gangue, gang (in an ore)
ganglion.o (anat.)  ganglion
gangren.ar {ntr} (patol.)  to be affected with gangrene
        gangren.o (patol.)  gangrene; (fig.) corruption
gans.o (ucelo)  goose
        gans.o-march.o  single file, Indian file
        gans.o-pel.o  gooseflesh, goosepimples
gant.o (vesto)  glove
gap.ar {ntr}  to gape (stare in wonder), gawk
gar.ar {tr}  to position out of the way, place to one side; garage (a vehicle); shunt, put into a siding (a train); (put into) dock (a ship, boat)
        gar.ar su  to move aside, give way (to let another pass)
garanti.ar {tr}  to guarantee, warrant
garb.o (biol.)  sheaf (of corn, etc.)
garbanz.o (pl.)  chick pea, chickpea
gard.ar {tr}  to guard (persons); tend (animals)
garden.o  garden
gardeni.o (pl.)  gardenia
gardi.o (fisho)  roach (fish)
garen.o  warren
gargar.ar {tr}  to gargle
garit.o  sentry box
garnis.ar {tr}  to furnish with things needed to complete or embellish; garnish
garnitur.o  garnish, trimming, trim, embellishment, decoration
garnizon.o (milit.)  garrison
garot.o  short piece of wood (twisted so as to tighten a cord around something)
garter.o (vesto)  garter (around leg); suspender (for stockings)
gas.o (fizk.)  gas
Gaskon.o  Gascon
Gaskoni.a (lando)  Gascony
        Gaskoni.an.o  inhabitant of Gascony
gasometr.o (aparato)  gasholder, gasometer
gast.o  guest
gasteropod.o (animalo)  gastropod, gasteropod
gastralgi.o (morbo)  stomach ache, gastralgia
gastrit.o (morbo)  gastritis
gastronom.o  gourmet, gastronome
gastronomi.o (arto)  gastronomy
gauj.ar {tr}  to gauge (measure the capacity of)
gav.ar {tr}  to overfeed, fatten, cram (an animal with food)
gavial.o (animalo)  gavial, gharial, garial
gavot.o (danso)  gavot, gavotte
gay.a  merry, gay, cheerful
gayak.o  guaiacum (wood), lignum vitae (wood)
gaz.o (stofo)  gauze
gazel.o (mamif.)  gazelle
gazolin.o (kem.)  petrol, (US) gasoline
gazon.o (bot.)  grass
ge- {pref.}  (prefix emphasising that both sexes are present; e.g. ge-fil-i: sons and daughters; ge-kuz-i: cousins of both sexes; ge-bov-i: bulls and cows)
gebl.o (arkit.)  gable
gehen.o (biblo)  Gehenna; (fig.) hell
«geisha»  geisha
gek.o (rept.)  gecko
gelatin.o (subs.)  gelatine
Geldri.o (lando)  Gelderland, Guelderland, Guelders
gelt.o  commission (money), percentage (on sales)
gem.o  gem, precious stone
gemul.o (biol.)  gemmule (biol.)
gen.o (biol.)  gene
gencian.o (pl.)  gentian (plant)
genealogi.o  genealogy, pedigree
gener.o  genus
        gener.al.a  general (adj.), generic
generacion.o  generation (people of the same period)
general.o (milit.)  general (military)
generalisim.o (milit.)  generalissimo, supreme commander
generator.o  generator (tech.)
genetik.o (cienco)  genetics
genez.o  genesis (also Biblical); genesis, generation (geom.)
geni.o  genius (talent or ability); (fig.) attendant spirit
genit.ar {tr}  to beget or give birth to; generate (geom.)
        genit.ur.o  progeny, offspring
genitiv.o (gram.)  genitive
genitor.o  parent
genom.o (biol.)  genome
genotip.o (biol.)  genotype
Genov.a  Genoa
genr.o (gram.)  gender (grammatical sex)
gent.o  gens
genu.o  knee
        genu.poz.ar {ntr}  to kneel (down)
geocentral.a  geocentric
geodezi.o (cienco)  geodesy
geofizik.o  geophysics
geograf.o  geographer
geografi.o (cienco)  geography
geoid.o (geod.)  geoid
geolog.o  geologist
geologi.o (cienco)  geology
geomanci.ar {ntr}  to practise geomancy
geometr.o  geometrician
geometri.o (cienco)  geometry
Georg.ism.o  Georgism (economic theory of Henry George)
        Georg.ist.o  Georgist (follower of Henry George)
geotaktism.o (biol.)  geotaxis
geotrop.a (biol.)  geotropic
gepard.o (mamif.)  cheetah
gerani.o (pl.)  geranium, cranesbill
gerfalk.o (ucelo)  gyrfalcon, gerfalcon
German.o  German (person)
Germani.a (lando)  Germany
germani.o (elem.)  germanium
gerontologi.o (cienco)  gerontology
gerundi.o  gerund
«ges» (muz.)  G flat
gest.ar {ntr}  to gesticulate
getr.o (vesto)  gaiter, spat
«geyser» (geol.)  geyser
«ghetto»  ghetto
gib.o  hump, rounded protuberance, boss
gibelin.o  Ghibelline
gibon.o (mamif.)  gibbon
gichet.o (arkit.)  wicket, window (in a ticket office, bank etc.)
giga- (mez.)  giga- (thousand million)
gigant.o  giant
gild.o  guild
gilemot.o (ucelo)  guillemot
giloch.ar {tr}  to decorate with a guilloche
gilotin.o (aparato)  guillotine
gimbard.o (muzin.)  jew's-harp, Jew's harp
gimnastik.ar {ntr}  to do gymnastics
        gimnastik.o  gymnastics
gimnazi.o  gymnasium: grammar school, academic high school
gimnosperm.o (bot.)  gymnosperm
gimnot.o (fisho)  electric eel
ginandr.a (bot.)  gynandrian, gynandrous
ginece.o (arkit.)  gynoecium, gynaeceum, gynecium; den of females
ginekologi.o (cienco)  gynaecology, (US) gynecology
ginest.o (pl.)  broom (shrub)
        dorn.o-ginest.o (pl.)  furze, gorse, whin
ginodioik.a (bot.)  gynodioecious
gipaet.o (ucelo)  lammergeier
gips.o (kem.)  gypsum, hydrated calcium sulphate, ~gesso
gipur.o  guipure (lace)
girland.o  garland (of flowers, leaves etc.)
giroskop.o  gyroscope
gis (muz.)  G sharp
gis.ar {tr} (mek.)  to cast (with molten metal, glass etc.)
gitag.o (pl.)  corncockle
gitar.o (muzin.)  guitar
gizard.o (zool.)  gizzard
glac.ar {tr}  to glaze (put a gloss on)
glaci.o (subs.)  ice; (fig.) ice-cream
glacier.o (geol.)  glacier
glaciz.o (fortif.)  glacis (of a fortification)
gladiator.o  gladiator
gladiol.o (pl.)  gladiolus
glan.o  acorn; (fig.) acorn-shaped piece of wood etc.; glans
gland.o (anat.)  gland
glas.o  (drinking) glass, tumbler
glat.a  smooth, sleek
glaukom.o (morbo)  glaucoma
glav.o (armo)  sword (straight cutting sword; also fig.)
gleb.o  clod, lump of earth
glenoid.o (anat.)  glenoid
glez.ar {tr}  to glaze (pottery)
gli.o (anat.)  glia, neuroglia, glia tissue
glicerin.o (kem.)  glycerine, glycerin
glicin.o  wisteria
glikogen.o (biokem.)  glycogen
glikogenez.o (biokem.)  glycogenesis
glikokol.o (kem.)  glicine, glycin, glycocoll
glikol.o (kem.)  glycol
glikoproteid.o (biokem.)  glycoprotein, glucoprotein
glikos.o (kem.)  glucose, glycose
glin.ar {tr}  to glean; (fig.) gather (things thinly scattered)
gliom.o (patol.)  glioma
glipt.ar {tr}  to carve or engrave (precious stones or medals)
glir.o (mamif.)  dormouse
        avelan-glir.o (mamif.)  common dormouse
glit.ar {ntr}  to glide, slide, slip
        glit-flug.ar {ntr}  to plane, glide (in the air)
        glit-nod.o  slip-knot, running knot
glob.o  globe, orb
globoid.o (biol.)  globoid, globosity (biol.)
globul.o (anat.)  corpuscle (of blood)
globulin.o (biokem.)  globulin
glori.o  glory
glos.o  gloss (textual)
glosari.o  glossary
glot.o (anat.)  glottis
gloxini.o (pl.)  gloxinia
glu.o (subs.)  glue
glugl.ar {ntr}  to gurgle (with the sound of water from a bottle)
glum.o (bot.)  glume
glut.ar {tr}  to swallow, gulp down (also fig.)
glutamat.o (kem.)  glutamate
glute.o (anat.)  buttock
gluten.o (subs.)  gluten (as from flour), gliadin
glutin.ar {tr/ntr}  to stick, paste, glue (together), fasten or be fastened by adhesion
gneis.o (min.)  gneiss
gnom.o (mitol.)  gnome
gnomon.o  gnomon
gnostik.a (rel.)  gnostic
gnostik.o (rel.)  gnostic (n.)
gnu.o (mamif.)  gnu
gobelin-tapet.o  Gobelin tapestry
gobelin-tapis.o  Gobelin carpet
gobi.o (fisho)  gudgeon, goby (fish)
goblet.o  goblet, (metal) mug without a handle
goelet.o (batelo)  schooner (two-masted)
golf.o (lud.)  golf (game)
golp.o (bot.)  smut, blight (fungus disease of wheat)
gonad.o (biol.)  gonad
gond.o (arkit.)  pintle (of a door etc.)
gondol.o  gondola (boat; cabin of an airship)
gonfalon.o  gonfalon (mediaeval banner)
goniometr.o  goniometer
goniometri.o  goniometry
gonokoci.o (morbo)  gonococcal infection
gonokok.o (medic.)  gonococcus
gonore.o (morbo)  gonorrhoea, (US) gonorrhea
Gordi.al.a  Gordian
        Gordi.al.a nod.o  Gordian knot
gorge.ar {ntr}  to twitter, chirp (of small birds)
gorgol.ar {ntr}  to gurgle, purl, murmur (as noise of brooks); rumble (as water in stomach)
goril.o (mamif.)  gorilla
Got.o  Goth
got.o (morbo)  gout
Goti.a (lando)  Gotland, Gothland, Gottland
gotik.a  Gothic (of architecture, etc.)
grab.ar {tr} (arto)  to engrave (lines), etch
grac.o (rel.)  grace (divine)
graci.o  grace(fulness), charm, elegance; (Gracio) one of the three Graces
Graci.o (mitol.)  one of the three Graces
gracil.a  slender and graceful, svelte
grad.o  step (of stairs); rank, grade; degree (temperature etc.); degree (academic); size (of shoes etc.)
gradient.o  gradient (physics, math.)
grafik.a (arto)  graphic (related to drawing)
        grafik.o  graph, chart
grafism.o  style of writing or drawing, traits of a written character or word or of a drawing
grafit.o  graphite
grafologi.o (cienco)  graphology
grafometr.o (instr.)  graphometer (semicircle used to measure angles in surveying)
gram.o (mez.)  gram, gramme
gramatik.o (cienco)  grammar
gramin.o (bot.)  gramineous (grass-like) plant; (loosely) grass
gramofon.o (aparato)  record-player, gramophone, (US) phonograph
gran.o  grain (a very small, hard mass; particles or layers in a material)
granari.o (arkit.)  loft, attic, hayloft
granat.o (min.)  garnet
grand.a  big, large, great (also fig.)
grandioz.a  grandiose, imposing
granit.o (min.)  granite
grant.ar {tr}  to grant (requests, demands), allow, confer (favours, privileges, etc.), award (damages)
granul.o (medic.)  granule in granulation tissue (as from wounds, ulcers)
granulom.o (patol.)  granuloma
grap.o  cluster, bunch (of fruits or flowers on a common stalk)
grapin.o  grapnel, grappling hook, grapple
gras.o (subs.)  fat, grease
grat.ar {tr}  to scrape (against), scratch (lightly, as to allay itching)
gratifik.ar {tr}  to bestow money (etc.) on, tip (s-one), give a bounty to
gratin.o (koquo)  browned crumbs (or cheese)
gratitud.ar {tr} [ulu pri ulo]  to be grateful to
        gratitud.o  gratitude
gratuit.a (pek.)  free (of cost), gratuitous
gratul.ar {tr} [pri, pro]  to congratulate
grav.a  heavy; (fig.) weighty, momentous, grave; (accent) grave; (mus.) deep, low
        grav.a acent.o (gram.)  grave accent
        grav.es.o specifik.a (fizk.)  specific gravity
gravel.o (patol.)  gravel (stones in kidney or bladder)
gravi.o (subs.)  gravel (small stones or pebbles)
gravid.a (biol.)  pregnant, with child
gravit.ar {ntr} (fizk.)  to gravitate (phys. & fig.)
greb.o (ucelo)  grebe
greft.ar {tr} [sur] (biol.)  to graft (plant, tree)
Gregori.al.a  Gregorian (calendar, chant, etc.)
Grek.a  Greek (adj.)
        Grek.o  Greek (person)
Greki.a (lando)  Greece
grel.ar {imp} (meteor.)  to hail
gremi.o  lap (of a sitting person); (fig.) bosom
grenad.o  pomegranate; grenade
Grenland.o (lando)  Greenland
        Grenland.an.o  Greenlander
gres.o (min.)  sandstone
gret.o  railing; grating; grate
grifon.o  gryphon, griffon, griffin (mythical monster); griffon (dog)
gril.ar {tr/ntr} (koquo)  to grill (as on a gridiron), (US) broil
grili.o (insekto)  cricket (insect)
griliotalp.o (insekto)  mole-cricket
grim.ar {tr}  to make up (s-one) to look old by painting on wrinkles etc.
grimas.ar {ntr}  to grimace
grinc.ar {ntr}  to make a grinding noise; grind or gnash one's teeth
grind.ar {tr}  to grind, work (s-thing) with a grindstone, whetstone etc.
grip.o (morbo)  influenza, 'flu, grippe, grip
griz.a  grey, (US) gray
grog.o (drnkj.)  grog
grond.ar {ntr}  to roar, rumble, boom (of wind, waves, storm, distant thunder); growl, snarl (of animals)
grop.o  rump, croup (of a horse etc.); (arch.) hip roof
gros.a  thick and long; (fig.) bulky, fat, gross
grosdekedu.o  gross (dozen dozen)
grosier.a  coarse, rough, crude, gross (of a person, act or thing)
grot.o  grotto
grotesk.a  grotesque
grozel.o (frukto)  gooseberry
gru.o (ucelo)  crane (bird; astron.)
gruch.o  crutch (support)
        gruch.ier.o  one who uses crutches; (fig.) cripple
gruel.o  groats, grits
grum.o  groom (servant)
grumel.o  clot (in liquid), lump (of powder)
grun.ar {ntr}  to grunt (as a pig); grumble, growl (as a person)
grup.o  group; clump (of trees); flock (of sheep)
gruz.o (ucelo)  (white, black, red) grouse, ptarmigan
Gruzi.a (lando)  Georgia (by the Black Sea)
guach.o (arto)  gouache (technique)
Guadelup.a (lando)  Guadeloupe
guan.o (subs.)  guano
guanin.o (biokem.)  guanine
guard.o (milit.)  guard (body of troops)
guat.ar {tr}  to keep watch for, lie in wait for
Guatemal.a (lando)  Guatemala
Guayan.a (lando)  Guiana, The Guianas
guberni.o (polit.)  province ruled by a governor (on behalf of a central government)
gudr.o (subs.)  tar
guf.o (ucelo)  eagle-owl
guid.ar {tr} [ad, pri]  to guide, lead (show the way)
guind.o (frukto)  gean (fruit), sweet cherry, wild cherry
Guine.a (lando)  Guinea
gul.o (mitol.)  ghoul
gulf.o (geog.)  gulf (large bay)
gulyash.o  goulash
gum.o (subs.)  gum (substance that exudes from certain trees)
gumigut.o (subs.)  gamboge, cambogia (gum resin)
        gumigut.ier.o (arb.)  gamboge tree
gumlak.o (subs.)  lac (resin)
gurm.o (morbo)  milk-scall, -crust, scabs on an infant's head
gurmand.o  gourmand
gurt.o  strap (for binding), girth (of a saddle)
gust.ar {tr}  to taste (taste something)
gut.o  drop (of liquid)
gutaperk.o (subs.)  gutta-percha (substance)
gutur.o (anat.)  (internal) throat, gullet
guvern.ar {tr}  to govern (child, ship, in politics, grammar, machinery, etc.), rule directly
        guvern.ad.o  government (governing)
        guvern.eri.o  government (establishment)
guyav.o (frukto)  guava (fruit)


ha [!] {interj.}  ha!, ah!
habil.a  clever, skilful, adroit
habilit.ar {tr}  to habilitate
habit.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo, en ulo]  to inhabit, live in (permanently)
habitakl.o (nav.)  binnacle, compass-box
hach.ar {tr}  to hash, chop up into small pieces; hatch (in drawing)
hagiograf.o  hagiographer
hagiografi.o (cienco)  hagiography
Haiti (lando)  Haiti
hak.ar {tr} [per]  to chop, cut up (as with an axe (US: ax))
hal.o (arkit.)  very large room, hall
halofit.a (bot.)  halophilous
halofit.o (bot.)  halophyte
halogen.o (kem.)  halogen
halon.o  halo, nimbus (astron., fotog.)
halt.ar {ntr}  to halt, stop (in travel or movement)
halter.o  dumbbell
haltik.o (insekto)  springtail
halucin.ar {ntr}  to hallucinate
halux.o (anat.)  hallux, (the) big toe
hamadriad.o (mitol.)  hamadryad (wood nymph)
hamak.o  hammock
hamamel.o (pl.)  witch hazel
hamstr.o (mamif.)  hamster
han.o (ucelo)  fowl (hen or cock), chicken; cock (of a gun or pistol)
        han.in.o  hen
        han.ul.o  cock (fowl), rooster
hanch.o (anat.)  hip; haunch
handikap.ar {tr}  to handicap
hangar.o  shed, hangar
hans.o  Hanse town
haptik.o (cienco)  haptics, science of touch
har.o (anat.)  (a single) hair (of a person's head)
        har.ar.o  hair (collectively, on a person's head)
hard.a  hard (not soft)
harem.o  harem, hareem
haring.o (fisho)  herring
harmoni.ar {ntr} [kun]  to be in harmony
        harmoni.al.o  harmonic (sound)
harmonik.a  harmonic (of division or proportion)
        bok-harmonik.o (muzin.)  (mouth) harmonica, mouth organ
harmonium.o (muzin.)  harmonium
harnes.o  harness
harp.o (muzin.)  harp
harpun.o  harpoon
hashish.o (subs.)  hashish
hast.ar {ntr}  to hurry, hasten
hau.o  hoe
haul.ar {tr}  to tow (as in 'towpath')
«haustorium»  haustorium
hav.ar {tr}  to have (something)
Havayi (lando)  Hawaii
hazard.o  chance occurrence, (hap)hazard
        hazard.al.a  accidental, chance (adj.)
        hazard.e  by chance, accidentally, perchance
he [!] {interj.}  hey!
Hebre.a  Hebrew (adj.)
        Hebre.o  Hebrew (person)
Hebrid.i (lando)  Hebrides
heder.o (pl.)  ivy
hederace.o (pl.)  ground ivy
hef.o  leaven, sourdough
heg.o  hedge
        heg-roz.o (pl.)  dog rose
hegemoni.o  hegemony
hejir.o  hegira, hejira, hejra, hijra, hijrah
hekatomb.o  hecatomb (lit. and fig.)
hektar.o (mez.)  hectare
hektik.a (patol.)  hectic (med.)
hektograf.ar {tr}  to hectograph
hektogram.o (mez.)  hectogram
hektolitr.o (mez.)  hectolitre, (US) hectoliter
hektometr.o (mez.)  hectometre, (US) hectometer
hektowat.o  hectowatt
hel.a  light (in colour)
helebor.o (pl.)  hellebore
        helebor.o fetid.a (pl.)  stinking hellebore
        helebor.o nigr.a (pl.)  black hellebore
        helebor.o verd.a (pl.)  green hellebore
Helen.o  Hellene, Hellenian (ancient Greek)
        Helen.ism.o  Hellenism
        Helen.ist.o  Hellenist (student of Greek civilisation)
heli.o (elem.)  helium
heliant.o (pl.)  sunflower
heliantem.o (pl.)  rock-rose (Helianthemum)
helicoid.o (tekn.)  helicoid
helik.o (animalo)  snail
helikopter.o (veturo)  helicopter
heliocentr.al.a (astron.)  heliocentric
heliocentral.a (astron.)  heliocentric
heliofil.a (biol.)  heliophilous
heliofob.a (biol.)  heliophobic
heliograb.ar {tr}  to reproduce by heliogravure (photoengraving)
heliograf.ar {tr}  to reproduce by heliography (an engraving process)
heliometr.o  heliometer
helioskop.o  helioscope
heliostat.o (aparato)  heliostat
heliotrop.a (bot.)  heliotropic
heliotrop.o (pl.)  heliotrope
helix.o  helix (anat.)
«heller» (pek.)  heller
helm.o (antiq.)  helmet (mediaeval and heraldic)
helmint.o (animalo)  helminth
helmintologi.o  helminthology
help.ar {tr}  to help, assist, aid
Helvet.o  Helvetian (person)
Helveti.a (lando)  Helvetia
hem.o  home
hematit.o (min.)  haematite, (US) hematite
hematologi.o (cienco)  (GB) haematology, (US) hematology
hemerokal.o (pl.)  day-lily
hemiop.a (patol.)  hemianoptic
hemiplegi.o (morbo)  hemiplegia
hemipter.o (insekto)  hemipteran
hemistik.o  hemistich
hemofili.o (medic.)  haemophilia, (US) hemophilia
hemoglobin.o (biokem.)  haemoglobin, (US) hemoglobin
hemoliz.o (zool.)  haemolysis
hemoptizi.o (patol.)  haemoptysis
hemoragi.o (patol.)  haemorrhage, (US) hemorrhage
hemoroid.o (morbo)  haemorrhoid, (US) hemorrhoid
hepat.o (anat.)  liver
hepatik.o (pl.)  hepatica (plant of the genus Hepatica), ~liverwort, (US) liverleaf, liverwort
hepatit.o  hepatitis (med.); hepatite (min.)
heptaedr.o (geom.)  heptahedron
heptagon.o (geom.)  heptagon
herald.o  herald
herb.o (pl.)  herbaceous plant, herb (bot.)
herbari.o (bot.)  herbarium
herbor.o (medic.)  medicinal herb
        herbor.ist.o  herbalist
herd.o  hearth, fireplace
hered.ar {tr} (yuro)  to inherit
herezi.o (rel.)  heresy
heris.ar {tr}  to bristle
herison.o (mamif.)  hedgehog
herkogami.o (bot.)  hercogamy
Herkul.o  Hercules (pr. & fig.)
hermafrodit.o (biol.)  hermaphrodite
hermetik.a (fizk.)  hermetic
herni.o (morbo)  hernia
hero.o  hero
        hero.in.o  heroine
heroen.o  heroin
heron.o (ucelo)  heron
Heron-fonten.o  Hero's fountain
herpet.o (morbo)  herpes
herpetism.o  herpetism
hers.o  harrow; portcullis
Herzegovin.a (lando)  Herzegovina, Hercegovina
Hesi.a (lando)  Hesse
        Hesi.an.o  Hessian (native of Hesse)
heteroblastik.a (biol.)  heteroblastic
heterodox.a  heterodox
heterofil.a (bot.)  heterophyllous
heterogam.a (biol.)  heterogamous
heterogen.a  heterogeneous
heterogenez.o (biol.)  heterogenesis
heterokromosom.o (biol.)  heterochromosome
heteromorfos.o (biol.)  heteromorphosis
heterosexual.a  heterosexual
heterostil.a (bot.)  heterostyled
heuristik.o (cienco)  heuristic (n.), heuretic (not: heuristics)
hexaedr.o  hexahedron
hexagon.o (geom.)  hexagon
hexametr.o (verso)  hexameter
hezit.ar {ntr} [pri, pro]  to hesitate, falter
hiacint.o  hyacinth (plant; mineral)
hialoplasm.o (biol.)  hyaloplasm
hiat.o  hiatus
hibern.ar {ntr} (zool.)  to hibernate (pass winter in a dormant state)
hibisk.o (pl.)  hibiscus
hibrid.a (biol.)  hybrid
hid.o (elem.)  hydrogen
«hidalgo»  hidalgo
hidatod.o (biol.)  hydathode
hidr.o  Hydra (myth.; astr.); hydra (zool.); hydro- (hydrogen, water)
hidrant.o  hydrant
hidrat.o (kem.)  hydrate
hidraulik.o (cienco)  hydraulics
hidrid.o (kem.)  hydride
hidrocefal.o  person with hydrocephalus
hidrocefal.es.o (morbo)  hydrocephalus, water on the brain
hidrodinamik.o (cienco)  hydrodynamics
hidrofil.a  hydrophilous
hidrofobi.o (patol.)  hydrophobia
hidrogen.o (elem.)  hydrogen
hidrograf.o  hydrographer
hidrografi.o (cienco)  hydrography
hidroliz.o (kem.)  hydrolysis
hidrologi.o (cienco)  hydrology
hidromanci.ar  to practise hydromancy
hidromanci.o  hydromancy
hidromekanik.o (cienco)  hydromechanics
hidrometr.o (instr.)  hydrometer
hidrometri.o (cienco)  hydrometry
hidropati.o (medic.)  hydropathy
hidroponik.o (bot.)  hydroponics
hidrops.o (morbo)  dropsy
hidroquinon.o (kem.)  hydroquinone, hydroquinol, quinol
hidrostatik.o (cienco)  hydrostatics
hidroterapi.o (medic.)  hydrotherapy
hidroxid.o (kem.)  hydroxide
hien.o (mamif.)  hyena
        hien.o stri.oz.a (mamif.)  striped hyena
hier.e  yesterday
        hier.a  pridian, of yesterday
hierarki.o  hierarchy
hieratik.a  hieratic
hieroglif.o  hieroglyph(ic)
higien.o (medic.)  hygiene
higrometr.o (instr.)  hygrometer
higrometri.o (cienco)  hygrometry
higroskop.o (instr.)  hygroscope
hik.e  here
hikori.o (arb.)  hickory (tree)
hil.o  hilum
hilot.o  (Spartan) helot
Himalay.a (mont.)  Himalaya(s)
himen.o  hymen
himene.o (kanto)  hymeneal, marriage song
himeni.o (bot.)  hymenium
himenopter.o (insekto)  hymenopteran
himn.o (rel.)  hymn
Hindu.o (rel.)  Hindu
hioid.o  hyoid (bone)
hip.ar {ntr} (medic.)  to hiccup
hipalag.o  hypallage
hiper- {pref.}  hyper- (scientific prefix)
hiperbat.o  hyperbaton
hiperbol.o  hyperbole; hyperbola
hiperboloid.o (geom.)  hyperboloid
hiperbore.o  Hyperborean (n.)
hiperemi.o (morbo)  hyperaemia
hiperestezi.o (patol.)  hyperaesthesia, (US) hyperesthesia
hipermetrop.a  hypermetropic, far-sighted
hipertrofi.o, -es.o (biol.)  hypertrophy
hipnocist.o (biol.)  hypnocyst
hipnospor.o (biol.)  hypnospore
hipnot.ar {ntr} (medic.)  to be in a hypnotic state
        hipnot.ig.ar  to hypnotise, put in a state of hypnosis
        hipnot.ig.o  hypnosis (action), hypnotisation
        hipnot.ism.o  hypnotism (doctrine)
        hipnot.o  hypnosis (state), hypnotism (state)
hipo- {pref.}  hypo- (scientific prefix)
hipocikloid.o (geom.)  hypocycloid
hipoderm.o (anat.)  hypoderm, hypoderma, hypodermis
hipodrom.o  hippodrome, racecourse
hipofiz.o (anat.)  pituitary gland, hypophysis (#)
hipogastr.o  hypogastrium
hipoge.o (arkeol.)  hypogeum
hipoglicemi.o  (GB) hypoglycaemia, (US) hypoglycemia
hipogrif.o (mitol.)  hippogriff, hippogryph
hipokamp.o (fisho)  sea horse
hipokondri.o  hypochondria, hypochondriasis
hipokrit.a  hypocritical
hipopion.o (morbo)  hypopyon (med.)
hipopotam.o (mamif.)  hippopotamus
hipostaz.o  hypostasis
hipotek.o  mortgage
hipotenuz.o (geom.)  hypotenuse
hipotez.o  hypothesis
hipsometr.o  hypsometer
hipsometri.o (cienco)  hypsometry
hirund.o (ucelo)  swallow (bird)
        hirund.o-kaud.o (tekn.)  part shaped like a swallow's tail (tech.)
his.ar {tr}  to hoist, haul up (also fig.)
hiskiam.o (pl.)  henbane
hisop.o (pl.)  hyssop
Hispan.o  Spaniard
Hispani.a (lando)  Spain
histamin.o (biol.)  histamine
histerez.o (fizk.)  hysteresis
histeri.o  hysteria
histerotomi.o (kir.)  hysterotomy
histogenez.o (biol.)  histogenesis
histoliz.o (biol.)  histolysis
histologi.o  histology
histori.o  history
historiograf.o  historiographer (official historian)
historiografi.o (cienco)  historiography
histrion.o  histrion, stage player
hivern.ar {ntr}  to winter, spend the winter (protected); (milit.) go into winter quarters
ho [!] {interj.}  oh!, ho!
ho- {pref.}  (prefix indicating a period in which we now live: ho-di-e: today, ho-seman-e: this week)
        ho.di.e  today, this day
hobi.o  hobby, pastime
hoboy.o (muzin.)  oboe
hodograf.o (matem.)  hodograph
hok.o  hook
        hok.oid.o (anat.)  unciform (bone)
hola [!] {interj.}  hello!
Holand.o (lando)  Holland
        Holand.an.o  Hollander
hold.o (nav.)  hold (of a ship)
holmi.o (elem.)  holmium
holoblastik.a (biol.)  holoblastic
holograf.a  holographic
holografi.o (fizk.)  holography
holokaust.o (rel.)  total combustion of a sacrificial victim, (fig.) holocaust
holometr.o (instr.)  holometer
holomorf.a  holomorphic (math.)
holoturi.o (animalo)  holothurian, sea cucumber
hom.o (mamif.)  human, man (human being)
        hom.in.o  female person
        hom.ul.o  male person
homaj.ar {tr}  to pay one's respects to
        homaj.o  homage
homaloid.a  homaloidal (math.)
homard.o (animalo)  lobster
homeopati.o (medic.)  homeopathy, homoeopathy
homeosexual.a  homosexual
Homer-al.a, -atr.a  Homeric
homili.o  homily, moralising talk or instruction
homoblastik.a (biol.)  homoblastic
homocentr.o (matem.)  homocentre (math.)
homofon.o (ling.)  homophone
homogen.a  homogeneous
homografi.o (geom.)  homography (geom.)
homolog.a  homologous
homologi.o (geom.)  homology (geom.)
homotet.a (geom.)  homothetic (geom.)
homotip.a (biol.)  homotypic
Honduras (lando)  Honduras
honest.a  honest
honor.o  honour, (US) honor
        honor.um.al.a  honorary
honorari.o  fee, emolument
hop [!] {interj.}  go!, jump!
hoplit.o  hoplite
Hor.i (mitol.)  Horae, the Hours (godesses)
hor.o  hour
hord.o  horde, nomadic group; (fig.) crowd
horde.o (pl.)  barley
        horde.o-sukr.o  barley sugar
horizont.o  horizon
        horizont.al.a  horizontal
horloj.o (aparato)  clock, timepiece
        horloj.et.o (aparato)  watch (timepiece)
hormon.o (biokem.)  hormone
hornblend.o (min.)  hornblende
hornis.o (insekto)  hornet
horor.ar {tr} [pri, pro, ulu, ulo]  to abhor, loath, dread, have a horror of
        horor.ig.ar  to horrify
horoskop.o  horoscope
hortensi.o (pl.)  hydrangea
hospic.o  hospice, communal home for the old or infirm etc
hospital.o  hospital
host.o  host (who receives guests)
hosti.o (rel.)  Host, consecrated wafer
hotel.o  hotel
hu [!] {interj.}  ugh!, whew!
hu.o (ucelo)  little owl
        hu.o niv.e.a (ucelo)  snowy owl
        paser-hu.o (ucelo)  pygmy owl
        sparvier-hu.o (ucelo)  hawk-owl (Surnia ulula)
huf.o (zool.)  hoof
hugenot.o  Huguenot
hum [!] {interj.}  hum!, humph! (indicates doubt)
human.a  humane, compassionate
        human.ism.o  humanism
        human.ist.o  humanist, student of the humanities
humer.o (anat.)  humerus
humid.a  humid; damp, moist
humil.a  humble, meek
humor.o  temper, mood, humour, (US) humor (state of mind)
humur.o  humour, (US) humor (appreciation of the comic or ludicrous)
humus.o (subs.)  humus
hund.o (mamif.)  dog
        hund.o-herb.o (pl.)  couch grass, couch, scutch grass, quitch grass
Hungari.a (lando)  Hungary
        Hungari.an.o  Hungarian (person)
hungr.ar {tr/ntr}  (intr.) to be hungry, hunger; (fig.) be eager; (tr.) be hungry for, (fig.) eager for
hura [!] {interj.}  hurrah!, hurray!
hurd.o  wattle, hurdle (drying frame, movable fence, athletic)
Husar.o  hussar
huting.o (fisho)  houting (a species of whitefish)


-i- {suf.}  (suffix denoting the domain, province or country dependent upon the authority of a person: e.g. duk-i-o: duchy; episkop-i-o: diocese; parok-i-o: parish)
iamb.o  iambic, iambus
ib.e {adv.}  there
Iberi.a (lando)  Iberia
ibis.o (ucelo)  ibis
ic.a (= ca)  this (adj.)
        ic.i (= ci)  these (pron.), these things
-id- {suf.}  (suffix denoting a person who is the offspring or descendant: e.g. Izrael-id-o: Israelite)
idant.o (biol.)  idant (biol.)
ide.o  idea
        ide.al.a  ideal (adj.)
        ide.al.o  ideal (n.)
        ide.al.ism.o  idealism
        ide.al.ist.o  idealist
ident.a  identical, selfsame, very same
        ident.es.o  sameness, identity (of one with another)
identifik.ar {tr}  to identify (ascertain the identity of)
ideografi.o  ideography
ideologi.o (filoz.)  ideology
idili.o  idyll
idioblast.o (biol.)  idioblast (biol.)
idiom.o  idiom: language of a people or tribe
idioplasm.o (biol.)  germ plasm, idioplasm
idiosom.o  idiosome
idiot.a  idiotic, devoid of understanding
idiot.o  idiot, natural fool
idol.o (rel.)  idol
-ier- {suf.}  (suffix denoting: (a) person characterised by a certain attribute: e.g. milion-ier-o: millionaire; (b) tree or plant which bears or produces a thing: e.g. pom-ier-o: apple tree; roz-ier-o: rose bush; (c) holder, stand or the like: e.g. kandel-ier-o: candlestick; plum-ier-o: pen-holder)
Ierusalem  Jerusalem
Iesu  Jesus
-if- {suf.}  (suffix added to a nominal root to form an intransitive verb denoting: to generate, produce (naturally or artificially) or secrete. E.g. burjon-if-ar: to bud; sudor-if-ar: to sweat; martel-if-ar: to produce hammers; pan-if-ar: to make bread)
ig.ar {tr}  to make, cause, render
-ig- {suf.}  (suffix added (a) to an adjective or noun to form a transitive verb denoting: to make, render or transform into. E.g. bel-ig-ar: to beautify; rekt-ig-ar: to straighten; petr-ig-ar: to petrify, turn to stone; (b) to an intransitive verb to give it an active sense (= igar -anta) as a transitive verb. E.g. pac-ig-ar: to pacify; dorm-ig-ar: to put to sleep; (c) to a transitive verb, to give a passive sense (= igar -ata), usually followed by the preposition "da". E.g. send-ig-ar la letri da amiko: to have the letters sent by a friend)
iglu.o  igloo
ignor.ar {tr}  to ignore, disregard, refuse to acknowledge
iguan.o (rept.)  iguana
-ik- {suf.} (medic.)  (suffix denoting illness with a disease: e.g. lepr-ik-o: leper; tuberklos-ik-a: having tuberculosis)
ikneumon.o (insekto)  ichneumon fly
ikon.o  icon
ikonografi.o (cienco)  iconography
ikonoklast.o  iconoclast
ikonometr.o  rangefinder
ikosaedr.o (geom.)  icosahedron
ikter.o (morbo)  jaundice
iktiokol.o (subs.)  isinglass
iktiologi.o (cienco)  ichthyology
iktiosaur.o  ichthyosaur
iktus.o (patol.)  ictus (med.: beat of the pulse)
«iktus»  ictus (rhythmical accent)
il (= ilu)  he, him
-il- {suf.}  (suffix used with a verbal root to denote an instrument, tool or means of performing an action: e.g. bros-il-o: brush; bar-il-o: barrier; kont-il-o: counter; skrib-il-o: writing instrument (of any kind))
ileon.o  ileum
ilex.o (pl.)  holly
ili  they (masculine)
iliak.o (anat.)  hip bone, haunch bone, innominate bone
ilion.o  ilium (largest part of the hip bone), iliac bone
iliterat.a  illiterate
iliterat.o  illiterate (n.)
ilu  he, him
        ilu.a  his
ilumin.ar {tr}  to illuminate with festive lights; (fig.) enlighten
ilustr.ar {tr}  to illustrate
iluzion.ar {ntr}  to be under an illusion or delusion
-im- {suf.}  (suffix denoting a fraction. E.g. du-im-o: half; quar-im-o: quarter; cent-im-o: hundredth part)
imagin.ar {tr}  to imagine
imaginar.a (matem.)  imaginary (math.)
imaj.o  picture, image, visual representation
iman.ar {ntr} (rel.)  to be immanent
imbast.ar {tr}  to baste (sew with loose temporary stitches)
imbecil.a  imbecile
imbib.ar {tr}  to soak, wet thoroughly
imbrik.ar {tr}  to overlap (like roof tiles)
imens.a  immense, huge
imers.ar {tr} [aden]  to put partly into a liquid (cp. submersar)
imit.ar {tr}  to imitate
imobl.o (yuro)  real estate (land and buildings)
        imobl.i (yuro)  immoveables, immoveable property
imol.ar {tr} (rel.)  to immolate
imortel.o (pl.)  immortelle (plant; flower), everlasting (flower)
impas.o  blind alley, cul-de-sac; impasse
imped.ar {tr}  to impede, hamper, hinder
imper.ar {tr}  to order (e.g. that something be done), command
imperativ.o (gram.)  imperative
imperator.o  imperator (commander of ancient Roamn army)
imperfekt.o (gram.)  imperfect (tense)
imperi.o (polit.)  empire
        imperi.estr.o  emperor
        imperi.al.a kron.o (pl.)  crown imperial (bot.)
impertinent.a  impertinent, impudent
impetu.o  (of things) violence, fury, impetus
implement.o  hand tool, implement
implicit.a  implied, implicit
implik.ar {tr}  to imply
implor.ar {tr} [ulu, pri ulo]  to implore, beseech
imploz.ar {ntr} (fizk.)  to implode
import.ar {ntr} [pri]  to matter, be important
        import.ant.a  important
importac.ar {tr}  to import
impotent.a (fiziol.)  impotent
impoz.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulu]  to impose (something on someone)
impregn.ar {tr} [ye ulo]  to saturate, impregnate
imprek.ar {ntr}  to imprecate, curse (against someone)
impres.ar {tr}  to impress, make a (material or moral) impression on
impresari.o  impresario
imprim.ar {tr}  to print (a book, paper, etc)
imprim-prob.ar  to pull (take a proof from type)
imprim-prob.ur.o  pull, proof (trial impression from composed type)
improviz.ar {tr}  to improvise
impuls.ar {tr} [ad]  to impel (physically or fig.), give an impetus or impulse to
        impuls.o  impetus, impulse
imput.ar {tr} [ulo, ad ulu]  to impute, ascribe
imun.a  immune (de)
imunologi.o (cienco)  immunology
-in- {suf.}  (suffix denoting a female. E.g. aktor-in-o: actress; frat-in-o: sister; kuz-in-o: female cousin; spoz-in-o: wife; bov-in-o: cow; kaval-in-o: mare)
inanicion.o (medic.)  inanition
inat.a  innate, inborn
inaugur.ar {tr}  to inaugurate
incendi.ar {tr}  to set on fire
incens.o (subs.)  incense
incest.ar {ntr} [kun]  to commit incest
«inch»  inch
incid.ar {tr}  to impinge upon
incident.a  incidental, casual (law, grammar)
incident.o  incident (minor, subsidiary or related)
incit.ar {tr} [ulu ad ulo]  to incite, urge on
inciz.ar {tr}  to make an incision
-ind- {suf.}  (suffix used with a verbal root to mean: deserving to be, worthy of, meriting. E.g. laud-ind-a: praiseworthy, laudable; respekt-ind-a: respectable, worthy of respect; libr-o lekt-ind-a: a book worth reading)
indemn.o (yuro)  indemnity, compensation
indent.ar {tr} (tipog.)  to indent (text)
index.o  index; hand (clock), pointer (scale)
Indi.a (lando)  India
        Indi.an.o  Indian (native of India)
indicion.o  indiction
indien.o (stofo)  cotton print, printed calico, chintz
indiferent.a  unconcerned, indifferent, immaterial
indig.o (subs.)  indigo (dye, colour)
indign.ar {ntr} [pri, pro, kontre]  to be indignant
indij.ar {tr}  to lack, be in want of
indijen.a  indigenous, native
indik.ar {tr} [ad]  to indicate, point out, denote
indikativ.o (gram.)  indicative (mood)
indikator.o  indicator (tech., chem.)
individu.o  individual (person, animal or thing)
        individu.al.a  individual
        individu.al.e  individually
        individu.al.ism.o  individualism
        individu.al.ist.o  individualist
indolent.a  lazy, indolent, slothful
Indonezi.a (lando)  Indonesia
indos.ar {tr}  to endorse (a cheque etc)
indukt.ar {tr}  to induce (in logic or in physics)
        indukt.at.o  armature
induktor.o  inductor (elec.)
indulg.ar {tr} [ulu, pri ulo]  to be lenient to
induljenc.o (rel.)  indulgence (of punishment for sin)
indult.o (rel.)  indult
industri.o  industry
indut.ar {tr} [ye ulo]  to coat (with paint, plaster etc), paint (a wall etc)
inerci.o (fizk.)  inertia (in physics)
inert.a  inert; (fig.) sluggish
infalibl.a  unfailing, certain (to happen)
infam.a  infamous
infant.o  infant (child under 7 years of age)
«infante»  infanta, infante
infantri.o (milit.)  infantry
infarkt.o (patol.)  infarct
infekt.ar {tr}  to infect, taint
infer.ar {tr} [de, ek]  to deduce, infer
infern.o  hell
infest.ar {tr}  to infest
infiltr.ar {tr/ntr} [aden]  to infiltrate (also fig.)
infinit.a (matem.)  infinite
infinitezim.a (matem.)  infinitesimal
infinitiv.o (gram.)  infinitive
infirm.a  infirm (in body)
infix.o (gram.)  infix
infl.ar {tr} [per ulo, ye ulo]  to inflate (also fig.)
inflam.ar {tr} (patol.)  to inflame (cause inflammation)
inflex.ar {tr}  inflect (a vowel or curve)
        inflex.o  inflexion, inflection (gram., geom.)
infloresenc.o (bot.)  inflorescence
influ.ar {tr} [per, pri, pro]  to influence
influenz.o (morbo)  influenza
influx.o (biol.)  influx (biol.)
inform.ar {tr} [ulu, pri ulo]  to inform
informatik.o (cienco)  information science, informatics
infr.e {adv.}  at the bottom or lowest part
        infr.a  lowermost, bottom (of different levels)
infuz.ar {tr}  to infuse (soak to extract flavour etc)
infuzori.o (zool.)  infusoria
ingest.ar {tr} (fiziol.)  to ingest
inglob.ar {tr}  to blend together (tech., pharm.), include (pharm.: one substance within another)
ingran.ar {tr/ntr} [ye] (mek.)  to mesh, engage (of cogs, gears etc.)
ingredient.o  ingredient
inguin.o (anat.)  groin (of body)
inhal.ar {tr}  to inhale
inher.ar {ntr}  to inhere (be inherent)
inhib.ar {tr}  to inhibit
inici.ar {tr}  to initiate
injekt.ar {tr} [en, aden]  to inject (a substance)
injeni.oz.a  ingenious (of a person)
injenior.o  engineer
ink.o  ink
inkandec.ar {ntr}  to be incandescent, incandesce
inkardin.ar {tr} (rel.)  to incardinate
inkarnac.o (teol.)  incarnation
inkas.ar {tr} (financ.)  to collect (money), cash (a cheque), (fig.) take
inkastr.ar {tr}  to fit in, push into a socket; set (jewel)
inklin.ar {tr/ntr} [ad, por]  to incline (phys., mental), lean; be disposed (in some way)
inkluz.ar {tr} [en, aden]  to include, enclose, inclose
inkoativ.a (gram.)  inchoate (gram.)
inkognit.o  incognito (person who is incognito)
inkombr.ar {tr} [ye]  to clutter, obstruct
inkrust.ar {tr}  to encrust, inlay
inkub.o (mitol.)  incubus (demon)
inkubac.ar {ntr} (medic.)  to be sickening
inkulk.ar {tr}  to implant firmly in the mind
inkunabl.o  early printed book; (-i) incunabula
inkur.ar {tr}  to incur
inkurs.ar {ntr} [en] (milit.)  to make a (military) incursion, make a raid
inokul.ar {tr} (medic.)  to inoculate
inquest.ar {ntr} [pri, che]  to conduct an enquiry, investigate
inquizicion.o  (the) Inquisition
inquizitor.o  inquisitor (officer of the inquisition)
insekt.o (animalo)  insect
insert.ar {tr} [ulo, aden]  to insert
insidi.ar {tr}  to set a trap for (someone; lit. & fig.)
insign.o  badge; (shop) sign
insinu.ar {tr} [su, ulo, aden]  to lead in subtly, suggest indirectly
insipid.a  insipid
insist.ar {ntr} [pri, pro, por]  to insist, be insistent
insolent.a  insolent
inspekt.ar {tr}  to inspect, examine, oversee
inspir.ar {tr} [ad]  to inspire
instal.ar {tr} [ulu]  to install
instanc.o (yuro)  instance (process of a suit)
instant.o  instant, moment (of time)
instig.ar {tr} [ad]  to instigate, incite
instil.ar {tr} [aden]  to instil (pour in in drops); (fig.) infuse
instint.o  instinct
instituc.ar {tr}  to institute
        instituc.ur.o  institution
institut.o  institute
instrucion.o  instruction (how to do or use something)
instrukt.ar {tr}  to teach (someone, not something), instruct
instrument.o  instrument
insul.o (geog.)  island, isle
insulin.o (biokem.)  insulin
insult.ar {tr}  to insult
intali.o  intaglio (engraved gem)
integr.a  whole, entire, intact
        integr.o  integer
integral.o (matem.)  integral (mathematics)
intelekt.ar {tr}  to understand with the intellect
        intelekt.al.a  intellectual (adj.)
        intelekt.ebl.a  intelligible (philos.)
inteligent.a  intelligent
intenc.ar {tr}  to intend, have in view
        intenc.o  intent, intention
        intenc.al.a  intentional
intendanc.o (milit.)  commissariat (military)
intendant.o  intendant, superintendent
        intendant.i.o  intendancy (sphere of an intendant)
intens.a  intense
inter {prep.}  between; among
        inter.foli.iz.ar {tr}  to interleave
        inter.jac.ar  to lie in-between
        inter.nacion.a  international
        inter.rupt.ar {tr}  to interrupt
        inter.sek.ar {tr}  to intersect
        inter.ven.ar {ntr}  to intervene, interfere
intercept.ar {tr}  to intercept
interces.ar {ntr} [por, favore di]  to intercede
interdikt.ar {tr} [ulo, ad ulu]  to prohibit, forbid
interes.ar {tr} [pri, ad]  to interest
interest.o  interest (on a loan; advantage)
interfer.ar {ntr} (fizk.)  to interfere (of light)
interim.o  interim, intervening time
interjecion.o (gram.)  interjection (gram.)
intermez.o (muz.)  intermezzo, interlude
intermit.ar {ntr}  to be intermittent
intern.a  internal, inner, interior, inside (adj.)
        intern.o  intern (resident), inmate (of an institution), boarder (at a school)
        intern.aj.o  interior (n.), inside (n.)
        intern.e  internally, inside (adv.)
internacional.o  International (international socialist organisation)
interogativ.a (gram.)  interrogative (gram.: adj.)
        interogativ.o (gram.)  interrogative (gram.: n.)
interpel.ar {tr}  to interpellate, demand answers of
interpol.ar {tr}  to interpolate
interpret.ar {tr}  to interpret
interstic.o  interstice
interval.o  interval
interviuv.ar {tr}  to interview
intestin.o (anat.)  intestine, gut
        intestin.o tenu.a (anat.)  small intestine
intim.a  intimate, inmost
intoxik.ar {tr}  to poison
intracelul.a (biol.)  intracellular
intrados.o (arkit.)  intrados
intramolekul.a (biol.)  intramolecular
intrig.ar {ntr}  to conspire, plot, intrigue
intrik.ar {tr}  to entangle
intrinsek.a  intrinsic
introdukt.ar {tr}  to introduce (someone or something)
«introitus» (rel.)  introit
introvert.o  introvert
intruz.ar {ntr} [en ulo]  to intrude, meddle, tamper; (geol.) to enter, or cause to enter, by force
intuic.ar {tr}  to understand intuitively
intumec.ar {ntr} (medic.)  to swell, intumesce
intusucepcion.o (biol.)  intussusception
inul.o (pl.)  elecampane
inulin.o (kem.)  inulin
inund.ar {tr} [per, ye]  to flood, overflow
invad.ar {tr}  to invade
invagin.ar {tr} (kir.)  to invaginate
invalid.a  invalid (both senses)
        invalid.o  invalid (n.)
invektiv.ar {tr}  to inveigh against
invent.ar {tr}  to invent
inventari.ar {tr} (financ.)  to inventory
invers.a  inverse, reverse (adj.)
        invers.ig.ar  to invert, reverse
        invers.o  inverse, reverse, contrary, opposite (n.)
invertaz.o (biokem.)  invertase
invest.ar {tr}  to invest (with authority etc) (cp. kolokar)
invit.ar {tr}  to invite
invok.ar {tr}  to invoke
involucion.o  involution (geom.); state of being rolled spirally inward (bot.)
involukr.o (bot.)  involucre
inyam.o (pl.)  yam, (US) yam (not sweet potato)
Ioannes  John
Iob  Job
iod.o (elem.)  iodine
iodid.o (kem.)  iodide
iodoform.o (kem.)  iodoform
ion.o (fizk.)  ion
Ioni.a (lando)  Ionia
         Ioni.an.a  Ionian (adj.: native, dialect)
         Ioni.an.o  Ionian (native)
ionik.a (arkit.)  Ionic (of architecture)
Ioseph  Joseph
«iota»  iota; (fig.) jot, tittle
ips.a  selfsame, myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves (used for emphasis immediately after a pronoun)
        ips.e  self, one's self (adv.)
ir.ar {tr/ntr}  to go (be on one's way); go (a particular way)
irac.ar {ntr} [kontre]  to be angry
        irac.o  anger, ire
        irac.ig.ar  to anger
«irade» (polit.)  irade, decree of Sultan
iradi.ar {tr} (fizk.)  (tr.) to irradiate
Irak (lando)  Iraq
Iran (lando)  Iran
irg.a  any (whatever)
        irg.o  anything (whatever)
        irg.u  anyone at all
        irg.u qua  whoever, whosoever
        irg.ube  wherever
        irg.a.lok.e  anywhere
        irg.e.kande  whenever, no matter when
irid.o (pl.)  iris (plant), fleur-de-lis
iridi.o (elem.)  iridium
irigac.ar {tr}  to irrigate (land)
iris.o  iris (of the eye); (fig.) colours of the rainbow
irisit.o (morbo)  iritis
irit.ar {tr} (medic.)  to irritate, inflame (physiol.); (fig.) annoy
Irland.o (lando)  Ireland
        Irland.an.o  Irish person, Irishman
ironi.o  irony
irupt.ar {ntr}  to burst in
Isaias  Isaiah
iskemi.o (medic.)  (GB) ischaemia, (US) ischemia
iskion.o (anat.)  ischium
islam.o (rel.)  Islam, Islamism
Island.o (lando)  Iceland
        Island.an.o  Icelander
-ism- {suf.}  (suffix denoting a system, doctrine or cult. E.g. agnostik-ism-o: agnosticism; evolucion-ism-o: evolutionism; katolik-ism-o: catholicism; soci-al-ism-o: socialism)
Israel (lando)  Israel
-ist- {suf.}  suffix denoting (a) a person engaged fully in some occupation or profession; e.g. pord-isto: doorkeeper; dent-ist-o: dentist; mobl-if-ist-o: furniture maker; (b) adherent of a party, system or doctrine; e.g. empirik-ist-o: empiricist; individu-al-ist-o: individualist)
istm.o (geog.)  isthmus
Istri.a (lando)  Istria
        Istri.an.o  Istrian
it.a (= ta)  that, those (adj.)
        it.o (= to)  that (pron.), that thing
        it.i (= ti)  those (pron.), those ones
Itali.a (lando)  Italy
        Itali.an.o  Italian (n.)
iter.ar {tr}  to do again, repeat (an action), iterate
        iter.e  again, over (in repetition)
itinerari.o  itinerary, route
Iudas  Judas
-iv- {suf.}  (suffix used with a verbal root to mean: capable of, that can (do). E.g. instrukt-iv-a: instructive; konvink-iv-a: convincing; nutr-iv-a: nutritious, nourishing; kalm-ig-iv-o: sedative; kondukt-iv-es-o: conductivity)
Ivor.a Riv.o (lando)  Ivory Coast
ivor.o (subs.)  ivory
-ivor- {suf.}  -ivorous (which eats; e.g. karnivora = carnivorous)
-iz- {suf.}  (suffix used to form a transitive verb meaning: to cover with, add to, supply with or ornament with. E.g. arm-iz-ar: to arm; butr-iz-ar: to butter; kron-iz-ar: to crown; or-iz-ar: to cover with gold; sal-iz-ar: to salt)
izabel.a (koloro)  isabel, isabella, isabelline (adj.), brownish yellow, light buff; light bay (of horses)
izobar.o (meteor.)  isobar
izocel.a (geom.)  isosceles
izodinam.o (fizk.)  isodynamic (line)
izogam.a (biol.)  isogamous
izogon.a (geom.)  isogonal
izografik.a (matem.)  isographic
izoklin.a (geol.)  isoclinal
izokron.a  isochronous
izol.ar {tr} [de]  to isolate
izomer.a (kem.)  isomeric
izometr.a (geom.)  isometric (of drawing)
izomorf.a (kem.)  isomorphic
izoperimetr.a (geom.)  isoperimetrical
izoterm.o (meteor.)  isotherm
izotonik.a (biol.)  isotonic
izotop.a (kem.)  isotopic
izotrop.a (biol.)  isotropic
Izrael.id.o  Israelite


ja  already
jabot.o  jabot, ruffle, frill (on shirt or bodice)
jac.ar {ntr}  to lie (on something)
jad.o (min.)  jade (mineral)
jaguar.o (mamif.)  jaguar
jakarand.o (arb.)  jacaranda (tree)
jakobin.o  Jacobin
jakonet.o (stofo)  jaconet
jalap.o (pl.)  jalap plant
jaluz.a  jealous
Jamaik.a (lando)  Jamaica
        Jamaik.an.o  Jamaican (n.)
janichar.o (milit.)  janizary, janissary, janizar
Jansen.ism.o  Jansenism
        Jansen.ist.o  Jansenist
januar.o  January
Japoni.a (lando)  Japan
        Japoni.an.o  Japanese (person)
jar.o  jar (container)
jardinier.o  jardinière (stand for flowers; mixed vegetables)
jargon.ar {ntr}  to talk incomprehensibly (due to bad grammar, pronunciation, vocaulary)
        jargon.o  jargon
jasmin.o (pl.)  jasmine
jasp.o (min.)  jasper
        jasp.um.ar {tr}  to marble, vein (books, etc.)
Jav.a (lando)  Java
        Jav.an.o  Javanese (person)
javelin.o (armo)  javelin
jaz.o (muz.)  jazz
je.o (ucelo)  jay
jele.o  jelly
jelozi.o  jalousie (blind), Venetian blind
jem.ar {ntr}  to groan
jemel.o  twin
        tri.jemel.o  triplet
Jemel.i (astron.)  Gemini
jen.ar {tr}  to discomfort, incommode, inconvenience (as with clothes that are too tight)
jendarm.o (milit.)  gendarme, military policeman
jeneroz.a  generous
jeni.o (milit.)  military corps of engineers
jenjiv.o (anat.)  gum (of the teeth)
jenjivit.o (morbo)  gingivitis
jenr.o (arto)  genre
jentil.a  nice (in character), well-bred, courteous
        jentil.o  nice person, courteous person, ~gentleman, ~gentlewoman
jer.ar {tr}  to manage (a business) for the owner
jerm.o (biol.)  germ: initial form (also fig.)
jerze.o (vesto)  jersey, sweater
jet.ar {tr}  to throw
jezuit.o (rel.)  Jesuit
jibet.o (aparato)  gibbet
jig.o (muz.)  jig (tune and dance)
jilet.o (vesto)  waistcoat
jilflor.o (pl.)  gillyflower
jin.o (drnkj.)  gin (liquor)
jinet.o  genet, genette; Turkish ringcurb, -bit
jinjer.o  ginger
jir.ar {ntr}  to turn about, move in a curve, circle
        jir.ar cirkl.e  to turn in a circle
jiraf.o (mamif.)  giraffe
jiravolt.o  volt right and left, quick turning (horsemanship)
jok.ar {ntr}  to joke, jest, banter
joke.o  jockey
joli.a  attractive, nice-looking, fine, pretty
jongl.ar {ntr}  to juggle
jonk.o (batelo)  junk (Chinese boat)
jonquil.o (pl.)  jonquil
Jordan (river.)  Jordan (river)
Jordani.a (lando)  Jordan (country)
jorn.o  daytime, day (opposite of night)
jovdi.o  Thursday
joy.ar {ntr} [de, pro, pri]  to be joyful, be glad
        joy.o  joy
ju.ar {tr}  to enjoy
jube.o (arkit.)  jube (rood loft)
jubile.ar {tr}  to celebrate the jubilee of
Jud.o  Jew
judaism.o (rel.)  Judaism
judaist.o (rel.)  Judaist
Jude.a (lando)  Judaea, Judea
        Jude.an.o  Judaean, Judean (person)
judici.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo] (judic.)  to judge (judicially)
judik.ar {tr/ntr}  to judge (general, not legal sense), deem, think (judge)
jugular.a (anat.)  jugular
jujub.o (frukto)  jujube (fruit)
julep.o (farm.)  julep (pharm.)
juli.o  July
julien.o  julienne (soup)
jung.ar {tr}  to yoke; couple (wagons etc)
jungl.o  jungle
juni.o  June
junior.a  junior, younger
juniper.o (arb.)  juniper
junk.o (pl.)  rush, cane
junt.ar {tr}  to join (place one thing in contact with another)
jup.o (vesto)  skirt; kilt
jur.ar {tr/ntr}  (intr.) to swear (make a solemn declaration), give one's oath; (tr.) affirm solemnly
juras.al.a (geol.)  Jurassic (adj.)
juri.o (yuro)  jury
juriskonsult.o  jurisconsult
jurisprudenc.o (yuro)  interpretation of laws through the verdicts of judges; legal precedent
jurnal.o  newspaper, gazette, journal
jus {adv.}  just, just now (e.g. il jus arivis = he's just arrived)
just.a  right, proper, correct (of measure, time, word, thought etc)
justif.ar {tr}  to justify (text)
justifik.ar {tr}  to justify
jut.o  jute
juvel.o  jewel


kab.o (geog.)  cape (of land)
Kab.o di Bon Esper.o (lando)  Cape of Good Hope
Kab.land.o (lando)  Cape Colony
kabal.o  cabbala
kaban.o  hut, wood cabin
kabaret.o  cabaret
kabin.o (nav.)  cabin (in a ship)
kabl.o  cable, hawser
kabr.ar {ntr}  to rear up (horse etc)
kabriolet.o (veturo)  cabriolet, one-horse carriage
Kabverd.o (lando)  Cape Verde
kachu.o  cachou
kad (= ka)  whether, if; (also used at the beginning of a sentence to turn it into a question)
kadastr.o (financ.)  cadastre
kadavr.o (biol.)  corpse; carcass
kadenc.ar {tr}  to produce with a cadence
        kadenc.o  cadence
kadet.o (milit.)  cadet
kadmi.o (elem.)  cadmium
kadr.o  frame (of a picture, mirror etc), enclosing case or border; (fig.) outline, frame; (mil.) cadre
kaduce.o  caduceus, staff of Hermes (Mercury)
kaduk.a  decaying; decrepit
kafe.o  coffee (substance or drink)
        kafe.ier.o (pl.)  coffee tree
kafein.o (biokem.)  caffein(e)
Kafr.o  Kaffir
kaftan.o (vesto)  kaftan
kagul.o (vesto)  monk's cowl
kaiman.o (rept.)  cayman
kait.o  kite
kaj.o  cage
kak.ar {ntr}  to defecate (void excrement)
kaka.o  cocoa
kakatu.o (ucelo)  cockatoo
kakexi.o (medic.)  cachexy, cachexia
kaki.a (koloro)  khaki
kakofoni.o  cacophony
kaktus.o (pl.)  cactus
kal.o (patol.)  callus, corn (of skin)
Kalabri.a (lando)  Calabria
        Kalabri.an.o  Calabrian (person)
kalamit.o  calamite (fossil plant; gum-resin)
kalamitat.o  calamity
kalandr.ar {tr}  to calender; press in a mangle
kalcedon.o (min.)  chalcedony
kalci.o (elem.)  calcium
kalcin.ar {tr} (kem.)  to calcine; roast (ores)
Kalde.a (lando)  Chaldaea, Chaldea
        Kalde.an.o  Chaldaean, Chaldean (person)
kaldier.o (aparato)  boiler
kaldron.o  cooking pot
kalembur.o  pun, word play
kalend.o  (-i) calends, kalends
kalendari.o  calendar
kalendul.o (pl.)  pot marigold, calendula
kalentur.o (morbo)  calenture, heatstroke
kalesh.o (veturo)  open carriage
kalfat.ar {tr}  to caulk, calk
kali.o (elem.)  potassium
kalibr.o  calibre, caliber (US), bore
kalic.o  chalice, communion cup; calyx (bot.)
kalidoskop.o (aparato)  kaleidoscope
kalif.o  caliph
Kaliforni.a (lando)  California
        Kaliforni.an.o  Californian (n.)
kaligraf.ar {tr}  to write elegantly
kalik.o (stofo)  calico
kalk.o (kem.)  lime
        kalk.o kaustik.a (kem.)  quicklime
kalkol.o (patol.)  calculus (stone in bladder, kidney, gall-duct)
        bil.o-kalkol.o (patol.)  gallstone
kalkul.ar {tr}  to calculate
kalm.a  calm (of objects; fig. of persons), still, placid
kalmar.o (animalo)  squid
kalomel.o  calomel
kalor.o (fizk.)  heat (phys.)
kalori.o (mez.)  calorie, calory
kalorik.o  caloric (n.)
kalorimetr.o (instr.)  calorimeter
kalorimetri.ar {tr} (fizk.)  to measure with a calorimeter
        kalorimetri.o (fizk.)  calorimetry
kalot.o  skullcap; segment of a sphere divided by a plane
«kalpak» (vesto)  calpack
kalqu.ar {tr}  to trace (design etc)
kalson.o (vesto)  (pair of) drawers, underpants
kalumni.ar {tr}  to accuse falsely, defame, slander, calumniate
kalv.a  bald
kalvari.o (rel.)  Calvary; calvary (also fig.)
Kalvin.an.ism.o  Calvinism
kalz.o (vesto)  stocking
        kalz.eg.o (vesto)  tights
        kalz.et.o (vesto)  sock
        kalz.um.o (vesto)  socklike shoe (without heels)
kam {adv.}  than, as, to (in comparison)
kam.o (mek.)  cam
kamali.o (vesto)  camail
kamarad.o  comrade, mate
kamarili.o  camarilla, clique
kambi.ar {tr} [po] (pek.)  to exchange (money, goods), barter
Kambodj.a (lando)  Cambodia
        Kambodj.an.a  Cambodian (adj.)
        Kambodj.an.o  Cambodian (person)
kambr.ar {tr} (mek.)  to camber
Kamchatk.a (lando)  Kamchatka (Peninsula)
kame.o  cameo
kamel.o (mamif.)  camel
kameleon.o (rept.)  chameleon
kameli.o (pl.)  camellia
kamen.o (arkit.)  chimney
kamer.o  camera; camera obscura
kamerling.o (rel.)  camerlengo, camerlingo: papal officer/treasurer
Kamerun (lando)  Cameroon
kamfor.o  camphor
kamil.o  stretcher, litter
kamion.o (veturo)  lorry, dray, (US) truck
kamiz.o (vesto)  shirt; chemise
kamizol.o (vesto)  chemise, camisole
kamlot.o (stofo)  camlet, camelot
kamomil.o  camomile (Matricaria), chamomile (inc. German camomile, wild camomile)
kamp.ar {ntr}  to camp out, encamp
        kamp.ey.o  camp, campsite
Kampani.a (lando)  Campania
kampani.ar {ntr}  to campaign
        kampani.o  campaign
kampanul.o (pl.)  campanula (plant such as bellflower, harebell)
kampesh.o (arb.)  logwood (tree)
        kampesh-lign.o  campeachy wood, logwood (wood first exported from Campeachy)
kamufl.ar {tr}  to camouflage
kan.o (pl.)  cane, reed (plant)
        kan-flut.o (muzin.)  reed-pipe
Kanaan (lando)  Canaan
        Kanaan.an.a  Canaanite (adj.)
        Kanaan.an.o  Canaanite (person)
kanab.o (pl.)  hemp
kanabin.o (ucelo)  linnet
Kanad.a (lando)  Canada
        Kanad.an.o  Canadian (n.)
kanal.o  canal; channel (of water)
Kanal.o (mar.)  (English) Channel
kanali.o  scoundrel
kanape.o (moblo)  couch, settee
Kanari.i (lando)  Canary Islands, Canaries
kanari.o (ucelo)  canary (bird)
kanceler.o  chancellor
kancer.o (morbo)  cancer
kande  when
kandel.o  candle
        kandel.ier.o  candlestick
        kandel-fest.o (rel.)  Candlesmas
kandelabr.o  candelabrum
kandi.o  candied sugar
kandid.a  candid, frank, ingenuous
kandidat.o  candidate
kanel.o  groove
kanetili.o  bullion, gold or silver twist
kanguru.o (mamif.)  kangaroo
kanibal.o  cannibal
kanikul.o  dog days
kanin.a (anat.)  canine (of teeth)
Kankr.o (astron.)  Cancer (constellation; zodiac sign)
kankr.o (animalo)  crayfish, crawfish
kankroid.o (morbo)  cancroid
kano.o (batelo)  canoe: light and shallow boat sharp at both ends
kanon.o  cannon (military); canon (religious decree)
        kanon.ag.ar {tr}  to cannonade
kanonik.o (rel.)  canon (person)
        kanonik.ar.o (rel.)  chapter (assembly of canons)
kanoniz.ar {tr} (rel.)  to canonise
kanot.o (batelo)  (small offshore) boat
kanson.o  song
kant.ar {tr} (muz.)  to sing
        kant.et.ar {tr} (muz.)  to hum (a tune)
kantabil.o (muz.)  cantabile
kantarel.o (bot.)  chanterelle
kantarid.o (insekto)  Spanish fly (insect)
kantat.o (muz.)  cantata
kantik.o  canticle
kantilen.o (kanto)  cantilena
kantin.o  canteen (type of restaurant)
kanton.o (polit.)  canton
kantor.o  cantor
kanul.o  canula, drainage tube (for wounds), enema pipe; pipe or nozzle (of a syringe)
kanvas.o (stofo)  canvas
kaolin.o (kem.)  kaolin, china clay
kaos.o  chaos, complete disorder
kap.o (anat.)  head (anat. & fig.)
        kap-kaul.o (pl.)  headed cabbage
        kap-vest.o (vesto)  headgear
kapabl.a  capable, able
kapac.a  able to hold (a stated quantity), having a capacity (to hold)
        kapac.es.o  capacity
Kapadoci.a (lando)  Cappadocia
kape.ar {ntr} (nav.)  to lie to (of a ship)
kapel.o  chapel
        kapel.estr.o  chaplain
kapelin.o  hood to shade head and neck from sun, sun bonnet
kaper.o  caper (pickled bud)
        kaper.ier.o (arb.)  caper (shrub)
kapilar.a (fizk.)  capillary (phys.)
kapistr.o (kir.)  chinbandage, chevaster
kapital.o (financ.)  capital (financial)
kapitan.o  captain
kapitel.o (arkit.)  capital (archit.)
kapitul.o  capitulum
kapitulac.ar {ntr}  to capitulate
kapon.o (ucelo)  capon
kaponier.o (fortif.)  caponier, caponiere
kaporal.o (milit.)  corporal (officer)
kapot.o  greatcoat; bonnet (of a car)
kapr.o (mamif.)  goat
kapreol.o (mamif.)  roe deer
kapric.o  whim, caprice
kaprifoli.o (pl.)  honeysuckle
kaprikorn.o (insekto)  capricorn beetle, goat-chafer
Kaprikorn.o (astron.)  Capricorn (astron.), Capricornus
kaprimulg.o (ucelo)  nightjar, (US) goatsucker
kapriol.ar {ntr}  to (cut a) caper
        kapriol.o  capriole, leap, caper (in dancing); capriole (dressage)
kapstan.o (aparato)  capstan
kapsul.o  capsule
kapt.ar {tr}  to capture, catch
kaptac.ar {tr}  to obtain by trickery
kapuc.o (vesto)  hood, cowl (for a person)
kapuchin.o (pl.)  nasturtium (tropaeolum), Indian cress
kapucin.o (rel.)  Capuchin (friar, monk)
kapucin.o-simi.o (mamif.)  white-throated capuchin (monkey)
kar.a  dear (showing affection, not cost)
karab.o (insekto)  ground beetle
karabin.o (armo)  carbine (short rifle)
        karabin-hok.o  karabiner, carabiner, snap-link
karaf.o  carafe
karakal.o (mamif.)  caracal (animal), desert lynx
karakol.ar {ntr}  to caracol, caracole
karakter.o  character (distinctive quality)
karakteristik.o (matem.)  characteristic (math., logarithms)
karambol.ar {ntr}  to cannon (US: carom) in billiards
karamel.o  caramel, burnt sugar
karasin.o (fisho)  crucian, crusian
karat.o (mez.)  carat
karavan.o  caravan (group of people travelling together)
karavanseray.o (konst.)  caravanserai, caravansarai, caravansary
karavel.o (batelo)  caravel
karb.o (elem.)  carbon
        karb.o.hidrat.o (kem.)  carbohydrate
karbat.o (kem.)  carbonate
karbid.o (kem.)  carbide
karbon.o (min.)  coal
karbonar.o  (-i) Carbonari
karbonari.o (fisho)  coalfish (type of coley)
karborund.o (kem.)  Carborundum
karbunkl.o  carbuncle (gem; skin eruption)
karbur.ar {tr} (tekn.)  to carburet, carburate, carburise (charge a gas with carbon compounds)
karburator.o (aparato)  carburettor, (US) carburetor
karcer.o  prison, gaol
karcinom.o (morbo)  carcinoma
kard.ar {tr}  to card (wool)
kardamin.o (pl.)  cardamine (plant), bitter cress
kardamom.o (pl.)  cardamom, cardamum (plant)
kardan.o (mek.)  universal joint
kardel.o (ucelo)  goldfinch
kardinal.a  cardinal (of number, compass point, virtue)
kardinal.o (rel.)  cardinal (prelate)
kardioid.o (geom.)  cardioid
kardiologi.o  cardiology
kardon.o (pl.)  thistle
kardun.o (pl.)  cardoon
kare.ar {tr}  to manage without, dispense with
karel.o  tile, square; diamond (cards)
karen.o (nav.)  lower hull (surface under water)
karesm.o (rel.)  Lent
karez.ar {tr}  to caress
karg.ar {tr}  to load (goods)
kari.ar {ntr} (medic.)  (of bone) to be decayed by softening, (of teeth) have caries
        kari.o (medic.)  caries
kariatid.o (arkit.)  caryatid
karibu.o (mamif.)  caribou
karic.o (pl.)  sedge
karier.o  career
karikat.ar {tr}  to caricature
Karinti.a (lando)  Carinthia
kariofil.o (bot.)  clove (bud, spice)
        kariofil.ier.o (arb.)  clove (tree)
karioliz.o (biol.)  caryolysis
karioplasm.o (biol.)  caryoplasm
karioplast.o (biol.)  caryoplast
kariosom.o (biol.)  caryosome
kariotropism.o (biol.)  caryotropism
karism.o  charisma
karitat.o  charity, loving benevolence
karlin.o (pl.)  carline thistle
karmelit.o (rel.)  Carmelite
karmezin.a (koloro)  crimson
karmezin.o (koloro)  crimson (n.)
karmin.o (koloro)  carmine
        karmin.e.a (koloro)  carmine (adj.)
karn.o  flesh; meat
karnacion.o  complexion
karnaval.o  carnival
karonad.o (armo)  carronade
karos.o (veturo)  coach, enclosed carriage
karot.o (pl.)  carrot (plant & root)
karotid.o  carotid
karotin.o (biokem.)  carotene, carotin
karp.o  wrist; carp
Karpat.i (mont.)  Carpathians, Carpathian mountains
karpent.ar {tr}  to work timber
karpin.o (arb.)  hornbeam (tree)
karpofor.o (biol.)  carpophore
karpogoni.o (biol.)  carpogonium
kart.o  (a) card
kartam.o (pl.)  carthamus, safflower
kartam.o (pl.)  carthamus
kartamin.o (biokem.)  carthamine
kartav.ar {ntr}  to pronounce the letter 'r' guturally
kartel.o  letter of defiance or challenge (as to a duel), cartel (obs.)
karter.o (mek.)  crankcase
kartezian.a  Cartesian (of René Descartes)
kartilag.o (anat.)  cartilage, gristle
kartografi.o (cienco)  cartography
kartomanci.ar {ntr}  to practise cartomancy
karton.o  cardboard, board
kartush.o  cartouche
kartuzi.o  Carthusian monastery (or) convent
        kartuzi.an.o (rel.)  Carthusian friar
karub.o (bot.)  carob bean (pod of the carob), Saint John's bread
        karub.ier.o (arb.)  carob tree
karunkl.o  caruncle
karusel.o  carousel (tournament)
karvi.o (pl.)  caraway (plant)
kas.o (financ.)  cash desk, till, coffer
kasac.ar {tr} (yuro)  to quash, annul
kaset.o  cassette
kashalot.o (mamif.)  sperm whale, cachalot
Kashmir (lando)  Kashmir
kashmir.o (stofo)  cashmere
kasi.o (frukto)  cassia pod
        kasi.ier.o (arb.)  cassia (tree)
kasis.o (frukto)  blackcurrant
        kasis.ier.o (arb.)  blackcurrant bush
kask.o (vesto)  helmet
kaskad.o  cascade
kason.o (aparato)  caisson (for ships etc.)
Kaspi.a (mar.)  Caspian (sea)
kasquet.o  cap (with a peak)
kasrol.o  saucepan, stewpan
kast.o  caste; (fig.) social class
kastan.o (frukto)  chestnut (nut)
        kastan.e.a (koloro)  chestnut(-coloured)
        kastan.ier.o (arb.)  chestnut tree
        kaval-kastan.ier.o (arb.)  horse chestnut (tree)
kastanyet.o (muzin.)  castanet
kastel.o  castle
        kastel.o avan.a (nav.)  fore-castle
        kastel.o dop.a (nav.)  poop
kastere.o (farm.)  castoreum
Kastili.a (lando)  Castile
        Kastili.an.o  Castilian (person)
kaston.o  bezel (of a ring)
kastor.o (mamif.)  beaver
kastore.o  castoreum (substance)
kastr.ar {tr}  to castrate, geld
kat.o (mamif.)  cat
katafalk.o (arkit.)  catafalque
katakaustik.a  catacaustic (geom., phys.)
katakaustik.o  catacaustic
kataklism.o  cataclysm
katakomb.o  catacomb
katakrez.o (retor.)  catachresis
katalaz.o (biol.)  catalase
katalepsi.o (patol.)  catalepsy
kataliz.ar {tr} (kem.)  to catalyse
katalog.o  catalogue
katalp.o (arb.)  catalpa
Kataluni.a (lando)  Catalonia
        Kataluni.an.o  Catalan (person)
katamaran.o  catamaran (boat)
kataplasm.o (farm.)  poultice, cataplasm
Katar (lando)  Qatar, Katar
katar.o (morbo)  catarrh
        katar.et.o (morbo)  (a) cold
katarakt.o  cataract (in river or eye)
katastrof.o  catastrophe
katedr.o (moblo)  lecturer's desk; pulpit
katedral.o  cathedral
kategori.o  category
kategorik.a  categorical, unconditional
katekism.o (rel.)  catechism (book)
katekiz.ar {tr} (rel.)  to catechise (instruct in Christian beliefs by question and answer)
katekumen.o (rel.)  catechumen
katen.o  chain (pr. & fig.)
katenoid.o (matem.)  catenoid
katet.o (geom.)  cathetus
kateter.o  catheter
katgut.o  catgut
kation.o (fizk.)  cation
katis.ar {tr}  to give a lustre or gloss to
katod.o (elek.)  cathode
katolik.a (rel.)  Catholic
katoptrik.o  catoptrics
kauchuk.o (subs.)  rubber (material), India rubber
kauchuk-fig.ier.o (arb.)  caoutchouc-tree
kaucion.o (financ.)  surety, bail, guarantee with penalty
kaud.o  tail (also fig.)
Kaukaz.o (mont.)  Caucasus Mountains, (the) Caucasus
Kaukazi.a (lando)  Caucasia, (the) Caucasus
        Kaukazi.an.o  Caucasian (native of Caucasia)
kaul.o (pl.)  cabbage
kaul-pierid.o (insekto)  large (garden) white butterfly, large cabbage butterfly
        kaul.o-rap.o (pl.)  kohlrabi
kauri.o (zool.)  cowrie shell
kaustik.a (kem.)  caustic, corrosive
kaustik.o (geom.)  caustic (curve)
kauter.o (medic.)  cauter, cautery
        kauter.iz.ar (medic.)  to cauterise
kauz.o  cause (of an event)
kav.a  hollow, sunken
kaval.o (mamif.)  horse; (in chess) knight
kaval-kastan.ier.o (arb.)  horse chestnut (fruit), conker
kavalier.o (milit.)  knight
kavalk.ar {tr/ntr}  to ride (as on a horse)
kavalri.o (milit.)  cavalry
kavatin.o (muz.)  cavatina
kavern.o  cave, cavern
kaviar.o  caviar
kay.o  quay
kayak.o  kayak
kayen.o  Cayenne pepper, cayenne
kaz.o  case (all senses: jur., gram., med. & general, except casing)
kazak.o (vesto)  (woman's) loose-fitting coat; (formerly) military coat
        kazak.et.o (vesto)  short jacket (woman's)
kaze.o  cream cheese
kazein.o (subs.)  casein
kazemat.o (arkit.)  casemate
kazern.o  barrack(s)
kazimir.o (stofo)  cassimere, casimere, kerseymere
kazin.o  casino (meeting place for card-playing, dancing, etc.)
kazual.o (financ.)  something contingent
kazuar.o (ucelo)  cassowary
kazuist.o (rel.)  casuist (in cases of conscience)
kazuistik.o  casuistry (science or doctrine of cases concerned with moral conscience)
ke {konj.}  that (see also: dum ke, pro ke, etc)
kegl.o  skittle
kel.o (mek.)  linchpin, cotter pin, key
keler.o  cellar
kelk.a  some (of), a few (of), a little (of)
        kelk.a.foy.e  sometimes
        kelk.e  somewhat, a little (adv.)
kemi.o (cienco)  chemistry
kemionastik.a  chemonastic
kemiotaktism.o (biol.)  chem(i)otaxis
kemiotropism.o (biol.)  chem(i)otropism
kenel.o  force-meat "quenelle"
kepi.o  kepi (military cap)
keratin.o (biokem.)  keratin
keri.o  curry
kerl.o  fellow, chap, bloke
kermes.o (insekto)  kermes scale insect, (US) kermes scale-bug
kern.o (bot.)  kernel (also fig.); stone, pit (of a fruit)
kerozen.o (subs.)  paraffin (oil), kerosene
kerub.o (rel.)  cherub
kest.o  packing case, box, chest (of tea, soap, etc), case (of wine, etc)
«khan»  khan (title; caravanserai)
«khedive»  khedive
Khiv.a (lando)  Khiva
kidnap.ar {tr}  to kidnap
kik.ar {ntr}  (of a horse etc.) to kick
kili.o (nav.)  keel
kiliogon.o (geom.)  thousand-cornered figure, chiliogon
kilo- {pref.} (mez.)  kilo- (thousand-fold)
kilogram.o (mez.)  kilogram
kilolitr.o (mez.)  kilolitre, (US) kiloliter
kilometr.o (mez.)  kilometre, (US) kilometer
kilowat.o (mez.)  kilowatt
kilson.o  keelson
kilt.o  kilt
kimer.o  chimera (also fig.)
kimon.o (vesto)  kimono
kin  five
kinaz.o (biol.)  kinase
kinestezi.o  kinaesthesia, (US) kinesthesia
kinoplasm.o (biol.)  kinoplasm
kiosk.o  kiosk (shop booth; open-sided pavilion)
kiragr.o (morbo)  chiragra
kirk.o  church (building)
kiromanci.ar {ntr}  to practise chiromancy, practise palmistry
        kiromanci.o  chiromancy, palmistry
kiropter.o  bat (animal), cheiropteran
kirsh.o (drnkj.)  Kirsch
kirurgi.o  surgery (science, work of a surgeon)
kis.ar {tr}  to kiss
«kismet»  kismet: fate, destiny
kist.o (patol.)  cyst
kizelgur.o  kieselguhr
klad.o  rough draft (of a text)
klak [!]  smack, pop (!)
klak.ar {ntr}  to make a clapping noise; chatter (of teeth)
klam.ar {tr/ntr}  to shout, exclaim (cry out), holler, hollo
        klam.o-punt.o  exclamation mark
klamid.o (vesto)  chlamys (cloak worn in ancient Greece and Rome)
klan.o  clan
klap.o  flap, leaf (of a folding table or door)
klar.a  clear (to sight or hearing), (fig.) plain, evident
klarinet.o (muzin.)  clarinet
klarion.o (muzin.)  clarion, military trumpet
klas.o  class (all senses)
klasifik.ar {tr}  to classify
klasik.a  classic(al)
klaudik.ar {ntr}  to limp, hobble
klaun.o  clown
klauz.o (yuro)  article, stipulation, clause (of a legal document)
klav.o  key (of a keyboard)
klavikul.o (anat.)  collarbone, clavicle, clavicula
klef.o  key (for a lock; also fig.)
kleistogam.a (bot.)  cleistogamic
klem.ar {tr}  to tighten, clench (e.g., screw, knot, brake, joint, hand)
klematid.o (pl.)  clematis
klement.a  merciful, lenient, clement (of a person)
klepsidr.o (instr.)  clepsydra, waterclock
kleptomani.o  kleptomania
klerik.o (rel.)  cleric, clergyman
        klerik.ar.o  clergy (collectively)
klerk.o  lawyer's clerk
klient.o  client, patient, customer
klif.o (geog.)  cliff
klik.o (mek.)  pawl
klikt.ar {ntr}  to clank, clatter
klim.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo, sur ulo]  to climb, climb up, scale
klimat.o (meteor.)  climate
klimatologi.o (cienco)  climatology
klin.ar {tr/ntr}  to (make a) lap-joint
klinik.o (medic.)  clinic
klink.o (mek.)  latch (not lock)
klinoid.o (matem.)  clinoid
klinometr.o  clinometer
kliper.o (batelo)  clipper (ship)
klish.ar {tr}  to take a stereotype (printing) or negative (photography)
klister.o (medkm.)  clyster; enema
klitorid.o (anat.)  clitoris
kliv.ar {tr}  to cleave (gem, mica etc)
kloak.o  sewer; cloaca
klok.o  (of time) o'clock, hour on the clock
klonus.o (medic.)  clonic spasm
klor.o (elem.)  chlorine
        klor-acid.o (kem.)  hydrochloric acid
klorat.o (kem.)  chlorate
klorid.o (kem.)  chloride
klorofil.o (biokem.)  (GB) chlorophyll, (US) chlorophyl
kloroform.o (kem.)  chloroform
kloroleucit.o (biol.)  chloroleucite
kloroplasm.o (biol.)  chloroplasm
kloroplast.o (biol.)  chloroplast
kloros.o (morbo)  chlorosis, green sickness
klosh.o (muzin.)  bell; (also anything bell-shaped)
klostr.o  cloister
klov.o (mek.)  nail (metal)
        klov.ag.ar {tr}  to nail
kloz.ar {tr}  to shut, close
        kloz.o-ston.o (arkit.)  keystone, headstone (archit.)
klub.o  club (social)
kluk.ar {ntr}  to cluck (poultry)
kluz.o (nav.)  hawsehole
knauci.o (pl.)  cnautia
knidoblast.o  cnidoblast
knidocili.o  cnidocil
knik.ar {tr} (mek.)  to bend (something) so as to produce a flaw, crack (#)
knut.o  knout (whip for punishment or torture)
ko- {pref.}  co- (scientific prefix; e.g. ko-tangent-o: cotangent)
koadjutor.o (rel.)  coadjutor
koagul.ar {ntr}  to coagulate, curdle
koakt.ar {tr} [pri, ad]  to compel, force, coerce
koal.o (mamif.)  koala
koalis.ar {ntr}  to form a coalition or alliance (kun)
koaltar.o (subs.)  coal tar
kobalt.o (elem.)  cobalt
kobay.o (mamif.)  cavy, guinea pig
kobe.o (pl.)  plant of the genus Cobaea
kobold.o (mitol.)  hobgoblin, imp
kochenil.o (insekto)  cochineal (insect and dye)
Kochinchin.a (lando)  Cochin-China
kocig.o (anat.)  coccyx
kocinel.o (insekto)  ladybird, (US) ladybug
kodein.o (farm.)  codeine
kodicil.o (yuro)  codicil
koeficient.o (matem.)  coefficient
koercitiv.a (fizk.)  coercive (physics)
        koercitiv.a forc.o (fizk.)  coercive force (phys.)
kofi.o (vesto)  woman's soft hat without a brim
kofr.o  trunk, coffer, large chest
koher.ar {ntr}  to cohere
koher.er.o (fizk.)  coherer
kohort.o (milit.)  cohort (hist.)
koincid.ar {ntr} [kun]  to coincide (in form or in time)
koit.ar {ntr} [kun]  to have sexual intercourse
kok.o (subs.)  coke
koka.o (pl.)  coca
kokain.o  cocaine
kokard.o  cockade
koket.a  coquettish
kokle.o (anat.)  cochlea (spiral cavity of the inner ear)
koklush.o (morbo)  whooping cough
kokon.o (zool.)  cocoon
kokos.o (frukto)  coconut
        kokos.ier.o (arb.)  coconut tree
kol.o  neck (anat. & fig.)
kol-plak.o (muzin.)  touch board, nuck
        kol.um.o (vesto)  collar (of a garment)
kola.o (arb.)  cola, kola (tree)
kolacion.ar {tr} [kun]  to collate (compare and check)
kolagen.o (biokem.)  collagen
kolaret.o (vesto)  ruff (worn around the neck)
kolateral.a  collateral (of ancestry, etc.)
Kolchid.o (lando)  Colchis
kolchik.o (pl.)  autumn crocus, colchicum
kold.a  cold (pr. & fig.)
koldkrem.o (subs.)  cold cream
koleg.o  colleague
kolegi.o  college
kolekt.ar {tr}  to collect, gather together
kolektivism.o (polit.)  collectivism
kolektivist.o (polit.)  collectivist
kolektor.o (elek.)  commutator (of a motor, dynamo or generator)
koleopter.o (insekto)  beetle, coleopteran, coleopteron
koler.o (morbo)  cholera
kolesterol.o (subs.)  cholesterol
koli.ar {tr}  to pluck (fruits, flowers, etc)
koliar.o (vesto)  necklace; collar (as on a dog or horse; natural marking on a bird or other animal); (fig.) ring or hoop around something (as on a mast)
kolibri.o (ucelo)  hummingbird
kolik.ar {ntr} (patol.)  to have a colic or stomach-ache
        kolik.o (morbo)  colic
kolimator.o  collimator
kolimb.o (ucelo)  diver (bird), (US) loon (bird)
kolin.o (geog.)  hill
kolinear.a (matem.)  collinear
koliri.o (farm.)  eye lotion, collyrium
kolizion.ar {ntr}  to collide
kolkotar.o (kem.)  colcothar
kolm.o  highest part, top
kolodion.o (subs.)  collodion
kolofon.o (subs.)  rosin, colophony
koloid.o (kem.)  colloid
kolok.ar {tr} (pek.)  to invest (money)
kolomb.o (ucelo)  dove, pigeon
kolon.o  column, pillar; colon (of the body)
kolonel.o (milit.)  colonel
koloni.o  colony
koloquint.o (pl.)  colocynth (plant)
kolor.o  colour, (US) color
kolorit.o  colouring effect, colouring, shade
kolos.o  colossus (also fig.)
kolostomi.o (kir.)  colostomy
kolport.ar {tr} (pek.)  to hawk, peddle
kolubr.o (rept.)  colubrid (such as grass snake, smooth snake and viperine snake)
Kolumbi.a (lando)  Colombia
        Kolumbi.an.o  Colombian (n.)
kolumn.o (tipog.)  column (of text)
kolur.o (astron.)  colure
kolute.o (arb.)  bladder-nut tree
koluzion.ar {ntr}  to collude
kolz.o (pl.)  oil-seed rape, cole, colewort, colza
        kolz.ole.o (subs.)  rapeseed oil, rape oil, colza oil
kom {prep.}  as (being), in the capacity of (e.g. 'la arboro komencis kom semino' = the tree began as a seed)
kom.o  comma (in text)
        kom.o-punt.o  semi-colon
koma.o (muz.)  comma (music)
komand.ar {tr}  to command (an army, a ship), give an order to (mil.)
komandit.ar {tr} (pek.)  to finance (as a sleeping partner)
komandor.o  commander (in an order of chivalry)
komat.o (patol.)  coma
kombat.ar {tr/ntr}  to fight, combat
kombin.ar {tr}  to combine
kombinatorik.o  combinatorics
kombust.ar {tr/ntr} (tekn.)  to combust, undergo combustion
komedi.o  comedy
komedon.o (medic.)  blackhead, comedo
komenc.ar {tr/ntr}  to begin, start, commence
komend.ar {tr} (pek.)  to order (goods, etc.)
komensal.a (biol.)  commensal (animal or plant)
komensal.o (biol.)  commensal (organism)
koment.ar {tr}  to comment on
komerc.ar {ntr} [ye]  to trade, deal
        komerc.o  trade, commerce
komet.o (astron.)  comet
komfort.o  comfort
komic.o (antiq.)  comitia
komik.a  comic, ludicrous
komis.ar {tr} [ulu, pri]  to appoint, empower
komisari.o  commissioner (e.g. of police)
komisur.o (anat.)  commissure, suture
komitat.o  committee
komiz.o  clerk (in an office); shop assistant
komocion.ar {tr}  to shock, unnerve
komod.a  convenient
komod.o (moblo)  chest of drawers, commode (of drawers)
komodor.o  commodore
komon.o (polit.)  municipality, commune (administrative unit), borough
kompakt.a  compact
kompan.o  companion
kompani.o  company (business; military)
kompar.ar {tr} [kun, ad]  to compare
komparativ.o (gram.)  comparative (in grammar)
kompas.o  compass (for drawing)
kompat.ar {tr}  to pity, commiserate (with), have compassion (for)
        kompat.em.a  compassionate
kompendi.o  compendium
kompens.ar {tr} [per] (pek.)  to compensate
kompetent.a  competent
kompil.ar {tr}  to compile (a book, etc)
komplement.o  complement
komplet.a  complete
kompletori.o (litur.)  complin, compline
komplex.a  complex, intricate, complicated
komplexion.o (medic.)  constitution (state of an individual's body)
komplez.ar {ntr}  to be obliging
komplic.o  accomplice
komplik.ar {tr} [per]  to complicate
kompliment.ar {tr} [pri, pro]  to compliment
komplot.ar {tr/ntr} [(ulo), kun, kontre]  to plot
kompost.ar {tr} (tipog.)  to set up in type
kompot.o  compote
kompoz.ar {tr}  to put together, compound (make by combining parts), compose (not in printing)
kompr.ar {tr} [po, por, de] (pek.)  to buy, purchase
kompren.ar {tr}  to understand
        kompren.end.e  of course
kompres.ar {tr}  to squeeze, compress
kompromis.ar {tr}  to imperil, compromise, endanger
kompuncion.o  reproach of conscience, uneasiness of conscience; compunction, remorse
kompund.a (tekn.)  compound (of an engine etc.)
komt.o  count, countess; earl
komun.a  common (pertaining to several), joint
komuni.ar {ntr} (rel.)  to communicate (receive Communion)
komunik.ar {tr/ntr} [ad, kun]  to communicate, impart; be connected by passage
komunion.o (rel.)  communion (union in religious faith, religious group)
komut.ar {tr} (elek.)  to commutate, commute (electric current)
komut.il.o  commutator (elec.)
kon.o  cone
koncentr.ar {tr}  to concentrate
koncept.ar {tr}  to conceive (a child or idea)
konceptakl.o (bot.)  conceptacle
koncern.ar {tr}  to relate or belong to, concern (relate to)
        koncern.o  concern, affair
koncert.ar {ntr} (muz.)  to give a concert
konces.ar {tr}  to concede
koncesion.ar {tr} [ad]  to grant a public concession or contract to
konci.ar {tr}  to be conscious of, be aware of
koncienc.o  conscience
koncil.o (ekl.)  (church) council
koncili.ar {tr}  to reconcile
konciz.a  concise, succinct
kondamn.ar {tr}  to condemn, sentence
kondens.ar {tr}  to condense (change a gas into a liquid)
kondensator.o (elek.)  capacitor
kondicion.ar {tr}  to stipulate, make conditions about
        kondicion.al.o (gram.)  conditional (gram.)
kondil.o (anat.)  condyle
kondiment.o  condiment
kondol.ar {tr} [pri, pro]  to express sympathy with
kondomini.ar {tr} (polit.)  to rule jointly (as a condominium)
        kondomini.o (polit.)  condominium (joint rule)
kondor.o (ucelo)  condor
kondukt.ar {tr} (fizk.)  to conduct (heat, electricity)
konduktor.o  guard, conductor (in a train, bus etc)
kondut.ar {ntr}  to behave (in some manner), conduct oneself
konekt.ar {tr} [kun]  to connect (one thing with another, mechanically or electrically)
konestabl.o (milit.)  Constable of France (formerly commander-in-chief of French armies)
konfecion.ar {tr}  to manufacture clothing
konfekt.o  sugar confection, fondant
konfer.ar {ntr} [kun]  to confer
konferv.o (bot.)  conferva
konfes.ar {tr} [ad]  to confess
konfesion.o (rel.)  confession: profession of faith
konfet.o  (-i) confetti
konfid.ar {tr} [ad ulu]  to entrust
konfidenc.ar {tr} [ulo, ad ulu]  to tell (something) in confidence
konfirm.ar {tr}  to confirm, validate
konfisk.ar {tr}  to confiscate
konfit.ar {tr} (koquo)  to preserve (fruits, in sugar)
        konfit.aj.o  jam, preserve (n.), conserve (n.)
konflikt.ar {ntr} [kun]  to conflict
konfluant.a  confluent
konform.a [a]  that which conforms or is similar
konfront.ar {tr} [ad]  to confront
konfund.ar {tr} [kun; ad]  to confuse (things in one's mind), muddle (one thing with another in one's mind), confound (fail to distinguish)
konfuz.a  mixed up indistinctly, jumbled together, confused (physically or in the mind)
Kong.o.land.o (lando)  Congo (country)
kongenital.a (biol.)  congenital
konglomerat.o (min.)  conglomerate (rock)
Kongo.land.o (lando)  Congo (country)
        Kongo.land.an.o  Congolese (n.)
kongr.o (fisho)  conger
kongregacion.o (rel.)  congregation
kongres.ar {ntr}  to hold or take part in a congress
kongru.ar {tr/ntr}  to be congruous with, be congruent
koni.o  wedge
konidi.o (biol.)  conidium
konifer.a (bot.)  coniferous
        konifer.o (bot.)  conifer (cypress, pine, sequoia, or yew)
konik.o (geom.)  conic section, conic
konivenc.ar {tr/ntr}  to connive at, connive
konjed.ar {tr}  to give leave or holiday to; to furlough
konjekt.ar {tr}  to surmise, conjecture
konjel.ar {tr/ntr}  to solidify by freezing
konjestion.ar {tr} (medic.)  to congest (med.)
konjug.ar {tr}  to conjugate
konjuncion.o  conjunction (gram., astr.)
konjuntiv.o (anat.)  conjunctiva
konjuntur.o  conjuncture
konjur.ar {tr}  to conjure up (a spirit)
konk.o (zool.)  conch shell, sea shell
konkav.a  concave
konklav.o (rel.)  conclave
konkluz.ar {tr}  to conclude
konkoid.o (geom.)  conchoid
konkologi.o  conchology
konkord.ar {ntr} [kun, pri, pro ke]  to agree, be in agreement, be concordant
konkordat.o  concordat; agreement between a bankrupt and creditors
konkrecion.o (patol.)  concretion; calculus
konkret.a  concrete (not abstract)
konkub.o  unmarried quasi-spouse; (-ino) concubine
konkubinat.o  concubinage
konkupicenc.o  concupiscence
konkurenc.ar {tr}  to compete (in business or similarly)
konkurs.ar {ntr} [pri]  to compete (in a competition, such as when a prize or honour is offered)
konkusion.ar {ntr} (financ.)  to peculate
konoc.ar {tr}  to know (be acquainted with)
konoid.o (geom.)  conoid
konosment.o  bill of lading
konquest.ar {tr} [per]  to conquer
konsakr.ar {tr} [ad]  to dedicate, consecrate
konsekrac.ar {tr} (rel.)  to consecrate (declare holy)
konsent.ar {tr}  to consent, consent to (a proposal or proposition)
konsequ.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo]  to follow (from) (as a consequence), result (from), ensue (from)
        konsequ.e  consequently, consistently; therefore
        konsequ.em.a  consistent
konserv.ar {tr}  to conserve, preserve
konservatori.o  conservatory (musical institution)
konsider.ar {tr}  to consider, think carefully about
konsign.ar {tr} (pek.)  to consign (goods)
konsil.ar {tr} [ad]  to advise, counsel
konsist.ar {ntr} [ek, ye]  to consist, be composed (of)
konsistori.o (rel.)  consistory
konskript.ar {tr} (milit.)  to conscript
konsol.o  console (item of furniture)
konsolac.ar {tr}  to console
konsold.o (pl.)  comfrey
konsolid.ar {tr} [per] (financ.)  to fund
konsome.o  consomme'
konsonanc.ar {ntr}  to be in consonance
konsonant.o (fonetiko)  consonant
konsort.o  associate, partner, consort
konspir.ar {ntr} [kontre, kun]  to conspire
konsput.ar {tr}  to scorn
konstant.a  constant, unvarying
Konstantinopl.o  Constantinople
konstat.ar {tr}  to ascertain, establish (facts)
konstern.ar {tr}  to dismay
konstip.ar {tr} (medic.)  to constipate
konstituc.ar {tr}  to constitute, form
konstitucion.o (medic.)  constitution (physiological)
konstrikt.ar {tr} (fiziol.)  to constrict
konstrukt.ar {tr}  to construct, build
konsul.o  consul
konsult.ar {tr}  to consult (someone or something)
konsum.ar {tr}  to consume, use up, wear out, expend
kont.ar {tr} (matem.)  to count (add up)
        kont.o kur.ant.a  current account
kontagi.ar {tr} [ad] (medic.)  to transmit, communicate (a contagious disease; also fig.)
kontakt.ar {tr/ntr} [kun]  to be in touch (with), have contact (with)
kontamin.ar {tr} [ye]  to contaminate
kontant.a  ready (of money), cash (of payments)
kontempl.ar {tr}  to contemplate
konten.ar {tr}  to contain, hold
kontent.a  contented, satisfied
kontest.ar {tr}  to contest, dispute
kontigu.a  contiguous, adjoining
kontinenc.ar {ntr}  to be chaste
kontinent.o (geog.)  continent
kontingent.a  happening by chance, accidental, contingent
kontingent.o  contingent (milit.); chance occurrence, contingency (philos.); share, quota (fin.)
kontinu.a  continuous
kontor.o  bureau, office
kontraband.ar {tr} (pek.)  to smuggle (in)
kontrabas.o (muzin.)  double bass, (US) bass viol
kontradans.o (danso)  contradance, country dance, old-fashioned quadrille
kontrafakt.ar {tr}  to counterfeit, forge
kontrafort.o (arkit.)  buttress
kontrakt.ar {tr}  to contract, draw into a smaller volume, draw together or nearer, shrink (together) (reducing length, width or volume)
kontraktur.o (medic.)  rigidity, stiffness of muscles (med.)
kontralt.o  contralto (voice, person); counter-tenor
kontrapoz.ar {tr} (log.)  to contrapose (logic), convert (a proposition) by contraposition
kontrapunt.o (muz.)  counterpoint
kontrast.ar {ntr} [kun]  to contrast
kontrat.ar {ntr} [pri] (judic.)  to make a contract
kontravenc.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo, pri ulo]  to contravene, transgress, infringe (regulations, orders, the law, etc.)
kontre {prep.}  against, contrary to, versus
        kontre.a [ad]  opposite, contrary, counter (adj.)
        kontre.e  on the contrary
kontreskarp.o (fortif.)  counterscarp
kontribut.ar {tr/ntr} [ad]  to contribute
kontric.ar {ntr} [pri] (rel.)  to feel contrite for having sinned
kontrol.ar {tr}  to check, verify
kontrovers.ar {tr}  to dispute (this word implies not anger but philosophical debate)
kontumac.a (yuro)  contumacious (in law)
        kontumac.es.o (leg.)  contumacy, default
kontur.o  outline, contour (the line that bounds a figure)
kontuz.ar {tr} [ye] (medic.)  to bruise
konvalec.ar {ntr} (medic.)  to convalesce
konvekt.ar {tr/ntr} (fizk.)  to convey by convection, be conveyed by convection
        konvekt.o (fizk.)  convection
konven.ar {}  (intr) to suit, be fitting; (also impers.) be appropriate
        konven.ant.a  suitable, appropriate, proper, fitting, congruous
konvencion.ar {ntr} [pri] (judic.)  to come to an explicit agreement, share a common understanding
konverg.ar {tr/ntr}  to converge (move, or cause to move, towards the same place)
konvers.ar {ntr} [kun, pri]  to converse
konversion.ar {ntr} (milit.)  to wheel, change front (milit.)
konversion.o (milit.)  a change of front, wheeling
konvert.ar {tr} [ad]  to convert (one thing to another; someone's views; financial)
konvertor.o  converter, convertor (for metal or electricity)
konvex.a  convex
konvink.ar {tr} [pri]  to convince
konvolvul.o (pl.)  convolvulus (such as bindweed and morning-glory)
        konvolvul.o tri.kolor.a (pl.)  convolvulus tricolor
konvoy.ar {tr}  to transport in a convoy
konvuls.ar {ntr} (medic.)  to have violent and involuntary muscular contractions
konyak.o (drnkj.)  cognac
kooper.ar {ntr}  to work in a co-operative
kooperativ.o (pek.)  cooperative (n.)
koopt.ar {tr} [por]  to co-opt
koordin.ar {tr}  to co-ordinate
kopaiv.o (subs.)  copaiba (balsam, resin)
kopal.o  copal
kopi.ar {tr}  to copy, make a copy of
        kopi.ur.o  copy
kopr.o (subs.)  copra
koprolit.o (paleo.)  coprolite
kops.o  copse, coppice
kopul.o  copula (gram., log.)
kopulac.ar {ntr} [kun]  to copulate
koqu.ar {tr/ntr} [en, per] (koquo)  to cook
kor.o  choir, chorus
korali.o  coral (material)
koram {prep.}  in the presence of
koran.o  Koran
korb.o  basket
korbel.o (arkit.)  corbel
kord.o  line, string, cord, rope; (geom.) chord
kord.o-pont.et.o (muzin.)  bridge (of a violin)
        kord.et.o  string, twine
kordi.o  heart (also fig., playing card)
        kordi.al.a  cardiac; (fig.) hearty, cordial
Kordilier.i (mont.)  (the) Cordilleras
kordit.o (subs.)  cordite
kordon.o  cord or ribbon for a specific purpose; cordon
Kore.a (lando)  Korea
        Kore.an.a  Korean (adj.)
        Kore.an.o  Korean (n.)
kore.o (morbo)  chorea, Saint Vitus's dance
koregon.o (fisho)  white-fish
korekt.a  correct, right
korelat.ar {tr/ntr}  to correlate with, correlate
korent.o  (electric) current
        korent.o altern.ant.a (elek.)  alternating current
        korent.o kontinu.a (elek.)  direct current (elec.)
korespond.ar {ntr} [kun, pri]  to correspond (relate or conform in character; communicate by letter)
koriandr.o (pl.)  coriander (plant, seed)
koribant.o  corybant (priest of Cybele)
koridor.o (arkit.)  corridor
korife.o  coryphaeus (leader, especially of a Greek chorus); coryphee (leading ballet dancer); (fig.) one distinguished in a profession or society
korimb.o (bot.)  corymb
korint.o (frukto)  currant (type of dried grape)
korion.o (anat.)  chorion
koriz.o (biol.)  chorisis
kork.o  cork
        kork.o-querk.o (arb.)  cork oak, cork tree
kormoran.o (ucelo)  cormorant
korn.o (biol.)  horn (of an animal or as material; wind instrument)
        abund.o-korn.o  horn of plenty, cornucopia
        tri-korn.a chapel.o  three-cornered hat
        korn.o-branch.o (zool.)  antler
        korn.ag.ar  to horn, gore
kornaj.ar {ntr} (patol.)  to be short of breath, to gasp
kornak.o  elephant driver, mahout
kornalin.o (min.)  cornelian, carnelian (mineral)
kornamuz.o (muzin.)  bagpipe
korne.o (anat.)  cornea
kornel.o (frukto)  cornel berry, dogwood berry, cornelian (fruit)
        kornel.ier.o (arb.)  cornelian cherry (tree), cornelian tree
kornet.o  cornet (musical instrument; cone)
kornic.o (arkit.)  cornice
kornik.o (ucelo)  crow (bird)
Kornwal (lando)  Cornwall
korod.ar {tr}  to corrode
koroid.o (anat.)  chorioid, choroid, vascular tunic of the eyeball
korol.o (bot.)  corolla
korolari.o  corollary
koronal.a (anat.)  coronary (adj.)
koroner.o  coroner
korp.o (biol.)  body (entire physical being; main part)
korporacion.o  corporation
korporal.o  corporal (communion cloth)
korpulent.a  stout, bulky, portly
korpuskul.o  corpuscle (anat., phys.), corpuscule
kors.o  urban walk, pedestrian road
korsaj.o (vesto)  bodice (of a dress), blouse
korsar.o  corsair (privateer); (fig.) pirate
        korsar-nav.o (batelo)  privateer (ship)
korset.o (vesto)  corset
Korsik.a (lando)  Corsica
        Korsik.an.o  Corsican (n.)
kort.o  court (of justice, of a sovereign); courtyard
kortic.o (bot.)  cortex, bark
kortizon.o (biokem.)  cortisone
korund.o (min.)  corundum
korupt.ar {tr} [per]  to spoil, corrupt
korv.o (ucelo)  raven
korve.ar {ntr} [por, pri]  to do unpaid labour as a vassal; do unpaid road work; do fatigue duty
korvet.o  corvette
Koshinchini.a (lando)  Cochin-China
        Koshinchini.an.o  Cochin-Chinese (person)
koshmar.o  nightmare
kosm.o (astron.)  cosmos
kosmetik.o (arto)  cosmetic art
kosmogoni.o (astron.)  cosmogony
kosmografi.o  cosmography
kosmologi.o  cosmology
kosmonaut.o  cosmonaut
kosmopolit.a  cosmopolitan
kost.o (anat.)  rib
Kostarik.a (lando)  Costa Rica
kostum.o (vesto)  costume, dress, garb
kot.o  quotation (price for stock or share); filing reference (number etc)
kotiledon.o (bot.)  cotyledon
        bi-kotiledon.o  dicotyledon
kotilion.o (danso)  cotillion, cotillon (dance)
kotiloid.a (anat.)  cotyloid: cup-shaped
        kotiloid.o (anat.)  cotyloid cavity, acetabulum
kotlet.o  cutlet, chop
koton.o (subs.)  cotton
kov.ar {tr} (biol.)  to incubate (eggs)
kovr.ar {tr} [per, ye]  to cover
        kovr.il.o  (a) cover
koxalgi.o (morbo)  coxalgia
koyot.o (mamif.)  coyote, prairie wolf, brush wolf
koz.o  thing
kozak.o  Cossack
krab.o (animalo)  crab
krak [!] {interj.}  crack!, bang!
krak.ar {ntr}  to crack (noisily)
kraknel.o  biscuit (hard and brittle)
kramp.o (medic.)  cramp (in muscle)
krampon.o  cramp iron; bracket ()
kran.o (aparato)  crane, derrick
krani.o (anat.)  skull, cranium
krapul.ar {ntr}  to be crapulent, drink to excess
krateg.o (arb.)  hawthorn, may (tree)
krater.o  crater; wine bowl
kravach.o  riding whip
kravat.o (vesto)  tie, cravat, (US) necktie
krayon.o  pencil, crayon
kre.ar {tr} [de, ek, per]  to create
krecent.o  crescent; croissant
kred.ar {tr}  to believe (someone, something)
        kred.o  belief
kredit.ar {tr} [per ulo] (pek.)  to credit (financially), give trust or credit to (ulu)
krem.o (subs.)  cream (also fig.: the best part of anything)
kremac.ar {tr}  to cremate
kremon.o (mek.)  espagnolette (bolt) (vertical window fastening)
krenel.o (arkit.)  crenel(le)
kreol.o  Creole, creole
kreozot.o (kem.)  creosote
krep.o (stofo)  crape, crepe, crêpe (fabric)
krepis.ar {tr}  to plaster (a wall)
krepit.ar {ntr}  to crackle (sound)
krepon.o (stofo)  thick crape, ~seersucker
krepuskul.o  twilight
kres.o (pl.)  (green) watercress
kresk.ar {ntr}  to grow
kresp.o  pancake
krest.o  crest (all senses), top, ridge
krestomati.o  selection of classic writing
kret.o (subs.)  chalk
kretin.o  cretin
kreton.o (stofo)  cretonne
krev.ar {tr/ntr}  to burst, fly open
krevet.o (animalo)  shrimp, prawn
krevis.ar {tr/ntr}  to crack, chap (surface)
kri.ar {ntr}  to scream, cry out
kribl.o  screen (coarse sieve)
krik.o (aparato)  (lifting) jack
krik-krak [!]  "creak" (used as an interjection)
kriket.o  cricket (sport)
krimin.ar {ntr} (judic.)  to commit a crime
krin.o (zool.)  hair (from mane or tail)
krinolin.o  crinoline (fabric, garment)
kriofor.o  cryophorus
kriolit.o (min.)  cryolite
kriometr.o  cryometer
krioskop.o  cryoscope
krioskopi.o (fizk.)  cryoscopy
krip.o  crib, manger
kripl.a  maimed, crippled
kript.o (arkit.)  crypt
kriptogam.o (bot.)  cryptogam
kriptograf.ar {tr}  to write in secret signs
kriptomer.a (biol.)  cryptomerous
kripton.o (elem.)  krypton
krism.o (litur.)  chrism (consecrated or holy oil)
krisp.a  curly, woolly, crisp (of hair)
Krist.o (rel.)  Christ
        Krist.an.o (rel.)  Christian
kristal.o  crystal
kristalino (anat.)  crystalline lens (of the eye)
kristalografi.o (cienco)  crystallography
kristaloid.o (biol.)  crystalloid (biol.)
kriteri.o  criterion
kriticism.o (filoz.)  critical philosophy (that of Kant, based on a critical examination of the foundations of knowledge)
kriticist.o  critical philosopher (using Kant's system)
kritik.ar {tr}  to evaluate critically, criticise
kriz.o  crisis
krizalid.o (zool.)  chrysalis, pupa
krizantem.o (pl.)  chrysanthemum
krizokalk.o (min.)  pinchbeck
kroas.ar {ntr}  to caw; (of a frog) croak
Kroati.a (lando)  Croatia
        Kroati.an.o  Croatian (n.)
kroch.ar {tr}  to crochet
krok.ar {tr}  to crunch
kroket.o  croquet
krokodil.o (rept.)  crocodile
krom.o (elem.)  chromium, chrome
kromatik.a (muz.)  chromatic (music, optics)
kromatin.o (biokem.)  chromatin
kromatofil.a (biol.)  chromatophilous
kromatofor.o (biol.)  chromatophore
kromatografi.o (cienco)  chromatography
kromatoliz.o (biol.)  chromatolysis
kromidial.a (biol.)  chromidial
kromolitograf.ar {tr} (imprim.)  to lithograph in colour, make a chromolithograph
kromoplast.o (biol.)  chromoplast
kromosom.o (biol.)  chromosome
kromotip.ar {tr} (imprim.)  to use chromatype or chromotype (photographic process)
kromotipograf.ar {tr} (imprim.)  to use chromatype or chromotype colour printing process
kron.o  crown
        kron.o imperi.al.a (pl.)  crown imperial (plant)
kronglas.o (subs.)  crown glass (optical)
kronik.a (medic.)  chronic (of long duration)
kronik.o  chronicle
kronologi.o  chronology (science)
kronometr.o  chronometer
kronometri.o  chronometry
krop.o (zool.)  crop (of a bird)
krotal.o (rept.)  rattlesnake (Crotalus)
kroton.o (pl.)  croton: plant of the genus Croton
kroz.ar {ntr}  to cruise
kru.o  crew
kruc.o  cross
        kruc.o-kap.o (tekn.)  crosshead (of a piston)
        kruc.o-milit.ant.o  crusader
        kruc.o-milit.o  crusade
        kruc.um.ar {tr}  (of a road etc) to cross (another road etc)
kruch.o  pitcher, jug (of clay or porcelain)
krucifer.o (pl.)  crucifer
krucifix.o  crucifix
krud.a  raw, uncooked; crude, unworked (also fig.)
        krud.a petr.o (subs.)  rough stone, quarry stone
kruel.a  cruel
krug.o  jug (of wood or metal)
krul.ar {ntr}  to collapse into bits, tumble down; (fig.) sink in ruin
krum.o  soft part of bread
krumpl.ar {tr}  to crumple, crease
krup.o (morbo)  croup (throat ailment)
krupier.o  croupier
krur.o (anat.)  thigh
krust.o  crust (of bread, of earth, etc.); scab (of a sore); shell (of a crustacean)
krustace.o (animalo)  crustacean
kruzel.o  crucible
kuaf.ar {tr}  to dress the hair of (someone)
Kub.a (lando)  Cuba
kub.o  cube (both senses)
        Kub.an.o  Cuban (n.)
kubeb.o (frukto)  cubeb (berry)
        kubeb.ier.o (pl.)  cubeb pepper (shrub)
kubik.o (matem.)  cubic (n.), cubic equation
kubit.o (anat.)  ulna
kud.o  elbow (also tech.)
kugl.o (armo)  bullet
kuk.o  cake
kukombr.o (pl.)  cucumber
kukul.o (ucelo)  cuckoo
kukurbit.o  pumpkin, marrow, (US) squash; cucurbit (chemical vessel)
kukurbitace.o (pl.)  cucurbit (cucurbitaceous plant)
kul.o  bottom (part of an object, part of the body)
kulat.o (armo)  breech (of firearm)
kulbut.ar {ntr}  to turn upside down (intr.), somersault; capsize
        kulbut.ig.ar  to turn upside down (tr.)
kulc.o (insekto)  gnat, midge
kulebrin.o (armo)  culverin (type of cannon)
«kuli»  coolie, cooly
kulier.o  spoon
        kulier.ed.o  spoonful
kulis.o  runner (groove or guide); wing (of theatre)
kulmin.ar {ntr}  to culminate (astr., general), reach its or one's highest point
kulp.ar {ntr} [pri, pro]  to be at fault, commit a fault, fail in one's duty
        kulp.o  fault, failing
kult.ar {tr} (rel.)  to worship
kultel.o  knife
kultiv.ar {tr}  to cultivate (soil, plants, the mind, the arts, etc.), till
kultur.o  culture (ethical, intellectual, social, etc)
kumin.o (pl.)  cumin, cummin
«kumis» (drnkj.)  kumiss, koumiss
kumpres.o  compress
kumul.ar {tr} (yuro)  to hold a plurality of offices
kumulus.o (meteor.)  cumulus
kun {prep.}  with (in company with)
        kun.e  together
        kun.text.o  context
        kun.ven.ar {ntr}  to meet (come together)
        kun.vok.ar  to summon, convoke
kuneiform.a  cuneiform, wedge-shaped (writing); cuniform, cuneal, cuneate (anat.)
        kuneiform.a ost.i (anat.)  cuneiform bones
kunikl.o (mamif.)  rabbit, cony, coney
kup.o  wide drinking vessel with foot
kupe.o (veturo)  brougham (carriage)
kupel.o (metalg.)  cupel
kuperos.o (morbo)  rosy-drop, pimple, grog-blossom (nasal ailment)
kupl.ar {tr} (mek.)  to couple, link
        kupl.o, -es.o (mek.)  coupling
kuplet.o (kanto)  stanza, couplet (in song)
kupol.o (arkit.)  cupola, dome
kupon.o (financ.)  coupon
kupr.o (elem.)  copper
        kupr.o-klor.o (kem.)  cupreous chloride
        kupr.i-klor.o (kem.)  cupric chloride
kupul.o (bot.)  cupule (of acorn)
kur.ar {ntr}  to run
kurac.ar {tr} (medic.)  to treat (medically)
kuraca.o (drnkj.)  curaçoa
kuraj.ar {tr/ntr}  to be courageous, have the courage for
kurar.o (biokem.)  curare, curari (resin)
kuras.o  cuirass, breastplate; carapace; armour plate
kurat.ar (yuro)  to be guardian (of a minor or a person who is incapacitated)
kurat.o (yuro)  guardianship (over an orphan, minor, etc.)
kurbatur.ar {tr/ntr} (medic.)  to ache all over, be over-fatigued, tire thoroughly
kurbet.ar {ntr}  to curvet (dressage)
kure.ar {ntr}  to fight for one's share (particularly of dogs at their quarry), scrap over the spoils (of animals or people)
kurent.o  current
kuret.o  curette
        kuret.ag.ar (medic.)  to curette
kuri.o (ekl.)  curia
kurier.o  messenger, courier
kurioz.a  inquisitive, curious (about something)
kurkulion.o (insekto)  weevil
kurkum.o  turmeric, curcuma (bot.)
Kurland.o (lando)  Courland, Kurland
kurli.o (ucelo)  curlew
kurs.o  course (of lessons, etc.); rate of exchange, ruling price
kursiv.a  cursive
kursor.o (mek.)  cursor
kurt.a  short, brief
kurtaj.ar {ntr}  to act as a broker
kurtez.ar {tr}  to court, woo
kurv.a  curved, bent
kusen.o  cushion, pillow
        kusen.et.o (tekn.)  pad
kush.ar {tr} [sur]  to lay down to rest, put to bed
        kush.ar su  to lie down to rest, go to bed
kuskus.o  couscous
kuskut.o (pl.)  dodder (plant of the genus Cuscuta)
kust.ar {tr}  to cost, be bought for
kustum.ar {tr/ntr}  to be accustomed (to), be used (to)
        kustum.o  custom, habit
kut.o (vesto)  long coat of a peasant
kuti.o (stofo)  drill, duck, tick, ticking (fabric)
kutikul.o  cuticle
kutin.o (biokem.)  cutin
kutr.o (batelo)  cutter (vessel)
kuv.o  tub
kuvent.o  convent
kuvert.o  envelope (of a letter)
Kuwait (lando)  Kuwait, Koweit
kuz.o  cousin
        kuz.in.o  cousin (female)
        kuz.ul.o  cousin (male)
        kuz.o primar.a  first cousin
        kuz.o sekundar.a  second cousin


l' (= la)  the (alternative to 'la' when preceding a vowel; e.g. l'infanto)
la {artiklo.}  the
«la» (muz.)  la (sixth note of the diatonic scale)
labar.o (hist.)  labarum (Roman standard)
labi.o (anat.)  lip (anat. & fig.)
labirint.o  labyrinth; (fig.) maze
labirintodont.o (paleo.)  labyrinthodont
labor.ar {tr/ntr}  to work (intr.), work (tr.: earth, iron, wood, etc.)
laboratori.o  laboratory
labr.o (fisho)  wrasse
lac.o (vesto)  lace (as for shoes etc)
lacer.ar {tr}  to tear, rip; lacerate
lacert.o (rept.)  lizard
laciv.a  lecherous, lascivious
lad.o  tin plate
ladan.o  ladanum
lag.o (geog.)  lake
Lag.o di Quar Kanton.i (mar.)  Lake Lucerne
Lagos  Lagos
lagun.o (geog.)  lagoon
laik.a (ekl.)  lay, laical
laik.o  layman
lak.o (subs.)  lacquer, lacker (substance)
lake.o  lackey, footman, liveried servant
lakonik.a  laconic
lakrim.o  tear
lakt.o (drnkj.)  milk
        lakt.o-voy.o (astron.)  Milky Way
        lakt.um.o  milt, soft roe
laktaz.o (biokem.)  lactase
laktometr.o (instr.)  lactometer
laktos.o (kem.)  lactose
lakun.o  lacuna
lal.ar {ntr} (ling.)  to pronounce "r" as "l"; (-o) lallation
lam.o  thin plate; blade (of a knife etc)
lama.o  lama; llama
lamantin.o (mamif.)  manatee
Lamarck.ism.o (biol.)  Lamarckism
lamel.o  flake, scale, lamella (anat., bot., tech.)
lament.ar {ntr} [pri, pro]  to lament, mourn (intr.)
lamin.ar {tr}  to form (metal etc) into thin sheets
lamp.o  lamp
lampas.o (stofo)  lampas (ornamental fabric used in upholstery)
lampion.o  simple oil lamp
lampir.o (insekto)  glow-worm
lampred.o  sea lamprey, lamprey eel
        river.o-lampred.o  lamprey, lamper eel
lan.o (subs.)  wool
        lan.o-gras.o (subs.)  grease from sheep's wool
lanc.o (armo)  lance, spear
        lanc.et.o  small spear; (surg.) lancet
lancin.ar {ntr}  to shoot, dart (of pain)
land.o  (a) country, (a) land
«landau» (veturo)  landau
«landaulet» (veturo)  landaulet, landaulette
landgrav.o  landgrave
«landsturm»  Landsturm
«landwehr»  Landwehr
lang.o  tongue (anat. & tech.)
langor.ar {ntr}  to languish
langust.o (animalo)  spiny lobster, rock lobster, langouste (#), crayfish (#)
lani.o (ucelo)  shrike, butcherbird
lanj.o (vesto)  nappy, (US) diaper
lanolin.o (subs.)  lanolin(e)
lans.ar {tr}  to fling, hurl; shoot (an arrow); ... (also fig.)
lantan.o  lanthanum (chem.); lantana (bot.)
lantern.o  lantern
lanug.o (biol.)  down, fine soft hair or hairlike growth
Laos (lando)  Laos
lap.ar {tr}  to lap (up), drink with the tongue
laparoskopi.o (medic.)  laparoscopy
laparotomi.o (kir.)  laparotomy
lapid.o  gem
Lapon.o  Lapp, Laplander
Laponi.a (lando)  Lapland
lard.o (subs.)  animal fat, blubber
laric.o (arb.)  larch (tree)
laring.o (anat.)  larynx
laringit.o (morbo)  laryngitis
laringoskop.o  laryngoscope
laringotomi.o (kir.)  laryngotomy
larj.a  broad, wide
        larj.es.o  width, breadth, wideness, broadness
larv.o (zool.)  larva; (antiq.) ghost, spectre, (US) specter
las.ar {tr}  to let, allow; leave (behind)
lash.o  splint (for an injury); fishplate
laskar.o  lascar (Indian sailor)
last.a  last (in time, space, or a series)
lat.o  lath
latent.a  latent
later.o  side (geom., archit.)
latex.o (biokem.)  latex
Latin.a (ling.)  Latin
latir.o (pl.)  vetchling
latitud.o  latitude (angular distance from equator)
latrin.o  lavatory, latrine, privy
latug.o (pl.)  lettuce
latun.o (subs.)  brass
Latv.a  Latvian (adj.)
Latvi.a (lando)  Latvia
laub.o  bower, arbour
laud.ar {tr}  to praise, laud
laudan.o (farm.)  laudanum
laur.o  laurel, bay, bay laurel, sweet bay, true laurel; (fig.) glory
laureat.o  laureate (person honoured)
laus.o (insekto)  louse
        laus.o pubi.al.a (insekto)  felt louse, crab louse
laut.a  loud (voice or sound)
lav.ar {tr}  to wash; launder
lava.o (subs.)  lava
lavaret.o (fisho)  lavaret, blue cap, gwiniad
lavend.o (pl.)  lavender
lax.a  loose, slack
        lax.ig.ar  to slacken, loosen, relax
        lax.ig.iv.o (medkm.)  laxative
laz.o  lasso, (US) lariat
lazaret.o  quarantine house, pesthouse
le {artikl.}  the (plural of definite article 'la', for use only when there is no other sign of plurality)
lecion.o  lesson, lecture
lecitin.o (subs.)  lecithin
led.a  ugly
ledr.o  leather
leg.o (yuro)  law (natural, moral, social, legislative)
legac.ar {tr} [ad]  to bequeath
legat.o  legate (Roman; papal)
legion.o  legion (also fig.)
legitim.a (yuro)  legitimate, lawful
legum.o  vegetable, legume (#)
legumin.o (biokem.)  legumin
leguminos.o (pl.)  leguminous plant, legume (#)
        leguminos.o-semin.o (bot.)  pulse (seed)
lejer.a  light (in weight or force); (fig.) not severe
lek.ar {tr}  to lick
lekt.ar {tr}  to read
lektor.o  reader (in a university); lector
lem.o  lemma; loam
Leman.o (mar.)  Lake of Geneva
leming.o (mamif.)  lemming
lemniskat.o (geom.)  lemniscate
lemurian.o (mamif.)  prosimian (lemur, tarsier etc.)
leng.o (fisho)  ling (fish)
leni.o  log (of firewood)
lens.o  lentil; lens
lent.a  slow
lentigin.o  freckle, lentigo
lentisk.o (arb.)  mastic tree
leon.o (mamif.)  lion; (fig.) person of unusual courage
Leon.o (astron.)  Leo
        leon.dent.o (pl.)  dandelion
leopard.o (mamif.)  leopard
lepidodendr.o (paleo.)  lepidodendron
lepidopter.o  lepidopteran
lepor.o (mamif.)  hare
        lepor.o-labi.o (anat.)  harelip
lepr.o (morbo)  leprosy
lern.ar {tr}  to learn
lesiv.ar {tr}  to wash (clothes, etc.) in lye; (chem.) lixiviate
letargi.o (medic.)  lethargy
letr.o  letter (correspondence)
leucin.o (biokem.)  leucin, leucine
leucit.o (biol.)  leucoplast, leucoplastid; leucite
leukemi.o (morbo)  leukaemia, (US) leukemia
leukocit.o (biol.)  leucocyte, leukocyte
leukocitos.o  leucocystosis
leukom.o (anat.)  leucoma
leukoplast.o (biol.)  leucoplast, leucoplastid
leukore.o (patol.)  leucorrhoea, flour albus
lev.ar {tr}  to lift (up), raise
        lev.ar su  to arise, get up
lever.o  lever
leviatan.o  leviathan (myth., fig.)
levistik.o (pl.)  lovage
levit.o  Levite
levrier.o (mamif.)  greyhound
lexik.o  lexicon
lexikograf.o  lexicographer
lexikografi.o  lexicography
lexikologi.o  lexicology
lez.ar {tr}  to injure, damage (in medicine or law)
li {pron.}  they, them
        li.a  their, theirs
lian.o (pl.)  liana, liane
lias.o  Lias
libacion.ar {ntr}  to offer up libations
        libacion.o  libation, potation
Liban.o (lando)  Lebanon
libel.o  level (instrument)
libelul.o (insekto)  dragonfly
liber.a  free (from restraint), at liberty
        liber.al.a  liberal
        liber.kambi.o  free trade
Liberi.a (lando)  Liberia
libertin.a  unrestrained, wayward
Libi.a (lando)  Libya
        Libi.an.o  Libyan (n.)
libr.o  book
        libr.et.o  booklet
librac.o (astron.)  libration
lic.o  racecourse, racetrack (for any sport)
lice.o  (state) secondary school, (US) high school
licenc.ar {tr} (polit.)  to license
        licenc.o  licence, (US) license; licensing; (poetic) licence, (US) license; licentiate (university degree between that of bachelor and doctor)
        licenc.ier.o  licentiate (holder of an appropriate academic diploma)
lichi.o (frukto)  lychee, litchi (fruit)
Lici.a (lando)  Lycia
        Lici.an.o  Lycian (n.)
lid.o  lid
Lidi.a (lando)  Lydia
        Lidi.an.o  Lydian (n.)
lienteri.o (morbo)  lientery
lietnant.o (milit.)  lieutenant
        lietnant-kolonel.o (milit.)  lieutenant-colonel
lig.ar {tr}  to tie, fasten, bind
        lig.o  binding, fastening; league (association); ligature (anat.)
        lig.ur.o (tipog.)  ligature (typog.)
ligament.o (anat.)  ligament
lign.o (subs.)  wood (the material)
lignin.o (biokem.)  lignin
lignit.o (subs.)  lignite
Liguri.a (lando)  Liguria
        Liguri.an.o  Ligurian (n.)
ligustr.o (pl.)  privet
lik.ar {tr/ntr}  to leak
likantrop.a (patol.)  lycanthropic
        likantrop.es.o (patol.)  lycanthropy
Likaoni.a (lando)  Lycaonia
liken.o (pl.)  lichen
        liken.o Island.an.a (pl.)  Iceland moss
likenin.o (biokem.)  lichenin
likopodi.o (pl.)  lycopod, lycopodium (type of club-moss)
liktor.o  lictor
lilac.o (pl.)  lilac
        lilac.e.a (koloro)  lilac(-coloured)
lili.o (pl.)  lily
Liliput.an.o  Lilliputian
lim.ar {tr} [per]  to file (a surface)
limak.o (animalo)  slug
limand.o (fisho)  dab (fish)
limb.o  graduated edge (of a dial, protractor etc)
limet.o (frukto)  sweet lime (fruit)
        limet.ier.o (arb.)  sweet lime (tree)
limf.o (anat.)  lymph
limfatism.o (medic.)  lymphatism
limit.o  limit, bound(s)
        limit.iz.ar  to set limits to, bound
limnologi.o (cienco)  limnology
limon.o (frukto)  lemon
        limon.ier.o (arb.)  lemon tree
limonad.o (drnkj.)  lemonade
limpid.a  limpid, clear (not cloudy)
lin.o (pl.)  flax (plant)
        lin.aj.o (stofo)  linen cloth
linc.o (mamif.)  lynx
linch.ar {tr}  to lynch
line.o  line (geom., writing, genealogy, etc.)
        line.aj.o  lineage, line (genealogy, biol.)
lineal.o  ruler (for drawing), straightedge
lineament.o  lineament, basic outline
linear.a (matem.)  linear (math.)
lingot.o  ingot
lingu.o  language
linguistik.o  linguistics
liniment.o (farm.)  liniment, embrocation
linin.o  linin
linj.o  item of household linen, linen cloth
linoleum.o  linoleum
linon.o (stofo)  lawn (a fine linen)
lintel.o (arkit.)  lintel
lipid.o (biokem.)  lipid, lipide
lipitud.o (patol.)  lippitude
lipom.o (patol.)  lipoma
lipotimi.o (patol.)  lipothymia
liquac.ar {ntr} (tekn.)  to liquate
liquid.a  liquid
liquidac.ar {tr}  to wind up (a business, etc.)
liquor.o (drnkj.)  (alcoholic) spirit, liquor
lir.o  lyre; lyrebird; Lyra (astr.)
«lira» (pek.)  lira (monetary unit)
lirik.a  lyric, lyrical
list.o  list
lit.o (moblo)  bed (for sleeping; also fig. of a river etc)
lit.o-tabl.et.o (moblo)  bedside table, night table
litani.o  litany; (fig.) tedious recital
litargir.o (kem.)  litharge
liter.o  letter (of the alphabet)
literatur.o  literature
liti.o (elem.)  lithium
litier.o  litter (straw, hay, etc.)
litij.o (yuro)  judicial dispute
litograf.ar {tr}  to lithograph
litologi.o  lithology (science of rocks as mineral masses)
litor.o (geog.)  coastal region, seaboard
litot.o (retor.)  litote
litotomi.ar (kir.)  to perform lithotomy
        litotomi.o (kir.)  lithotomy
litotrici.ar (kir.)  to perform lithotrity
        litotrici.o (kir.)  lithotrity
litotripsi.ar (kir.)  to perform lithotripsy
        litotripsi.o (kir.)  lithotripsy
litr.o (mez.)  litre
Lituani.a (lando)  Lithuania
        Lituani.an.o  Lithuanian (person)
liturgi.o (rel.)  liturgy
liut.o (muzin.)  lute (musical)
liv.ar {tr}  to leave, depart from (a place or person), quit
livid.a  livid (of complexion)
Livoni.a (lando)  Livonia
        Livoni.an.o  Livonian (n.)
livr.ar {tr} [ad] (pek.)  to deliver (goods, etc)
livre.o (vesto)  livery
liz.o  lees, dregs (also fig.)
lizimaki.o (pl.)  loose-strife
lo {pron.}  it (referring to a previous sentence or phrase, i.e. a fact rather than an object)
lob.o (anat.)  lobe
lobeli.o (pl.)  lobelia
loch.o (fisho)  loach
locion.ar {tr} (medic.)  to wash with a lotion
        locion.o  medical washing
        locion.aj.o  lotion (liquid)
log.o  log (for measuring speed of a ship)
logaritm.o (matem.)  logarithm
logik.o (cienco)  logic
logogrif.o  logogriph, word puzzle
logomaki.o  logomachy
loj.ar {ntr} [en, che]  to lodge, live (at a stated place)
        loj.ey.o  abode, lodging(s)
loji.o  lodge (porter's); lodge (masonic, etc.); (actor's) dressing room
lok.o  place, locality, spot
        lok.o komun.a  public place
lokac.ar {tr}  to hire, rent
lokativ.o (gram.)  locative (case)
lokl.o  curl, ringlet
lokomobil.o (aparato)  traction engine
lokomoc.ar {ntr}  to move from place to place
        lokomoc.o  locomotion
lokomotiv.o (veturo)  locomotive
lokust.o (insekto)  locust
loli.o (pl.)  lolium (plant such as darnel and rye-grass)
lombard.o  pawnshop
Lombardi.a (lando)  Lombardy
        Lombardi.an.o  Lombard (native of Lombardy)
lombrik.o (animalo)  earthworm
lonch.o  slice
London  London
        London.an.o  Londoner
long.a  long (of time or space), tall
        long.ig.ar  to lengthen (tr), elongate, prolong
longitud.o (geog.)  longitude
lor {prep.}  at the time of (an event), at the same time as
        lor.e  then, at that time
        lor.e ... lor.e  now ... then
«lord»  Lord
lorn.o  monocular (n.), spyglass
        lorn.et.o  lorgnette, small spy-glass
        bi-lorn.o (aparato)  binocular (n.), "(pair of) binoculars", (double) field glass
        bi-lorn.et.o (aparato)  opera-glasses, opera-glass
lot.o  share, portion, lot
        lot.o-lud.o (lud.)  lotto, housey-housey, bingo
lota.o (fisho)  burbot
lotri.ar {tr}  to cast lots for, raffle for
Lotringi.a (lando)  Lorraine
        Lotringi.an.o  native of Lorraine
lotus.o (pl.)  lotus
loxodrom.o  rhumb-line, loxodrome, loxodromic curve (intersecting meridians at a constant angle, as followed by a ship sailing in a fixed direction)
loyal.a  loyal
lu {prep.}  he, she, it (common gender form)
        lu.a  his, her, hers, its
lubrifik.ar {tr}  to lubricate
luci.o (fisho)  pike (fish)
lucid.a  lucid (mentally), sane
luciol.o (insekto)  firefly
lud.ar {ntr} [per]  to play (in a game or sport)
        lud.em.a  playful
        lud.il.o  plaything, toy
        lud.o-splint.o  spillikin; jackstaw; peg (as for cribbage)
lud-sonali.o (ludl.)  rattle (toy)
lug.ar {tr} [ad] (pek.)  to let, rent (out), hire (out)
lugr.o (batelo)  lugger
luk.o  skylight; hatchway
lukan.o (insekto)  stag beetle
lukt.ar {ntr} [kontre, kun, por]  to wrestle; (fig.) struggle, strive
lul.ar {tr}  to lull to sleep
lum.ar {ntr}  to shine, give light (also fig.)
        lum.o  light
        lum.o-rang.o  footlights (theatre)
lumb.o (anat.)  lumbar region, lower back
lumbag.o (morbo)  lumbago
lump.o (min.)  nodule (geol.); lump (of sugar)
lun.o (astron.)  moon
        lun.et.o  lune, lunule
lundi.o  Monday
lup.o  magnifier
lupanar.o  brothel, bordello
lupi.o (patol.)  wen (med.)
lupin.o (pl.)  lupin, (US) lupine
lupul.o (pl.)  hop (plant)
lur.ar {tr} [per]  to lure, entice
lustr.o  chandelier; lustrum (period of 5 years)
lustrac.ar {tr}  to lustrate (purify by propitiatory offering)
        lustrac.o  lustration
lustrin.o (stofo)  lustring, lustrine, lutestring
lut.o (subs.)  lute (sealant)
Luter.an.o (rel.)  Lutheran
lutr.o (mamif.)  otter
lux.o  luxury
luxac.ar {tr} (kir.)  to luxate, dislocate, put out of joint (surg.)
Luxemburg  Luxembourg (town)
Luxemburgi.a (lando)  Luxembourg (country)
        Luxemburgi.an.o  native of Luxembourg
luxuri.o  lust, lechery
luzern.o (pl.)  alfalfa, lucerne


ma {konj.}  but
Macedoni.a (lando)  Macedonia
macedoni.o (koquo)  macédoine; (fig.) medley, hodgepodge
        Macedoni.an.o  Macedonian (person)
macer.ar {tr/ntr}  to macerate
«mackintosh» (vesto)  mackintosh, macintosh (coat)
Madagaskar (lando)  Madagascar
Madeir.a (lando)  Madeira
madelen.o  madeleine
madon.o (rel.)  madonna
madrepor.o (zool.)  madrepore, stony coral
madrigal.o (muz.)  madrigal
Madyar.o  Magyar
maestr.o  maestro
mag.o  magus, (-i) magi
        la tri mag.i  the three Magi
magazin.o  storeroom, warehouse
magi.ar {ntr}  to practise magic
magn.a  great (mentally or ethically), ~eminent
magnat.o  magnate
magnet.o  magnet
        magnet.es.o  magnetism (property)
        magnet.ig.ar  to magnetise
magnetism.o  magnetism (influence of personality)
magnetiz.ar {tr} (fiziol.)  to submit to the effects of animal magnetism
magnetofon.o (aparato)  tape recorder
magnez.o (elem.)  magnesium
magnezi.o (kem.)  magnesia (magnesium oxide)
magnoli.o (arb.)  magnolia (tree)
magr.a  lean, lank; meagre, (US) meager
mahagon.o (ligno)  mahogany (wood)
        mahagon.ier.o (arb.)  mahogany tree
maiflor.o (pl.)  lily of the valley
maiz.o (pl.)  maize, (US) corn
majest.o  majesty
major.a  of full (legal) age; major (mus.)
        major.a mod.o (muz.)  major key
        major.o (log.)  major (logic)
majoran.o (pl.)  marjoram, sweet marjoram
majorat.o (yuro)  primogeniture, majorat
majordom.o  major-domo, chief steward
majoritat.o  majority
makadam.o (subs.)  macadam
makak.o (mamif.)  macaque
makaron.o  macaroon
makaroni.o  macaroni
makaronik.a (ling.)  macaronic
maki.o (mamif.)  ring-tailed lemur
Makiavel.al.a  Machiavellian
        Makiavel.ism.o  Machiavellianism, Machiavellism
makl.o (kem.)  macle (twin crystal)
makrel.o (fisho)  mackerel
makrofit.o (bot.)  macrophyte
makrogamet.o (biol.)  macrogamete, megagamete
makronukle.o (biol.)  macronucleus
makrospor.o (biol.)  megaspore, macrospore
makrosporangi.o (biol.)  megasporangium, macrosporangium
makul.o  spot, blot, stain, macula
makulatur.o (imprim.)  maculature, ~spoiled paper, ~waste paper
mal.a  bad; evil
mal.jerm.oz.a  unhealthy, unwholesome
malad.a (medic.)  sick, ill, unwell
malakit.o (min.)  malachite
malari.o (morbo)  malaria
Malawi (lando)  Malawi
Malay.o  Malay (person)
maldicens.ar {tr}  to speak ill of (albeit truthfully)
male.ar {tr} (mek.)  to cold-forge, hammer (something malleable) into shape; (-ebla) malleable (pr. & fig.)
        male.ebl.a (mek.)  malleable
maledik.ar {tr}  to curse, damn
maleol.o (anat.)  ankle
malgre {prep.}  despite, in spite of, notwithstanding
malgre ke {konj.}  although, even though
Mali (lando)  Mali
malic.o  malice; mischievousness
malign.a  malign, pernicious, malignant, evil, wicked
Malt.a (lando)  Malta
        Malt.a-kruc.o  Maltese cross
malt.o  malt
        Malt.an.o  Maltese (n.)
malv.o (pl.)  mallow
malvaroz.o (pl.)  hollyhock, (US) rose mallow
malvavisk.o (pl.)  marsh mallow (plant)
malyot.o (vesto)  leotard, bathing suit
mam.o (anat.)  breast, mamma; udder
mama  mummy (mother), mum, mama, mam, (US) mom, momma, mamma
mamifer.o  mammal
mamil.o (anat.)  nipple, teat (anat.), mamilla, (US) mammilla
Mamon.o (rel.)  Mammon
mamut.o (paleo.)  mammoth
man.i (mitol.)  manes (Roman mythology: ancestral spirits)
mana.o  manna
manch.o  (long) handle, hilt, haft
mandaren.o  mandarin (Chinese official)
mandarin.o (frukto)  mandarin (orange), ~tangerine
mandat.o (financ.)  money order
Mande.o (rel.)  Mandaean, Mandean (n.)
mandel.o  almond (nut)
        mandel.ier.o (arb.)  almond (tree)
mandibul.o (anat.)  lower jaw, mandible
Mandjur.o  Manchu
Mandjuri.a (lando)  Manchuria
        Mandjuri.an.o  Manchurian (n.)
mandolin.o (muzin.)  mandolin
mandor.o (muzin.)  mandola, mandora: early form of mandolin
mandragor.o (pl.)  mandrake, mandragora
mandrel.o  mandrel, mandril
mandrin.o (mek.)  chuck (of lathe or drill)
manej.o  riding school
manekin.o  dummy, mannequin
manet.o (tekn.)  hand-lever, movable handle or knob
mang.o (frukto)  mango (fruit)
        mang.ier.o (arb.)  mango tree
mangan.o (elem.)  manganese
mangl.o (frukto)  mangrove fruit
        mangl.ier.o (arb.)  mangrove tree
mangust.o (mamif.)  mongoose
mani.o  mania
manier.o  manner, way of behaving or of doing anything
manifest.ar {tr/ntr}  to manifest, make known, display, show; participate in a manifestation
manik.o (vesto)  sleeve
        sur-manik.o (vesto)  oversleeve
manikur.ar {tr}  to manicure
maniok.o (pl.)  manioc, cassava
manipl.o  maniple (in Roman army; clerical vestment)
manipul.ar {tr}  to manipulate, treat or work with the hand
manipulator.o (tekn.)  sounding key, Morse key
manivel.o (tekn.)  crooked handle, crank
manj.ar {tr}  to eat, (fig.) consume
mank.ar {ntr}  to be lacking, be missing
manometr.o (instr.)  pressure gauge, manometer
manot.o  handcuff
manovr.ar {tr/ntr}  to manoeuvre, (US) maneuver
mansard.o (arkit.)  mansard (mansard roof; garret, attic)
manshet.o (vesto)  cuff (of a sleeve)
mante.ar {tr}  to toss (someone) in a blanket
mantel.o (vesto)  cloak (garment); mantel (over a fireplace)
manten.ar {tr}  to keep fast, maintain (in a stable state)
mantili.o (vesto)  mantilla
mantis.o (matem.)  mantissa (math.)
manu.o (anat.)  hand
        manu.ag.ar {tr}  to handle, wield
        manu.ed.o  handful
manufaktur.o  manufactory, factory
manuskript.o  manuscript
manzanil.o (arb.)  manchineel
map.o  map
mar.o  sea
        mar.al.a  marine, maritime
        mar-agl.o (ucelo)  osprey, sea eagle
        mar.o-spum.o (min.)  sea foam; (fig.) meerschaum (material)
        mar-hund.o (mamif.)  seal
maraskin.o (drnkj.)  maraschino
marasm.o (morbo)  marasmus
maraton.o  marathon
march.ar {ntr}  to walk, step, tread; march
        march.et.ar  to trip along (of children)
        march-ari.o (muz.)  marching tune
marchand.ar {tr}  to bargain or haggle for
marcipan.o  marzipan
mardi.o  Tuesday
mare.o  tide, ebb and flow
mareograf.o (instr.)  marigraph
mareometr.o (instr.)  tide-gauge
margarin.o  margarine
margrav.o  margrave
margrit.o (pl.)  marguerite, oxeye daisy
        margrit.et.o (pl.)  daisy
maria-baln.o  water-bath (chem.); double-boiler (cooking)
mariaj.ar {tr}  to unite in wedlock, marry (others)
Marian.i (lando)  Mariana (islands)
marihuan.o (subs.)  marijuana, marihuana (narcotic)
marin.ar {tr/ntr} (koquo)  to marinate
marionet.o  puppet, marionette
marjin.o  margin (of a page); (fig.) border
mark.o  mark, token; (postage) stamp
«mark»  mark (weight; money)
markez.o  marquis
markot.ar {tr} (bot.)  to layer (propagate by layering)
        markot.aj.o (bot.)  layered branch or shoot
marmelad.o  jam, marmalade
marmit.o  (cooking) pot
marmor.o (min.)  marble
        marmor.um.ar  to stain or vein like marble
marmot.o (mamif.)  marmot
marn.o (subs.)  marl
marod.ar {tr/ntr}  to maraud, rove in search of plunder, raid, plunder
Marok.o (lando)  Morocco
        Marok.an.o  Moroccan (n.)
marokin.o  morocco
maron.o (frukto)  horse chestnut
Marquesas (lando)  Marquesas Islands
marquiz.o (arkit.)  marquee
Mars.o  Mars (god; planet)
marsh.o  marsh, bog
marshal.o (milit.)  marshal (military)
marsuin.o (mamif.)  porpoise
marsupial.o (mamif.)  marsupial (n.)
mart.o  March
martel.o  hammer
        martel.ag.ar  to hammer
martin-pesk.er.o (ucelo)  kingfisher
Martin-somer.o  St. Martin's summer
Martinik.a (lando)  Martinique
martir.o  martyr
martr.o (mamif.)  marten
marvel.o  marvel, wonder
mas.o (fizk.)  mass (body of matter)
masaj.ar {tr}  to massage
masakr.ar {tr}  to massacre
mash.o  link, mesh (in textile, net or knitting)
mashin.o (aparato)  machine, engine
mashinac.ar {tr}  to machinate in secret
masiv.a  massive
mask.ar {tr}  to mask (the face)
maskaron.o (arkit.)  mascaron
maskul.a  male, masculine
        maskul.o (zool.)  male (n.)
masokism.o  masochism
masokist.o  masochist
mason.ar {tr}  to do mason's work on
mast.o (nav.)  mast
mastektomi.o (kir.)  mastectomy
mastic.o (subs.)  putty, filler, mastic
mastik.ar {tr}  to chew
mastodont.o (paleo.)  mastodon
mastr.o  master
masturb.ar  to masturbate
mat.o  mat, matting
matador.o  matador
mate.o  maté, mate (tree; drink)
matematik.o (cienco)  mathematics
materi.o  material, matter, stuff (also fig.)
        materi.o prim.a (tekn.)  raw material
matid.a  dull (of colour or sound)
matin.o  morning, forenoon
matlot.o  matelote (type of fish stew; type of hornpipe)
matolein.o (subs.)  mattolein
matr.o  mother
        matr.o-aqu.o (kem.)  motherliquor
matrac.o  mattress
matras.o  matrass
matric.o  matrix, mould
matrikul.o  register (of names)
matron.o  matron (mature woman)
matur.a  mature, ripe
matutin.o (litur.)  matins, mattins (relig.)
Mauric.o (lando)  Mauritius
Mauritani.a (lando)  Mauritania
mauzole.o  mausoleum
maxil.o (anat.)  upper jaw bone, maxilla
maxim {adv.}  most (preceding an adjective or adverb)
        maxim.a  greatest, highest, maximum (adj.)
        maxim.e  at most
        maxim.o  maximum (n.)
may.o  May
mayolik.o (arto)  majolica
mayonez.o  mayonnaise
mayor.o (milit.)  major (officer)
Mayork.a (lando)  Majorca
mayuskul.o  capital letter
maz.o  mace (ceremonial staff)
mazurk.o (danso)  mazurka
me {pron.}  I, me
        me.a  my, mine
meandr.o (arkit.)  meander (ornamental pattern)
mecen.o  rich patron of the arts, Maecenas
mech.o (tekn.)  wick
Med.o  Mede
medali.o  medal
medalion.o  locket; medallion
Medi.a (lando)  Media
medi.o  environment, surroundings, milieu; (of people) circle, set
mediac.ar {ntr}  to mediate, act as an intermediary, intercede
median.o (geom.)  median (geom., etc.)
mediat.a  intermediate, mediate
medicin.o (cienco)  medicine (science, profession)
medik.o  physician, doctor (of medicine)
medikament.o (medic.)  medicine (for an illness)
medit.ar {tr/ntr}  to meditate, think over
Mediterane.a (mar.)  Mediterranean (adj.)
Mediterane.o (mar.)  Mediterranean (sea)
medium.o  medium (spiritual)
medul.o (anat.)  marrow (of bone), medulla (#)
meduz.o  jellyfish
Meduz.o (mitol.)  Medusa
Mefistofel.al.a  Mephistophelean, Mephistophelian
mefit.o (subs.)  foul exhalation
mega- {pref.} (mez.)  mega- (million-fold)
megafon.o (aparato)  megaphone
megalit.o (arkeol.)  megalith
megalomani.o  megalomania
megaspor.o (biol.)  megaspore
megasporangi.o (biol.)  megasporangium
megateri.o (paleo.)  megatherium, megathere (extinct mammal)
meger.o  shrew, vixen, scold
mejis.ar {tr} (tekn.)  to taw (skins)
mekanik.o (cienco)  mechanics (science)
mekanism.o  mechanism (also philos.), mechanical structure
mekanist.o  mechanist (philos.)
melanin.o (biokem.)  melanin
melanism.o  melanism
melankoli.o  melancholy
melanom.o (medic.)  melanoma
melas.o  treacle, molasses
mele.o  brawl, melee
melilot.o (pl.)  melilot
melis.o (pl.)  lemon balm, balm (plant)
melk.ar {tr}  to milk
melodi.o (muz.)  melody, tune
melodram.o (teatro)  melodrama
melolont.o (insekto)  cockchafer, May beetle
melon.o (pl.)  melon
        aqu.o-melon.o (pl.)  watermelon
        kantalup.o-melon.o (pl.)  cantaloup, cantaloupe
melon-kaktus.o (pl.)  melon-cactus, -thick, -thistle, melocactus
mem {adv.}  even, still, really (e.g. 'mem hundi natas' = even dogs swim)
membr.o  member (of a club, society, community, party, etc.; of an equation); limb (arm or leg)
membran.o (biol.)  membrane
memor.ar {tr}  to remember, recollect
        memor.ind.a  memorable
memorand.o  memorandum
memorial.o  memoir, memoirs
menad.o  maenad, menad, ~bacchante
menaj.ar {tr/ntr}  to do the housekeeping, deal with the domestic administration of
        menaj.o  housekeeping
        menaj.ist.o  housekeeper
menajeri.o  menagerie (collection)
mencion.ar {tr}  to mention
mendik.ar {tr/ntr}  to beg for (something), beg (beg for alms)
menhir.o (arkeol.)  menhir
mening.o (anat.)  meninx; (-i) meninges
meningit.o (morbo)  meningitis
        meningit.o cerebr.o-spin.al.a (morbo)  cerebro-spinal meningitis
menisk.o  meniscus
menopauz.o (medic.)  menopause
menstru.ar {ntr} (medic.)  to menstruate
ment.o  mind (n.); mentality
menti.ar {ntr}  to lie (tell an untruth)
mentol.o (kem.)  menthol
menton.o (anat.)  chin
        menton.um.o  chin-strap, chin-piece, chin-band
mentor.o  mentor
menu.o  menu, bill of fare
menuet.o  minuet (dance or music)
menuz.ar {ntr}  to do joinery work
mercenari.o (milit.)  mercenary (soldier)
mercer.o  haberdashery (trade)
meridian.o (geog.)  meridian
merin.o (mamif.)  merino (sheep)
mering.o  meringue
merit.ar {tr} [pro]  to deserve, merit
meriz.o (frukto)  wild cherry, gean (fruit)
        meriz.ier.o (arb.)  wild cherry tree
merk.ar {tr}  to make a mental note of, keep in mind
        merk.o-vort.o  headword, key word, catchword (as in a dictionary or encyclopaedia)
merkat.o (pek.)  market (public place for selling; also fig.)
merkurdi.o  Wednesday
merkuri.o (elem.)  mercury
merl.o (ucelo)  blackbird
merlan.o (fisho)  whiting (fish)
merlon.o (fortif.)  merlon
merluch.o (fisho)  European hake
merogoni.o (biol.)  merogony
mes.o (rel.)  Mass
mesaj.o  message
mesi.o (rel.)  Messiah
meskalin.o (kem.)  mescaline
meskin.a  mean, stingy
meson.ar {tr}  to cut and harvest, reap (cereals)
mestic.o  half-caste, mestizo
mestier.o  trade, craft, occupation (manual), métier
met.ar {tr}  to put on, don (clothing etc)
metaboli.o (biol.)  metabolism
metacentr.o (fizk.)  metacentre, (US) metacenter
metadon.o (kem.)  methadone, methadon
metafaz.o (biol.)  metaphase
metafizik.o (cienco)  metaphysics
metafor.o  metaphor
metafraz.o  metaphrase, literal translation
metakarp.o (anat.)  metacarpus
metal.o (subs.)  metal
        metal.fil.o  wire
metalografi.o (cienco)  metallography
metaloid.o (kem.)  metalloid
metalurgi.o (cienco)  metallurgy
metamorfos.ar {tr}  to metamorphose
        metamorfos.o  metamorphosis
metan.o (kem.)  methane
metastabil.a  metastable
metatars.o (anat.)  metatarsus
metempsikos.o (doktrino)  metempsychosis
meteor.o (meteor.)  atmospheric phenomenon (rain, rainbow, wind, etc.)
meteorologi.o (cienco)  meteorology
metil.o (kem.)  methyl
metilen.o (kem.)  methylene
metod.o  method
metodism.o (rel.)  Methodism
metodist.o (rel.)  Methodist
metodologi.o (cienco)  methodology
metol.o (kem.)  metol
metonimi.o (retor.)  metonymy
metop.o (arkit.)  metope
metr.o  metre (measure; poetic)
        metr.o-kub.o (mez.)  cubic metre, (US) cubic meter
        metr.o-quadrat.o (mez.)  square metre, (US) square meter
metrik.o  prosody, versification
metrit.o (morbo)  metritis
metrologi.o (cienco)  metrology
metronom.o  metronome
metropol.o (polit.)  metropolis
metropolit.o (rel.)  metropolitan (bishop)
Mexik.o  Mexico City
Mexiki.a (lando)  Mexico (country)
        Mexiki.an.o  Mexican (n.)
mez.a  middle (adj.), median
mez.o  middle (n.), midst
        mez.e di  in the middle of
mezenter.o (anat.)  mesentery
mezereon.o (arb.)  mezereon (shrub)
mezoderm.o  mesoderm
mezokarp.o (bot.)  mesocarp
Mezopotami.a (lando)  Mesopotamia
        Mezopotami.an.o  Mesopotamian (n.)
mezotint.o (arto)  mezzotint (print)
mezur.ar {tr} [per]  to measure; (land) survey
        mezur.o  measure, measurement; time, measure (mus.); bar (mus.)
mi (muz.)  mi (third note of the diatonic scale)
«mi» (muz.)  mi (third note of the diatonic scale)
mi- {pref.}  semi-, hemi-, demi-
        mi-faci.o  pose between face and profile (portrait)
        mi-farm.ad.o  metayage
        mi-profil.o (fot.)  a pose between back and profile
        mi-sfer.o  hemisphere
miasm.o (subs.)  miasma
miaul.ar {ntr}  to mew (cat)
micel.o (biol.)  micella, micelle
miel.o  honey
        miel.aqu.o (drnkj.)  hydromel, mead
mien.o  look(s), mien, countenance
migr.ar {ntr} [ad, de]  to migrate
migren.o (morbo)  migraine
mika.o (min.)  mica
mikolog.o  mycologist
mikologi.o (cienco)  mycology
mikoriz.o  mycorrhiza, mycorhiza
mikr.a  small, little
mikro-  micro- (millionth part)
mikrob.o (biol.)  microbe
mikrocentr.o (biol.)  microcentrum
mikrofilm.o  microfilm
mikrofon.o (aparato)  microphone
mikrogamet.o (biol.)  microgamet
mikrograf.o (aparato)  micrographer
mikrografi.o (cienco)  micrography
mikrometr.o (instr.)  micrometer (instrument)
mikron.o (mez.)  micron
mikronukle.o (biol.)  micronucleus
mikropil.o (biol.)  micropyle
mikroskop.o  microscope
mikrosom.o (biol.)  microsome
mikrospor.o (biol.)  microspore
mikrosporangi.o (biol.)  microsporangium
mikrozo.o (biol.)  microzoa
mil  thousand
milan.o (ucelo)  kite (bird)
milb.o (insekto)  mite (tiny arachnid)
mild.a  mild, gentle
mili.o (mez.)  mile
mili- {pref.}  milli- (thousandth part)
miliar.a (medic.)  miliary (med.)
miliard.o  thousand million, milliard, (US) billion
miliari.o (patol.)  prickly heat, miliaria
milic.o  militia
miliet.o (pl.)  (common) millet (Panicum miliaceum)
miligram.o (mez.)  milligram
milimetr.o (mez.)  millimetre, (US) millimeter
milion.o  million
milit.ar {ntr} [por, kontre]  to make war, (fig.) militate
militarism.o  militarism
militarist.o  militant (n.), militarist (person imbued with militarism)
mim.ar {tr}  to mime
mimetik.a (biol.)  mimetic (zool.)
mimos.o (pl.)  mimosa
min {adv.}  less (preceding an adjective or adverb)
min.ar {tr}  to mine; (fig.) undermine
        min.ey.o  mine
min.e  less (at the end of a phrase)
minac.ar {tr} [ulu per ulo]  to menace, threaten (a person, etc)
minaret.o  minaret
mineral.o (subs.)  mineral
mineralogi.o (cienco)  mineralogy
minestrel.o  minstrel
miniatur.o  miniature
minim {adv.}  least (preceding an adjective or adverb)
        minim.a  least, lowest, minimum
        minim.e  at least
        minim.o  minimum
minion.a  small and dainty
ministeri.o (polit.)  ministry, department of government
ministr.o  minister, head of government department
minium.o (kem.)  red lead, minium (chemical; paint)
minor.a  minor, under age (in law); minor (logic, music, eccl.)
        minor.a mod.o (muz.)  minor key (mus.)
        minor.es.o  minority (of age)
minoritat.o  minority
Minork.a (lando)  Minorca
Minotaur.o (mitol.)  Minotaur
mint.o (pl.)  mint (plant)
        mint.o krisp.a (pl.)  curly mint (plant)
        pipr.o-mint.o (pl.)  peppermint (plant)
minuci.o  minor detail, minutia
minus {prep.} (matem.)  minus
minuskul.o  small letter (not a capital)
minut.o  minute (of time or angle)
miocen.o (geol.)  (the) Miocene (epoch)
miologi.o  myology
miop.a (patol.)  myopic, short-sighted
miozot.o (pl.)  forget-me-not, myosotis
mir.o (pl.)  myrrh
mirabel.o (frukto)  mirabelle (fruit: type of small, round, yellow plum)
miraj.o  mirage; (fig.) delusion
mirakl.o  miracle
miriad.o  myriad (ten thousand; an immense number)
miriametr.o (mez.)  myriametre, (US) myriameter
miriapod.o (animalo)  myriapod (centipede or millipede, etc.)
mirmekofag.o (mamif.)  anteater
mirmekofil.a (biol.)  myrmecophilous
mirmekoleon.o (insekto)  antlion
mirt.o (arb.)  myrtle
mirtel.o (frukto)  bilberry, blueberry, huckleberry, whortleberry (fruit)
        mirtel.ier.o (pl.)  bilberry (plant)
mis- {pref.}  mis- (prefix added to a verbal root to denote an erroneous or wrong action. E.g. mis-kompren-ar: to misunderstand; mis-pronunc-ar: to mispronounce; mis-uz-o: misuse)
        mis-alianc.o  misalliance, bad match
        mis-don.ar {tr}  to misdeal (cards)
        mis-dukt.ar {tr}  to mislead
        mis-interpret.ar {tr}  to misinterpret
        mis-judik.ar {tr}  to misjudge
        mis-kalkul.ar {tr}  to miscalculate
        mis-kompren.ar  to misunderstand
        mis-kont.ar {tr}  to miscount
        mis-nom.ar  to misname (use the wrong name for)
        mis-prizent.ar {tr}  to mispresent, present wrongly
        mis-pronunc.ar  to mispronounce
        mis-selekt.ar {tr}  to mischoose
        mis-traduk.ar {tr}  to mistranslate
        mis-uz.ar  to misuse, make bad use of, waste
mision.o  mission (religious or scientific group)
mispel.o (frukto)  medlar (fruit)
        mispel.ier.o (arb.)  medlar tree
«Miss»  miss
mistel.o (pl.)  mistletoe
misteri.o  mystery
mistik.a  mystic, mystical
mit.o  myth
miten.o (vesto)  mitten
        mi-miten.o (vesto)  mitten which leaves the fingers bare
mitokondri.o (biol.)  mitochondrion
mitologi.o  mythology
mitom.o (biol.)  mitom
mitos.o (biol.)  mitosis
mitr.o (vesto)  mitre, (US) miter (headdress)
mitrali.o  grapeshot
mitralios.o (armo)  machine gun
mix.ar {tr} [kun]  to mix, blend; shuffle (cards)
mixameb.o (biol.)  myxamoeba
mizantrop.o  misanthrope
mizer.ar {ntr}  to be in misery
mizerikordi.o  forgiving compassion
Mizi.a (lando)  Mysia
mnemonik.o (arto)  mnemonics
Moab  Moab (son of Lot)
        Moab.id.o  Moabite (descendant of Moab)
Moabi.a (lando)  Moab (land)
        Moabi.an.o  Moabite (native of the land of Moab)
mobiliz.ar {tr} (milit.)  to mobilise (troops)
mobl.o  piece of furniture
mod.o  fashion; mood (verb); mode (philos., mus.)
model.o  model (something to be imitated or copied, pattern; artist's model)
modem.o (aparato)  modem (modulator/demodulator)
moder.ar {tr}  to moderate, mitigate
modern.a  modern
        modern.ig.ar  to modernise (tr.)
modest.a  modest (not pretentious or ostentatious; not presumptuous)
modifik.ar {tr}  to modify
modilion.o (arkit.)  modillion
modl.ar {tr} (arto)  to make a preliminary model of clay, wax, etc., for copying in the form of a more durable sculpture
modul.o  modulus (math., phys.), module (arch.)
modulac.ar {tr}  to modulate
mofet.o (mamif.)  skunk
«mogul»  mogul
Mohamed.an.o (rel.)  Muslim, Mohammedan, Mahommedan, Mahometan, Muhammedan
moher.o (stofo)  mohair (fabric)
mok.ar {tr} [pro, pri]  to mock, laugh at
mokasin.o (vesto)  moccasin
mol.a  soft, yielding easily to pressure; tender, mellow
molar.a (anat.)  molar
mold.ar {ntr} (biol.)  to grow mouldy
Moldavi.a (lando)  Moldavia
        Moldavi.an.o  Moldavian (n.)
molekul.o  molecule
moleskin.o (tex.)  moleskin (fabric)
molest.ar {tr}  to pester, bother
moli.o  breakwater, mole
molibd.o (elem.)  molybdenum
molton.o (stofo)  flannelette, swanskin (fabric)
molusk.o  mollusc
moment.o (fizk.)  momentum
monad.o  monad, monas
monak.o (rel.)  monk, friar
Monak.o (lando)  Monaco
        Monak.an.o  Monegasque, Monacan (n.)
monark.o  monarch
monarki.o (polit.)  monarchy
monaster.o (biol.)  monaster
monat.o  month
mond.o (geog.)  world
        mond.um.o  society or people in general, (the) world (of)
moner.o (biol.)  moner, moneron: hypothetical simplest protozoan
monet.o (pek.)  coin, cash, change
        monet.uy.o  purse
Mongol.o  Mongol, Mongolian (person)
Mongoli.a (lando)  Mongolia
monism.o (filoz.)  monism
monist.o  monist
monitor.o (batelo)  monitor (ship)
mono- {pref.}  mono- (scientific prefix)
        mono-kord.o  monochord, sonometer
        mono-silab.a  monosyllabic
monofiletik.a (biol.)  monophyletic
monoftong.o (gram.)  monophthong
monogam.a  monogamous
        monogam.es.o  monogamy
monografi.o  monograph
monogram.o  monogram
monohibrid.a (biol.)  monohybrid
monoik.a (bot.)  monoecious (bot.)
monokl.o  monocle
monoklin.a  monoclinous; monoclinic
monokrom.a (koloro)  monochrome
        monokrom.aj.o (arto)  camaieu
monolit.o  monolith
monolog.o  monologue
monomani.o (medic.)  monomania
monomi.o (matem.)  monomial
monopol.o (komerco)  monopoly
monoteism.o  monotheism
monoteist.o (rel.)  monotheist
monoton.a  monotonous
monsinior.o  Monsignor, Monseigneur
monstr.o  monster (also fig.)
Mont.i Rok.oz.a (mont.)  Rocky Mountains, Rockies
mont.o (geog.)  mountain, mount
montant.o  upright (component of wood, metal, etc.)
Montenegr.o (lando)  Montenegro
        Montenegr.an.o  Montenegrin (n.)
montr.ar {tr} [ad]  to show
monument.o  monument
mops.o (mamif.)  pug (dog)
moquet.o (stofo)  moquette
mor.o  (-i) mores
        mor.i  mores (manners, habits, conduct considered from the moral point of view), morals
        mor.al.a  habitual, customary
Moravi.a (lando)  Moravia
        Moravi.an.o  Moravian (native of Moravia)
morb.o (patol.)  disease, malady
morbil.o (morbo)  measles, morbilli
mord.ar {tr}  to bite (also fig.)
morel.o (fungo)  morel, morille (edible fungus)
moren.o (geog.)  moraine
morfem.o (ling.)  morpheme, moneme
morfin.o  morphine
morfogen.a (biol.)  morphogenic (of the nature of a morphogen)
        morfogen.o  morphogen
morfogenez.o (biol.)  morphogenesis, morphogeny (biol.)
morfologi.o  morphology (biology; linguistics)
morfoplasm.o (biol.)  morphoplasm
morfos.o (biol.)  morphosis
morg.e {adv.}  tomorrow
        morg.o  (the) next day, (the) day after, (the) morrow
morganatik.a (yuro)  morganatic
morili.o  andiron, firedog
mors.o  bit (of a bridle)
mort.ar {ntr}  to die (also fig., e.g. of fire, of a movement)
Mort.int.a Mar.o (mar.)  Dead Sea
mortadel.o  bologna sausage
morter.o (subs.)  mortar (building cement)
mortez.o (tekn.)  mortise, mortice
mortifik.ar {tr}  to mortify (subdue by severities and penance)
moru.o (fisho)  cod
        sik.a moru.o  stockfish (dried cod)
        sik.a sal-moru.o  dried salted cod
morus.o (frukto)  mulberry (fruit)
        morus.ier.o (arb.)  mulberry tree
morv.o  glanders
mos.o  cabin boy, sea apprentice, ship boy
mosk.o (subs.)  musk (substance)
        mosk.o-cerv.o (mamif.)  musk deer
        mosk.o-musaren.o (mamif.)  musk shrew, sondeli
        mosk.o-rat.o (mamif.)  muskrat
moskardin.o (mamif.)  common dormouse
moske.o  mosque
moskit.o (insekto)  mosquito
most.o (subs.)  must (juice)
mot.o  motto
motacil.o (ucelo)  wagtail
motet.o  motet
motif.o  motif
motiv.o  motive, reason
motor.o (aparato)  motor
mov.ar {tr/ntr}  to move, set in motion, propel
moviment.o (muz.)  tempo
moyen.o  means (through which something is done)
mozaik.o  mosaic (of stone, glass etc)
Mozambik (lando)  Mozambique
mu.ar {ntr}  to moult, (US) molt; change, break (boy's voice)
muar.o (stofo)  moire: watered fabric
mucilaj.o (bot.)  mucilage (from plants)
muel.ar {tr}  to grind, crush (in a mill)
muev.o (ucelo)  gull, sea gull
muf.o  muff; cylindrical casing (tech.)
mufl.o  muffle (chem.)
muflon.o (mamif.)  mouflon, moufflon
«mufti» (rel.)  Mufti (expounder of Muslim law)
«muid» (mez.)  hogshead
muj.ar {ntr}  to roar (of wind, waves)
muk.o (biol.)  mucus
        muk.oz.o (anat.)  mucous membrane
mul.o (mamif.)  mule; hinny
mulat.o  mulatto
muld.ar {tr}  to form a mould (US: mold) of (something, as in sand, in which to make a casting)
muld.ar su  (fig.) to mould (US: mold) oneself, model oneself
        muld.ur.o (tekn.)  moulding (in which a cast is made)
mulier.o  woman
mult.a  many, much
        mult.o  a lot, a large quantity
        mult.opl.o  manifold, multiple
multiform.a (matem.)  multiform (math.)
multiplan.o (matem.)  multiplane
multiplik.ar {tr} (matem.)  to multiply, calculate a product
multipol.a (matem.)  multipolar (math.)
mulur.o (arkit.)  (architectural) moulding, (US) molding
mumi.o  mummy (body)
mung.ar {tr}  to blow the nose of; (mungar su) to blow one's nose
municion.o (milit.)  munition, ammunition
municip.o (polit.)  municipality
munt.ar {tr} (tekn.)  to fit together, assemble
mur.o  wall
muren.o (fisho)  moray
murmur.ar {ntr}  to murmur (of person, water, wind etc), hum (of bees)
mus.o (mamif.)  mouse
musaren.o (mamif.)  shrew, shrewmouse
mush.o (insekto)  fly (insect)
        karn.o-mush.o (insekto)  blowfly, bluebottle
mush-agarik.o  toad stool, fly agaric
        mush-kapt.er.o (ucelo)  flycatcher (bird)
musk.o (pl.)  moss
muskad.o (frukto)  nutmeg
        muskad.ier.o (arb.)  nutmeg (tree)
muskardin.o  muscardine
muskat.o (frukto)  muscat grape
        muskat-vin.o (pl.)  muscatel (wine)
musket.o (armo)  musket, matchlock
musketon.o (armo)  musketoon, musquetoon
muskul.o (anat.)  muscle
musl.o (animalo)  common edible mussel
muslin.o (stofo)  muslin
muson.o (meteor.)  monsoon (wind)
must.ar {ntr}  to have to (from necessity, not duty)
mustard.o  mustard
mut.a  dumb, mute
mutac.ar {ntr}  to mutate
        mutac.o (biol.)  mutation
mutil.ar {tr}  to maim, mutilate (also fig.)
muton.o  sheep; fluffy or fleecy cloud; (fig.: person) one of a flock
mutual.a  mutual (referring to an association or institution)
muz.o  Muse, muse
muze.o  museum
muzel.o  snout, muzzle; (fig.) pout
        muzel-flor.o (pl.)  snapdragon, antirrhinum
muzik.ar {ntr} (muz.)  to play music
        muzik.aj.o (muz.)  written music, score
muzikologi.o  musicology
myel.o (anat.)  spinal cord
myelin.o (anat.)  myelin, myeline
myelit.o (morbo)  myelitis: inflammation of spinal cord


nab.o (mek.)  hub (of a wheel)
Nabate.i  Nabataeans, Nabatean (people)
nabob.o  nawab, nabob (also fig.)
nacion.o  nation
        nacion.al.a  national
nadir.o (astron.)  nadir
naft.o (kem.)  naphtha
naftalin.o (kem.)  naphthalene
naiv.a  naive
nakarat.a (koloro)  nacarat: (bright) orange-red
        nakarat.o (koloro)  nacarat: (bright) orange-red
naktigal.o (ucelo)  nightingale
nam {konj.}  for, since (conj.), seeing that
Namibi.a (lando)  Namibia
nan.o  dwarf
nankin.o (stofo)  nankeen, nankin (cloth)
nano- {pref.}  nano- (thousand millionth part)
nap.o (pl.)  turnip
napalm.o (kem.)  napalm
narac.ar {tr}  to narrate, tell (something that happened)
narcis.o (pl.)  narcissus, daffodil
nard.o (pl.)  spikenard, nard (plant)
        nard.o-unguent.o (subs.)  nard (ointment)
narkot.ar {ntr} (medic.)  to be in a state of narcosis
narval.o (mamif.)  narwhal
nas.o  trap for fish etc.
nask.ar {ntr}  to be born
        nask.o  birth
nat.ar {ntr}  to swim
Natal (lando)  Natal
natr.o (elem.)  sodium
        natr.o-klor.o (kem.)  sodium chloride
        natr.o-sulfit.o (kem.)  sodium sulphite
natur.o  nature (all senses)
        natur.al.ism.o  naturalism (philos., art)
        natur.al.ist.o  naturalist (philos., art)
naufraj.ar {ntr}  to be shipwrecked
nautil.o (animalo)  nautilus
nauze.ar {ntr} (medic.)  to feel nauseated (sick)
nav.o  ship; nave (of a church)
        nav.estr.o  ship's captain
        nav.al.a  nautical
        nav.atr.a ost.o (anat.)  scaphoid bone
        nav.oid.a ost.o (anat.)  scafoid bone (of carpal bones)
Navar.a (lando)  Navarre
navig.ar {tr/ntr} (nav.)  to navigate, sail
        navig.ad.o (nav.)  navigation
        riv.o-navig.ad.o (nav.)  coasting
nayad.o (mitol.)  naiad, water nymph (myth.)
naz.o (anat.)  nose
        naz-katar.o (morbo)  cold in the head
Nazareth  Nazareth
ne {adv.}  not
ne plus  no more
ne- {pref.}  non-, un-, in-, im-, ir-, not
        ne-aces.ebl.a  unapproachable, inaccessible (of persons, places)
        ne-depend.o  independence
        ne-efac.ebl.a  indelible
        ne-facil.a  not easy
        ne-fatig.ebl.a  indefatigeble
        ne-fix.a  movable, moveable
        ne-gratitud.o  ingratitude, thanklessness
        ne-honest.a  dishonest, underhand
        ne-kontent.a  dissatisfied
        ne-mediat.e  directly (without intermediary)
        ne-mov.ebl.a  immovable
        ne-ordinar.a  uncommon, unusual
        ne-par.a  odd, not even (of numbers)
        ne-perfekt.a  imperfect (adj.)
        ne-posibl.a  impossible
        ne-pur.a  impure
        ne-util.a  useless, needless
        ne-valid.a  invalid (adj.)
        ne-vid.ebl.a  invisible
        ne-yust.a  unjust, unfair
nebul.ar {imp} (meteor.)  to be foggy
nebulos.o (astron.)  nebula
neces.a  necessary
Nederland.o (lando)  Netherlands
        Nederland.an.o  Dutchman, Netherlander
nefrit.o (morbo)  nephritis
neg.ar {tr}  to deny, declare untrue
negativ.a  negative (math., fotog.)
        negativ.o  negative (n.)
neglij.ar {tr}  to neglect
neglije.o (vesto)  negligee
negoci.ar {tr}  to arrange by negotiating
negr.o  negro
nek {konj.}  (nek ... nek) neither ... nor
nekrobios.o (patol.)  necrobiosis
nekrolog.o  obituary
nekromanci.ar {ntr}  to practise necromancy
        nekromanci.o  necromancy
nekropol.o  necropolis
nekros.o (patol.)  necrosis
nektar.o  nectar (myth., bot., fig.)
nektari.o (bot.)  nectary
nektarin.o (frukto)  nectarine
nematod.o  nematode, nematode worm, roundworm
nemoblast.o (biol.)  nematoblast
nenufar.o (pl.)  water lily
neofit.o  neophyte
neologism.o  neologism
neon.o (elem.)  neon
neopren.o (subs.)  neoprene
neovitalism.o (biol.)  neovitalism
neovitalist.o  neovitalist
Nepal (lando)  Nepal
Neper.al.a (matem.)  Napierian, Naperian
        Neper.al.a verg.i (matem.)  Napier's bones
nepot.o  grandchild
        pos-nepot.o  great-grandchild
nepotism.o  nepotism
Neptun.al.a (geol.)  Neptunian (geol.)
Nere.id.o (mitol.)  nereid (myth.)
nerv.o (anat.)  nerve
nest.o  (bird-)nest (also fig.)
net.a  clean, spotless; (of price) net, nett
neuron.o (biol.)  neurone, neuron, nerve cell
neutr.a  neutral; neuter
neutrin.o (fizk.)  neutrino
neutron.o (fizk.)  neutron
nev.o  nephew; neice; (-ulo) nephew; (-ino) niece
        nev.in.o  niece
        nev.ul.o  nephew
        pos-nev.o  greatnephew, grandnephew; greatniece, grandniece
neve.o (geog.)  névé, firn, glacial snow
nevralgi.o (morbo)  neuralgia
nevrit.o (morbo)  neuritis
nevrologi.o  neurology
nevropter.o (zool.)  neuropterous insect
nevros.o (morbo)  neurosis
nevus.o (biol.)  birthmark, naevus
        nevus.o flam.e.a (biol.)  burn mark (on the skin)
ni {pron.}  we, us
        ni.a  our, ours
nich.o (arkit.)  niche, recess in wall
niel.o  niello (ornament)
nigel.o (pl.)  love-in-a-mist, nigella
Nigeri.a (lando)  Nigeria
nigr.a  black
nigr.a anad.o (ucelo)  sea duck
Nigr.a Mar.o (mar.)  Black Sea, Euxine Sea
nihil.o  nonexistence, nullity, void
Nikaragu.a (lando)  Nicaragua
nikel.o (elem.)  nickel
nikelin.o (metalg.)  niccolite, kupfernickel (copper-nickel mineral)
nikotin.o (kem.)  nicotine
niktitrop.a (biol.)  nyctitropic
niktitropism.o (biol.)  nyctitropism
nilgav.o (mamif.)  nilgai, nilghau, nilgau, nylghau
nilon.o (subs.)  nylon
nimb.o (meteor.)  nimbus (cloud)
nimf.o (mitol.)  nymph
«nirvana» (filoz.)  nirvana, Nirvana
nitr.o (elem.)  nitrogen
nitrat.o (kem.)  nitrate
nitrid.o (kem.)  nitride
nitrit.o (kem.)  nitrite
niv.ar {imp} (meteor.)  to snow
nivel.o  level (horizontal plane), height (above or below)
niveol.o (pl.)  snowdrop
nix.o (mitol.)  nix, water sprite
no  no (opposite of yes)
nobel.a  noble (by birth)
        nobel.o  noble (person)
nobl.a  noble (in character, morally)
noc.ar {tr} [pri, pro, per]  to harm, injure
noch.o  notch, nick, dent, indentation
nocion.o  notion
nod.o  knot (in string, etc; unit of speed)
nokt.ar {imp}  to be night
        nokt.as  it is night
        nokt.o  night
        nokt.o-marvel.o (pl.)  four-o'clock (plant), marvel-of-Peru
        nokt.o-vaz.o  chamberpot
noktiluk.o (zool.)  noctiluca
noktu.o (ucelo)  little owl
nokturn.o (muz.)  nocturne (music)
nom.ar {tr}  to name (say the name of)
        nom.o  name
        nom.iz.ar {tr}  to name (give a name to)
nomad.a  nomadic
nomad.o  nomad
nombr.o (matem.)  number (indicating quantity; gram.)
nomenklatur.o  nomenclature
nomin.al.a  nominal (of price, value)
        nomin.al.ism.o (filoz.)  nominalism
nominativ.o (gram.)  nominative
nomografi.o (matem.)  nomography
non  nine
nonilion.o  nonillion (million raised to the ninth power)
nopal.o (arb.)  nopal, cochineal plant
nord.o (geog.)  north
nori.o (aparato)  noria
norm.o  norm
        norm.al.a  normal
Normand.o  Norman
Normandi.a (lando)  Normandy
Norvegi.a (lando)  Norway
        Norvegi.an.o  Norwegian (person)
nostalgi.o  nostalgia
nostok.o (bot.)  nostoc
not.ar {tr}  to note down, set down in writing
        not.o  note (written; musical)
notari.o  notary public
notic.o  notice (instructive, informative), label (as on an exhibit)
notor.a  well-known
nov.a  new
Nov.a Guine.a (lando)  New Guinea
Nov.a Kaledoni.a (lando)  New Caledonia
Nov.a Skoti.a (lando)  Nova Scotia
Nov-Land.o (lando)  Newfoundland
        Nov-Land.an.o  Newfoundlander
Nov-Sud-Wals (lando)  New South Wales
Nov-Zeland.o (lando)  New Zealand
novel.o  short story
novembr.o  November
novic.o  novice, tyro
nu [!] {interj.}  well!, now then!
nuanc.o  nuance (of tone, meaning, colour, etc.)
nub.o (meteor.)  cloud
Nubi.a (lando)  Nubia
        Nubi.an.o  Nubian (n.)
nuc.o (frukto)  walnut
        nuc.ier.o (arb.)  walnut tree
nucel.o (biol.)  nucellus
nud.a  naked, bare, nude
nudl.o  noodle
nugat.o  nougat
nuk.o (anat.)  nape
        nuk.um.o  neck-covering (part of a helmet)
nukle.o  nucleus; kernel, stone, pit
nuklear.a (fizk.)  nuclear
nuklein.o (biol.)  nuclein
nukleol.o (biol.)  nucleole
nukleoplasm.o (biol.)  nucleoplasm
nul.a  no (adj.), not any
        nul.o  nothing
        nul.u  no-one, nobody
        nul.temp.e  never
numer.o (matem.)  number (indicating order or succession (not quantity); e.g. the number of a house or room)
numerator.o (matem.)  numerator (math.)
numismatik.o (cienco)  numismatics
numulari.o (pl.)  moneywort
numulit.o (paleo.)  nummulite
nun {adv.}  now
        nun.a  current, present, of this time
nunci.o (rel.)  nuncio
nupcial.a (zool.)  nuptial (zool.)
nur {adv.}  only (adv.)
        nur.a  sole
nutac.ar {ntr}  to nutate (perform a nutation: astron., bot.)
        nutac.o  nutation (astron., bot.)
nutr.ar {tr}  to nourish, feed
        nutr.iv.a  nourishing, nutritious


o (= od) {konj.}  or
o ... o (= od ... od) {konj.}  either ... or
oazis.o (geog.)  oasis
obcen.a  obscene
obedi.ar {tr}  to obey
obelisk.o  obelisk
obez.a (patol.)  obese
objecion.ar {tr}  to object to, adduce as an objection to or reason against
objekt.o  object (tangible or visible; focus of thought or feelings)
        objekt.al.es.o  objectivity
oblat.o  wafer (thin disc of adhesive material for sealing letters etc.)
oble.o  wafer (edible)
oblig.ar {tr}  to oblige (put under an obligation)
obligacion.o (financ.)  debenture, bond
obliqu.a  oblique, slanting
obliter.ar {tr}  to obliterate (blot out)
oblivi.ar {tr}  to forget
oblong.a  oblong
obol.o  obol (sixth part of a drachma); mite, groat, coin of little value
obsed.ar {tr} (medic.)  to beset; haunt, obsess
observ.ar {tr}  to observe, watch carefully
observatori.o  observatory
obsidian.o (min.)  obsidian
obskur.a  obscure, dark, gloomy, dim, sombre, (US) somber; dark (of colour; US: color); not easily understood; unknown, inconspicuous
obskurantism.o  obscurantism
obskurantist.o  obscurant (n.), obscurantist
obsolet.a  obsolete
obstakl.o  obstacle, hindrance, impediment (also fig.)
obstetrik.o (medic.)  obstetrics
obstin.ar {ntr} [pri]  to be obstinate
obstrukt.ar {tr}  to block, obstruct (a way, a tube, etc.; also fig.)
obten.ar {tr} [de]  to obtain, get
obtur.ar {tr} [per] (tekn.)  to obturate
        obtur.il.o (tekn.)  obturator
obus.o (armo)  shell (weapon)
ocean.o (geog.)  ocean
Ocean.id.o (mitol.)  Oceanid (a daughter of Oceanus); (fig.) a sea-nymph
Oceani.a (lando)  Oceania
oceanografi.o (cienco)  oceanography
ocelot.o (mamif.)  ocelot
oci.ar {ntr}  to be idle, be unoccupied
ocid.ar {tr}  to slay, kill with violence
ocident.o (geog.)  Occident, occident
ocil.ar {ntr}  to oscillate
        ocil.il.o  swing (n.)
ocipit.o (anat.)  occiput
        ocipit.al.a ost.o (anat.)  occipital bone
ocit.ar {ntr}  to yawn
od (= o) {konj.}  or
od ... od (= o ... o) {konj.}  either ... or
od.o  ode
odalisk.o  odalisque, odalisk, odalique
«odeon»  odeon (ancient Greek musical theatre), odeum (Roman odeon)
odi.ar {tr}  to hate
odise.o  odyssey
odontoblast.o (biol.)  odontoblast
odontologi.o  odontology
odor.ar {ntr}  to smell (have a smell or scent)
        odor.o  smell, scent, odour, (US) odor
ofens.ar {tr}  to offend (someone)
ofertori.o (litur.)  offertory (liturgy)
ofic.o  office (position, function), post, duty
ofici.ar {ntr} (rel.)  to officiate: conduct a religious service
oficir.o (milit.)  officer (military, naval; of an order)
ofikleid.o (muzin.)  ophicleide
ofit.o (min.)  ophite (rock)
ofr.ar {tr} [ad]  to offer, proffer
ofset.o  offset (printing method)
oft.a  repeated, frequent
        oft.e  often
oftalmi.o (morbo)  ophthalmia
oftalmologi.o  ophthalmology
oftalmoskop.o (instr.)  ophthalmoscope
ogiv.o (arkit.)  ogive
ogl.ar {tr}  to ogle
ogr.o  ogre
«ohm»  ohm
-oid- {suf.}  -oid (scientific suffix)
ok  eight
okapi.o (mamif.)  okapi
okarin.o (muzin.)  ocarina
okazion.o  occasion, opportunity
okr.o (subs.)  ochre, (US) ocher
oktaedr.o (geom.)  octahedron
oktant.o  octant (eighth of a circle; instrument)
oktav.o  octave (mus., ch. festival, verse)
oktilion.o  octillion (million raised to the eighth power)
okto-  octo-, oct-, octa- (scientific prefix)
oktobr.o  October
oktogon.o (geom.)  octagon
oktopod.o (zool.)  octopod
okul.o (anat.)  eye
        okul.al.o  eyepiece, eyeglass
okult.a  occult
okultac.ar {tr} (astron.)  to occult (a star, etc.)
        okultac.o (astron.)  occultation
okup.ar {tr}  to occupy
        okup.ar su  to occupy oneself, be busy
ol (= olu) {pron.}  it
old.a  old (opposite of young)
ole.o (subs.)  oil
olfakt.ar {tr}  to perceive by sense of smell
oli {pron.}  they (those things)
        oli.a  their (of those things)
oliban.o (subs.)  frankincense, olibanum
oligark.o  oligarch
oligarki.o (polit.)  oligarchy
oligocen.o (geol.)  oligocene
olim {adv.}  in former times, once
Olimp.o (mitol.)  Olympus
olimpiad.o  Olympiad (period of four years)
oliv.o (frukto)  olive
        oliv.ier.o (arb.)  olive tree
olu {pron.}  it
        olu.a  its
Oman (lando)  Oman
ombr.o  shadow; shade
ombrofil.a (biol.)  ombrophilous
ombrofob.a (biol.)  ombrophobic
oment.o (anat.)  omentum
omis.ar {tr}  to omit
omlet.o  omelette
omn.a  all, every (collective sense)
        omn.i  all, everybody (collectively)
        omn.o  everything
        omn.u  everyone
omnibus.o (veturo)  (horse-drawn) omnibus
omnivor.a (biol.)  omnivorous
on (= onu) {pron.}  one (someone), they (as used loosely)
onagr.o  onager, Asian wild ass; onager (mech.)
onani.ar {ntr}  to practise onanism
ond.o  wave, swell (of water; also fig.)
onix.o (min.)  onyx
onkl.o  uncle or aunt
        onkl.in.o  aunt
        onkl.ul.o  uncle
onomatope.o  onomatopoeia
ontologi.o  ontology
onu (= on) {pron.}  one (someone)
onyon.o (pl.)  onion
oocit.o (biol.)  oocyte
oogam.a (biol.)  oogamous
oogenez.o (biol.)  oogenesis, oogeny
oogoni.o (biol.)  oogonium
oolit.o (geol.)  oolite
ooplasm.o (biol.)  ooplasm
oosfer.o (biol.)  oosphere
oospor.o (biol.)  oospore
-op- {suf.}  (suffix with a distributive meaning. E.g. quar-op-e: in fours, four at a time)
opak.a  opaque
opal.o (min.)  opal
opalec.ar {ntr}  to opalesce
oper.o  opera
        oper.et.o  operetta
operac.ar {tr}  to operate upon (in surgery, mathematics, finance, war)
operkul.o  operculum (bot., anat., zool.)
opiat.o (subs.)  opiate
opinion.ar {ntr}  to opine, hold an opinion
opium.o (subs.)  opium
-opl- {suf.}  (multiplying suffix. E.g. du-opl-a: double; tri-opl-a: triple; tri-opl-e kin es-as dek-e-kin: three times five is fifteen)
opodeldok.o (medkm.)  opodeldoc
oport.ar {imp}  to be necessary, to be required
        oport.as  it is required, it is necessary
oportun.a  opportune, timely
opoz.ar {tr}  to put (someone or something) in opposition, set opposite
opres.ar {tr}  to oppress
optativ.o (gram.)  optative
optik.o (cienco)  optics
optimism.o  optimism
optometri.o (cienco)  optometry
or {konj.}  now, but (in argument)
Or.a Riv.o (lando)  Gold Coast
or.o (elem.)  gold
orakl.o  oracle
orangutan.o (mamif.)  orang-utan
oranj.o (frukto)  orange (fruit)
        oranj.ier.o (arb.)  orange tree
Oranji.a (lando)  Orange River Colony
orator.o  orator
oratori.o (muz.)  oratorio
orbit.o  orbit (curved path of planet etc; eye socket)
ord.o (ekl.)  holy orders, ordination (religious rite)
orden.o  order (religion, chivalry, honorary, etc.)
ordin.ar {tr}  to put in order, arrange (in proper order)
ordinac.ar {tr} (litur.)  to ordain (confer holy orders upon)
ordinar.a  ordinary, common
ordinat.o (geom.)  ordinate (n.)
ordonanc.o (milit.)  orderly (milit.)
        ordonanc-oficir.o (milit.)  orderly (officer)
oread.o (mitol.)  oread, mountain nymph
orel.o (anat.)  ear
        orel.um.o  ear-covering, ear-flap
orelion.o (morbo)  mumps
«oremus» (litur.)  orison, prayer
orfan.o  orphan
organ.o  organ (of an organised body); (fig.) instrument, means
        organ.iz.ar {tr}  to organise (furnish with organs)
organdi.o (stofo)  organdie, (US) organdy (fine muslin)
organicism.o (medic.)  organicism (theory that every malady is due to damage to an organ)
organik.a (kem.)  organic (chem.)
organism.o  organism (also fig.)
organzin.o  organzine (silk yarn)
orgasm.o  orgasm
orgen.o (muzin.)  organ (musical)
        turn-orgen.o (muzin.)  barrel organ, ~hurdy-gurdy
orgi.o  orgy
orient.o (geog.)  Orient
        orient.iz.ar {tr}  to orient or orientate (also fig.)
orific.o  orifice
oriflam.o  oriflamme
origin.o  origin
        origin.al.a  original
orikalk.o (metalg.)  orichalc
orikterop.o (mamif.)  aardvark, ant bear, giant anteater
oriol.o (ucelo)  oriole
oripel.o  tinsel (thin, gold-like leaves)
orjat.o (drnkj.)  orgeat (almond syrup)
Orkad.i (lando)  Orkney (Islands)
orkestr.o (muz.)  orchestra
orkide.o (pl.)  orchid
orl.ar {tr}  to hem
orn.ar {tr}  to adorn, embellish
ornament.o  ornament (decoration, adornment)
ornitologi.o (cienco)  ornithology
ornitopter.o (aparato)  ornithopter
orografi.o (geog.)  orography
orpiment.o  orpiment
orsel.o (pl.)  orchil, archil, orseille (lichen)
ort.a (geom.)  right-angled
        ort-angul.a (geom.)  orthogonal, right-angled
ortocentr.o (geom.)  orthocentre, (US) orthocenter
ortodox.a  orthodox
ortogenez.o (biol.)  orthogenesis
ortografi.o  orthography
ortokrom.a (fot.)  orthochromatic
ortolan.o (ucelo)  ortolan
ortopedi.o  orthopaedics, orthopaedy, (US) orthopedics, orthopedy
ortopter.o  orthopterous insect, orthopteron
orvet.o (rept.)  slowworm, blindworm
orvietan.o (medkm.)  orvietan
oskul.ar {tr} (geom.)  to osculate (geom.)
osmi.o (elem.)  osmium
osmos.o  osmosis
ost.o (anat.)  bone
ostensori.o (litur.)  monstrance, ostensory
ostent.ar {tr/ntr} [pri; ulo]  to show off, show (something) off
osteoblast.o (biol.)  osteoblast
osteologi.o  osteology
osteom.o (patol.)  osteoma
osteopati.o  osteopathy
osteoplasti.o (kir.)  osteoplasty
osteotomi.o (kir.)  osteotomy
ostit.o (patol.)  osteitis
ostr.o (animalo)  oyster
ostracism.o  ostracism
Ostrogot.o  Ostrogoth
otalgi.o (morbo)  otalgia, earache
otari.o (mamif.)  otariid, animal of the family Otariidae (pinnipeds with external ears: fur seals & sea lions)
otit.o (morbo)  otitis
otolit.o (zool.)  otolith
otologi.o  otology
otoman.o (moblo)  ottoman (seat)
otus.o (ucelo)  common owl
ov.o (zool.)  egg (from a bird, reptile, fish, etc.); (fig.) egg-shaped ornament
        ov.i (zool.)  eggs; hard roe (fish eggs)
ovacion.ar {tr}  to give an ovation to
oval.a  oval (adj.)
        oval.o  oval (n.)
ovari.o  ovary (bot., zool.)
ovipar.a (zool.)  oviparous
ovogoni.o (biol.)  ovogonium
ovoid.a  egg-shaped, ovoid
ovoid.o (geom.)  ovoid (n.)
ovul.o  ovule (bot.); ovum, ovule, egg cell (zool.)
ox.o (elem.)  oxygen
oxal.o (pl.)  sorrel
oxalat.o (kem.)  oxalate
oxalik.a (kem.)  oxalic
oxid.o (kem.)  oxide
oxidaz.o (biokem.)  oxydase
oxigen.o (elem.)  oxygen
oxikok.o (frukto)  (European) cranberry (fruit)
-oz- {suf.}  -ful, -ous (suffix denoting: full of, containing, ornamented with, having in itself. E.g. por-oz-a: porous; kuraj-oz-a: courageous; joy-oz-e: joyfully)
ozier.o (arb.)  willow, osier
ozon.o (kem.)  ozone


pac.ar {ntr}  to be at peace
        pac.o  peace
pachuli.o  patchouli, patchouly (shrub; perfume)
pacient.a  patient (adj.)
Pacifik.a (mar.)  Pacific (adj.)
        Pacifik.o (mar.)  Pacific (ocean)
pad.o  pad, padding
padel.o  frying pan
«padishah»  padishah
padlok.o  padlock
paf.ar {tr/ntr}  to shoot (a bullet etc., with a firearm)
Paflagoni.a (lando)  Paphlagonia
pag.ar {tr} [ulu ye ulo, ulo ad ulu]  to pay (someone or something), pay for (something; also fig.)
pagan.o  pagan
pagay.o  paddle (as for a canoe)
pagin.o  page (of a book, etc.)
pagod.o  pagoda
paj.o  page (boy); jack, knave (at cards)
pak.o  bundle, package, parcel
        pak.eg.o  large bundle, bale
        pak.et.o  packet, small bundle
paketbot.o (batelo)  packet-boat, packet-ship
pakiderm.o (zool.)  pachyderm
pakotili.o (nav.)  seaman's goods carried free of freightage
pakt.ar {ntr} [kun]  to make a pact
pal.a  pale, pallid
palac.o  palace
palad.o (elem.)  palladium
paladi.o  palladium (statue & fig.)
paladin.o  paladin; (fig.) knight-errant
palankin.o  palanquin
palat.o (anat.)  palate
        palat.al.a ost.o  palatal bone
        palat.al.o  palatal (sound); palatal bone
        palat.vel.o  velum (soft palate)
palaten.o  palatine (noble)
Palateni.o (lando)  the Palatinate
palatin.o (vesto)  palatine (fur tippet)
paleografi.o  palaeography, (US) paleography
paleontologi.o (cienco)  palaeontology, (US) paleontology
paleozoologi.o  palaeozoology, (US) paleozoology
Palestin.a (lando)  Palestine
palestr.o  palaestra, palestra
palet.o (tekn.)  blade (of an oar); paddle (of paddle wheel or water wheel)
pali.o  straw
paliat.ar {tr}  to palliate (med.); mitigate, alleviate (generally); extenuate (a fault)
        paliat.iv.a, -o (medic.)  palliative
palimpsest.o  palimpsest
palinodi.o  palinode
palis.o  stake, pale, post
palisad.o  palisade (defensive fence; biol.)
palisandr.o (ligno)  rosewood
palium.o  pallium (garment)
palm.o  palm (of the hand); branch (of a palm tree)
        palm.et.o (arkit.)  palmette (ornament)
        palm.ier.o (arb.)  palm tree
palmat.a (zool.)  palmate (web-footed)
palmiped.o  palmiped, palmipede (n.)
palp.ar {tr}  to feel (by touch), feel about
palpebr.o (anat.)  eyelid
        palpebr.ag.ar {ntr}  to wink, blink
palpit.ar {ntr}  to palpitate, throb; (fig.) flutter, tremble
paltot.o (vesto)  paletot, loose overcoat (garment)
palumb.o (ucelo)  wood pigeon, ringdove
Pamfili.a (lando)  Pamphylia
pamflet.o  satirical tract, brochure mocking a person or institution
pampr.o  vine branch with foliage and fruit; (arch., art) ornament imitating a vine branch
pan.o  bread
panace.o (medkm.)  panacea, cure-all, universal remedy
Panam.a (lando)  Panama
panaris.o (morbo)  whitlow
panch.o (zool.)  paunch (of a ruminant); (fig.) paunch, belly (of a person)
pand.o (mamif.)  panda
pandur.o (milit.)  pandour, pandoor (soldier); (fig.) marauder
pane.ar {ntr}  to cease functioning, break down
panegir.o  panegyric, eulogy, eulogium
panel.o  panel, wainscot (arch.); panel (a flat section of a considerable size of a garment, wall or other surface)
        panel.ar.o (arkit.)  wainscotting, panelling (collectively)
pangen.o (biol.)  pangen, pangene
pangenez.o (biol.)  pangenesis
pangolin.o (mamif.)  pangolin, scaly anteater
pani.o (vesto)  loin cloth, waistcloth (worn by natives of the tropics)
panik.ar {ntr}  to panic
panik.o  panic, sudden fright
panikl.o (anat.)  pannicle, panniculus
panikul.o (bot.)  panicle
pankrac.o  pancratium
pankreat.o (anat.)  pancreas
pankreatit.o (morbo)  pancreatitis
panmixi.o (biol.)  panmixia, panmixis
Panoni.a (lando)  Pannonia
panoram.o  panorama (lit. & fig.)
pans.ar {tr} (medic.)  to dress (wounds)
panse.o (pl.)  pansy (plant)
pantalon.o (vesto)  (long) trousers, (US) pants
        pantalon-fend.ur.o (vesto)  trouser flap
panteism.o  pantheism
panteist.o  patheist
panter.o (mamif.)  panther, leopard
pantofl.o (vesto)  slipper (for foot)
pantograf.o (aparato)  pantograph (drawing instrument)
pantometr.o (instr.)  pantometer: instrument for measuring angles, distances and heights
pantomim.o  pantomime (play or entertainment in mime, with gestures but not speech), dumb-show
pap.o (rel.)  pope
papa  daddy, dad, papa, pop
papagay.o (ucelo)  parrot
papaver.o (pl.)  poppy (plant of the genus Papaver)
        papaver.et.o (pl.)  corn poppy, red poppy
papay.o (frukto)  papaya, pawpaw (fruit; papaya, not papaw)
        papay.ier.o (arb.)  papaya tree
paper.o  paper
        paper-korn.o  paper cone
        paper-past.o  papier-mâché, paper-mâché
papil.o  papilla (anat., bot.)
papilion.o (insekto)  butterfly; moth
papir.o  papyrus (paper-reed; writing material)
papl.o  pap (as for infants); pulp (for paper)
paprik.o (pl.)  paprika
papul.o (patol.)  papule, papula, pimple
par.a (matem.)  even (i.e. not odd)
        par.o  pair, couple (of animals, or objects of like nature), brace
par- {pref.}  (prefix used especially with verbal roots, denoting completeness or thoroughness. E.g. par-lern-ar: to learn thoroughly; par-lern-ar: to read completely)
para- {pref.}  (prefix denoting protection against, something to ward off. E.g. para-fair-o: fire-guard; para-vent-o: windshield)
        para.pluv.o  umbrella
parabol.o  parable; parabola
paraboloid.o (geom.)  paraboloid
parad.ar {ntr} (milit.)  to parade (as troops or like troops)
paradigm.o (gram.)  paradigm
paradiz.o  paradise (lit. & fig.)
        paradiz-ucel.o (ucelo)  bird of paradise
paradox.o  paradox
paraf.o  paraph (flourish or mark distinguishing a signature); initials used in place of a signature
parafin.o (subs.)  paraffin (wax)
parafraz.ar {tr}  to paraphrase
paragraf.o  paragraph
Paraguay (lando)  Paraguay
paralax.o (astron.)  parallax
paralel.a (geom.)  parallel (adj.)
        paralel.o (geom.)  parallel (line)
        paralel.a cirkl.o  circle of latitude
paralelepiped.o (geom.)  parallelepiped, paralellepipedon
paralelogram.o (geom.)  paralellogram
paralilin.o (biol.)  paralinin
paraliz.ar {tr}  to paralyse (also fig.)
paralogism.o (log.)  paralogism
parament.o (vesto)  turned-up end of the sleeve of a coat or gown, turned cuff
parametr.o (matem.)  parameter
paramitom.o (biol.)  paramitom
paranimf.o  paranymph
paranoy.o (psik.)  paranoia
paranuklein.o (biol.)  paranuclein
paranukleol.o (biol.)  paranucleolus
parapet.o (arkit.)  parapet
parashut.o (aparato)  parachute
parazit.a  parasitic
parazit.o (biol.)  parasite (lit. & fig.)
parazitologi.o (cienco)  parasitology
Parc.o (mitol.)  Parca: one of the three Fates
parcel.o  parcel (of land)
pardon.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulu, ulu pri ulo]  to forgive, pardon (someone about something, or something done by someone)
pare.ar {tr}  to parry
parenkim.o  parenchyma (anat., bot.)
parent.a  of the same family, related
parentez.o  parenthesis (sign and phrase), bracket
parezi.o (medic.)  paresis
parfum.o (subs.)  perfume
parheli.o (astron.)  parhelion
pari.ar {tr} [pri, por, kontre] (pek.)  to bet
«paria»  pariah, outcast
pariet.o  (dividing) wall, partition; septum (anat., bot.)
        pariet-al.a ost.o, -al.o (anat.)  parietal bone
parietari.o (pl.)  wall pellitory
Paris  Paris
        Paris.an.o  Parisian (n.)
parisilabik.a (ling.)  parisyllabic
park.o  park (n.)
parlament.o (polit.)  parliament
parlement.ar {ntr}  to parley, confer with an enemy
Parnas.o  Parnassus
parodi.ar {tr}  to parody
parok.o  parish priest, rector
parol.ar {ntr} [pri]  to speak, talk
parom.o (batelo)  ferry (boat)
paronim.a (gram.)  paronymous
        paronim.o (gram.)  paronym
paronomazi.o (retor.)  paronomasia, paronomasy
parotid.o (anat.)  parotid (gland)
parotidit.o (morbo)  parotiditis, parotitis
paroxism.o (patol.)  paroxysm, fit, sudden attack (med.)
parquet.o (arkit.)  parquet, parquetry
parsek.o (mez.)  parsec
Part.o  Parthian (n.)
part.o  part, portion; part (in games, music etc)
        part.o.pren.ar {tr}  to take part (in)
partener.o  partner (dance, sports, etc.)
partenogenez.o (biol.)  parthenogenesis
partenokarpi.o (biol.)  parthenocarpy
parter.o (teatro)  stalls (of a theatre)
Parti.a (lando)  Parthia
parti.o  party (for amusement, hunting, etc.)
particion.o (muz.)  score (music)
particip.o (gram.)  participle
partikul.o  particle (grammar; physics)
partikular.a  particular, special, peculiar, specific
partis.o  party (in law-suit, politics, and the like)
partitiv.a (gram.)  partitive (adj.: gram.)
        partitiv.o (gram.)  partitive (n.)
partizan.o (armo)  partisan (weapon)
partur.ar {tr}  to bear (a child), give birth to
paru.o (ucelo)  tit, titmouse (bird)
parulis.o (patol.)  parulis, gumboil
parvenu.o  upstart, parvenu(e)
pas.ar {tr/ntr}  pass (through, above, etc.), pass (one's life, time etc.)
pasabl.a  passable, fair, middling, mediocre
        pasabl.e  rather, fairly, passably, pretty (adv.), tolerably
pasaj.ar {ntr}  to be a passenger (on a ship)
pasaman.o (arkit.)  handrail
paser.o (ucelo)  sparrow
«pasha»  pasha
pasiflor.o (pl.)  passionflower
pasion.o  passion
pasiv.a  passive
        pasiv.o  passive voice (gram.); debt (owed to another), liability (comm.)
pask.o  Easter; Passover
pasment.o  passement, passment, passament
paspel.o  edging (narrow strip of material on clothing, esp. military)
pasport.o  passport
past.o (subs.)  paste (any soft composition); dough (cooking)
pastel.o  pastel; crayon
pastern.o (zool.)  pastern (part of a horse)
pastet.o  pie, pasty
pasteuris.ar {tr}  to pasteurise
pastil.o  pastille, pastil
pastinak.o (pl.)  parsnip
pastor.o  shepherd; minister, pastor
        pastor.al.a  pastoral
        pastor-dramat.o, kant.o  pastoral (drama, poem)
pastor-burs.o (pl.)  shepherd's-purse
pastur.ar {tr/ntr}  to graze (eat, feed on), pasture (graze)
pat.ar {} (lud.)  to stalemate, produce a stalemate (chess)
Patagoni.a (lando)  Patagonia
        Patagoni.an.o  Patagonian (n.)
patat.o (pl.)  sweet potato
patel.o (anat.)  kneecap
paten.o  paten
patent.o (yuro)  patent (of an invention)
pater.o  curtain peg, curtain hook
patetik.a  pathetic, heart-rending
patibul.o  gallows (in a form with two posts)
patin.o  patina
patogen.a (patol.)  pathogenic
patogenez.o (patol.)  pathogenesis
patologi.o (cienco)  pathology
patos.o  pathos
patr.o  father (also fig. & as a title)
patri.o  fatherland
patriark.o  patriarch
patric.a  patrician (adj.)
patric.o  patrician (n.)
patrimoni.o  inheritance, patrimony
patriot.a  patriot (adj.)
patristik.o  patristics
patroli.ar {ntr}  to go on patrol
        patroli.o  patrol
patrologi.o  patrology
patron.o  patron, supporter, protector
pauperism.o  pauperism
pauz.ar {ntr}  to pause
pav.o  paving stone, cobble(stone)
pavan.o (danso)  pavane, pavan (dance)
pavilion.o  pavilion (building or tent with high roof)
paviment.o (arkit.)  floor (not storey)
pavon.o (ucelo)  peacock
        pavon.um.ar {ntr}  to strut (like a peacock), pose
pavor.ar {tr/ntr}  to be afraid (instinctively or emotionally), be afraid of, be in fear of
paz.ar {ntr}  to step, stride
        paz.o  step, pace
        paz.et.ar  to trip along, take short steps
pazigrafi.o  pasigraphy
pean.o (kanto)  paean (hymn or song), (US) pean
pec.o  piece; lump (e.g. of sugar)
«peccavi» (rel.)  peccavi
pech.o (subs.)  pitch (substance)
ped.o  foot (anat. & fig.); paw; foot (of verse)
        bi-ped.a  biped, bipedal
        ped.al.o  pedal, treadle
        ped-fingr.o  toe
        ped-frap.ar {tr}  to kick
pedagog.o  pedagogue
pedagogi.o (cienco)  pedagogy
pedant.o  pedant
pederast.o  paederast, (US) pederast
pediatri.o  (GB) paediatrics, (US) pediatrics
pedikul.o  pedicel, stipe, stem, stalk (bot., anat.)
pedikulos.o (patol.)  pediculosis, lousiness
pedunkl.o  stalk (of a flower)
peg.o (ucelo)  woodpecker
pegaz.o (mitol.)  Pegasus (myth., astron.)
Pegaz.o  Pegasus: (myth.) winged horse; (astr.) constellation
peizaj.o  landscape, scenery (natural or artistic)
pejorativ.a  pejorative
pek.ar {ntr}  to sin; (fig.) transgress, offend
pekari.o (mamif.)  peccary
pekin.o (stofo)  Peking, Pekin (type of silk)
pekt.ar {tr}  to comb (hair); card (wool, etc.)
pektin.o (biokem.)  pectin
pektor.o (anat.)  chest, breast
        pektor.al.o (anat.)  pectoral (muscle)
pektos.o (biokem.)  pectose
pekuni.o (pek.)  money, cash
pel.o (anat.)  skin; hide (on the body)
pelagik.a (biol.)  pelagic
pelagr.o (morbo)  pellagra
pelargoni.o (pl.)  pelargonium
pelerin.o (vesto)  pelerine: woman's tippet or cape
pelikan.o (ucelo)  pelican
pelikul.o  film (thin coating or layer)
pelis.o (vesto)  pelisse
pelmel.o  pell-mell, hurly-burly, hubbub
pelori.o (biol.)  peloria, pelorism, pelory
pelot.o  ball (formed of thread, silk, etc. wound round)
peloton.o (milit.)  platoon
pelv.o (anat.)  pelvis
pemikan.o  pemmican
pen.ar {ntr}  to take trouble, take pains (to do something)
penach.o  panache (of feathers)
penat.i  penates, household gods (antiq.)
pend.ar {tr/ntr}  to hang, hang up, hang down, suspend, dangle
pendentiv.o (arkit.)  pendentive
pendul.o (aparato)  pendulum
penetr.ar {tr/ntr}  to penetrate, pierce (also fig.)
penicilin.o (medkm.)  penicillin
peninsul.o (geog.)  peninsula
penis.o (anat.)  penis
penitenc.ar {ntr} (rel.)  to do penance
pens.ar {tr/ntr}  to think, think (something)
pension.ar {tr} (pek.)  to pay (someone) regularly (for maintenance money, board and lodging, etc.), pension
        pension.at.o  pensioner
pent.o  (downward) slope, incline
pentaedr.o (geom.)  pentahedron
pentagon.o (geom.)  pentagon
pentagram.o (geom.)  pentagram, five-pointed pentagon
pentametr.o (verso)  pentameter
pentark.o (polit.)  pentarch (ruler)
pentatl.o (sporto)  pentathlon
pentekost.o  Pentecost, Whitsunday
peoni.o (pl.)  peony
pepit.o (min.)  nugget (esp. of silver or gold)
pepsin.o (biokem.)  pepsin
peptid.o (kem.)  peptide
pepton.o (biokem.)  peptone
per {prep.}  by means of, by, with (some means); (arith.) multiplied by
per ke  through the fact that
per.o  peer
percept.ar {tr}  to perceive
        percept.o  perception (perceiving)
perch.ar {ntr}  to perch, roost
perd.ar {tr}  to lose (something), lose out
perdrik.o (ucelo)  partridge
peren.a (bot.)  perennial
perfekt.a  perfect
perfekt.o (gram.)  perfect (gram.)
perfid.a  treacherous, disloyal
perfor.ar {tr}  to perforate
pergamen.o  parchment
periant.o (bot.)  perianth
periferi.o  periphery, circumference (boundary line or surface)
perifraz.ar {tr}  to periphrase, say with circumlocution
        perifraz.o  periphrasis, periphrase, circumlocution
perige.o (astron.)  perigee
periheli.o (astron.)  perihelion
perikardi.o (anat.)  pericardium
perikarp.o (bot.)  pericarp, seed vessel
perimetr.o  perimeter
perine.o (anat.)  perineum
period.o  period (portion of time)
        period.al.a  periodical
        period.al.es.o  periodicity
periost.o (anat.)  periosteum
periostit.o (morbo)  periostitis
peripatetik.a (filoz.)  peripatetic (Aristotelian)
        peripatetik.o  peripatetic (Aristotelian)
peripeci.o  peripetia, sudden turn of fortune, vicissitude; (theat.) denouement
peripl.o (hist.)  periplus, circumnavigation
peris.ar {ntr}  to perish
periskop.o  periscope
peristalt.a (fiziol.)  peristaltic
peristil.o  peristyle
peritone.o (anat.)  peritoneum, peritonaeum
peritonit.o (morbo)  peritonitis
perjur.ar {ntr} (yuro)  to perjure oneself
perk.o (fisho)  perch (fish)
perkal.o (stofo)  percale
perkalin.o (stofo)  percaline
perkut.ar {tr}  to percuss (also med.)
        perkut.il.o  hammer, bolt (of a gun)
        perkut.instrument.o (muzin.)  percussion instrument (mus.)
perl.o  pearl
        artific.al.a perl.o, fals.a perl.o  imitation pearl
perlomatr.o  mother-of-pearl
permaloy.o (metalg.)  permalloy
perman.ar {ntr}  to be permanent, exist indefinitely
perme.ar {tr}  to permeate
        perme.ebl.a  permeable (that can be permeated)
permis.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulu]  to permit, allow (something to someone)
permut.ar {tr}  to transpose, interchange
peron.o (arkit.)  perron (building's external flight of steps)
perone.o (anat.)  fibula (bone), perone
peroracion.o (retor.)  peroration (conclusion of a speech)
peroxid.o (kem.)  peroxide
peroxidaz.o (biol.)  peroxidase
perpendikl.a (geom.)  perpendicular
perpetu.a  perpetual
perplex.a  perplexed, puzzled
perquizit.ar {tr}  to make a judicial search or enquiry (also fig. of a severe or exact search)
        perquizit.o  perquisition (judicial search or enquiry); (fig.) vigorous search
        perquizit.o-mandat.o  search-warrant
Pers.o  Persian (ancient)
persekut.ar {tr}  to persecute
persequ.ar {tr} (yuro)  to pursue; (in law) prosecute
persever.ar {ntr}  to persevere
Persi.a (lando)  Persia
        Persi.an.o  Persian (person)
persien.o  persiennes, Persian blinds
persik.o (frukto)  peach
        persik.ier.o (arb.)  peach tree
persikari.o (pl.)  persicaria (species of knotgrass)
persist.ar {ntr}  to persist, stay resolute
person.o  person (also gram.)
perspektiv.a  perspective (adj.)
persuad.ar {tr}  to persuade
perturb.ar {tr}  to unsettle, disturb
Peru (lando)  Peru
        Peru.an.o  Peruvian (n.)
peruch.o (ucelo)  parakeet, paroquet
peruk.o (vesto)  wig
pervers.a  perverse
pervink.o (pl.)  periwinkle
pesari.o (kir.)  pessary (surg.)
«peseta» (pek.)  peseta
pesimism.o  pessimism
pesimist.o  pessimist
pesk.ar {tr/ntr}  to fish, angle (also fig.); take out (fish, coral, pearl)
pest.o (morbo)  pestilence, plague; (fig.) bane, scourge
petal.o (bot.)  petal
petard.o (armo)  petard
        petard.et.o  firecracker, cracker (firework)
peticion.ar {ntr} [pri ulo, ad ulu]  to present a petition
petiol.o (bot.)  stalk (of a leaf), petiole
petonkl.o (animalo)  scallop
petr.o (min.)  stone (material)
        krud.a petr.o  rough stone, quarry stone
petrel.o (ucelo)  storm petrel
petris.ar {tr}  to knead
petrografi.o (cienco)  petrography
petrol.o (subs.)  petroleum, rock-oil
petrologi.o (cienco)  petrology
petrosel.o (pl.)  parsley
petul.ar {ntr}  to be boisterous
petuni.o (pl.)  petunia
pez.ar {ntr}  to weigh (have a certain weight)
«pfennig» (pek.)  pfennig
«pfund» (mez.)  "Pfund" (German pound weight)
pi.a  pious, devout
piaf.ar {ntr}  to piaffe, perform a piaffer
piamatr.o (anat.)  pia mater
pian.o (muzin.)  piano
        pian.o horizont.al.a (muzin.)  grand piano
        pian.o vertik.al.a (muzin.)  upright piano
pice.o (arb.)  spruce (tree)
pichpin.o (arb.)  pitch-pine (wood)
piedestal.o  pedestal
Piemont (lando)  Piedmont
        Piemont.an.o  Piedmontese (person)
pierid.o (insekto)  pierid, pieridine butterfly
pietism.o (rel.)  pietism
pietist.o (rel.)  pietist
pig.o (ucelo)  magpie
pigarg.o (ucelo)  Montagu's harrier
pigme.o  pygmy, pigmy; (fig.) person without talent, merit or power
pigment.o (biol.)  pigment (that which gives colour to animal or vegetable tissues)
pijam.o (vesto)  pyjamas, (US) pajamas
pik.ar {tr}  to prick, prod (with something pointed)
pikador.o  picador
Pikardi.a (lando)  Picardy
pike.o (stofo)  piqué (fabric)
piket.o  picket (of soldiers); piquet (card game)
pikl.o  pickle, something preserved in spice and/or vinegar
piknik.ar {ntr}  to picnic
pikon.o  pick, pickaxe (with a single point)
pikt.ar {tr} (arto)  to paint (pictures)
        pikt.ur.o (arto)  painting, (painted) picture
pikverd.o (ucelo)  green woodpecker
pil.o (anat.)  hair (other than that on the top of a person's head); bristle
        pil.o-bulb.o (anat.)  hair root
pilastr.o (arkit.)  pilaster
pilgrim.ar {ntr} (rel.)  to go on a pilgrimage
pili.o (elek.)  cell (electric), 'battery'
pilon.o (arkit.)  pylon
pilor.o (anat.)  pylorus
pilori.o  pillory
        pilori.ag.ar {tr}  to pillory
pilot.ar {tr}  to pilot
pilul.o (farm.)  pill
piment.o  pimento, allspice
pimpinel.o (pl.)  plant of the genus Pimpinella (such as anise and burnet saxifrage)
pin.o (arb.)  pine (tree)
pinakl.o (arkit.)  pinnacle (archit.)
pinastr.o (arb.)  pinaster, maritime pine, cluster pine
pinc.o  ~tongs, ~pincers (without a hinge); claw, pincer (of an animal)
        pinc.eg.o  fire tongs; clamp
        pinc.et.o  tweezers
pinch.ar {tr}  to pinch, nip
pineal.a (anat.)  pineal (anat.)
        pineal.o (anat.)  pineal gland
pingl.o  pin
pinguin.o (ucelo)  penguin
pini.o (arb.)  umbrella pine, stone pine, nut pine
pinion.o (mek.)  pinion (cogwheel)
pinsel.o  brush (for painting)
pint.o  point, sharp end
        pint.o di flog.il.o  whip-lash, lash of a whip
pintad.o (ucelo)  pintado (bird), guinea fowl
pioch.o  pick, pickaxe (double-pointed)
pion.o (lud.)  pawn (chess); man (draughts)
pionir.o  pioneer
pip.o  pipe (for smoking)
pipet.o  pipette
pipi.ar {ntr}  to chirp (of a bird)
pipit.o (ucelo)  pipit
pipr.o  pepper
        pipr.ier.o (pl.)  pepper-vine (Piper nigrum)
pips.ar {ntr} (morbo)  to have the pip or roup (of poultry)
        pips.o  roup, pip (poultry disease)
piqu.o  pike (weapon); spade (playing cards)
pir.o (frukto)  pear
        pir.ier.o (arb.)  pear tree
piramid.o  pyramid
pirat.o  pirate
Pirene.i (mont.)  Pyrenees
piretr.o (pl.)  pyrethrum (plant of the former genus Pyrethrum), ~feverfew
pirik.o  pyrrhic (ancient Greek war dance; foot of two short syllables)
pirit.o (min.)  pyrites, pyrite
pirog.o (batelo)  dugout, dugout canoe
pirogal.o (kem.)  pyrogallol, pyrogallic acid
pirograb.ar {tr} (arto)  to pyrograph, engrave on wood with a hot point
        pirograb.o  pyrography, poker-work (art)
        pirograb.ur.o  pyrography, poker-work (work produced)
pirol.o (ucelo)  golden oriole, loriot
pirometr.o  pyrometer
Pironism.o (filoz.)  Pyrrhonism
Pironist.o  Pyrrhonist
piros.o (morbo)  pyrosis, water brash
pirotekn.o  pyrotechnic display, fireworks (display)
        pirotekn.o-art.o (arto)  pyrotechnics (art)
        pirotekn.aj.o  firework
piroxil.o (kem.)  pyroxilin, guncotton
piruet.ar {ntr} (danso)  to pirouette; whirl (of horses)
pist.ar {tr}  to pound, crush (with a pestle)
        pist.il.o  pestle
pistach.o  pistachio (nut)
        pistach.ier.o (arb.)  pistachio tree
pistil.o (bot.)  pistil
pistol.o (armo)  pistol
piston.o (mek.)  piston
pitagor.al.a  Pythagorean
piti.o  Pythia (priestess of Apollo)
piton.o  python
pitonis.o  pythoness
pitoresk.a  picturesque
pituit.o (patol.)  phlegm (substance)
pivot.o (mek.)  pivot (also fig.)
piz.o  pea (seed)
plac.o  square (in a town), place, piazza
placeb.o (medic.)  placebo (med.)
placent.o  placenta (anat., bot.)
placentacion.o (biol.)  placentation
plad.o  plate (dish to eat off)
        plad.eg.o  platter, large plate
plafon.o (arkit.)  ceiling
plag.o (medic.)  sore (injury); (fig.) plague, scourge
plaj.o  beach
plaji.ar {tr}  to plagiarise
plak.o  plate, sheet, slab
plan.a  flat (straight in all directions), plane (not curved or undulating; of a surface, figure or angle)
        plan.o  plane (geom.); plane (aeron.)
        plan.o inklin.it.a (geom.)  inclined plane
        plan-kant.o (muz.)  plainsong, plainchant
pland.o (anat.)  sole (of foot)
planet.o (astron.)  planet
planimetr.o (instr.)  planimeter
planimetri.o  planimetry
planisfer.o (geog.)  planisphere
plank.o  plank, board
        plank.et.o  small board; (painter's) palette
        [plank.o-sul.o (obs.) > pavimento (arkit.)  
plankton.o (biol.)  plankton
plant.o (bot.)  plant (bot.)
plantac.ar {tr}  to plant (set in the ground for growth)
plantag.o (pl.)  plantain
plantigrad.a  plantigrade (adj.)
        plantigrad.o (mamif.)  plantigrade (n.)
planton.o (milit.)  orderly (soldier)
plas.o  place (for a person or thing), space for one
plasm.o (biol.)  plasma, plasm (fluid)
plasmodesm.o (biol.)  plasmodesm
plasmodi.o (biol.)  plasmodium (sporozoan)
plasmodierez.o (biol.)  plasmodieresis
plasmoliz.o (biol.)  plasmolysis
plasmosom.o (biol.)  plasmosome
plasom.o (biol.)  plasome
plastid.o (biol.)  plastid
plastidul.o (biol.)  plastidule
plastik.a  plastic
        plastik-art.o  plastic art
plastilin.o (subs.)  modelling clay; Plasticine{R}
plastin.o (biol.)  plastin
plastr.o (subs.)  plaster (a mixture of lime, sand and water), plasterwork
plastron.o  plastron (breast-plate; breast-pad; shirt-bosom, shirt-front)
plat.a  flat (lacking prominences), even (of a surface), level; (fig.) dull, insipid, without character
        plat.es.o  flatness
        plat.ig.ar  to flatten
platan.o (arb.)  plane tree, platan
platen.o (mek.)  platen
platform.o (arkit.)  platform (horizontal surface or structure)
platin.o (elem.)  platinum
Platon.al.a  Platonic
Platon.ism.o  Platonism
Platon.ist.o  Platonist
plaud.ar {tr/ntr}  to break, beat against, splash (of liquids, of waves)
ple.ar {tr} (muz.)  to play (a musical instrument, role in a play, etc)
plebey.o  plebeian
plebicit.o (polit.)  plebiscite, referendum
pled.ar {ntr}  to plead
plekt.ar {tr}  to plait, weave (straw etc)
plektr.o (muz.)  plectrum
plen.a [de]  full
plend.ar {ntr} [pri]  to complain; (jur.) lodge a complaint
plenipotenc.o (yuro)  plenipotence, plenipotency
        plenipotenc.ier.o  plenipotentiary (person)
pleomorf.a (biol.)  pleiomorph
pleonasm.o  pleonasm
plesiosaur.o (paleo.)  plesiosaur
plet.o  tray
pletor.o  plethora (med. & fig.)
pleuronekt.o (fisho)  flat fish such as brill and flounder
pleuronektoid.o (fisho)  pleuronectid, fish of the family Pleuronectidae (such as plaice)
plevr.o (anat.)  pleura (membrane)
plevrit.o (morbo)  pleurisy
plex.o (anat.)  plexus
pleyad.o  daughter of Atlas, Pleiades star; (fig.) pleiad, distinguished group of authors
plez.ar {tr/ntr} [ad, per, pro; ulu]  to please, be pleasing, be agreeable
plezur.o  pleasure
plik.o (morbo)  plica (disease of the hair), plica Polonica
plint.o (arkit.)  plinth
pliocen.o  Pliocene
plis.ar {tr}  to pleat
plomb.o (elem.)  lead (metal)
plor.ar {ntr}  to cry, weep
plovier.o (ucelo)  plover
plu {adv.}  more (before an adj. or adv.)
        plu.e  moreover, besides
plug.ar {tr}  to plough
plum.o  feather, plume; pen (for writing), quill
plump [!]  thump, slap, bang!
plump.a  unweildy, unmanageable (from bulk or weight); dull-witted (of persons)
plunj.ar {ntr}  to dive, plunge
plur.a  several
        plur.al.o  plural (gram.)
pluricelul.a (biol.)  pluricellular
plus  further(more), in addition; plus (arith.)
        plus.a  additional, extra
        plus.e  further, in addition
plush.o (stofo)  plush (fabric)
plusquamperfekt.o (gram.)  pluperfect
plutokrati.o (polit.)  plutocracy
Pluton.al.a (geol.)  Plutonic (geol.)
plutoni.o (elem.)  plutonium
pluv.ar {imp} (meteor.)  to rain
        pluv-ark.o  rainbow
        pluv-kanal.o  gutter
        pluv-tubul.o  spout (which drips from above)
pluvial.o (litur.)  pluvial (priest's cope)
pluviometr.o  pluviometer, rain-gauge
pneumatik.a (mek.)  pneumatic (of a machine, pump, etc.)
pneumokok.o  pneumococcus
po {prep.}  for, at the price of, in exchange for; per
pocion.o (medkm.)  medical draught or potion
podagr.o (morbo)  podagra (gout in the feet)
podoid.o (matem.)  podoid
Podoli.a (lando)  Podolia
        Podoli.an.o  Podolian (n.)
poem.o (poez.)  poem
poet.o  poet
poetik.o  poetics, art of poetry
poezi.o (poez.)  poetry
pogrom.o  pogrom
poikiloterm.a (zool.)  poikilothermal
poinseti.o (pl.)  poinsettia
pok.a  few, little
        pok.op.e  little by little, bit by bit, by degrees
pol.o  pole (geom., astr., geog., magnetic)
polar.a (matem.)  polar (math., phys.)
        polar.es.o  polarity (math., phys.)
        polar.ig.ar  to polarise (math.), (US) polarize (math.)
        polar.o  polar (math.)
polarimetr.o  polarimeter
polariz.ar {tr} (fizk.)  polarise (physics)
polemik.ar {ntr} [kun ulu, kontre ulu]  to carry on a controversy
polen.o (bot.)  pollen
polex.o (anat.)  thumb
poli- {pref.} (cienco)  poly-, multi-
poliandr.a  polyandrous
        poliandr.es.o  polyandry
polic.o  maintenance of public order and security, policing
polidaktil.a (biol.)  polydactyl (adj.)
poliedr.o (geom.)  polyhedron
poliembrion.a (biol.)  polyembryonal
poliester.o  polyester
polifiletik.a (biol.)  polyphyletic
polifoni.o (muz.)  polyphony
poligam.a (sociol.)  polygamous
poliglot.a (ling.)  polyglot
poligon.o  polygon; polygonum (knotgrass etc.)
poligraf.o  multigraph, polygraph (apparatus for making multiple copies of a writing)
poligrafi.o (cienco)  art of operating a polygraph
polikrom.a (koloro)  polychrome (adj.), many-coloured, (US) many-colored
polilem.o (filoz.)  polylemma, predicament
polimati.o  polymathy, varied learning
polimer.o (kem.)  polymer
polimorf.a (cienco)  polymorphic, polymorphous
Polinezi.a (lando)  Polynesia
        Polinezi.an.o  Polynesian (n.)
polinomi.o (matem.)  polynomial
polinukle.a (biol.)  polynuclear
poliomielit.o (morbo)  poliomyelitis
polip.o  polyp (zool.); polypus (pat.)
polipor.o (fungo)  polyporus
polipropilen.o (kem.)  polypropylene
polis.ar {tr}  to polish
polistiren.o (kem.)  polystyrene
polit.a  polite, civil (in manner)
politeism.o (rel.)  polytheism
politeist.o (rel.)  polytheist
politeknik.o  arts and crafts
        politeknik.al.a  polytechnic (adj.)
politik.o (polit.)  politics, public policy
poliuretano (kem.)  polyurethane
polk.ar {ntr} (danso)  to dance the polka
polod.o (geom.)  polhode
poloid.o (matem.)  poloid
Polon.o  Pole
polonez.o (danso)  polonaise (dance)
Poloni.a (lando)  Poland
poloni.o (elem.)  polonium
polp.o (animalo)  octopus
polster.o  padding, stuffing (of hair, wool, etc.)
poltron.a  cowardly, dastardly
        poltron.o  coward
polut.ar {tr}  to pollute; (fig.) defile
polv.o (subs.)  dust, powder
pom.o (frukto)  apple
        pom.ier.o (arb.)  apple tree
pomad.o  pomade
pomel.o  pommel (on a saddle, sword, etc.)
pomer-hund.o (mamif.)  spitz, Pomeranian (dog)
Pomerani.a (lando)  Pomerania
        Pomerani.an.o  Pomeranian (native of Pomerania)
pomp.o  pomp, ceremonial splendour
pompelmus.o (frukto)  shaddock (fruit), pomelo (not US), pummelo, pompelmous, pompoleon
pompon.o  pompon, pompom
ponder.ar {tr}  to weigh (something); (fig.) ponder
        ponder.il.o  weighing scale
pone.o (mamif.)  pony
poniard.o (armo)  dagger
pons.a  bright poppy red
pont.o  bridge; culvert; gangplank, gangway (nav.)
pontifik.o (rel.)  pontiff; high priest; pontifex
ponton.o  pontoon (structure)
ponyet.o (vesto)  cuff (of a sleeve)
pop.o (rel.)  Russian or Greek priest
popl.o (arb.)  poplar
poplin.o (stofo)  poplin
poplit.o (anat.)  ham (back of the knee or thigh); ham (animal's thigh), hock
popul.o  people (of a town, country etc), population
popular.a  popular
popurit.o  medley, miscellany
por {prep.}  for, on behalf of
por ke  so that, in order that
por.o  pore (also fig.)
porcelan.o  porcelain
porcion.o  share, portion, ration
pord.o (arkit.)  door; gate; doorway
        pord.eg.o (arkit.)  large door, portal
        pord.o-vein.o (anat.)  portal vein
porel.o (pl.)  leek
porfir.o (min.)  porphyry
porism.o (matem.)  porism (geom.)
pork.o (mamif.)  pig
porkespin.o (mamif.)  porcupine
pornograf.a  pornographic
        pornograf.o  pornographer
pornografi.o  pornography
port.ar {tr}  to carry, bear, take, bring (of person, vehicle, wind, water etc); wear (clothes, watch etc)
portal.o (arkit.)  portal
portavein.o (anat.)  portal vein
porte.o  range, reach (of a gun, voice etc)
portfoli.o  portfolio (case to hold loose papers)
portik.o (arkit.)  portico (covered space enclosed by columns at entrance of a building), porch
Porto-Rik.o (lando)  Puerto Rico
portret.o  portrait
portu.o  port (sea or air), harbour, (US) harbor
Portugal (lando)  Portugal
        Portugal.an.o  Portuguese (person)
portulak.o (pl.)  portulaca, purslane, pussley, pigweed
pos {prep.}  after (in time)
pos.e  afterwards
pos ke  after (conj.)
pos.di.mez.o  afternoon
        pos.morg.e  (on) the day after tomorrow
posed.ar {tr}  to possess
posh.o (vestl.)  pocket
posibl.a  possible
Posni.a (lando)  Posen (province)
        Posni.an.o  native of Posen (province)
post.o  postal service, post, mail
posten.o  post, position, station, place to guard
postern.o  postern (small gate under a rampart)
postig.o  small casement in a door or window; blind (of a carriage)
postilion.o  postilion, postillion
postpozicion.o (gram.)  postposition (word)
postul.ar {tr} [de]  to demand, require, exact (something from someone)
postulat.o  postulate
postum.a  posthumous
postur.ar {ntr}  to pose, posture
pot.o  pot, jug, pan (for holding something or for cooking)
potas.o (kem.)  potash
potat.o (pl.)  potato
potenc.o (matem.)  power (math.)
potencial.a (fizk.)  potential
potencial.o  potential (all senses)
potenciometr.o  potentiometer
potent.a  powerful, potent, mighty
        potent.o  potentate
«pound»  pound (sterling)
pov.ar {tr/ntr}  to be able (to do something)
        pov.o  power, ability
povr.a  poor, needy
poz.ar {tr}  to place, put, set, lay down (lit. & fig.)
pozicion.o  position (military or strategical)
pozitiv.a  positive (math., elec., philos., gram.)
        pozitiv.ism.o (filoz.)  positivism (philos.)
        pozitiv.ist.o  positivist (philos.)
pozolan.o (subs.)  pozzolana, pozzuolana
pragmat.o (filoz.)  reality, factuality
        pragmat.al.a  pragmatic, matter-of-fact, down-to-earth, realistic
        pragmat.ism.o (filoz.)  pragmatism
        pragmat.ist.o  pragmatist
praktik.ar {tr}  to practise, (US) practice, put in practice, exercise; observe (a rule etc)
pralin.o  praline
pram.o (batelo)  pram, praam (flat-bottomed Baltic or Dutch boat)
prat.o  meadow
pre- {pref.}  pre- (prefix denoting: before in time, earlier. E.g. pre-dic-ar: to predict; pre-exist-ar: to pre-exist; pre-av-in-o: great-grandmother; pre-hier-e: (on) the day before yesterday)
        pre.dic.ar {tr}  to predict, foretell, prophesy
        pre.hier.e  (on) the day before yesterday
        pre.ir.ar  to precede, go before
        pre.matur.a  premature
        pre.valor.ar  to prevail
        pre.vid.ar  to foresee
prebend.o (ekl.)  prebend
        prebend.ier.o (rel.)  prebendary (beneficiary of a prebend)
prec.o (pek.)  price, charge (lit. & fig.)
preced.ar {tr}  to precede (take precedence over)
precedent.o  precedent
precept.o  precept
preceptor.o  tutor, instructor
precesion.o (astron.)  precession (of the equinoxes)
precipis.o  precipice; (fig.) danger
precipit.ar {tr}  to throw down, cause to fall, topple, dash down, hurl headlong, plunge, precipitate (pr. and fig.); cause to come out of solution as a deposit (chem.)
        precipit.aj.o (kem.)  precipitate (chem. deposit)
        precipit.ar su  to rush, throw oneself
precipu.a  main, principal
preciz.a  precise (not used of a person), exact, strictly defined or determined (e.g., preciza nombro)
predik.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo ad ulu]  to preach (something), preach, give a sermon
predikat.o (log.)  predicate (n.: logic)
prefac.o  preface
prefekt.o (polit.)  prefect: chief administrative officer
prefer.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo, kam ulu, kam ulo]  to prefer (like better)
        prefer.e [kam]  preferably
prefix.o (gram.)  prefix
prefoliacion.o (bot.)  prefoliation, vernation
preg.ar {tr}  to pray; ask, beg (someone, for something), beseech
prekar.a (yuro)  precarious (depending upon the will of another)
prekoc.a  precocious, early
        prekoc.es.o  precociousness, precocity
prekursor.o  precursor, forerunner
prelat.o (rel.)  prelate
preliminar.a  preliminary
        preliminar.i  preliminaries
prelud.ar {ntr} (muz.)  to play a prelude
        prelud.o  prelude
premi.o  prize, bonus, premium
premic.o (rel.)  first fruit; (fig.) first mass (of a newly ordained priest)
premis.o (log.)  premise (in logic)
pren.ar {tr} [de, ek]  to take, take hold of
prepar.ar {tr} [por]  to prepare
preponder.ar {ntr} [pri, en, che]  to preponderate
prepozicion.o (gram.)  preposition
prepuc.o (anat.)  prepuce, foreskin
prerogativ.o (yuro)  prerogative
pres.ar {tr}  to press
presbit.a (patol.)  long-sighted
presbiteri.o (ekl.)  council of parish trustees; vestry council, presbytery (church elders)
        presbiteri.an.o (rel.)  presbyter; churchwarden
presbiterism.o (rel.)  Presbyterianism, presbyterianism
presbiterist.o (rel.)  Presbyterian (n.)
preske {adv.}  almost, nearly
preskript.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulu]  to prescribe (set down authoritatively), order, direct (precisely); prescribe (med.: as a remedy)
preskrit.ar {tr} (yuro)  to bar or lose by statute of limitation
        preskrit.o (yuro)  loss of a legal right after a certain time
prest.ar {tr} [ad]  to lend (s-t. to s-o.), loan
prestacion.o (polit.)  prestation
prestij.o  prestige
pretend.ar {tr}  to claim (lay claim to)
preter {prep.}  past, beyond
preterit.o (gram.)  preterite, (US) preterit
pretext.ar {tr}  to allege or pretend (as a pretext)
pretor.o  praetor, (US) pretor
prevarik.ar {ntr}  to betray one's trust
prevent.ar {tr}  to prevent
prevost.o  provost
prezent.a  present (that is here or now); (in space) not absent; (in time) not past or future
        prezent.o  (the) present (time); present (gram.)
prezerv.ar {tr} [de, kontre]  to preserve, save
prezid.ar {tr/ntr}  to preside over, be chairman, preside
prezunt.ar {ntr}  to be presumptious
pri {prep.}  about, concerning, re
prikl.ar {tr/ntr}  to prickle, tingle (sensation)
prim.a  primary (of colour, number, etc.)
        prim.tip.o  archetype
primadon.o  primadonna
primar.a  primary, elementary (school, etc.), first or lowest in order
primat.o  primate (eccles.)
primin.o (bot.)  primine
primitiv.a  primitive, characteristic of an early state
primordial.a (biol.)  primordial
primroz.o (pl.)  primrose
primul.o (pl.)  cowslip
princ.o  prince; princess
princip.o  principle
Principe (lando)  Principe (island)
printemp.o  spring (season), springtime; (fig.) prime, bloom of youth
prior.a  prior (adj.)
        prior.es.o  priority
prior.o (rel.)  prior
prismat.o  prism (geom., phys.)
pritane.o  prytaneum
privac.ar {tr} [de]  to deprive
privat.a  private (adj.)
privilej.o  privilege
priz.ar {tr}  to appreciate, prize, value
prizent.ar {tr} [ad]  to present, set or place before
pro {prep.}  because of, owing to, out of, on account of
pro ke {konj.}  because
pro quo  why
prob.ar {tr}  to try out, attempt, test (something); assay
probabl.a  likely, probable
        probabl.ism.o (teol.)  probablism (doctrine)
problem.o  problem
proced.ar {ntr} [ad]  to proceed, go on, act in a certain way
procedur.o (yuro)  procedure, manner of proceeding; proceedings (law)
procent.o (matem.)  percentage
proces.ar {ntr} [kontre] (judic.)  to institute legal proceedings
        proces.o  trial, legal proceedings
procesion.ar {ntr}  to walk in a procession
procesor.o (elektrn.)  processor (central processing unit)
procid.o (teol.)  spiration
prod.a  valiant, doughty
        prod.aj.o  feat of valour (US: valor)
        prod.es.o  prowess, valour, (US) valor
prodig.ar {tr} (pek.)  to lavish
prodrom.o (patol.)  prodrome (premonitory symptom of disease)
produkt.ar {tr}  to produce, bring forth
produt.o (matem.)  product (math.)
profan.a (rel.)  profane, not sacred
profanac.ar {tr} [per] (rel.)  to profane
profaz.o (biol.)  prophase
proferment.o (biol.)  proferment
profes.ar {tr}  to profess, declare publicly
profesion.o  profession (occupational)
profesor.o  professor (academic)
profet.o  prophet, seer
profil.o  profile, side view
profilaxi.o (medic.)  prophylaxis
profit.ar {tr/ntr} (pek.)  to profit (from), benefit (from)
profund.a  deep, profound; (fig.) abstruse
progesteron.o (biokem.)  progesterone, corpus luteum hormone
prognoz.ar {tr}  to prognosticate, predict
program.o  programme, syllabus; (fig.) plan, project
progres.ar {ntr} [ad]  to progress, make progress
progresion.o (matem.)  progression (math.)
projekt.ar {tr}  to project (geom., opt.)
        projekt-aparat.o  projector (of images)
projektil.o (mek.)  projectile
projektor.o (aparato)  beam-thrower, projector (as of a searchlight)
projet.ar {tr}  to plan, form a project of
proklam.ar {tr}  to proclaim
proklitik.a (gram.)  proclitic
        proklitik.o (gram.)  proclitic
prokonsul.o  proconsul
prokur.ar {tr} [ad]  to procure, get (something for someone)
prokurac.o  proxy, power of attorney, procuration
prokurator.o (judic.)  procurator
prolegomen.o  prolegomenon, an introductory study
proleps.o (retor.)  prolepsis
proletari.o  proletarian (n.)
        proletari.ar.o  proletariat
        proletari.es.o  proletarianism
prolifer.ar {ntr} (biol.)  to proliferate
prolix.a  verbose, long-winded
prolog.o  prologue
prolong.ar {tr}  to lengthen, extend (by addition, in space (not time))
promen.ar {ntr}  to (go for a) walk, stroll
promis.ar {tr} [ad ulu]  to promise (something (to someone); to do something)
promoc.ar {tr}  to promote, raise or advance (someone)
promontori.o (geog.)  promontory
promulg.ar {tr}  to promulgate
pron.ar {ntr} (rel.)  to give a sermon (of a particular type)
pronac.ar {tr}  to pronate: turn (the palm of the hand) downward or backward
        pronac.ant.o (anat.)  pronator muscle
pronom.o (gram.)  pronoun
pront.a  ready, prepared
pronukle.o (biol.)  pronucleus
pronunc.ar {tr}  to pronounce (words)
propag.ar {tr}  to propagate, diffuse
propagand.ar {tr/ntr}  to propagandise
proporcion.ar {tr}  to proportion
proporcion.o  proportion, ratio
propoz.ar {tr} [ad]  to propose (offer for consideration); propound; move (a resolution)
propozicion.o  proposition (in logic etc); clause (of a sentence)
propr.a  (one's) own, proper (to), belonging (to), peculiar (to)
propretor.o (antiq.)  propraetor
propriet.ar {tr}  to own
propuls.ar {tr} [ad]  to propel
prorog.ar {tr}  to prorogue
prosektor.o  prosector
prosenkim.o (bot.)  prosenchyma
prosilogism.o (log.)  prosyllogism
proskript.ar {tr} (judic.)  to proscribe, outlaw
prospekt.o  prospectus, printed announcement
prosper.ar {ntr}  to prosper, thrive
prostat.o (anat.)  prostate
prostatit.o (morbo)  prostatis
prostern.ar {ntr}  to prostrate oneself (out of respect)
prostez.o (gram.)  prosthesis, prothesis (gram.)
prostituc.ar {tr}  to prostitute, put to a base use
prostrac.ar {ntr}  to be exhausted (physically or emotionally)
        prostrac.o  prostration (extreme exhaustion)
protagonist.o  protagonist (chief actor); (fig.) one who takes the lead in any great matter
protaktini.o (elem.)  protactinium
protal.o (bot.)  prothallus, prothallium
protamin.o (biokem.)  protamine
protandr.a (biol.)  protandrous
prote.o  Proteus; (fig.) someone who frequently changes his opinions; (zool.) proteida
protecion.ar {ntr}  to practise protectionism (political economy)
        protecion.ism.o  protectionism (pol. econ.)
        protecion.ist.o (polit.)  protectionist (pol. econ.)
protein.o (biol.)  protein
protekt.ar {tr}  to protect
protektorat.o (polit.)  protectorate (authority assumed by one state over another)
proteolitik.a (biol.)  proteolytic
protest.ar {tr/ntr}  to protest, assert strongly (intr.); protest (tr.: contest payment on a bill of exchange)
protestant.a (rel.)  Protestant (adj.)
        protestant.o (rel.)  Protestant (n.)
        protestant.ism.o  Protestantism
protez.o (kir.)  prosthesis (replacement)
protist.o (biol.)  protist
protogin.a (bot.)  protogynous
protokol.o  written minutes
proton.o (fizk.)  proton
protoplasm.o (biol.)  protoplasm
protoplast.o (biol.)  protoplast (biol.)
prototip.o  prototype
protozo.o (zool.)  protozoan
protuberanc.o  protuberance (anat., astr., & general), prominence (projecting part)
Provenc.o (lando)  Provence
        Provenc.an.o  Provençal (person)
proverb.o  proverb
providenc.o  Providence; providence
provinc.o (polit.)  province; (fig.) shire, rural region or district outside a capital city
proviz.ar {tr} [ye ulo]  to provide, supply (someone with something)
provizor.a  provisional, temporary
provok.ar {tr} [ad]  to provoke, incite
proxenet.o  pander (n.), pimp
proxim {prep.}  near (prep.), near to, close to (in time or space)
        proxim.a  nearby (adj.), close
        proxim.e  nearby (adv.)
proz.o  prose
prozelit.o (rel.)  proselyte
prozodi.o  prosody (stress and intonation; versification)
prozopope.o (retor.)  prosopopoeia, prosopopeia, personification
pru.o (nav.)  prow, bow (of vessel)
prud.a  prudish
prudent.a  prudent, cautious
pruin.ar {imp} (meteor.)  to be a hoarfrost, white frost, rime
        pruin.as  there is a hoarfrost, we are having a hoarfrost
        pruin.o (meteor.)  hoarfrost, white frost, rime
prun.o (frukto)  plum
        prun.ier.o (arb.)  plum tree
prunel.o (frukto)  sloe (fruit)
        prunel.ier.o (arb.)  sloe (tree), blackthorn
prunt.ar {tr} [de]  to borrow
prurit.ar {ntr}  to itch (be itchy)
Prusi.a (lando)  Prussia
        Prusi.an.o  Prussian (native of Prussia)
pruv.ar {tr}  to prove (truth or validity)
psalm.o  psalm
psalmodi.ar {tr/ntr}  to psalmodise, practise psalmody, sing psalms (intr.); drone out, recite (something) in a sing-song manner (tr.)
        psalmodi.o  psalmody, psalm-singing; (fig.) sing-song
psalteri.o (muzin.)  psaltery
pseudo- {pref.}  pseudo- (prefix to denote: false, counterfeit)
pseudonim.a  pseudonymous (of a name)
        pseudonim.o  pseudonym, alias
psik.o  psyche
psikiatri.o  psychiatry
psikolog.o  psychologist
psikologi.o (cienco)  psychology
psikopat.o  psychopath
psikos.o  psychosis
psikrometr.o  psychrometer, wet-and-dry-bulb hygrometer
psoas.o (anat.)  psoas, lumbar muscle
pterigoid.a (anat.)  pterygoid (adj.)
pterodaktil.o (paleo.)  pterodactyl
pteropod.o (molsk.)  pteropod, sea butterfly
ptomain.o (biokem.)  ptomaine
puber.a  pubescent
pubi.o (anat.)  pubis, pubic bone
publican.o  publican (Roman tax collector)
publicist.o (polit.)  publicist (someone erudite in public law or national political issues)
publik.a  public
        publik.o  (fig.) (the) public, (the) people (generally)
pudel.o (mamif.)  poodle (dog)
puding.o (geol.)  pudding-stone, conglomerate (geol.)
«puding»  pudding
pudl.ar {tr} (tekn.)  to puddle (convert pig-iron into wrought-iron)
pudor.ar {ntr}  to feel a natural modesty (esp. of women)
        pudor.o  native bashfulness, modesty, shamefacedness, pudicity
        pudor.em.a  bashful, modest, coy, pudent
pudr.o (subs.)  powder (cosmetic)
puer.o  child (over 7 years of age)
        puer.in.o  girl
        puer.ul.o  boy
puf.o (moblo)  pouf, pouffe (seat)
pugn.o  fist
pul.o (lud.)  pool (game)
pulc.o (insekto)  flea
pulchinel.o  Punch, buffoon (character); (fig.) puppet
puli.o (mek.)  pulley
        puli.ar.o (mek.)  block and tackle, hoisting gear, compound pulley
pulikari.o (pl.)  plant of the genus Pulicaria, ~fleabane
pulmon.o (anat.)  lung
pulmonari.o (pl.)  lungwort
pulmonit.o (morbo)  pneumonia
pulp.o (bot.)  pulp: fleshy part of fruit or vegetable
puls.ar {tr}  to push, thrust, impel; beat (e.g., heart), throb, pulsate
pulsar.o (astron.)  pulsar, neutron star
pultr.o (ucelo)  poultry
pulul.ar {ntr}  to pullulate (germinate or multiply abundantly and rapidly)
pulver.o (subs.)  powder (preparation: pharm., milit.)
puma.o (mamif.)  puma, cougar, mountain lion, (US) panther (loosely)
pumic.o  pumice
pump.ar {tr}  to pump
punc.ar {tr}  to punch (indent with a punch or die)
punch.o (drnkj.)  punch (drink)
puncion.ar {tr} (kir.)  to puncture (to drain an accumulation of liquid), tap (pierce, so as to let out fluid)
pund.o (pek.)  pound (sterling)
punis.ar {tr} [pro, per]  to punish
puns.ar {tr}  to pounce (copy a design using powder and perforated paper)
punt.o  point (geom., typo., games); full stop, (US) period (punctuation)
puntu.ar {tr}  to punctuate (insert punctuation marks)
pup.o (nav.)  stern (of a ship or boat), poop
pupe.o (lud.)  doll, puppet
pupil.o (anat.)  pupil (of the eye)
pupitr.o (moblo)  desk (for writing or reading)
pur.a  pure
pure.o  purée
purg.ar {tr}  to purge (lit. or fig.)
purgatori.o (rel.)  purgatory
puritan.o (rel.)  puritan
purpur.a (koloro)  purple (adj.)
        purpur.o (koloro)  purple (dye, colour; US: color)
pus.o (patol.)  pus
pustul.o (patol.)  pustule (med.); blister (bot.)
putan.o  prostitute; (-ino) whore
putativ.a  putative, supposed (also in law)
pute.o  well (water, oil)
putor.o (mamif.)  polecat
putr.ar {ntr}  to rot


qua  who, what, which (refers to a definite person or thing, sing., interrog. & rel.)
quadr.o  freestone; ashlar, ashler (hewn, squared or dressed stone)
quadrangul.o (geom.)  quadrangle (geom.)
quadrant.o  quadrant (instrument; quarter of the circumference of a circle)
quadrat.a  square (geom., arith.)
        quadrat.o (geom.)  square (n.)
        quadrat.al.a  quadratic (equation, etc.)
quadratik.a (matem.)  quadratic (math.)
quadratur.o (astron.)  quadrature (aspect or relation of 90 degrees), quartile (#)
quadri- {pref.}  quadri-, quadr- (prefix used mainly in scientific words to mean: four. E.g. quadri-later-a: quadrilateral; quadri-ped-o: quadruped)
        quadri.later.o  quadrilateral (n.)
        quadri.manu.a (zool.)  quadrumanous
        quadri.ped.a  quadruped (adj.)
        quadri.ped.o  quadruped (n.)
quadrig.o  quadriga
quadrik.o (matem.)  quadric (n.)
quadril.o  quadrille (dance and music; card game); troop of horsemen (one of four at a tournament)
quadrilion.o  quadrillion (million to the fourth power); (US) septillion
quadrirem.o (batelo)  quadrireme: galley with four banks of oars
quag.o (mamif.)  quagga
quak [!]  quack!
quaker.o (rel.)  Quaker
qual.a  what sort of, what kind of, what a, like
        qual.e  how, as
        qual.e se  as though, as if
        qual.es.o  quality
        qual.es.al.a  qualitative
quali.o (ucelo)  quail
qualifik.ar {tr}  to qualify (ascribe a quality to); express a quality (gram.); style, term
        qualifik.ant.a  qualifying (ascribing quality)
        qualifik.ant.o  qualificator (R.C. rel.)
        qualifik.il.o  qualificative (gram.)
        qualifik.o  qualification (attribution of a quality or title)
quankam {konj.}  although, though
quant.a  how much, how many (adj.)
        quant.e  how (much), how many (adv.)
        quant.o  amount, quantity
        quant.es.o  quantity (in the abstract)
        quant.es.al.a  quantitative
quantik.a (matem.)  quantical
        quantik.o (matem.)  quantic
quantum.o (fizk.)  quantum
quar  four
quaranten.o  quarantine
quarc.o (min.)  quartz
quarcit.o (min.)  quartzite (type of rock)
quark.o (fizk.)  quark (atomic particle)
quart.o  fourth (mus.); quarte (fencing); quart (piquet); four- (or two-)hour watch (nav.)
        quart.es.ar  to be on watch
        pren.ar la quart.o  to take the watch
quartan.a (patol.)  quartan (of a fever)
quarter.o  quarter, district, ward, area of a city
quartermastr.o (milit.)  quartermaster (army, navy)
quarteron.o  quadroon, quarteroon
quartet.o (muz.)  quartet, quartette, quartett (mus.)
quartik.o (matem.)  quartic
quasi.o  quassia (bark)
        quasi.ier.o (arb.)  quassia (tree)
quaternar.a  quaternary (math., geol.)
quaternion.o (matem.)  quaternion
quatren.o (verso)  quatrain
quaz.a  quasi- (apparently but not really, seeming to be)
        quaz.e  as though, so to speak
quech.o (frukto)  European plum
quer.ar {tr}  to fetch
quercitron.o (arb.)  quercitron, dyer's oak, yellow-barked oak
querk.o (arb.)  oak (tree)
        querk.o sempr.e-verd.a (arb.)  evergreen oak, holm oak, ilex (holm oak)
quest.ar {tr}  to collect (money on request, as for a charity)
question.ar {tr/ntr} [ulu, pri ulo]  to question (someone)
questor.o  quaestor, questor
qui {pron.}  who, which (plural, interrog. & rel.)
quiet.a  tranquil (in the mind), calm (mentally)
        quiet.ism.o  quietism
quik {adv.}  immediately. at once
quik.a  immediate, instantaneous
quilay.o (arb.)  soapbark (tree), quillai
quin.o  quinquina, cinchona, Peruvian bark, china bark
        quin.ier.o (arb.)  cinchona tree
quinar.a (matem.)  quinary, consisting of five
quing.o (frukto)  quince (fruit)
        quing.ier.o (arb.)  quince tree
quinin.o (kem.)  quinine, quinia
quinkunc.o  quincunx
quinqua-  quinqu-, quinque-
Quinsland.o (lando)  Queensland
        Quinsland.an.o  Queenslander
quint.o  quint (mus.: a fifth, interval of five consecutive notes); (fig.) tenor violin; quint (sequence of five cards in piquet); quinte, fifth guard (fencing)
quintal.o (mez.)  quintal (100 kg)
quintan.a (patol.)  quintan
quintesenc.o  quintessence
quintet.o (muz.)  quintet
quintik.o (matem.)  quintic, of the fifth degree
quintilion.o  quintillion (million to the fifth power), (US) nonillion
quiproqu.o  mistaken identity (of persons or things)
quirit.o  (-i) Quirites, citizens of ancient Rome in their civil capacity
quirl.ar {tr}  to whisk, whip (a liquid)
quit.a  quit(s), rid, free (of)
quo {pron.}  what, which (sing.; interrog. & rel.; used as an interrogative refers to something indefinite, e.g. "quo eventis?" = what happened?)
quocient.o (matem.)  quotient
quodlibet.o  pun, jest, sorry joke, quibble (pun),
quorum.o  quorum
quot.o  quota, share, contribution (to be paid or received, as part of a sum)


rabat.ar {tr} [ek, de]  to make a reduction (in price) of, reduce (a price)
        rabat.o  discount, rebate, reduction (in price)
rabi.o (morbo)  rabies, lyssa
        rabi.ik.a  rabid
rabin.o (rel.)  rabbi
rabot.o  plane (tool)
        rabot.ag.ar {tr}  to plane (smooth)
racem.o  raceme (bot.); racemic mixture (phys.)
racion.o  reason (faculty), power of understanding, intellect
        racion.al.a  rational (act, thing), based on reason
        racion.al.ism.o  rationalism
        racion.al.ist.o  rationalist
        racion.oz.a  rational (of a person)
rad.o (nav.)  roadstead, roads, road (at sea)
radar.o (fizk.)  radar
radi.ar {tr/ntr}  to radiate (emit rays, emit heat; issue in rays, diverge from a point)
        radi.al.a (geom.)  radial (geom.)
        radi.o  ray, beam; radio
        radi.o-telefon.ar {tr}  to telephone (something) by radio
        radi.o-telegraf.ar {tr}  to telegraph (something) by radio
radiac.ar {ntr} (fizk.)  to radiate (emit heat, light or similar radiation)
radiator.o (aparato)  radiator (for room or vehicle, heating or cooling)
radik.o  root (bot., math.); root, stem, radix, radical (gram.); (fig.) beginning, origin
        kin.a radik.o di mil  fifth root of a thousand
        radik.al.a  radical (relating to the root)
        radik.al.o  radical (math., chem., politics)
        radik.et.o (bot.)  radicle (bot.)
        radik.o-spros.o (bot.)  sucker (from a root)
radioaktiv.a (fizk.)  radioactive
radiograf.ar {tr}  to photograph using X-rays (radiography)
        radiograf.ur.o  radiograph, X-ray photograph
radiometr.o (instr.)  radiometer
radioskop.ar {tr}  to view by fluoroscopy (radioscopy)
        radioskop.o  radioscopy
        radioskop.il.o  radioscope
radir.ar {tr} (arto)  to etch using nitric acid and a dry point
radium.o (elem.)  radium
radius.o  radius (bone; of a circle or square)
radon.o (elem.)  radon, niton
radot.ar {ntr} [pri]  to talk nonsense due to senility, talk drivel
        radot.o  senseless talk, nonsense, drivel
rafan.o (pl.)  large radish
        rafan.et.o (pl.)  radish, garden radish
rafan.et.o sovaj.a (pl.)  wild radish
rafid.o (biol.)  raphide, raphis
rafin.ar {tr}  to refine (also fig.)
rafl.o (bot.)  grape stalk; (-i) rape (stalks left after wine-making)
raft.o (batelo)  raft
rag.o (vestl.)  tatter
ragut.o  ragout
raitr.o (milit.)  reiter: German cavalry soldier (historical)
rajunt.ar {tr}  to catch (someone or something) up
rak.ar {tr} [de]  to draw off, rack (wine, etc.); (fig.) extract (secrets, money, etc.)
rakahut.o  racahout, raccahout: Arabian dish made of sweet acorns, grains, etc.
raket.o  racquet
rakit.o (morbo)  rickets, rachitis
rakont.ar {tr} [ad]  to tell (a tale, a story)
        rakont.o  tale, story
ral.o (ucelo)  rail (bird), ~crake
rali.ar {tr}  to rally (troops; also fig.)
ram.o  small branch (also fig.), twig, ramus
rami.o (pl.)  ramie, ramee
ramn.o (arb.)  buckthorn
ramp.o  (upward) slope, incline, ramp
ran.o (animalo)  frog
        arbor.o-ran.o (animalo)  tree frog
ranc.a  rancid
rang.o  row, tier, range; rank, order (degree, station)
        alt.a-rang.a  of high rank
        sam-rang.a  of the same rank
        recev.ar rang.o  to take rank (milit.)
        rang.iz.ar  to place in rows, put in ranks; class
rankor.ar {ntr} [kontre, pri, pro]  to have a grudge, feel resentment
        rankor.o  grudge, resentment, rancour, (US) rancor
ranson.o  ransom
ranunkul.o (pl.)  buttercup
ranur.o  groove (long square-cut sunken channel in wood or metal); rifling (firearms)
rap.o (pl.)  rape (plant)
rapec.ar {tr}  to patch (clothing, etc.)
rapid.a  fast, quick, rapid
        rapid.aj.o  rapid (in a river)
rapier.o (armo)  rapier
raport.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulu]  to report (make a report of; something to someone), relate, recount
        raport.o  report (on something or someone); (fig.: math.) ratio, relation
rapsod.o  rhapsodist, rhapsode, reciter of poems
rapsodi.o  rhapsody
rapt.ar {tr} [de]  to seize by violence
        rapt.em.a  rapacious
        rapt-ucel.o (ucelo)  raptor
rar.a  rare, unusual, infrequent
        rar.e  seldom, rarely
ras.o (biol.)  race (human, animal), stock, breed, line
raskal.o  rascal, rogue
rasp.ar {tr}  to grate, rasp
rast.ar {tr}  to rake
rastaquer.o  foreigner or stranger of unknown or suspect means; fashionably dressed swindler
rastelier.o (moblo)  rack (framework; openwork frame as for fodder, arms, etc.)
rat.o (mamif.)  rat
ratafi.o (drnkj.)  ratafia
raten.o (stofo)  ratine, ratteen
ratifik.ar {tr} (yuro)  to ratify
raton.o (mamif.)  racoon, (US) raccoon
rauk.a  hoarse, husky
raup.o (zool.)  caterpillar
raut.o  large party or social gathering
ravelin.o (fortif.)  ravelin, lunette
ravin.o (geog.)  ravine, gully
ravis.ar {tr} [per]  to enrapture
ray.o (fisho)  ray, skate (fish)
rayon.o  rayon, viscose (rayon)
raz.ar {tr}  to shave
re (muz.)  re (second note of the diatonic scale)
reakt.ar {ntr} [ad, kontre]  to react
        reakt.iv.o (kem.)  reagent
real.a  real, actual
        real.ism.o  realism (philos., art.)
        real.ist.o  realist
realgar.o (min.)  realgar
rebel.a  rebellious
        rebel.o  rebel, insurgent
rebord.o  brim, rim, raised edge
rebus.o (lud.)  rebus
recens.ar {tr}  to review (a book, etc.)
recent.a  recent
recepcion.ar {tr}  to accept (after examination)
recept.o  recipe (pharm., culinary, etc.)
receptakl.o (bot.)  receptacle (bot.)
recesiv.a (biol.)  recessive (genetics)
recev.ar {tr} [de]  to receive
recidiv.ar {ntr} [pri]  to repeat the same offence, commit the same crime again; (of a former illness) reappear (med.)
        recidiv.o  recidivism: relapse into crime or illness
        recidiv.ant.o  recidivist (n.)
recipient.o  recipient vessel (for receiving gases or liquids)
reciprok.a  reciprocal, mutual
recit.ar {tr} [ad, koram]  to recite
recitativ.o (muz.)  recitative
red.a  red
        red-kaud.o (ucelo)  redstart (European bird)
        red-pektor.o (ucelo)  robin
Red.a Mar.o (mar.)  Red Sea
redakt.ar {tr}  to edit (a newspaper, journal etc)
redan.o (fortif.)  redan
redemt.ar {tr}  to redeem
redingot.o (vesto)  frock-coat: man's double-breasted full-skirted coat
reduit.o (fortif.)  reduit, inner fortified retreat; (fig.) retreat, refuge
redukt.ar {tr}  to reduce (bring into a certain state)
redut.o (fortif.)  redoubt
ref.o (nav.)  reef (in a sail)
refer.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulo]  to refer to; attribute, ascribe; direct to another
referendari.o  referendary (court official)
reflekt.ar {tr/ntr}  to reflect (phys., mental, gram.)
reflektor.o  reflector; reflecting telescope
reflex.a (fiziol.)  reflex (of response to a stimulus)
reflex.o (fiziol.)  reflex
reflux.ar {ntr}  to ebb (of a tide)
reform.ar {tr}  to reform
refrakt.ar {tr} (fizk.)  to refract
refraktar.a  refractory, not easily melted (of substances); (fig.) unruly, unmanageable
refraktor.o  refractor; refracting telescope
refren.o  refrain (also fig.)
refuj.ar {ntr} [en, che]  to take refuge; (fig.) have recourse
refut.ar {tr}  to refute, disprove
refuz.ar {tr}  to refuse, decline
regal.ar {tr} [per]  to regale, entertain
regali.o (polit.)  regale, regalia (royal privilige, such as that of enjoying the revenues of vacant sees)
regard.ar {tr}  to regard (look at attentively)
regat.o (nav.)  regatta
regener.ar {tr}  to regenerate
regent.o (polit.)  regent
regi.o  régie, direct administration or management (of government properties); government monopoly
regiment.o (milit.)  regiment
region.o  region (all senses)
registr.o  register, record book; account book
regn.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo] (polit.)  to reign over, rule
        regn.o  reign; kingdom (natural history)
regol.o (ucelo)  wren
regolis.o (pl.)  liquorice (plant), (US) licorice
regres.ar {ntr}  to go back, recede, regress
regret.ar {tr}  to regret, be sorry about
regul.ar {tr}  to regulate (tech. & fig.)
        regul.o  rule (to be followed)
        regul.ad.o  regulating
        regul.ier.o (rel.)  regular (member of a religious order who has taken the three ordinary vows)
        regul.oz.a  regular (having a rule or rules)
        regul.oz.es.o  regularity
regulator.o (tekn.)  regulator, governor (of a machine)
rehabilit.ar {tr}  to rehabilitate
rein.o  rein
rej.o (polit.)  sovereign, ruler (king or queen)
        rej.i.o (biol.)  kingdom
        rej.al.a aqu.o (kem.)  aqua regia
rejim.o  regime; regimen
rekalk.ar {tr} (tekn.)  to upset: thicken and shorten (metal); ram (a gun)
rekam.ar {tr}  to figure or work (fabric) with gold, silver, silk, etc.
        rekam.it.a per or.o  gold-figured, gold-worked
rekapitul.ar {tr}  to recapitulate
reklam.ar {tr/ntr}  to advertise
reklamac.ar {tr} [ad, pri, por]  to claim (compensation, reward, what is due, etc.), reclaim
rekolec.ar {ntr} (rel.)  to commune with one's own heart, concentrate on pious thoughts
        rekolec.o  self-communing, pious meditation
rekoli.ar {tr}  to rescue (by gathering or replacing someone or something lost or fallen)
rekolt.ar {tr}  to harvest, reap (also fig.)
rekomend.ar {tr}  to recommend, commend
rekompens.ar {tr} [pro, per] (pek.)  to reward, recompense (s-o.)
rekord.o  record (in sports, etc.)
rekort.ar {tr}  to clip, trim, pare, prune
rekrut.ar {tr} [ulu, ad]  to recruit, enlist
rekt.a (geom.)  straight (not curved or crooked)
rektangul.o (geom.)  rectangle
rektifik.ar {tr}  to rectify (spirits, errors, electric current, etc.), put right, distil, correct
rektifik.il.o (elek.)  rectifier
rektoline.a (matem.)  rectilinear
rektor.o  rector
rektum.o (anat.)  rectum
rektumoptos.o (patol.)  rectumoptosis
rekuper.ar {tr} [de]  to retrieve, recoup
rekurent.a  recurrent (anat., math.)
rekurs.ar {ntr} [ad]  to have recourse, resort
rekuz.ar {tr} [ulu, su]  to challenge (witness, juror); take exception to (testimony, statement); (also fig.)
rel.o (mek.)  rail (as for trains)
relat.ar {tr} [ad]  to relate to; be connected to (by business etc)
relay.o  relay (horses; control device)
releg.ar {tr}  to consign, relegate (also fig.)
relev.ar {tr}  to map, survey
relief.o  relief (in map, sculpture, etc.)
religi.o (rel.)  religion
reliqui.o (rel.)  relic (of a saint)
rem.ar {tr/ntr}  to row (a boat), pull on an oar
remark.ar {tr}  to notice, pay attention to
remedi.ar {tr} [per]  to remedy (a disease), set to rights
reminic.ar {tr}  to reproduce or imitate from memory, unconsciously or unintentionally, some literary or musical piece
remis.ar {tr/ntr}  to exempt (someone) from part of a penalty or debt; abate (of a symptom)
        remis.o  remission (of a debt, sin, etc.; of a disease)
remonstr.ar {ntr} [pri]  to remonstrate
remont.o (milit.)  remount (supply of fresh horses, especially to an army)
remor.o (fisho)  remora
remork.ar {tr}  to tow, haul
remors.ar {ntr} [pri, pro]  to feel remorse
rempar.o (fortif.)  rampart, bulwark
remplas.ar {tr}  to replace (take or be in the place of)
        remplas.ig.ar {tr}  to replace (one thing with another)
remulad.o  remoulade, rémoulade
ren.o (anat.)  kidney
renatur.ar {tr}  to renaturate
rendevu.ar {ntr}  to rendezvous
        rendevu.o  appointment, rendezvous
rendiment.o (tekn.)  output (of machines)
reneg.ar {tr}  to deny untruthfully, disown untruthfully, disavow untruthfully
renesanc.o (hist.)  renaissance
renet-pom.o (frukto)  rennet (apple)
renkontr.ar {tr}  to meet, encounter, (US) meet with
rent.o  income, rent, annuity
rentir.o (mamif.)  reindeer
renunc.ar {tr}  to renounce, give up, relinquish
renvers.ar {tr/ntr}  (tr.) to knock over, knock down, overturn, upset; (intr.) overturn, fall over
reostat.o  rheostat
reotaktism.o (biol.)  rheotaxis
reotropism.o (biol.)  rheotropism
repar.ar {tr}  to mend, repair, restore
repartis.ar {tr} [inter]  to divide and distribute or allocate
repas.ar {tr}  to iron (clothing, etc.)
repast.ar {ntr} [ek]  to have a meal, eat (a meal)
        repast.o  meal
        repast.et.o  light repast
repent.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo, pri ulo]  to repent, rue, repent of
reper.ar {tr}  to put a guiding mark on (piece of building or machinery (to help assembly), wall, ground, measuring rod (to indicate alignment, level, height, etc.)); determine exact location
        reper-punt.o, -sign.o  bench mark, reference point, trig point
reperkut.ar {tr}  to rebound or recoil against; reverberate
repertori.o  repertoire; table, index, register
repet.ar {tr}  to tell or say again, repeat (something said)
replet.a  plump, chubby
replik.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulu]  to answer (to a reply), send (a response to a reply), rejoin, retort
report.ar {tr} (financ.)  to allow a contango
repoz.ar {ntr}  to rest (take a rest), repose
repres.ar {tr}  to restrain, hold back, check, suppress, repress
reprezal.ar {ntr} [kontre]  to retaliate, make reprisals
reprezent.ar {tr}  to represent (by resemblance); depict; be the representative of
reprimand.ar {tr} [ulu, pri ulo]  to reprimand
reproch.ar {tr} [ulo, ad ulu]  to ~reproach (someone about something: reprochar ulo ad ulu; note that the verb in English takes a different subject)
reps.o (stofo)  rep, repp (fabric)
rept.ar {ntr}  to crawl, creep (also fig.)
        rept.er.o (zool.)  reptile
republik.o (polit.)  republic
        republik.ism.o  republicanism
        republik.ist.o (polit.)  republican
repudi.ar {tr}  to repudiate (one's wife, sending her away without a legal divorce); (fig.) repudiate, disavow
repugn.ar {tr}  to disgust, be repugnant to
        repugn.es.o  disgust, repugnance
repuls.ar {tr}  to repel, repulse
reput.ar {tr} [kom]  to repute, deem
        reput.es.ar  to be held (to be so and so)
        reput.es.o  reputation, repute
requizit.ar {tr} (polit.)  to requisition
resek.ar {tr} (kir.)  to resect, cut off
resipicenc.ar {ntr} (rel.)  to recognise one's fault and resolve to improve oneself
reskript.o  rescript (all senses)
reson.ar {ntr}  to resound, be resonant (lit. & fig.)
resorb.ar {tr} (medic.)  to resorb, reabsorb (med.)
resort.o (mek.)  spring (mech.)
resortis.ar {ntr} [ad] (judic.)  to be under the jurisdiction (of), be the province (of)
respekt.ar {tr}  to respect
respir.ar {tr/ntr} (biol.)  to breathe, respire
respond.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo ad ulu]  to reply, answer (something to someone), respond
        respond.iz.ar  to reply to (a letter, etc.)
respons.ar {ntr} [pri]  to be responsible
responsori.o (litur.)  responsory (n.)
rest.ar {ntr}  to remain, stay
restaur.ar {tr}  to restore (to good order)
restituc.ar {tr} [ad]  to make restitution of, return (something) to the rightful owner
restor.ar {tr}  to satisfy hunger or thirst
restrikt.ar {tr} [ad]  to restrict, restrain
ret.o  net; mesh
retabl.o (arkit.)  reredos, altar screen
reten.ar {tr}  to keep (back), retain, withhold; (arith.) carry
retiari.o  retiarius, gladiator armed with a net
retikul.o  reticle, reticule (optical); reticulum (network)
retin.o (anat.)  retina
retor.o  rhetor, rhetorician
retorik.o  rhetoric
retort.o  retort (chem.)
retrakt.ar {tr/ntr}  to retract (claws, an assertion, etc.), withdraw, draw back (lit. & fig.); indent (text)
retret.ar {ntr}  to retire, retreat
retro- {pref.}  retro-, re- (prefix used with a verbal root to indicate: back, backwards, inverse action, return. E.g. retro-ir-ar: to go back(wards); retro-tir-ar: to draw back)
retush.ar {tr}  to retouch
reumatism.o (morbo)  rheumatism
Reunion (lando)  Réunion (island)
rev.ar {ntr} [pri]  to day-dream
revanch.ar {ntr} [pri]  to requite; retaliate, get even
revel.ar {tr} [per, pri, ad]  to reveal
revendik.ar {tr}  to demand (something) back
revenu.o  revenue; income
reverber.ar {tr/ntr} (fizk.)  to radiate (heat that was absorbed), reflect heat
reverenc.ar {tr/ntr}  to make an obeisance (to), bow or curtsy (to)
revers.o  reverse, back
reversion.ar {ntr} (yuro)  to revert (law)
        reversion.o  reversion (of an estate)
reviz.ar {tr}  to revise
revok.ar {tr} [pro]  to revoke, repeal; dismiss
revolt.ar {ntr} [kontre, pri, pro]  to revolt (intr.), rise in revolt
revolucion.ar {tr}  to revolutionise, change thoroughly (opinions, an art, a country, etc.)
revolver.o (armo)  revolver
revu.ar {tr}  to review (troops, books, one's life etc)
        revu.o (liter.)  review, magazine
revuls.ar {tr} (patol.)  to ally (a morbid condition) by counter-irritation or the like
        revuls.o (medic.)  revulsion (med.)
rez.a  even, level (with), close to (a line or surface)
rezed.o (pl.)  mignonette (plant)
rezerv.ar {tr}  to reserve, save, lay by
rezid.ar {ntr} [en, che]  to reside, dwell, live
rezident.o (polit.)  (resident) diplomatic agent
rezidu.o  residue, remainder, debris
rezign.ar {ntr} [pri]  to be resigned, give up
rezin.o (subs.)  resin
rezist.ar {tr}  to resist, stand firm against, not yield to, withstand
rezolv.ar {tr}  to resolve (make up one's mind (to do something)), decide (something to be done)
rezon.ar {ntr} [pri]  to reason
rezult.ar {ntr} [de]  to result, be the consequence
        rezult.aj.o  result, consequence, effect
rezum.ar {tr}  to summarise, recapitulate
rezurekt.ar {ntr} (rel.)  to resurrect (intr.), rise from the dead
Rhen.o (river.)  Rhine
ri- {pref.}  re-, again (prefix used with verbal roots to mean repetition. E.g. ri-dic-ar: to say again; ri-fac-ar: to do again, remake; ri-elekt-ar: to re-elect; ri-en-ir-ar: to re-enter)
        ri.memor.ar  to remember again, recollect
        ri.memor.o  recollection, reminiscence
        ri.vid.ar  to see again; (fig.) to meet (someone) again
        ri.viv.ig.ar  to revive, reanimate, resuscitate (lit. & fig.)
        ri-anim.ar  to revive, reanimate
rib.o (frukto)  currant (fruit: redcurrant, blackcurrant, etc., not small black raisin)
        rib.ier.o (pl.)  currant (shrub)
riboflavin.o (kem.)  riboflavin(e)
rich.a [de]  rich (lit. & fig.)
ricin.o (pl.)  castor-oil plant
«rictus»  rictus (unnatural wide gaping of the mouth, revealing the teeth)
rid.ar {ntr} [pri, pro, de]  to laugh
        rid.et.ar {ntr}  to smile
ridel.o (tekn.)  slatted side (of a vehicle), side pole, rack, sideboard (of a cart), cart-rack
ridikul.a  ridiculous
rif.o (geog.)  reef
rig.o (nav.)  piece of rigging or tackle (naval)
        rig.ar.o  rigging, tackle (naval)
rigid.a  rigid, stiff, inflexible (lit. & fig.)
rigl.o (tekn.)  bolt
rigor.o  rigour (extreme exactness or strictness), (US) rigor
        rigor.oz.a  rigorous, strict
rikoch.ar {ntr} [sur] (fizk.)  to rebound, bounce
rim.o (verso)  rhyme
rimbors.ar {tr} [ad] (pek.)  to repay, refund
rimen.o  belt, strap
rinforc.ar {tr}  to reinforce
ring.o  ring (also geom.), circlet; (tech.) ferrule, bush(ing)
rinocer.o (mamif.)  rhinoceros
rinoplastik.o (kir.)  rhinoplasty
rins.ar {tr} [per]  to rinse
rip.ar {ntr}  to skid (slide while scraping, usually sideways)
risk.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo, su]  to risk, hazard, venture, take a chance
rism.o (mez.)  ream (quantity of paper)
risol.ar {ntr} (koquo)  to brown (in cooking)
rispektiv.a  respective, belonging to each
ristorn.ar {tr}  to cancel (an insurance policy, esp. maritime)
ritm.o (muz.)  rhythm
ritornel.o (muz.)  ritornello
ritu.o (litur.)  rite
riv.o  shore, coast (by a sea); bank (of a river)
        riv-navig.ar  to coast
rival.o  rival (n.)
river.o (geog.)  river, (large) stream
        river.et.o (geog.)  small stream, brook, rivulet
rivet.o (tekn.)  rivet
riz.o (pl.)  rice
rizoid.o (biol.)  rhizoid
rizom.o (bot.)  rhizome, rootstock, rootstalk
rizopod.o (zool.)  rhizopod
rob.o (vesto)  robe, gown
robinet.o (tekn.)  tap, cock, (US) faucet, spigot
robini.o (arb.)  robinia (e.g. locust tree, false acacia)
robot.o (aparato)  robot
robotik.o (cienco)  robotics
robr.o (ludl.)  rubber (of card games such as whist)
robust.a  robust, hardy, sturdy
rochet.o  rochet (surplice-like vestment)
rod.ar {tr}  to gnaw
        rod.er.o  rodent
Rodezi.a (lando)  Rhodesia
        Rodezi.an.o  Rhodesian (n.)
rodinal.o  rhodinal
rododendr.o (pl.)  rhododendron
rodomont.o  (military) braggart
rog.o  pyre
rogacion.i (litur.)  public prayers and processions held on Rogation Days
rok.o  (a) rock, boulder
Rok.oz.a Mont.i (mont.)  Rocky Mountains
rokambol.o (pl.)  rocambole
rokok.o  rococo
rol.o  role, rôle (theat. & gen.), part, character
roler.o (mek.)  roller (cylindrical)
Rom.a  Rome
        Rom.an.o  Roman
Rom.an.a balanc.o (instr.)  steelyard
roman.o  novel (story)
romanc.o (muz.)  romantic song, ballad
Romanch.a  Romansch, Romansh
romantik.a  romantic
romb.o (geom.)  rhombus
        romb.al.a  rhombic
romboedr.o (geom.)  rhombohedron
romboid.o (geom.)  rhomboid (n.)
rond.a  round (adj.)
rondel.o  rondel (verse-form), rondeau; rondo
ronk.ar {ntr}  to snore
ronron.ar {ntr}  to purr
roqu.ar {ntr} (ludl.)  to castle (in chess)
ros.o (meteor.)  dew
rosbif.o  roast beef
rosmarin.o (pl.)  rosemary
rosp.o (animalo)  toad
rost.ar {tr/ntr} (koquo)  to roast (meat, etc.); toast (bread, etc.)
rostr.o  (any) beak-like extension; snout, proboscis, bill, beak; trunk (elephant); prolonged rigid process (bot.); beak (of a Roman ship); rostrum (in a forum)
rot.o (mek.)  wheel
        rot.o-sulk.o  rut (furrow made by wheels)
rotac.ar {ntr}  to rotate
rotan.o (pl.)  rattan, ratan (palm)
rotifer.o  rotifer, wheel animalcule
rotol.ar {ntr}  to roll (of thunder, vehicle, drum etc)
rotond.o  rotunda; armless cloak
rotor.o (elek.)  rotor
rotul.o (mek.)  ball-and-socket joint
rov.o (pl.)  bramble (Rubus), briar; blackberry bush
        rov.o-ber.o (frukto)  brier berry; blackberry
rovr.o (arb.)  English oak
royalism.o  royalism
royalist.o  royalist
roz.o (floro)  rose (flower)
        roz.e.a (koloro)  rose-coloured, (US) rose-colored
        vent.o-roz.o  (mariner's) compass-card
        roz.ier.o (pl.)  rose bush
roz.o-fenestr.o (arkit.)  rose window
        roz.o-miel.o  rose honey
rozari.o (rel.)  rosary
rozeol.o (morbo)  roseola (rose-coloured rash)
rozlaur.o (pl.)  oleander, rosebay
Ruand.a (lando)  Rwanda
ruband.o  ribbon, tape
rubarb.o (pl.)  rhubarb
rubeol.o (morbo)  rubella, German measles
rubi.o (pl.)  madder
rubin.o  ruby
rubrik.o  general title or section in magazine
rud.a  rough (of things, persons, manners), uncouth, rude (lacking refinement)
rudiment.a  rudimental, rudimentary (little-developed)
        rudiment.o  rudiment (first principle or element)
ruf.a (koloro)  reddish-brown, russet, sorrel (colour)
rug.o  wrinkle; ripple
        rug.oz.a  wrinkled, full of wrinkles; rugose (bot.)
ruin.ar {tr}  to ruin
ruk.o  distaff
rukt.ar {ntr}  to belch
rukul.ar {ntr}  to coo
rul.ar {tr/ntr}  to roll, roll along; roll (of a ship)
rulad.o (muz.)  roulade (music)
rulet.o (lud.)  roulette (game)
rum.o (drnkj.)  rum
Rumani.a (lando)  Rumania, Roumania, Romania
        Rumani.an.o  Rumanian, Roumanian, Romanian (person)
rumb.o (nav.)  rhumb (any one of the 32 points of the compass; the angle between two adjacent points of the compass)
Rumeli.a (lando)  Rumelia, Roumelia
        Rumeli.an.o  Rumelian, Roumelian (n.)
rumin.ar {tr/ntr}  to ruminate, chew over again, chew the cud
        rumin.er.o (zool.)  ruminant
rumor.o  rumour
rump.o (anat.)  rump (anat.)
rumstek.o  rumpsteak
run.o  rune (letter)
«rupie» (pek.)  rupee
rupt.ar {tr}  to break (by force), snap, rupture (tr.)
        rupt.es.ar  to break, snap, rupture (intr.)
rur.o  country (as opposed to town)
        rur.an.o  peasant, country person
        rur.o-mus.o (mamif.)  field mouse
Rus.o  Russian (n.)
rush.o  ruche (for neck or cuff)
Rusi.a (lando)  Russia
rusk.o (pl.)  butcher's broom (plant), knee-holly
rust.o (kem.)  rust
rustik.a  rustic (adj.)
        rustik.o  rustic (n.)
rut.o (pl.)  rue (plant)
rutin.o  routine, habit
ruz.ar {ntr} [per]  to use cunning, be sly


sabat.o  Sabbath
sabelik.o (pl.)  savoy cabbage
sabl.o (subs.)  sand
sabord.o (nav.)  scuttle (opening in a ship's deck or side), hatchway; gunport
sabot.ar {tr}  to sabotage
sabr.o (armo)  sabre, (US) saber
sacerdot.o (rel.)  priest
saci.ar {tr}  to just satisfy, provide (someone) with just enough to meet a need
        saci.es.ar  to content oneself (with something); put up (with something)
sadism.o  sadism
sadist.o  sadist
safen.a (anat.)  saphenous (of a vein)
safir.o  sapphire
safran.o  saffron
sagac.a  sagacious, perspicacious, shrewd
sagitari.o (pl.)  arrowhead (plant)
saguin.o (mamif.)  tamarin
sagut.o  sago
        sagut.ier.o (arb.)  sago palm, sago tree
Sahar.a (lando)  Sahara (Desert)
saim.o  lard
saj.a  wise, sensible
        saj.o  sage
sak.o  sack, bag, pouch (also anat. & bot.)
sakarimetr.o (instr.)  saccharimeter
sakarimetri.o  saccharimetry
sakarin.o  saccharin, saccharine
sakr.a (rel.)  sacred
        sakr.o-sant.a (rel.)  sacrosanct, most holy
sakrament.o (rel.)  sacrament
sakrifik.ar {tr/ntr}  to sacrifice, make offerings (lit. and fig.)
sakrilej.ar {ntr} (rel.)  to commit a sacrilege (also fig.)
sakrist.o (rel.)  sacristan, verger
sakristi.o  sacristy
sakrum.o (anat.)  sacrum
sal.o (kem.)  salt (chem.; sodium chloride, common salt)
salad.o  salad
salamandr.o (animalo)  salamander
salari.ar {tr}  to pay salary or wages to
        salari.o  salary, wage(s)
sald.ar {tr}  to settle (a bill), pay (a balance due)
salep.o (farm.)  salep (dried orchid tubers)
sali.ar {ntr} [de, ek]  to be protuberant, jut out
salicin.o (kem.)  salicin, salicine
Salik.a (leg.)  Salic
salik.o (arb.)  willow (tree)
        salik.o plor.ant.a (arb.)  weeping willow
salikari.o (pl.)  purple loosestrife
salin.o  saltworks, ~salina
saliv.o (fiziol.)  saliva, spittle
salmon.o (fisho)  salmon
salol.o (kem.)  salol
salon.o (arkit.)  drawing room, parlour, (US) parlor
salp.o (animalo)  salpian
salpetr.o (kem.)  saltpetre, (US) saltpeter
salsifi.o (pl.)  salsify, oyster plant
salt.ar {ntr}  to leap, jump, bound
salubr.a  salubrious, good for health
salut.ar {tr}  to greet, salute
salutar.a  salutary, wholesome, beneficial
salv.ar {tr} [de, ek]  to save (from danger etc), rescue; salvage
salve.ar {ntr}  to fire a salute or volley
salvi.o (pl.)  sage (plant)
sam.a  same
        sam.e  likewise, ditto
        sam.ide.an.o  partisan of the same idea or movement
Samari.a (lando)  Samaria
        Samari.an.o  Samaritan (native of Samaria)
sambuk.o (arb.)  elder, elderberry (tree)
Samo.a (lando)  Samoa
samovar.o  samovar
san.a (medic.)  healthy, well; (fig.) sound
San-Domingo  San Domingo
San-Marino (lando)  San Marino
San-Salvador  San Salvador
San-Thome (lando)  Saint Thomas, St Thomas (island)
sanatori.o  sanatorium, (US) sanitarium
sancion.ar {tr}  to sanction (authorise or enforce)
sandal.o (vesto)  sandal
sandarak.o  gum sandarach, sandarac resin
sandr.o (fisho)  pikeperch
sandwich.o  sandwich
sang.o (anat.)  blood
sanguin.a  sanguine (of temperament)
sanguisug.o  leech (worm); (fig.) bloodsucker, extortioner
sani.o (patol.)  sanies
Sanskrit.o  Sanskrit
sant.a (rel.)  holy, saintly
        sant.aqu.uy.o  holy-water basin, font
Sant-Helen.a (lando)  St Helena, Saint Helena (island)
santal.o (ligno)  sandal (wood), sandalwood
santolin.o (pl.)  lavender-cotton (shrub)
santuari.o  sanctuary (of a church), holy of holies
sap.ar {tr}  to sap, undermine
sapaju.o (mamif.)  sapajou, capuchin (monkey)
sapon.o (subs.)  soap
saponari.o (pl.)  soapwort
saponin.o (kem.)  saponin
saponit.o (min.)  saponite
sapor.ar {ntr}  to taste (have a certain taste)
        sapor.o  taste, flavour, (US) flavor
        sapor.oz.a  tasty, palatable
saprofit.o (biol.)  saphrophyte
sapt.o (bot.)  sap
saraband.o (danso)  saraband (dance)
saracen.o (pl.)  buckwheat
sarcel.o (ucelo)  teal
sardin.o (fisho)  sardine
Sardini.a (lando)  Sardinia
        Sardini.an.o  Sardinian (person)
sardonik.a  sardonic
sardonix.o (min.)  sardonyx
sargas.o (bot.)  sargassum, gulfweed, sargasso
sarig.o (mamif.)  Virginian opossum
sark.o  coffin
sarkasm.o  sarcasm
sarkin.o (biol.)  sarcin
sarkl.ar {tr}  to weed
sarkofag.o  sarcophagus (stone coffin)
sarkom.o (patol.)  sarcoma
sarkoplasm.o (biol.)  sarcoplasm
Sarmat.o  Sarmatian
Sarmati.a (lando)  Sarmatia
sarment.o (bot.)  sarmentum, runner (rooting stem)
sarsaparel.o (pl.)  sarsaparilla
sasafras.o (arb.)  sassafras
sat {adv.}  enough, sufficiently (used before an adj. or adv.; e.g. sat rapide = quickly enough)
        sat.e  enough (used after a verb; e.g. vu parolis sate = you have spoken enough)
sat.a  enough (adj.), adequate
satan.o (rel.)  Satan
satelit.o  satellite (also fig.)
satin.o (stofo)  satin
        satin.um.ar  to glaze (give to fabrics, paper, etc. a satin-like gloss)
        koton-satin.o (stofo)  satinette
satir.o  satire
        satir.e mok.ar  to lampoon
satirus.o  satyr (myth., fig.)
satisfac.ar {tr} [per]  to fulfil or satisfy (a duty, expectation, promise); discharge (an obligation)
«satisfecit»  certificate of satisfaction or good conduct (such as given to a pupil)
satrap.o (polit.)  satrap
satur.ar {tr} [ye]  to satiate, saturate
saturdi.o  Saturday
saturnal.i  Saturnalia
sauc.o  sauce
sauri.o (rept.)  saurian, reptile of the suborder Sauria (lizard, gecko, skink, etc.)
sav.ar {tr}  to know (by learning), have a knowledge of, know how (to do s-t.)
savan.o (geog.)  savanna, prairie
savori.o (pl.)  savory (plant)
Savoy.a (lando)  Savoy
        Savoy.an.o  Savoyard (native of Savoy)
savur.ar {tr}  to relish, savour, (US) savor
saxhorn.o (muzin.)  saxhorn
saxifrag.o (pl.)  saxifrage
saxofon.o (muzin.)  saxophone
Saxon.o  Saxon
Saxoni.a (lando)  Saxony
sbir.o  sbirro, policeman
se {konj.}  if
seb.o (subs.)  tallow, suet
secion.o (geom.)  section (geom., math.)
sed.o (anat.)  bottom (of the body), backside
sedentari.a  sedentary
sedici.ar {ntr}  to mutiny, riot
        sedici.o  mutiny, riot
sediment.o  sediment, dregs
sedukt.ar {tr} [per]  to seduce, entice
sedum.o (pl.)  sedum, ~stonecrop
seg.ar {tr}  to saw, cut with a saw
segl.o (nav.)  sail
        segl.ir.ar (nav.)  to sail
segment.o  segment, section
segregac.ar {tr} (biol.)  to segregate
segun {prep.}  according to
segun ke  according to whether
seid.o  zealot, fanatical partisan
sejorn.ar {ntr} [en, che]  to sojourn, reside for a while
sek.ar {tr}  to make a cut in, cut partially through; section (divide into sections)
        sek.ant.o (geom.)  secant
sekal.o (pl.)  rye
sekin.o (pek.)  sequin (old Italian gold coin)
sekond.ar {tr}  to second (a motion)
sekrec.ar {tr} (biol.)  to secrete (release)
sekret.a  secret
sekretari.o  secretary
sekretariat.o  secretariat
sekt.o  sect, cult (sect)
sektor.o  sector
sekular.a (rel.)  secular, worldly
sekund.o  second (of time or angle)
sekundar.a  secondary (geol., school, elec., etc.)
sekur.a  safe, secure
sekur.ig.il.o  safety cut-out (elec.)
sel.o  saddle
selakt.o  whey
selekt.ar {tr}  to choose, select
selenografi.o (astron.)  selenography
«selfmademan»  self-made man
Sem  Shem
Sem.id.o  Semite
Sem.id.al.a  Semitic
anti-sem.id.a  anti-Semitic
        anti-sem.id.o  anti-Semite
        anti-sem.id.ism.o  anti-Semitism
sem.ar {tr}  to sow (lit. & fig.), scatter seeds
semafor.o (aparato)  semaphore
seman.o  week
semantik.o (cienco)  semantics
sembl.ar {ntr}  to seem, appear (to be)
semestr.o  semester
semin.o (biol.)  seed
seminar.o  seminar
seminari.o  seminary
semiotik.o  semiotics, semeiotics, semiology (study of signs and symbols)
seml.o  (bread) roll
semol.o  semolina
semperviv.o (pl.)  stonecrop
        semperviv.o tekt.al.a (pl.)  houseleek
sempr.e {adv.}  always
sen {prep.}  without
sen ke  unless
sen- {pref.}  -less, without, free from (word "sen" used as a prefix; e.g. sen-dent-a = toothless)
        sen.tar.e  net (adv.: of weight)
        sen.voc.a (fonetiko)  surd, mute (phonetics)
senat.o  senate
senatuskonsult.o (polit.)  senatus consult, senatus consultum, decree of the senate
senc.o  sense, meaning
send.ar {tr} [ad]  to send, cause to go
seneci.o (pl.)  groundsel
Senegal (lando)  Senegal
        Senegal.an.o  Senegalese (n.)
seneshal.o  seneschal, steward (title)
senil.a  senile
senior.a  elder, senior
sens.o  sense (sight, hearing, etc.)
        sens.al.ism.o (filoz.)  sensualism (doctrine), sensationalism (phil.)
sensacion.o  sensation (excited interest or feeling; fig.: excited interest in an audience or crowd)
sensitiv.o (pl.)  sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica)
sensual.a  sensual
sent.ar {tr}  to feel (a sensation)
sentenc.o  maxim
sentiment.o  sentiment, mental feeling, emotional attitude
sentinel.o (milit.)  sentry
sep  seven
sepal.o (bot.)  sepal
separ.ar {tr} [de]  to separate, part
sepi.o (fisho)  cuttlefish
        sepi.aj.o  sepia (pigment)
sept.a (medic.)  septic
septembr.o  September
septet.o (muz.)  septet (voices or instrument)
septicemi.o (morbo)  blood poisoning, (GB) septicaemia, (US) septicemia
septilion.o  septillion (million raised to the seventh power)
septim.o  seventh chord; septime (fencing)
septua-  sept-, septi-, septem- (prefix denoting seven)
septuagesim.o (litur.)  Septuagesima
sepult.ar {tr} [en]  to entomb, bury (a body)
sequ.ar {tr}  to follow (lit. & fig.)
sequenci.o  sequence (hymn)
sequestr.ar {tr} (yuro)  to sequester (remove a possession pending legal decision)
sequoy.o (arb.)  sequoia
ser.o (biol.)  (blood) serum
seraf.o (teol.)  seraph
seray.o  seraglio (women's quarters)
serbatan.o  pea-shooter, air-cane
Serbi.a (lando)  Serbia
        Serbi.an.o  Serbian (person)
serch.ar {tr}  to seek, look for, search for
seren.a  serene, placid
serenad.o (muz.)  serenade
«serenissimus»  His Serene Highness (title)
serf.o  serf
seri.o  series, row, file, queue
serin.o (ucelo)  serin (type of finch)
        serin-doc.il.o  serinette
sering.o (arb.)  mock-orange (shrub of the saxifrage family), syringa (#)
serioz.a  serious, grave (not frivolous, not trivial)
serj.o (stofo)  serge (fabric)
serjent.o (milit.)  sergeant
seron.o  seron, seroon (bale wrapped in hide)
serp.o  bill-hook, pruning bill
        serp.et.o  pruning knife, garden knife
serpent.o (rept.)  snake
        serpent.o-korn.o (muzin.)  serpent (mus.)
        serpent.o-tub.o (tekn.)  (a) winding tube
        serpent.al.o (matem.)  serpentine (winding curve or line)
        serpent.ier.o (astron.)  Serpent (constellation)
serpentin.o (min.)  serpentine (rock)
serpol.o (pl.)  wild thyme
serum.o (farm.)  serum (medicinal)
serur.o (aparato)  lock (for fastening)
        serur-hok.o (mek.)  lock catch
serv.ar {tr/ntr}  to serve, be of service to, tend
serval.o (mamif.)  serval
servic.o  service, set of crockery etc.
servitud.o (yuro)  servitude (burden on property obliging the owner to allow others a right in respect of it)
sesg.ar {tr} [ulo]  to cut in the form of a crescent; (of dresses) to cut low
sesion.o  session, sittings
seton.o  seton (thread or similar)
sever.a [ad, pri]  severe, stern, harsh, strict
sevici.ar {tr} (yuro)  to ill-treat, treat cruelly
sexa-  sex-, sexi- (prefix denoting six)
sexagesim.o (litur.)  Sexagesima (Sunday)
sext.o  sixth (musical interval; fencing position)
sextant.o  sextant (instrument); Sextant, Sextans (constellation)
sextet.o (muz.)  sextet
sextik.o (matem.)  sextic (n.)
sextilion.o  sextillion (million raised to the sixth power)
sexu.o (biol.)  sex
sezam.o (pl.)  sesame, til, teel
sezon.o  season (of the year)
sfacel.o (morbo)  sphacelus
sfenoid.a (anat.)  sphenoid (adj.)
sfenoid.o  sphenoid (anat.; geom.)
sfer.o (geom.)  sphere
sferoid.o (geom.)  spheroid
sferometr.o (instr.)  spherometer
sfinter.o (anat.)  sphincter
sfinx.o  sphinx (also fig.)
«sha»  shah
shablon.o  pattern (outline for making something)
shabrak.o (milit.)  shabrack, shabracque, saddle-cloth
shaft.o  shaft, staff, long handle
shagrin.o  shagreen (leather)
shak.ar {tr} (ludl.)  to check (in chess)
shakal.o (mamif.)  jackal
shakt.o  shaft, pit (of a mine)
shal.o (vesto)  shawl
shalm.o  pipe or tube (of straw, reed, glass or metal, as used for sucking up liquids), straw (#); chemist's blow-pipe; shawm, shalm (reed instrument); shepherd's pipe; hollow stem (of a plant)
shalot.o (pl.)  shallot
shalup.o (batelo)  shallop, dinghy
sham.ar {ntr} [pri, pro, de]  to be ashamed
shamot.o (min.)  fire clay
shampun.ar {tr}  to shampoo
shancel.ar {ntr} [pro, de]  to stagger, totter, waver (also fig.)
shapk.o  fur cap, chapka, czapka, schapska
sharad.o (lud.)  charade
shark.o (fisho)  shark (fish)
sharlatan.o  charlatan, quack
sharp.o  scarf; sash; sling (for the arm, etc.)
sharpi.o (kir.)  lint (surg.)
sheik.o  sheikh, sheik
shekl.o (mek.)  shackle (attachment link of a chain etc.)
shel.o  shell (of an egg), peel, rind
shibr.o (tekn.)  slide-valve (in steam engine); sluice-gate (for water)
shifon.o  rag
shikan.ar {tr} [pri, pro]  to use tricks and artifice; quibble, wrangle, pettifog
        shikan.o  chicanery, sharp practice; quibbling, wrangling
shild.o (milit.)  shield (for protection)
«shilling»  shilling
shindol.o  shingle (wooden tile)
shink.o  ham
shirm.ar {tr} [de]  to shelter, shield
«shirting»  shirting
shok.ar {tr}  to strike against; shock (mentally)
shov.ar {tr}  to push along, shove
shovel.o  shovel
shovin.a  excessively patriotic, chauvinistic
        shovin.o  chauvinist, jingo
        shovin.es.o  chauvinism, exaggerated patriotism
shrapnel.o (armo)  shrapnel
shu.o (vesto)  shoe
        sur.shu.o  overshoe, galosh (#)
shultr.o (anat.)  shoulder
shunt.o (elek.)  shunt (elec.)
shutr.o  blind, shutter
si (muz.)  te, ti, si (seventh note of the diatonic scale)
«si» (muz.)  si, seventh note of diatonic scale
Siam (lando)  Siam
        Siam.an.o  Siamese (native of Siam)
sibarit.a  sybarite (adj.), sybaritic
        sibarit.o  sybarite (person devoted to luxury)
Siberi.a (lando)  Siberia
        Siberi.an.o  Siberian (n.)
sibil.o  sibyl, Sibyl
Sicili.a (lando)  Sicily
        Sicili.an.o  Sicilian (person)
sid.ar {ntr}  to sit (be sitting); (fig.) lie, reside (of things)
        sid.esk.ar  to sit down, take a seat
sideral.a  sidereal
Siena-ter.o  sienna (earth, pigment)
sienit.o (min.)  syenite
Sierra Leone (lando)  Sierra Leone
siest.ar {ntr}  to sleep in the afternoon
sifilis.o (morbo)  syphilis
sifl.ar {tr/ntr}  to whistle
sifon.o (aparato)  siphon, syphon
sigar.o  cigar
        sigar.et.o  cigarette
sigilari.o  sigillaria (genus of fossil trees)
sigl.ar {tr}  to affix a seal to; (fig.) seal up
        sigl.o-vax.o (subs.)  sealing wax
sign.o  sign (natural or artificial), mark (indication)
signal.ar {tr}  to signal
signat.ar {tr}  to sign (put one's name to)
signifik.ar {tr}  to mean, signify
sik.a  dry (adj.)
sikl.o  sickle
sikomor.o (arb.)  sycamore
sil.o  silo
silab.o (fonetiko)  syllable
silen.o (pl.)  silene, ~catchfly, campion (Silene)
silenc.ar {ntr}  to be silent (not to make a noise)
        silenc.o  silence
        silenc.ig.ar  to silence
sileps.o (retor.)  syllepsis
silex.o (min.)  silex; flint (variety of quartz)
Silezi.a (lando)  Silesia
        Silezi.an.o  Silesian (n.)
silf.o (mitol.)  sylph
silic.o (kem.)  silica
silik.o (elem.)  silicon
silikat.o (kem.)  silicate
        silikat-acid.o (kem.)  silicic acid
silikon.o (subs.)  silicone
siliqu.o (bot.)  siliqua, silique
silk.o  silk
        silk.o-raup.o (insekto)  silkworm
silogism.o (log.)  syllogism
silogistik.o (log.)  syllogistic (n.), syllogistics
siluet.o  silhouette
silur.o (fisho)  silurid, catfish, fish of the family Siluridae
silurian.a (geol.)  Silurian
silv.o  forest of full-grown, lofty trees
silvan.o (mitol.)  sylvan (wood-god); Silvanus, Sylvanus (wood deity)
silvi.o (ucelo)  warbler (bird)
simbios.o (biol.)  symbiosis
simbol.o  symbol
simetr.a  symmetrical
simfiz.o (anat.)  symphysis (type of joint)
simfoni.o (muz.)  symphony
simi.o (mamif.)  simian (monkey or ape)
simil.a  similar, like, alike
simoni.ar {ntr}  to practise simony
        simoni.o  simony
simpati.ar {tr}  to sympathise with (someone)
        inter-simpati.ar  to sympathise mutually
simpatik.a (fiziol.)  sympathetic (physiol.)
simpl.a  simple, uncomplicated, not complex; plain, unadorned
simplast.o (biol.)  symplast
simptom.o  symptom (med. & fig.)
simul.ar {tr}  to simulate
simultan.a  co-equal, common (belonging equally), joint
        simultan.a equacion.o  simultaneous equation
sin.o (anat.)  intimate place, internal part, close or secret receptacle, bosom (fig.), heart (fig.: centre), womb (fig.)
sinagog.o  synagogue
sinap.o (pl.)  mustard (plant)
sinapism.o  mustard plaster, sinapism
sinaps.o (biol.)  synapse
sinartros.o (anat.)  synarthrosis
sincer.a  sincere
sindik.o  syndic (person who transacts business for others); administrative assignee (of an insolvent's estate)
sindikat.o  syndicate (group formed to promote members' economic interests)
sindrom.o (patol.)  syndrome
sinekdok.o (retor.)  synecdoche
sinekur.o  sinecure
sinergid.o (biol.)  synergid
singl.a  each
        singl.e  singly
        singl.u  each one (person), each (pron.)
singlut.ar {ntr}  to sob
singular.a  singular (not plural)
        singular.o (gram.)  singular number (gram.)
sinior.o  Eminence, Excellency
        sinior.in.o  noble lady, Lady
        sinior.ul.o  lord, seignior, seigneur, sire (of rulers), sir (of lords)
sinistr.a  left (adj.), left-hand, (nav.) port
sink.ar {tr/ntr}  to sink, settle, subside
sinkop.ar {ntr}  to swoon; syncopate
        sinkop.o  syncope (gram., mus., med.)
sinkret.ism.o (filoz.)  syncretism
sinkretism.o (filoz.)  syncretism
sinkretist.o (filoz.)  syncretist
sinkron.a  synchronous (phys., math.)
sinod.o (rel.)  synod
sinodik.a (astron.)  synodic
sinonim.a (ling.)  synonymous
sinoptik.a  synoptic, synoptical
sinovi.o (anat.)  synovia
sins.o  (one-way) direction (e.g. A to B, or B to A, but not both)
sintaktik.o (matem.)  syntactics
sintax.o (gram.)  syntax
sintez.ar {tr}  to synthesise
sinton.a (elektrn.)  in tune, tuned (electronics)
        sinton.es.o (elektrn.)  syntony
        sinton.ig.ar (elektrn.)  to tune (electronics)
        sinton.ig.o (elektrn.)  tuning (electronic)
sinu.o  bend (not sharp), winding (as of road or river)
sinus.o  sinus (anat.); sine (math.)
sinusit.o (morbo)  sinusitis
sinusoid.o  sine curve, sinusoid
sior.o  sir; madam
        sior.in.o  Mrs, Miss, madam, lady (woman)
        sior.ul.o  Mister, Mr, sir, gentleman (man)
siren.o  siren (myth. & fig.; powerful whistle; acoustical instrument)
sirf.o (insekto)  hover fly (type of), flower fly (Syrphus)
Siri.a (lando)  Syria
        Siri.an.o  Syrian (person)
Siriak.a (ling.)  Syriac (dialect)
siring.o  syringe
sirok.o (meteor.)  sirocco
sirop.o (subs.)  syrup
sis  six
sis.ar {ntr}  to hiss
sism.o (geol.)  earthquake
sismograf.o (instr.)  seismograph
sismologi.o (cienco)  seismology
sismometr.o (instr.)  seismometer
sismoskop.o (instr.)  seismoscope
sistem.o  system
sistematik.o  systematics
sistol.o  systole (fiziol., gram.)
sistr.o  sistrum
sitel.o  bucket
situ.ar {tr}  to site, place, locate, seat
        situ.es.o  situation
siv.o  sieve, sifter; strainer
sive  whether; either
sive ... sive {konj.}  whether ... or whether; either ... or
siz.ar {tr}  to seize, grab; (fig.) grasp (e.g. an opportunity)
sizigi.o (astron.)  syzygy
skabel.o (moblo)  footstool
skabi.o (morbo)  scabies, itch; mange
skabios.o (pl.)  scabious (plant)
skafandr.o (aparato)  diving suit (with helmet, etc.)
skal.o  ladder; scale (measuring, musical, etc.)
        skal.o-plak.o  dial (graduated plate)
skalar.o (matem.)  scalar (math.)
skalen.a (geom.)  scalene (geom.)
skali.o (zool.)  shell (as of an oyster or tortoise)
skalp.ar {tr}  to scalp
skalpel.o  scalpel
skamone.o  scammony (plant; gum resin)
skand.ar {tr}  to scan (of verse)
skandal.ar {tr} [per]  to scandalise, shock and offend
        skandal.es.ar  to be scandalised
Skandinavi.a (lando)  Scandinavia
        Skandinavi.an.o  Scandinavian (person)
skapul.o (anat.)  shoulder blade, scapula, omoplate
skapulari.o  scapular, scapulary (relig.)
skarabe.o (insekto)  scarab (beetle), scarabaeid, scarabaean
skaramuch.o  Scaramouch (comic character)
skarifik.ar {tr} (kir.)  to scarify (surg.)
skarlat.a (koloro)  scarlet (adj.)
        skarlat.o (koloro)  scarlet (n.)
skarlatin.o (morbo)  scarlet fever, scarlatina
skarmuch.ar {ntr} (milit.)  to (engage in a) skirmish
skars.a  scarce
«skat» (lud.)  skat (card game)
skelet.o (anat.)  skeleton
skem.o  schema, schematic (n.), chart, diagram
sken.o  hank, skein
        sken.un.o  one of the threads of a skein
skeptik.a  sceptical, (US) skeptical
        skeptik.ism.o (filoz.)  scepticism, (US) skepticism
skerc.o (muz.)  scherzo
skerm.ar {ntr}  to fence
sket.ar {ntr}  to skate
ski.o  ski
        ski-kur.ar, -glit.ar  to ski
skir.o (patol.)  scirrhus
skis.ar {tr}  to sketch, outline
skism.o  schism
skist.o (min.)  schist
Skit.o  Scythian (n.)
Skiti.a (lando)  Scythia
skizofreni.o (morbo)  schizophrenia
sklav.o  slave
skleros.o (patol.)  sclerosis
sklerotik.o (anat.)  sclera, sclerotic (n.)
skol.o  school (educational establishment; group of disciples)
        aplik.o-skol.o  technical school, trade school, polytechnic
skolastik.a  scholastic (adj.)
        skolastik.o (filoz.)  scholastic (n.), schoolman
        skolastik.ism.o  scholasticism
skoli.o  scholion, scholium
skoliast.o  scholiast, annotator
skolopendr.o (animalo)  centipede, scolopendra
skop.o  purpose, aim, objective, intention
skops.o (ucelo)  scops owl
skorbut.o (morbo)  scurvy (n.)
skori.o (subs.)  slag, dross
skorpion.o (animalo)  scorpion
Skorpion.o (astron.)  Scorpio
skorzoner.o (pl.)  scorzonera, black salsify
Skot.o  Scot, Scotsman
Skoti.a (lando)  Scotland
skotish.o (danso)  schottish
skovel.o  cannon-sponge, cannon-swab
skrach.ar {tr} [per]  to scratch, claw
skrap.ar {tr}  to scrape (off), abrade
skren.o  screen
skrib.ar {tr}  to write, write out
        skrib.o  writing (act)
        skrib.ach.ar  to scrawl, scribble
        skrib.aj.o  what is written, something written
        skrib.il.o  writing instrument, thing to write with
        skrib.kusen.o  pad to write on
        skrib.mashin.o  typewriter
        skrib.ur.o  writing (result)
        mashin-skrib.ar  to typewrite
skript.ar {ntr}  to write (literature), "author"
skroful.o (morbo)  scrofula
skrot.o (anat.)  scrotum
skrub.o (mek.)  screw
        skrub.in.o (mek.)  nut (for a screw)
skrupul.o  scruple, qualm
skud.o  escutcheon (shield with coat-of-arms), (by extension) shield-shaped plaque bearing a coat-of-arms or similar; scudo (old Italian silver coin)
skult.ar {tr}  to sculpt, carve
skuner.o (batelo)  schooner (ship)
skur.ar {tr}  to scour, scrub
skurel.o (mamif.)  squirrel, tree squirrel
slalom.o  slalom
slam.o (subs.)  slime, silt, ooze
slang.ar  to speak slang
        slang.o  slang
Slav.o  Slav (n.)
Slavoni.a (lando)  Slavonia
sling.o  noose, loop
slip.o (mek.)  slip (of a screw-propellor)
slogan.o  slogan
Slovaki.a (lando)  Slovakia
Sloveni.a (lando)  Slovenia
slup.o (batelo)  sloop
sluz.o (aparato)  lock (of a waterway)
smalt.o  smalt (glass, powder)
smerald.o  emerald
smeril.o (subs.)  emery
snap.ar {tr}  to snap, snatch with the teeth or beak
snifl.ar {tr/ntr}  to sniff
snob.o  snob
snorkel.o (aparato)  snorkel (device for air)
snort.ar {ntr}  to snort, blow through the nose (of horses)
sobr.a  moderate, sober
soci.o  society (in general), community (people in a locality)
        soci.al.ism.o (doktrino)  socialism
        soci.al.ist.o  socialist (n.)
        soci.et.o  society (club, association)
        soci.et.an.o  member of a society (club)
sociolog.o  sociologist
sociologi.o (cienco)  sociology
socis.o  sausage
sod.o (kem.)  washing soda, sodium carbonate
sodomi.ar {ntr}  to commit sodomy
        sodomi.o  sodomy
sofa.o (moblo)  sofa
sofism.o  sophism
sofist.o  sophist
sofistik.o  sophistry
sofit.o (arkit.)  soffit
sok.o  sock (ploughshare, US: plowshare)
sokl.o (arkit.)  socle, plinth
sokurs.ar {tr}  to come to the aid of when in danger, succour, (US) succur
«sol» (muz.)  sol, so, soh (fifth note of the diatonic scale)
sol.a  alone, sithout comapny, sole, only (adj.)
        sol.es.o  solitude
        sol.o (muz.)  solo (music)
        sol.ist.o  soloist
solan.o (pl.)  nightshade
sold.ar {tr}  to solder
soldat.o (milit.)  soldier, trooper
sole.o (fisho)  sole (fish)
solecism.o  solecism
solen.a  solemn
solenoid.o (elek.)  solenoid
solfej.ar {tr} (muz.)  to name, sing, or hum each note of
soli.o (arkit.)  sill, threshold (also fig.)
solicit.ar {tr} [pri]  to solicit (request earnestly)
solid.a  solid (not liquid; geom.); (fig.) firm, sound
        solid.o  solid (n.)
solidar.a  solidary (jointly and severally responsible or liable; binding upon every one)
        solidar.e  conjointly, jointly and severally
        solidar.es.o  solidarity, joint responsibility; (fig.) coherence, fellowship, community of interests
        solidar.ig.ar  to make jointly liable; unite the interests of
soliped.a (zool.)  soliped (adj.), solipedous
        soliped.o  soliped (n.)
solitar.a  solitary (of a place or person), deserted (of a place), isolated from others (of a person)
soliter.o  solitaire (game; gem)
solstic.o (astron.)  solstice
solv.ar {tr}  to solve (a problem etc); loosen (of a solute)
solvent.a (financ.)  solvent (financially)
Somal.o  Somali (person)
Somal.i-land.o (lando)  Somaliland
Somali.a (lando)  Somalia
somat.o (biol.)  soma (biol.)
sombrer.o (vesto)  sombrero
somer.o  summer
somit.o  summit (highest point)
somnambul.a  somnambulant (adj.)
        somnambul.es.o  somnambulism, somnambulance
        somnambul.o  sleepwalker, somnambulist, somnamulator, somnambule
somnol.ar {ntr}  to be drowsy, be sleepy
        somnol.eg.ar  to be overpoweringly sleepy
son.ar {ntr}  to sound (emit a sound), strike (of a clock)
        son.o  sound, ring, striking
sonali.o  small bell (as used on the harness of horses)
sonat.o (muz.)  sonata
sond.ar {tr}  to sound (measure depth), fathom, probe (also fig.)
sonet.o (poez.)  sonnet
sonj.ar {ntr}  to dream (while asleep)
sonk.o (pl.)  sow thistle
sonor.a  sonorous, resonant
soport.o (mek.)  bearing (mech.)
sopran.o  soprano, treble (voice or person)
soqu.o (vesto)  sock (light shoe used by actors in ancient comedy)
sorb.o (frukto)  sorb apple (fruit of a tree of the genus Sorbus such as rowan, sorb or service tree)
        sorb.ier.o (arb.)  service tree, sorb; whitebeam; rowan, (European) mountain ash; (genus: Sorbus)
sorbet.o  sorbet
sorc.ar {tr/ntr}  to practise sorcery; bewitch
sordid.a  dirty, sordid, soiled; (fig.) nasty, foul
sordin.o  mute (music), sordino
sorg.ar {tr}  to take care of, look after
        sorg.o  care, attention
        sorg.em.a  careful
sorgum.o (pl.)  sorghum, Indian millet
sorit.o (log.)  sorites (logic)
sort.o  sort, kind
sospir.ar {ntr}  to sigh
«sou»  sou: twentieth part of a franc
sovaj.a  wild, savage (untamed); (fig.) fierce
Soviet-Union.o (lando)  Soviet Union
sozi.o  double, counterpart (someone extremely alike in appearance to another)
spac.o  space
spad.o  spade
spadic.o (bot.)  spadix
«spahi»  spahi, spahee
span.o  chip (of wood, etc.)
spaniel.o (mamif.)  spaniel
spant.o (nav.)  timber, rib (in the frame of a ship)
spanyolet.o (mek.)  window-sash fastening
spar.ar {tr/ntr} (pek.)  to save (for future use), put by; be frugal
sparadrap.o (farm.)  sticking plaster, (US) adhesive tape (for a superficial wound)
sparvier.o (ucelo)  sparrow hawk
spasm.o (medic.)  spasm
spat.o (min.)  spar (mineral)
spatul.o  spatula
spec.o  species; (fig.) kind
specifik.a  specific (relating to a particular thing)
        specifik.o  specific (n.)
specimen.o  specimen, sample
spegul.o  mirror
spekt.ar {tr}  to look at, see (as a spectator)
spektakl.o  spectacle, performance (theatrical, etc.), pageant
spektr.o (fizk.)  spectrum
spektroskop.o (aparato)  spectroscope
spektroskopi.o (cienco)  spectroscopy
spekul.ar {ntr} [pri]  to speculate (philos.; fin.), theorise
speleologi.o (cienco)  speleology, spelaeology
spelt.o (pl.)  spelt (bot.)
spencer.o (vesto)  spencer (short coat)
spens.ar {tr}  to spend, expend (money, effort, time, etc.)
spergul.o (pl.)  spurrey, spurry
sperm.o (biol.)  sperm
spermacet.o (biokem.)  spermaceti
spermaster.o (biol.)  spermaster
spermatid.o (biol.)  spermatid
spermatocit.o (biol.)  spermatocyte
spermatofor.o (biol.)  spermatophore
spermatogenez.o (biol.)  spermatogenesis, spermatogeny
spermatogoni.o (biol.)  spermatogonium
spermatore.o (patol.)  spermatorrhoea, spermatorrhea
spermatozoid.o  spermatozoid; spermatozoon
spermi.o (biol.)  spermie
spermin.o (biokem.)  spermine
spermiogenez.o (biol.)  spermiogenesis
spermocentr.o (biol.)  spermacentrum
spic.o  spice
spik.o (bot.)  spike, ear (of corn)
spin.o (anat.)  spine, backbone
spinat.o (pl.)  spinach
spindel.o (mek.)  spindle (for thread)
spinel.o (min.)  spinel
spion.ar {tr}  to spy on
spir.o  winding line like the threads of a screw, helix
spiral.o (geom.)  spiral
spire.o (pl.)  spiraea, (US) spirea, meadowsweet
spirem.o (biol.)  spireme
spirit.o (rel.)  spirit (incorporeal being)
        spirit.ism.o (rel.)  spiritualism (doctrine or beliefs of spiritists), spiritism
        spirit.al.ism.o  spiritualism (system opposed to materialism)
spis.o  spit (for roasting)
splen.o (anat.)  spleen (organ)
splendid.a  splendid, magnificent
splenit.o (morbo)  splenitis
splin.ar {ntr}  to be splenetic, be in low spirits
        splin.o  spleen (mood)
splint.o  pin (as in a hinge, buckle, etc.)
        splint.o-lud.o (lud.)  spillikins, spilikins
splis.ar {tr}  to splice (ropes)
split.o  splinter, sliver
spok.o (mek.)  spoke
spoli.ar {tr}  to rob, plunder, loot, despoil, pillage
sponde.o (verso)  spondee
sponj.o  sponge
spontan.a  spontaneous
spor.o (bot.)  spore
Sporad.i (lando)  Sporades (islands)
sporadik.a  sporadic
sporangi.o (bot.)  sporangium
sporangiofor.o (biol.)  sporangiophore
sporn.o  spur (for riding)
sporofit.o (biol.)  sporophyte
sporogenez.o (biol.)  sporogenesis
sport.ar {ntr} (sporto)  to take part in sport
        sport.o  sport
spot.o (fiziol.)  mole (on skin); beauty spot
spoz.o  spouse
        spoz.in.o  wife
        spoz.ul.o  husband
sprat.o (fisho)  sprat, brisling
spric.ar {ntr}  to gush, splash (out)
spring.ar {ntr}  to leap, dash, spring (up or forwards)
spros.o (bot.)  sprout, shoot
spul.ar {tr}  to reel (wind on a spool)
spum.o  foam, froth
sput.ar {tr}  to spit
squadr.o  set-square
        T-squadr.o  T-square
squal.o (fisho)  shark of the genus Squalus
squam.o (zool.)  scale (of a fish, etc.)
squat.ar {ntr}  to squat
«squatter»  squatter (on land)
squil.o (pl.)  squill, sea squill
st [!]  hush!, sh!, hist!
stab.o (milit.)  staff (military)
stabil.a  stable
stabl.o  stable (for animals)
stac.ar {ntr}  to stand (upright), be standing
        stac.esk.ar  to stand up (rise to one's feet)
stacion.o  station (place, building)
stacionar.a  stationary, steady, not moving or changing at the time
stadi.o  stadium (sports ground; ancient Greek measure of length, about 607 feet or 185 metres); stage of development (of a disease, etc.)
stafil.o (frukto)  bladder-nut (pod, fruit)
        stafil.ier.o (arb.)  bladder-nut (shrub)
stafisagr.o (pl.)  stavesacre
stagn.ar {ntr}  to stagnate, be at a standstill
stakis.o (pl.)  hedge-nettle, woundwort (#)
stal.o (subs.)  steel
stalagmit.o  stalagmite
stalaktit.o  stalactite
stamin.o (biol.)  stamen
stamp.ar {tr}  to stamp, imprint
stan.o (elem.)  tin (metal)
        stan-foli.o  tin-foil
stanc.o (verso)  stanza
stand.ar {ntr}  to be (well, ill etc; e.g., quale vu standas? = how are you?)
        stand.o  state (of being), condition
standard.o  national flag
stang.o  bar, rod, pole
stapeli.o (pl.)  stapelia
stapl.o  distributing point for goods such as a seaport or large inland city, staple-mart, entrepot
starch.ar {tr}  to (stiffen with) starch; (fig.) stiffen
«starost»  starosta
start.ar {tr/ntr}  to start, set going (a car, train, etc.)
starter.o  starter (of a race)
stat.o (polit.)  state (political)
statik.o  statics
statistik.o (cienco)  statistics (science)
stativ.o  stand (such as a tripod, for a camera or instrument), ~tripod
statolit.o (biol.)  statolith
stator.o (elek.)  stator (electr.)
statu.o  statue
statur.o  stature (standing height)
statut.o (yuro)  statute; permanent rule
stearin.o (kem.)  stearin, stearine (ester), tristearin
steatit.o (min.)  soapstone, steatite
steb.ar {tr}  to quilt, stitch (with machine)
stek.ar {tr}  to stick (in), drive in (something pointed); (horticulture) propagate by cuttings
        stek.aj.o  cutting, slip (horticulture)
stel.o  star (all senses, including fig.)
        stel.ar.o  constellation
stelari.o (pl.)  starwort
stele.o (arkit.)  stele (stone), stela
stelionat.o (yuro)  fraud in selling, stellionate
stelt.o  stilt
        stelt.ier.o  stilt walker; stilt bird
stencil.o  stencil (for duplicating)
stenograf.ar {tr}  to stenograph, take down in shorthand
stentor.o  stentor
step.o (geog.)  steppe
ster.o (mez.)  stere, cubic metre, (US) cubic meter
stereofoni.o  stereophony
stereografi.o  stenography
stereometri.o  stereometry (measurement of solids)
stereoskop.o (aparato)  stereoscope
stereotip.ar {tr}  to (make a) stereotype (of); (fig.) fix an image of
stereotomi.o (geom.)  stereotomy (section-cutting of solids)
steril.a  barren, sterile (also fig.)
sterk.o (subs.)  dung-litter, stable manure (animal excrement and straw)
        sterk.o-skarabe.o (insekto)  dung beetle, coprophagan
sterlet.o (fisho)  sterlet
stern.ar {tr}  to lay down at full length, prostrate
sternum.o (anat.)  breastbone, sternum
sternut.ar {ntr}  to sneeze
steroid.o (biokem.)  steroid
sterol.o (subs.)  sterol
stertor.ar {ntr}  to have a death rattle; have a rattle in the throat (from respiratoy trouble)
stetoskop.o  stethoscope
stif.a  related by re-marriage of a parent, step-
stif- {pref.}  step- (prefix denoting a relationship through a second marriage. E.g. stif-patr-o: step-father)
stift.o (mek.)  peg, pin (in hinge etc)
stigmat.o  brand (of a hot iron); stigma (also fig.)
stil.o  style, tone, manner; stylus (for writing); style (botanical)
stilet.o (armo)  stiletto (short pointed dagger)
stilistik.o (liter.)  stylistics
stilobat.o (arkit.)  stylobate
stimul.ar {tr} [ad]  to stimulate
stip.o (bot.)  stipe (stalk bearing leaflets)
stipendi.o (pek.)  scholarship (grant), bursary
stipit.o (bot.)  stem (of a plant), stalk
stiptik.a (medic.)  styptic (med.), haemostatic, (US) hemostatic
stipul.ar {tr} (yuro)  to stipulate
stipul.o  stipule
Stiri.a (lando)  Styria
        Stiri.an.o  Styrian (n.)
stiv.ar {tr} (nav.)  to stow (of a cargo)
stof.o (stofo)  fabric, cloth, stuff
stoik.a  stoic, stoical
stok.o  stock (commercial)
stol.o  stole (relig.)
stolon.o (bot.)  runner (stem), stolon (bot.)
stomak.o (anat.)  stomach (anat.)
stomatit.o (morbo)  stomatitis
stomatologi.o  stomatology
ston.o  pebble, small stone
        ston.ag.ar  to stone (hurl stones at)
stop.ar {tr}  to plug, stop up (a hole, bottle, etc.)
        stop.il.o  stopper, plug
stor.o  roller-blind. spring-blind, spring-curtain
storax.o  storax
        storax.ier.o (pl.)  storax tree, storax shrub
stoter.ar {ntr}  to stammer
strab.a (fiziol.)  cross-eyed, squint
strad.o  street
strand.ar {ntr}  to be stranded (also fig.); run aground
strangul.ar {tr}  to throttle, strangle
stranj.a  strange, odd
stranjer.a  foreign, not native; (fig.) extraneous
strapad.ar {tr}  to inflict strappado on
        strapad.o  strappado
stras.o (subs.)  paste (glass for making artificial gems); strass
strat.o  stratum, layer
strateg.o  chief of an army, general (in Greek antiquity)
strategi.o  strategy
        strategi.al.a  strategical
        strategi.ist.o (milit.)  strategist
stratosfer.o (meteor.)  stratosphere
strek.o  dash (written), stroke; (geom.) straight line
        strek.et.o  short dash
stren.ar {tr} (mek.)  to strain (materials)
streptokok.o  streptococcus
stret.a  narrow, strait (adj.); (fig.) limited, scanty
        stret.es.o  narrowness
        mar.al.a stret.aj.o  strait (n.)
stri.o  engraved line, stripe, groove, stria
strid.ar {ntr}  to produce a strident noise
strig.o (ucelo)  barn owl
strigl.o  currycomb
        strigl.ag.ar  to curry (a horse)
strik.ar {ntr}  to (go on) strike
striknin.o (kem.)  strychnine
strikt.a  strict, rigorous
stringer.o (nav.)  stringer (of a ship)
strip.o (vestl.)  trouser-strap (under the foot)
stroboskop.o (aparato)  stroboscope
strof.o (poez.)  strophe
strok.ar {ntr}  to make a stroke, coup, sudden act, or move (in chess etc)
        strok.o  stroke (any single movement, such as in rowing), move (in a game), thrust (fencing), throw (of dice), smack (of a whip), sudden act
        ciz.o-strok.o  single cut with scissors
        fol.a strok.o  foolish move
        fortun.oz.a strok.o  happy strike, fortunate act
        perfid.a strok.o  treacherous act
        piston-strok.o  stroke of a piston
        plum-strok.o  stroke of a pen
        ret.o-strok.o  cast of a net
        yun.es.al.a strok.o  juvenile trick, youthful act
stronci.o (elem.)  strontium
strop.o  strap, sling (for cargo, etc.)
struch.o (ucelo)  ostrich
struktur.o  structure, manner of construction
strum.o (morbo)  goitre, (US) goiter, struma (#)
student.o  student, undergraduate
studi.ar {tr/ntr}  to study (something, or about something)
stuf.ar {tr} (koquo)  to cook in a closed vessel, stew
stuk.o  stucco
stul.o (moblo)  chair (seat with a back)
stult.a  foolish, silly
stump.o  stump (of a tree, limb, etc.); core (of an apple); stub
stunt.ar {tr}  to stunt (growth)
stup.o  tow (prepared fibres of flax, hemp or jute); (tech.) packing (of a piston, etc.)
stupid.a  stupid
stupor.ar {ntr}  to be in a stupor
sturg.o (fisho)  (common) sturgeon, Atlantic sturgeon
sturm.ar {imp} (meteor.)  to storm (be stormy)
        sturm.o (meteor.)  storm (with thunder & lightning)
sturn.o (ucelo)  starling
stuv.o (aparato)  hot room; steam room; drying room
su {pron.}  (reflex. pron., 3rd person, sing. or plur.) herself, himself, itself, oneself, themselves
        su.a  (reflex. poss. pron.) her own, his own, its own, one's own, their own
        su.ocid.ar  to commit suicide, intentionally kill oneself
Suabi.a (lando)  Swabia
        Suabi.an.o  Swabian (n.)
sub {prep.}  under, beneath, below
        sub.e  below (adv.)
        sub.tas.o  saucer
        sub.urb.o  suburb, outskirts (of a town or city)
        sub.urb.al.a  suburban
        sub.urb.an.o  suburbanite (n.)
subaltern.a (milit.)  subaltern
subis.ar {tr}  to undergo, endure
subit.a  sudden
subjekt.o  subject (gram., log.)
subjuntiv.o (gram.)  subjunctive
sublim.a  sublime
sublim.ar {tr} (kem.)  to sublime (change from solid to gas and back)
        sublim.at.o (kem.)  sublimate
submers.ar {tr}  to submerge (under water)
submis.ar {tr}  to subdue, subjugate
submision.ar {ntr} [pri]  to tender
subordin.ar {tr} [ad]  to subordinate, subject
suborn.ar {tr} (pek.)  to bribe; suborn
subrekarg.o  supercargo
subrept.ar {tr} (yuro)  to obtain surreptitiously
        subrept.o  subreption
subret.o (teatro)  soubrette
subrog.ar {tr} (yuro)  to surrogate, subrogate
subsidi.ar {tr} [pro, pri] (pek.)  to subsidise
substanc.o  substance
substantiv.o (gram.)  noun
substituc.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulo, ulu ad ulu]  to substitute (something or someone in place of another)
substitut.o  deputy magistrate, surrogate (person)
subsum.ar {tr}  to subsume
subterfuj.o  subterfuge
subtil.a  subtle
subvencion.ar {tr} (pek.)  to subsidise
subvers.ar {tr}  to subvert
suced.ar {tr}  to come after, follow in order
suces.ar {ntr} [pri]  to succeed (be successful)
suci.ar {tr} [ulu, ulo]  to be concerned about, be anxious about, care about
sucin.o  amber
sud.o (geog.)  south
Sudafrik.a (lando)  South Africa
Sudan (lando)  Sudan
        Sudan.an.o  Sudanese (n.)
sudari.o (antiq.)  sudarium; shroud
sudor.o (subs.)  sweat, perspiration
Sued.a  Swedish
Sued.o  Swede
Suedi.a (lando)  Sweden
sufic.ar {} [ad, por, pri]  to suffice, be sufficient
sufix.o (gram.)  suffix
sufl.ar {tr/ntr}  to blow, blow upon; prompt (theatre); huff (draughts, checkers)
sufle.o  soufflé
sufok.ar {tr/ntr}  to suffocate, stifle
sufr.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo; de, pro]  to suffer, be afflicted; suffer from, be afflicted with
sufragan.o (rel.)  suffragan (bishop)
sufraji.o (litur.)  suffrage (short prayer)
sufuzion.o (patol.)  suffusion
sug.ar {tr}  to suck
sugest.ar {tr} [ad]  to suggest, intimate
Suis.o  Swiss (n.)
Suisi.a (lando)  Switzerland
        Suisi.an.o  Swiss (n.)
suk.o (subs.)  juice
sukomb.ar {ntr} [ad]  to succumb
sukr.o  sugar
        sukr.o-kan.o (pl.)  sugar cane
        sukr.o-past.o  marsh-mallow paste
sukub.o (teol.)  succubus
sukus.ar {tr}  to shake, shake off, jolt
sul.o (subs.)  (the) soil, earth, ground
sulf.o (elem.)  sulphur, sulfur, brimstone
sulfat.o (kem.)  sulphate, (US) sulfate
sulfid.o (kem.)  sulphide, (US) sulfide
sulfit.o (kem.)  sulphite, (US) sulfite
sulk.o  furrow, rut
sultan.o (polit.)  sultan
sultanen.o (frukto)  sultana (dried white seedless grape)
sum.o (matem.)  sum, amount, total (math.)
sumak.o (arb.)  sumach (tree), (US) sumac
sumari.a  summary (performed quickly and without formality)
Sumatr.a (lando)  Sumatra
sumn.ar {tr} [pri] (yuro)  to subpoena, summon
sun.o (astron.)  sun
        sun.flor.o (pl.)  sunflower
        sun.frap.o  sunstroke
sundi.o  Sunday
sunros.o (pl.)  sun-dew
suol.o  sole (of a shoe, etc.)
sup.o  soup
super {prep.}  over, above (also fig.)
        super.a  higher, upper
        super.e  over, above (adv.)
        super-es.ar  to be over, be above, surpass
superb.a  conceited, supercilious
superflu.a  superfluous
superior.a  superior (adj.: social, hierarchical)
        superior.es.o  superiority (social, hierarchical)
        superior.o  superior (n.)
superlativ.o (gram.)  superlative
supernov.o (astron.)  supernova
supernumerari.o  supernumerary (person)
superstic.o  superstition
supin.o (gram.)  supine, verbal noun
suplant.ar {tr}  to supplant (remove and take the place of)
suple.ar {tr}  to make up for (the absence of); take the place of (temporarily)
suplement.o  supplement
suplik.ar {tr} [pri, pro]  to beseech, implore, entreat
suport.ar {tr}  to support (lit., fig.), bear the weight of
supoz.ar {tr}  to suppose, assume (take for granted)
supozitori.o (medic.)  suppository
supr.a  top (highest up in space or degree)
        supr.e  on top, on high, aloft; (fig.) upstairs
supres.ar {tr}  to suppress
sur {prep.}  on, upon, on top of; (arith.) divided by
ad-sur  onto (with motion)
sur.nom.o  surname
        sur-dent.o (anat.)  tooth grown over another, projecting tooth
        sur-kalz.o (vesto)  overstocking, overhose
        sur-kresk.aj.o  outgrowth, excrescence
        sur-manik.o (vestl.)  oversleeve
        sur-shu.o (vesto)  overshoe
sur.o (anat.)  calf (of leg)
surd.a  deaf
        surd.a-mut.a  deaf and dumb
        surd.eg.a, ston.e surd.a  stone-deaf
sureal.a  surreal
surfac.o  surface, outside; (fig.) appearance
Surinam (lando)  Surinam
surjet.o  whipstitch, overcast stitch
surkrut.o  sauerkraut
surmen.ar {tr}  to overdrive, overtax, overstrain (a horse, one's strength by work, one's brain by study, etcc)
surmulet.o (fisho)  red mullet, (US) goatfish
surogat.o (subs.)  substitute, surrogate (thing, not person); (med.) succedaneum
surplis.o  surplice
surpriz.ar {tr}  to surprise, take unawares
surtut.o (vesto)  overcoat, greatcoat
survey.ar {tr}  to watch over, superintend
suskript.ar {tr} [pri] (pek.)  to subscribe (contribute a definite sum to an undertaking)
suspekt.ar {tr}  to suspect, distrust
suspend.ar {tr}  to suspend, hang up (physical sense: hold or attach so as to hang)
suspens.ar {tr}  to suspend (hold in abeyance or postpone)
suspension.o (mek.)  suspension (of a vehicle, etc.)
suspensor.o (biol.)  suspensorium
suspensori.o (kir.)  suspensory (bandage)
susten.ar {tr}  to sustain, prop
sustracion.ar {tr} (matem.)  to subtract
sustrakt.ar {tr} [de]  to abstract (remove quietly), appropriate (fraudulently); purloin, embezzle
susur.ar {tr} [ulo, ad]  to whisper, murmur (also fig.)
sut.ar {tr}  to sew, stitch
sutan.o (vesto)  cassock, soutane
suvenir.o  souvenir, memento; (-i) memorabilia
suveren.a (polit.)  sovereign (adj.)
        suveren.o (polit.)  sovereign (n.)
suzeren.o (polit.)  suzerain
swabr.o  swab (for cleaning decks, floors)
swich.ar {tr} (elek.)  to switch (a machine, light etc. on or off; en-swichar: switch on; ek-swichar: switch off; swichilo: switch)
«synapsis» (biol.)  synapsis (biol.)
«syncytium» (biol.)  syncytium (multinucleate cell)


ta (= ita)  that, those (adj.)
tabak.o  tobacco
taban.o (insekto)  gadfly, horsefly
tabel.o  flat surface for writing etc; table (of data)
tabernakl.o (rel.)  tabernacle
        tabernakl.o-fest.o (rel.)  feast of the tabernacles
tabet.o (morbo)  tabes
tabl.o (moblo)  table (furniture)
tabler.o  dashboard
tabu.o  taboo
tabul.o (arkit.)  shelf (for books, etc.)
        tabul.ar.o  shelving
        tabul.et.o  slab (as of chocolate, etc.)
tabulator.o  tabulator
taburet.o (moblo)  stool (seat without back)
tac.ar {tr/ntr}  to say nothing, be mum; say nothing about
taft.o (stofo)  taffeta
tag.o  tag ((metallic) point at end of string or lace)
        tag.o-kordon.o  aiguillette (as worn by soldiers, or on livery)
tak.o  cleat (on a ship for fastening rope; strengthening piece as in woodwork)
takigraf.ar {tr}  to write in tachygraphy, write in shorthand (especially as used by ancient Greeks or Romans)
        takigraf.o  tachygraphy
        takigraf.er.o  tachygraph, tachygrapher, tachygrafist
takimetr.o (instr.)  tachometer
takimetri.o  tachometry
takt.o  sense of touch; (fig.) tact
taktik.o  tactics
tal.a  such (of that kind), such like
        tal.e  so, in such a manner, thus
tal.o (bot.)  thallus
talasemi.o (morbo)  (GB) thalassaemia, (US) thalassemia
talent.o  talent
tali.ar {tr}  to cut (out), trim, prune, shape
talion.o (yuro)  retaliation (in law)
        leg.o di talion.o  law of retaliation, lex talionis
talior.o  tailor
talisman.o  talisman; mascot
talk.o (kem.)  talc
talofit.o (bot.)  thallophyte
talon.o  heel (of foot or shoe)
talp.o (mamif.)  mole (animal)
talus.o  slope, declivity; embankment; talus (fortif.)
talveg.o  thalweg, talweg (both meanings)
tam  as (in comparison), so (followed by an adj.)
tam ... kam  as ... as (e.g., tam granda kam)
tamarind.o (frukto)  tamarind (fruit)
        tamarind.ier.o (arb.)  tamarind tree
tamarisk.o (arb.)  tamarisk
tambur.o (muzin.)  drum
        mi-tambur.o (muzin.)  tambourine (shallow drum with bells)
        tambur.eg.o (muzin.)  big drum
tamburin.o (muzin.)  tambour (a small and long snare drum)
tamen {konj.}  however, nevertheless
tamp.ar {tr}  to tamp (as with a hammer), ram (as with a pile-driver, rammer)
tampon.o  tampon, plug
tamtam.o (muzin.)  gong, tam-tam
tan.o (subs.)  tan (oak bark or similar used for tanning)
        tan.ag.ar {tr}  to tan (leather)
        tan.ag.eri.o  tannery
tanacet.o (pl.)  tansy
tandem {adv.}  at last, eventually
tandem.e  tandem (adv.), in tandem (one behind the other)
        tandem-bicikl.o  tandem bicycle
        tandem-vetur.o  carriage with horses in tandem
tang.ar {ntr} (nav.)  to heave, pitch (of a boat or ship)
tangent.a (geom.)  tangential
        tangent.o (geom.)  tangent (line)
tanin.o (subs.)  tannin
tank.o  tank (container or vehicle)
tant.a  so much, so many
        tant.e  so (followed by an adjective or adverb)
        tant.im.o  proportional part
Tantal.al.a  Tantalean, Tantalian
Tantal-vaz.o (fizk.)  Tantalus cup
tantal.o (elem.)  tantalum
Tanzani.a (lando)  Tanzania
tap.ar {tr} (mek.)  to tap (cut a female screw thread in)
        tap.il.o  tap borer, screw-tap
tapet.o  tapestry
tapioka.o  tapioca
tapir.o (mamif.)  tapir
tapis.o  carpet (or similar floor covering)
        tapis.et.o  small carpet, rug
        tabl.o-tapis.o  (fancy) table cover
tapot.ar {tr}  to percuss (as in massage); tap (knock gently)
tar.o  tare (weight)
tarantel.o  tarantella
tarantul.o (insekto)  tarantula
tard.a  late, tardy
        tard.e  late (adv.)
        tard.es.ar  to be late, be behindhand
        tard.esk.ar  to become belated; get behindhand
        tard.ig.ar  to retard, delay, put off, protract, spin out
tardigrad.a (zool.)  tardigrade (used as a modifier)
        tardigrad.o  water bear, tardigrade
tarif.o  tariff, table of prices
tarin.o (ucelo)  siskin
tarj.o (milit.)  targe (type of shield or buckler)
tarlatan.o (stofo)  tarlatan
tarok.o (lud.)  tarot
tars.o (anat.)  tarsus (bones of ankle and heel)
tart.o  (fruit) tart
tartan.o  tartan (design)
tartan-nav.o (batelo)  tartan (vessel), tartane
tartan-stof.o (stofo)  tartan (fabric)
Tartar.o (mitol.)  Tartarus
tartar.o (subs.)  tartar (deposit from wine; deposit on teeth)
Tartuf.o  Tartuffe, Tartufe, hypocrite who pretends to be religious
tas.o  cup
task.o  task, job
Tasmani.a (lando)  Tasmania
        Tasmani.an.o  Tasmanian (n.)
tast.ar {ntr}  to grope, fumble
Tatar.o  Tatar (person), "Tartar"
Tatari.a (lando)  Tatary, "Tartary"
tatu.ar {tr}  to tattoo (skin)
taumaturg.o  thaumaturgist
taumaturgi.o (arto)  thaumaturgy
Taur.o (astron.)  Taurus
taur.o (mamif.)  bull (animal)
tautokron.a  tautochronous
        tautokron.o  tautochrone
tautologi.o  tautology
tavern.o  public house, tavern
tax.ar {tr} [ye] (pek.)  to assess tax payable on, charge a duty on (something)
taxi.o (veturo)  taxi
taxidermi.o  taxidermy
taximetr.o (aparato)  taximeter
taxus.o (arb.)  yew (tree)
tay.o (anat.)  waist
«Te Deum» (rel.)  Te Deum
te.o  tea (leaves; infusion)
        te.ier.o (pl.)  tea bush
        te-kruch.o  teapot
        te-tas.o  teacup
        te-roz.o  tea rose
teatr.o  theatre, (US) theater
        teatr.aj.o  play (theatrical)
        teatr.al.a  theatrical
tebaid.o  desert, lonely solitude
ted.ar {tr}  to bore; (fig.) weary
teg.ar {tr}  to cover (as with a cloth, bedspread, tarpaulin, etc)
tegul.o (arkit.)  (roof) tile
        tegul.iz.ar  to tile (a roof)
tegument.o  integument, tegument
teism.o (rel.)  theism
teist.o (rel.)  theist
tek.o (arb.)  teak (tree)
        tek-lign.o (ligno)  teak (wood)
teknik.o  technique
teknologi.o (cienco)  technology
tekt.o (arkit.)  roof; top (of car or carriage)
tel.o (stofo)  linen (cloth or fabric)
telefon.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulu]  to telephone ((something) to someone)
telegoni.o (biol.)  telegony
telegraf.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulu]  to telegraph (something to someone)
telegram.o  telegram
telekomunik.o  telecommunication(s)
teleologi.o (biol.)  teleology
telepati.o  telepathy
teleskop.o  telescope
        teleskop.um.ar  to telescope
televizion.o  television (process)
telur.o (elem.)  tellurium
tem.o  topic, subject, theme
temat.o  theme (in music); root, stem (of word)
temerar.a  rash, reckless
temp.o  time (duration); tense (of a verb); tempo (mus.)
        temp.op.e  from time to time, now and then, at times
temper.ar {tr}  to temper, mitigate, moderate (also mus.)
        temper.o  tempering, moderation (act), mitigation
temperament.o  temperament (of persons)
        temperament.o partikular.a  idiosyncracy
temperatur.o (fizk.)  temperature
tempest.ar {ntr}  to blow a gale, blow violently (weather); (fig.) make a great noise, rage, bluster
        tempest.o (meteor.)  gale, tempest, violent storm
        tempest.oz.a  tempestuous; (fig.) boisterous
templ.o  temple (building)
tempor.o (anat.)  temple (part of the head)
        tempor.al.a ost.o (anat.)  temporal bone
temporis.ar {ntr}  to temporise (wait for an opportune time)
tempr.ar {tr} (arto)  to (paint in) distemper
ten.ar {tr}  to hold
        su-ten.o  bearing, carriage (of a person)
tenac.a  tenacious
tenali.o  pliers
tenar.o (anat.)  thenar, ball (of hand or foot)
tench.o (fisho)  tench
tend.o  tent
tendenc.ar {ntr} [ad]  to tend, be inclined
tendin.o (anat.)  tendon, sinew
tendr.o (veturo)  tender (of a locomotive)
tenebr.o  (the) dark, darkness, gloom
        tenebr.oz.a  dark, gloomy
tener.a  tender-hearted, kind
teni.o (animalo)  tenia, taenia (type of tapeworm)
tenis.o (lud.)  tennis
tenon.o (tekn.)  tenon
tenor.o  tenor
tens.ar {tr}  to strain (draw taut), stretch, tense (also fig.); cock (a gun); wind up (a clock)
tensor.o (matem.)  tensor (math.)
tent.ar {tr}  to tempt, entice
tentakul.o (zool.)  feeler, tentacle
tenu.a  fine (thin and long), thin (fine), tenuous
teodice.o  theodicy
teodolit.o  theodolite
teogoni.o (teol.)  theogony
teokrat.o  theocrat
teokrati.o  theocracy
teologal.a (teol.)  divine (of virtues)
teologi.o (rel.)  theology
teorb.o (muzin.)  theorbo, archlute
teorem.o  theorem
teori.o  theory
teozofi.o  theosophy
tepal.o (bot.)  tepal
tepid.a  tepid, lukewarm
teplic.o  hothouse (for plants), greenhouse
ter.o  earth; Earth
tera- (mez.)  tera- (million million)
terakot.o (subs.)  terra cotta, baked clay
terapi.o (medic.)  therapeutics
terari.o  terrarium
teras.o (arkit.)  terrace (flat area)
teratogenez.o (biol.)  teratogeny
teratologi.o  teratology (study)
terbi.o (elem.)  terbium
terc.o  1/60 of a second (astron., math.); tierce (mus., cards, fencing)
terceron.o  terceron
tercet.o (verso)  tercet, terzetta (poetry); terzetto, trio (music)
tercian.a (patol.)  tertian (fever)
terciar.a  tertiary
terebint.o (arb.)  terebinth
teren.o  terrain, plot of land
teriak.o (farm.)  theriac, theriaca
terier.o (mamif.)  terrier (dog)
terin.o  tureen
teritori.o  territory
term.o  thermal spa, hot spring
termin.o  term (grammar, math.); boundary; terminus, farthest point
termit.o (insekto)  termite
termodinamik.o  thermodynamics
termoelektr.o (fizk.)  thermoelectricity
termograf.o  thermograph (recording thermometer)
termokemi.o  thermochemistry
termologi.o  thermology, science of heat
termometr.o (instr.)  thermometer
termometri.o (fizk.)  thermometry
termoskop.o  thermoscope
termostat.o (aparato)  thermostat
termotaktism.o (biol.)  thermotaxis
termoterapi.o (medic.)  thermotherapy
termotropism.o (biol.)  thermotropism
ternar.a (matem.)  ternary (math.)
ternion.o (matem.)  form having three variables (math.)
teror.ar {ntr} [pro, pri]  to be terrified, be (badly) frightened
        teror.o  terror, fright
terpentin.o  turpentine (oleoresin)
terplen.o (fortif.)  terreplein
Tesali.a (lando)  Thessaly
        Tesali.an.o  Thessalian (n.)
test.o  witness (someone called to testify)
testace.a (zool.)  testaceous (covered with a hard shell)
        testace.o (zool.)  testaceous animal
testament.ar {ntr} (yuro)  to make one's will
testier.o  headstall (of a bridle)
testikul.o (anat.)  testicle
testosteron.o (biokem.)  testosterone
tetan.ar {ntr} (patol.)  to have tetanus
        tetan.o (morbo)  tetanus, lockjaw
tetrad.o (biol.)  tetrad
tetraedr.o (geom.)  tetrahedron
tetraedroid.o (geom.)  tetrahedroid
tetragon.o (geom.)  tetragon
tetralogi.o  tetralogy
tetrark.o  tetrarch
        tetrark.es.o  tetrarchy, tetrarchate (state)
        tetrark.i.o (polit.)  tetrarchy (domain)
tetras.o (ucelo)  black grouse
tetraspor.o (biol.)  tetraspore
teurgi.o  theurgy
teurgi.al.a  theurgic, theurgical
teurgi.ist.o  theurgist
tex.ar {tr}  to weave
text.o  text
tez.o  thesis, proposition
ti (= iti)  those (pron.), those ones
tiar.o (vesto)  tiara
Tibet (lando)  Tibet
        Tibet.an.o  Tibetan (person)
tibi.o (anat.)  tibia, shin bone
Ticin.o (lando)  Ticino
tif.o (morbo)  typhus (fever)
tifoid.o (morbo)  typhoid
tifon.o (meteor.)  typhoon
tigmotropism.o (biol.)  thigmotropism
tigr.o (mamif.)  tiger
Tigre.an.a  Tigre (adj.), Tigrean
tik.ar {ntr}  to have a tic or twitch (also fig.)
tiktak.ar {ntr}  to go tic-tac, tick (as a clock)
        tiktak.o  tick (as of a clock)
        tiktak.ad.o  ticking (as of a clock)
til {prep.}  until, till (in time); to, up to, as far as (in space)
til ke  until (conj.)
«tilburi» (veturo)  tilbury
tild.o  tilde
tili.o (arb.)  linden, lime (tree), (US) basswood
tim.ar {tr}  to fear (for a reason), be apprehensive
timbal.o (muzin.)  timbal, kettledrum
timbr.o (mek.)  clock bell; hand bell (without a loose clapper but struck by a hammer as in a clock)
timian.o (pl.)  thyme
timid.a  timid; shy, bashful
timon.o (tekn.)  shaft (as used singly, to harness two horses to a vehicle)
timpan.o  tympanum, eardrum; dulcimer
timus.o (anat.)  thymus
tin.o  tub, water cask; firkin (for butter)
tindr.o (subs.)  amadou; (fig.) tinder
        tindr.o-fung.o (fungo)  agaric, touchwood
tine.o (insekto)  moth of the family Tinea, including clothes moth
tini.o (morbo)  ringworm (especially of the scalp); scald-head; lavus; tinea capitis
tinkl.ar {ntr}  to toll (of a bell)
tinlaur.o (arb.)  laurustine, laurustinus
tint.ar {tr} [ye, ad]  to dye
tip.o (imprim.)  type (print., med., nat. hist.); conceptual model having traits characteristic of a group
tipograf.ar {tr} (imprim.)  (-arto) letterpress printing, typography
        tipograf.o (imprim.)  typography (work), letterpress printing
tipul.o (insekto)  crane fly
tir.ar {tr}  to pull, draw, tug; draw (of chimneys)
tirad.o  tirade (theatrical)
tirali.ar {ntr} (milit.)  to fire at will; fire at random; skirmish-fire
tiran.o  tyrant
tiritan.o (stofo)  linsey-woolsey
tiroid.a (anat.)  thyroid (gland, cartilage)
Tirol (lando)  Tyrol, Tirol
        Tirol.an.o  Tyrolese, Tyrolean (n.)
tirozin.o (biokem.)  tyrosine
tirs.o (mitol.)  thyrsus, thyrse (myth., bot.)
tisu.o (anat.)  tissue (anat.)
titan.o  titan; titanium
titil.ar {tr}  to tickle; titillate
titr.ar {tr}  to titrate
titul.o  title (of a book, article, person, etc.)
tizan.o (drnkj.)  tisane
to (= ito)  that (pron.), that thing
toal.o  towel
tof.o (min.)  tufa; tuff
tog.o (vesto)  toga
Togo (lando)  Togo
«toise» (mez.)  toise: French lineal measure
tok.o (vesto)  toque (brimless close-fitting hat)
tol.o (tekn.)  sheet-metal
told.o  awning
toler.ar {tr}  to tolerate, put up with, endure
«tolle»  outcry, hue and cry
tom.o  volume, tome
tomat.o (frukto)  tomato
        tomat.ier.o (pl.)  tomato (plant)
tomb.o  tomb, grave
tombak.o  tombac, tombak, tambac
tombol.o  tombola
tomografi.o  tomography
ton.o  tone, pitch (of voice); tone; degree, pitch of sound (mus.); tone (med.)
        ton.al.a  tonal; tonic (mus.)
        ton.al.a not.o  key-note (mus.)
        ton.iz.ar  to tone, bring (as a print) to a required colour (photog.); give tone to (med.)
        ton.iz.iv.o  tonic (med.); toning solution, reagent (photog.)
tond.ar {tr}  to shear, clip
tondr.ar {}  to thunder (also fig.)
Tonga (lando)  Tonga
tonik.a  tonic (in music, language)
Tonkin (lando)  Tonkin, Tongking
        Tonkin.an.o  native of Tonkin
«tonneau»  tonneau (rear seat)
tonoplast.o (biol.)  tonoplast
tonsil.o (anat.)  tonsil
tonsilit.o (morbo)  tonsilitis
tonsur.o (rel.)  tonsure
tontin.o (financ.)  tontine
«tonus»  tonicity, tonus
top.o (nav.)  top (small platform atop the lower mast)
topaz.o (min.)  topaz
topik.a (medic.)  topical (medicine or treatment)
        topik.o (medic.)  topical medicament
topik.o  topic (log., rhet.), general head
topinambur.o (pl.)  Jerusalem artichoke
topografi.o (arto)  topography
topologi.o  topology
tor.o  torus
torak.o  thorax
torch.o  torch, link (torch)
tord.ar {tr}  to twist, wring, contort; sprain; warp (wood)
toreador.o  toreador
torefakt.ar {tr}  to torrefy, parch, dry, roast (coffee, ores, etc., by exposure to heat)
torent.o  torrent
torf.o (subs.)  peat
torid.a (meteor.)  torrid, tropical
torment.ar {tr}  to torture, torment
tormentil.o (pl.)  tormentil
torn.ar {tr}  to turn (in a lathe)
tornasol.o (subs.)  litmus, turnsole (litmus)
        tornasol-paper.o  litmus paper
toron.o (tekn.)  strand (of rope or wire)
torped.o  torpedo (weapon; electric ray)
torpor.ar {ntr}  to be in a state of torpor, be benumbed
        torpor.o  torpor, torpidity, torpitude; (fig.) dullness, inaction
tors.o (anat.)  trunk, torso
torsad.o  twisted fringe or cord; bullion (as of epaulets)
tort.o  pie
tortikol.o (patol.)  torticollis, wryneck (neck ailment); (fig.) stiffneck, crick in the neck
tortug.o (rept.)  tortoise; turtle
Toskan.o  Tuscan
Toskani.a (lando)  Tuscany
tost.ar {ntr} [ad]  to give a toast
tot.a  whole, entire
totalizator.o (aparato)  totalisator, totalizator (apparatus that gives the total of a series of operations)
«totem»  totem
toxik.o  poison (med.)
toxikologi.o  toxicology
toxin.o (subs.)  toxin
tra {prep.}  through
        tra.e  through, across (after a verb)
trab.o (mek.)  beam, girder
trabekul.o (biol.)  trabecula
trac.o  trace, track or trail (of traces)
tracion.o (tekn.)  traction (tech.), locomotive power
tradeskanci.o (pl.)  tradescantia, ~spiderwort
tradicion.ar {tr}  to hand down by tradition
traduk.ar {tr} [de ... ad]  to translate (from one language to another)
trafik.o  traffic
tragakant.o (pl.)  tragacanth
tragedi.o (teatro)  tragedy
tragikomedi.o (teatro)  tragicomedy
trahiz.ar {tr}  to betray
train.o (milit.)  train (of equipment for an army)
trait.o  trait, characteristic
trajektori.o  trajectory
trak.ar {tr}  to pursue, encircle and close in on (wild game); chase and corner
Trak.o  Thracian (person)
trake.o (anat.)  windpipe, trachea
trakeit.o (morbo)  tracheitis
trakeotomi.o (kir.)  tracheotomy
Traki.a (lando)  Thrace
trakit.o (min.)  trachyte
trakom.o (morbo)  trachoma
trakt.ar {tr}  to deal with, behave toward, treat, handle (a person or subject)
traktat.o  treatise
traktor.o  tractor
traktric.o (geom.)  tractrix
tram.o (tekn.)  tram rail, (US) streetcar rail
        tram-vetur.o (veturo)  tram, tramcar, tramway car, (US) streetcar
        tram-voy.o  tramway, street railway
trampl.ar {ntr}  to stamp (the feet)
trampolin.o (aparato)  springboard; trampoline
tran.ar {tr}  to drag, draw
        tran.aj.o  trail (aything which drags), train (of a dress)
tranc.ar {ntr}  to be in a trance
trancendant.a (filoz.)  transcendent
tranch.ar {tr}  to cut through, cut off; carve, cut up
tranche.o  trench
tranquil.a  still, tranquil, quiet (physically or mentally)
trans {prep.}  on the other side of, beyond, across
trans.e  beyond (adv.)
trans.aj.o  object on the other side; hereafter (n.)
        trans.atlantik.a  transatlantic
        trans.ocean.a  across the ocean
transakt.ar {ntr} [pri]  to come to terms, compromise
transbord.ar {tr}  to tranship, transship (transfer from one ship to another)
transept.o (arkit.)  transept
transfer.ar {tr} [de, ad]  to transfer (ownership, duty etc)
transfigur.ar {tr}  to transfigure, change the look of
        transfigur.es.o (rel.)  transfiguration
transfinit.a (matem.)  transfinite
transform.ar {tr} [ulo, ulu, ad]  to transform
        transform.ism.o (biol.)  transformism
transformator.o  transformer
transfuz.ar {tr}  to transfuse (blood, etc.)
Transilvan.o  Transylvanian (n.)
Transilvani.a (lando)  Transylvania
transistor.o  transistor
transit.ar {ntr}  to be or pass in transit
        transit.iv.a (gram.)  transitive
transitor.a (biol.)  transitory, temporary
translac.ar {tr/ntr}  to translate (remove or transfer to another place)
        translac.o  translation (change of place; mechan.: motion such that every point moves in the same direction at the same speed)
translucid.a  translucent
        translucid.es.o  transparency (quality), transparence
transmis.ar {tr}  to transmit (pass on: jur., tech., biol.)
transmut.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulo]  to transmute
transpar.ar {ntr} [tra]  to be visible (through something)
transparent.o  transparency (picture)
transpir.ar {ntr}  to transude, transpire, ooze out, exhale; (fig. of news) transpire, be divulged, leak out
transport.ar {tr}  to transport, convey
        transport.ar su  to betake oneself, proceed, repair (to a place)
transubstanci.ar {tr} (rel.)  to change into another substance
Transval (lando)  Transvaal
        Transval.an.o  Transvaaler
transvers.a  transverse, running or lying across
        transvers.o  transversal (line, object)
trap.o (arkit.)  trap door; drop (of gallows); (fig.) pitfall
trapez.o  trapeze; trapezium, (US) trapezoid
trapezoedr.o (geom.)  trapezohedron
trapezoid.o  trapezoid, (US) trapezium
tras.ar {tr} (arto)  to sketch, outline, trace (the form of)
trat.ar {tr} [ulu] (financ.)  to draw on (someone) in respect of a bill or cheque
        trat.o (financ.)  draft (on a bank), bill (of exchange)
        trat.ant.o (financ.)  drawer (fin.)
        trat.at.o (financ.)  drawee
        alonj.o-trat.o  allonge: rider to a bill of exchange
traumat.o (patol.)  trauma (physiological)
traur.ar {ntr}  to be in mourning
trav.o  trave (frame to confine a horse or ox while shoeing)
trave.o (arkit.)  truss (of a bridge); bay (of joists); triforium (of a church)
travers.o (mek.)  crossbar, beam, (railway) sleeper
        travers.et.o (mek.)  bracket
travertin.o (geol.)  travertine, travertin, calc-sinter
travesti.ar {tr}  to disguise (someone)
tre {adv.}  very
tref.o  club (on cards)
trek.o  track, path, trail
trelich.o (tex.)  sackcloth, coarse sacking; denim
trelis.o  trellis, lattice
trem.ar {ntr} [pro, de]  to tremble, shake, shiver; flutter (of wings); quaver (music); flicker (light)
trema.o  diaeresis
tremol.o (muz.)  tremolo
tremp.ar {tr/ntr} [ulo en ulo]  to soak, drench, steep
tremul.o (arb.)  aspen, trembling poplar
tren.o (veturo)  train (railway)
trepan.o  trepan; tool for boring or perforating
trepid.ar {ntr}  to shake, quiver
tres.o  braid, plait, tress
tresay.ar {ntr}  to be startled; feel a thrill
trest.o  trestle
trezor.o  treasure
tri  three
        tri.o  trio, triad, triplet (three of a kind), trey (set of three)
        tri.dent.o  trident
        tri.edr.o (geom.)  trihedral (n.)
        tri.es.o  trinity (threefoldness)
        tri.esm.a last.a  antepenultimate
        tri.korn.o (vesto)  ? tricorn, tricorne, three-cornered hat, shovel hat
        tri.korn.a chapel.o (vesto)  tricorn, tricorne, three-cornered hat, shovel hat
        tri.mast.a nav.o (batelo)  three-master
        tri.sek.o  trisection
        tri.un.o  trinity (three in one), triune (n.)
        tri.yar.a  triennial
triangul.o  triangle
trias.o (geol.)  Triassic, Trias
tribon.o  tribune (in ancient Rome)
tribu.o  tribe
tribul.ar {tr} [per]  to cause tribulation to
        tribul.o  tribulation
tribun.o  tribune (raised area); grandstand (elevated structure for spectators)
        orgen.o-tribun.o  organ loft
tribunal.o (judic.)  tribunal, court
tribut.ar {ntr} [ad]  to pay tribute
        tribut.o  tribute (act)
triceps.o (anat.)  triceps
tricikl.o (veturo)  tricycle
«triduum»  triduum (prayers)
trifoli.o (pl.)  trefoil, clover
triftong.o (ling.)  triphthong
triglif.o (arkit.)  triglyph
trigonometri.o  trigonometry
trigram.o (ling.)  trigraph
trikin.o (animalo)  trichina
trikinos.o (morbo)  trichinosis
triklin.a (kristal.)  triclinic
trikocist.o (biol.)  trichocyst
trikogin.o (bot.)  trichogyne
trikot.ar {tr}  to knit
triktrak.o (lud.)  backgammon
tril.ar {tr/ntr} (muz.)  to trill
trilem.o  trilemma
trilion.o  trillion (million to the third power), (US) quintillion
trilobit.o (fosilo)  trilobite
trilogi.o (teatro)  trilogy
trimaran.o  trimaran
trimestr.o  trimester, term of three months
Trinidad (lando)  Trinidad
trinomi.o (matem.)  trinomial
triolet.o  triolet; triplet (mus.)
trip.o  tripe (food)
triplik.o (yuro)  sub-rejoinder
triplikat.o  triplicate (third copy)
tripoli.o  tripoli powder, rottenstone
Tripolit.o (lando)  Tripolitania
        Tripolit.an.o  Tripolitanian (n.)
triptik.o (arto)  triptych
trirem.o (batelo)  trireme
trism.o (morbo)  lockjaw, trismus
trist.a  sad, doleful (of persons or things)
triti.o (kem.)  tritium
triton.o  Triton (sea god); triton (mollusc)
tritur.ar {tr}  to grind or rub into powder
triumf.ar {ntr}  to be triumphant
triumvir.o (polit.)  triumvir
        triumvir.ar.o (polit.)  triumvirate (group of triumvirs)
trivial.a  commonplace, trite, trivial
tro {adv.}  too (followed by an adjective or adverb), over (too), (US) overly
        tro.a  overmuch, excessive
        tro.e  too much (after an adjective or verb)
        tro mult.a  too much (adj.), too many
        tro mult.e  too much (adv.)
        tro-  over- (excessively)
trofe.o  trophy
trog.o  trough (for animals); hod
troglodit.o  wren; troglodyte
«troika» (veturo)  troika (vehicle)
trokanter.o (anat.)  trochanter (anat.)
trokar.o  trocar (perforator)
troke.o (poez.)  trochee
trokoid.o (matem.)  trochoid (n.)
trole.o  trolley (for electricity)
tromb.o (meteor.)  waterspout, tornado over water
trombin.o (biokem.)  thrombin
trombocit.o (biol.)  platelet, thrombocyte
trombon.o (muzin.)  trombone
trombos.o (morbo)  thrombosis
trombus.o (patol.)  thrombus
tromp.ar {tr} [per]  to deceive
tron.o (moblo)  throne
trop.o (retor.)  trope, word or expression used in a figurative sense
tropik.o (geog.)  tropic; tropics
tropism.o (biol.)  tropism
troposfer.o (meteor.)  troposphere
trot.ar {ntr}  to trot (gait of a person or animal)
        trot.esk.ar  to fall into a trot
        trot.et.ar  to go at a jogtrot; toddle (of a young child)
        trot.ig.ar  to trot (tr.), cause to trot
trotuar.o  pavement, footpath of stone, asphalt etc, (US) sidewalk
trov.ar {tr}  to find, come across
tru.o  hole
        tru.seg.il.o  keyhole saw
trubadur.o  troubadour
trubl.ar {tr}  to disturb, trouble
trufl.o (fungo)  truffle
truism.o  truism
truk.o (veturo)  railway truck with an open platform, flat car
trul.o  trowel
trump.o (lud.)  trump (at cards)
trumpet.o (muzin.)  bugle
trunk.o  trunk (of a tree)
trunkon.o (tekn.)  shell ring (of a boiler)
trup.o  band (company of people having a common purpose), troup; herd, flock
        trup.ach.o  gang (pej.)
trus.ar {tr}  to tuck up, put a tuck in; turn up, pin up, tie up
trust.o (komerco)  trust, cartel
trut.o (fisho)  trout
truver.o  trouvère, trouveur
tu {pron.}  thou, you (familiar form of 'you', like French 'tu', German 'du')
        tu.a  thy, thine, your (see 'tu')
tualet.ar {ntr}  to wash & dress
[tualet-tuk.o (obs.) > toalo]  
tub.o  tube, pipe
tuber.o (bot.)  knot (in wood)
tuberklos.o (morbo)  tuberculosis
tuberkul.o  tuber; tubercle
tuberkulin.o (medic.)  tuberculin
tuberos.o (pl.)  tuberose (plant)
tubul.o  tubule (as of a retort)
tuert.a (fiziol.)  one-eyed, blind in one eye
tuf.o  cluster, clump, tuft, bunch
tuk.o  (piece of) cloth
tukan.o  toucan
tul.o (stofo)  tulle
tulip.o  tulip
tumefakt.ar {tr} (patol.)  to tumefy (tr.), cause to swell
tumor.o (morbo)  tumour, (US) tumor
tumul.o  tumulus, barrow, burial mound
tumult.ar {ntr}  to riot
tun.o (mez.)  ton; metric ton, tonne
tundr.o (geog.)  tundra
«tundra» (geog.)  tundra
tunel.o  tunnel
tunik.o  tunic (antique undergarment); coat, film, tunic (anat.); wall (of the stomach); coat, integument (bot.)
        tunik.ier.o (zool.)  tunicate (zool.)
Tunis  Tunis (town)
Tunizi.a (lando)  Tunisia
        Tunizi.an.o  Tunisian (n.)
tupi.o (ludl.)  top (toy), spinning top, peg-top (toy)
tur.o  tour
        tur.ism.o  tourism
        tur.ist.o  tourist
turb.o  crowd, throng
turban.o (vesto)  turban
turbin.o (aparato)  turbine
turbot.o (fisho)  turbot
«turco» (milit.)  Turco
turd.o (ucelo)  thrush (bird)
turgec.ar {ntr} (patol.)  to be turgescent
        turgec.ant.a  turgescent
Turingi.a (lando)  Thuringia
        Turingi.an.o  Thuringian (n.)
Turk.o  Turk
Turkestan (lando)  Turkestan, Turkistan
        Turkestan.an.o  Turkestani, Turkistani (n.)
turkez.o (min.)  turquoise (mineral)
Turki.a (lando)  Turkey
Turkoman.o  Turkoman, Turkman
turm.o  tower; castle (chess)
turmalin.o (min.)  tourmaline
turn.ar {tr/ntr}  to turn (around an axis), turn around; turn (something around)
        turn.o-kont.il.o (instr.)  revolution counter
        turn.o-salt.o  aerial somersault
turnir.ar {ntr} (sporto)  to joust, hold a tournament, take part in a tourney
turt.o (subs.)  oil-cake (animal feed)
turtur.o (ucelo)  turtledove
tus.ar {ntr}  to cough
tush.ar {tr}  to touch (physically)
tusilaj.o (pl.)  coltsfoot
tutel.ar {tr}  to be guardian of, safeguard
tutu.o (vesto)  tutu
tuv.ar {tr} (nav.)  to warp (a vessel using ropes)
        tuv.o-kabl.o  stream-line, warping hawser
tuy.o (arb.)  thuja, thuya
tuyer.o (tekn.)  twyer, twyere, tweer, twier, twire, tuyère


ube {adv.}  where
ad-ube  where to, whither
ubiqu.a  ubiquitous
ucel.o (zool.)  bird
uf [!] {interj.}  oh! (indicating relief)
Ugand.a (lando)  Uganda
ukaz.o (polit.)  ukase, edict
ul.a  any, some (indeterminite)
        ul.o  something
        ul.u  anyone, someone
        ul.i  some, any (persons or things)
        ul.a.lok.e  somewhere
        ul.temp.e  sometime, ever
-ul- {suf.}  (suffix denoting a male. E.g. frat-il-o: brother; kuz-ul-o: male cousin; bov-ul-o: bull; kaval-ul-o: stallion)
ulan.o (milit.)  uhlan
ulcer.o (patol.)  ulcer
ulex.o (pl.)  gorse, furze, whin
ulm.o (arb.)  elm
uln.o (mez.)  ell
ultimat.o (polit.)  ultimatum
ultr.a  beyond due limit; further, additional
        ultr.e  besides
ultramar.o  ultramarine (n.)
ultramikroskop.o (aparato)  ultramicroscope
ultramikroskopi.o (opt.)  ultramicroscopy
ultramontan.a  ultramontane (adj.)
        ultramontan.o  ultramontane (n.)
ulul.ar {ntr}  to howl, wail; (of owls) hoot
-um-  (suffix to be used only in specific cases where the meaning is also specified. See, e.g., foli-um-ar, formik-um-ar, kol-um-o)
umbel.o (bot.)  umbel
umbelifer.a (bot.)  umbeliferous
umbelifer.o (bot.)  umbellifer, umbelliferous plant
umbilik.o (anat.)  navel
umbr.o  umber
un  one (1)
        un.a  one (adjective showing unity)
        un.a od altr.a  one or other
        un.a od altr.a di  either of
        un.aj.o  unit (object)
        un.esm.a  first
        un.foy.e  one time, once
        un.ig.ar  to unify (form into one)
        un.ig.o  unification
        un.o  unit (arith.)
        un.u  one (person)
-un- {suf.}  (word "un" (one) used as a suffix to denote a single unit of a substance which naturally consists of many such units: sabl-un-o: grain of sand; grel-un-o: hailstone)
unanim.a  unanimous
unc.o (mamif.)  ounce (animal), snow leopard
uncial.a  uncial (letter)
uncial.o  uncial
uncion.ar {tr} (rel.)  to anoint
ungl.o (anat.)  nail; claw, talon
unguent.o  ointment
uniform.a  uniform
        uniform.o (vesto)  uniform (n.)
unik.a  unique
unikorn.o  unicorn (fabulous animal; constellation)
unikursal.a (matem.)  unicursal
union.ar {tr}  to unite (join together in purpose)
        union.o  union
unipol.a (matem.)  unipolar
unison.o  unison (musically and fig.)
unitar.a (rel.)  Unitarian (adj.)
        unitar.o (rel.)  Unitarian (n.)
        unitar.ism.o  Unitarianism
univalv.a (zool.)  univalvular (of shells)
univers.o  universe
        univers.al.a  universal (adj.)
universitat.o  university
unt.o (mek.)  axle-grease or machine oil blackened from use
Unterwalden (lando)  Unterwalden
upup.o (ucelo)  hoopoe
-ur- {suf.}  (suffix used with verbal roots to denote the result or product where it is necessary to distinguish this from the act. E.g. pikt-uro-o: picture; skult-ur-o: sculpture; apert-ur-o: aperture. Note the distinction between kopi-ur-o: copy (made), and kopi-aj-o: thing copied; traduk-ur-o: translation (made), and traduk-aj-o: thing translated)
uragan.o (meteor.)  hurricane
Ural.o (river.)  Ural (river)
Ural.i (mont.)  Ural mountains, Urals
uranografi.o  uranography
urat.o (kem.)  urate
urb.o  town, (US) city
        urb.al.a  urban
urd.ar {tr}  to warp (cloth in weaving)
ure.o (biokem.)  urea
uremi.o (morbo)  uraemia, uremia
ureter.o (anat.)  ureter (duct)
uretr.o (anat.)  urethra
uretrit.o (morbo)  urethritis
uretroskop.o  urethroscope
uretrotomi.o (kir.)  urethrotomy
Uri (lando)  Uri
urin.o (zool.)  urine
urj.ar {ntr}  to be urgent
urn.o  urn
urogal.o (ucelo)  capercaillie, capercailzie
urologi.o  urology
urox.o (mamif.)  aurochs, urus
urs.o (mamif.)  bear
        urs.o blank.a (mamif.)  polar bear
urs-orel.o (pl.)  bear's ear, auricula (plant)
urtik.o (pl.)  nettle
urtikari.o (morbo)  nettle rash, hives, urticaria
Uruguay (lando)  Uruguay
Us.a (lando)  United States, USA
        Us.an.o  American (of the USA)
usher.o  usher (judicial courts, etc.), bailiff, sheriff's officer
utard.o (ucelo)  bustard
utensil.o  tool, implement, utensil
uter.o (anat.)  womb
util.a  useful
        util.ism.o (doktrino)  utilitarianism
        util.ism.al.a  utilitarian (adj.)
        util.ist.o  utilitarian (n.)
utopi.o  utopia
utrikul.o (bot.)  utricle (bot.)
uve.o (anat.)  uvea
uvertur.o (muz.)  overture (music)
uvul.o (anat.)  uvula
-uy- {suf.}  (suffix used with a nominal root to denote a receptacle, ordinarily a case, box, chest or sheath. E.g. ink-uy-o: inkwell; monet-uy-o: purse; sup-uy-o: soup tureen; sigar-uy-o: cigar box; violin-uy-o: violin case)
uz.ar {tr}  to use, employ (make use of)
uzufrukt.ar {tr} (pek.)  to have the usufruct of (something)
        uzufrukt.o  usufruct
uzukapt.ar {tr}  to usucapt, have the usucapion of
        uzukapt.o  usucapion, usucaption
uzur.ar {ntr} (pek.)  to practise usury
uzurp.ar {tr}  to usurp, infringe, encroach upon, occupy without right


vab.o  honeycomb
vacil.ar {ntr}  to sway, waver (also fig.)
vacin.o (morbo)  cowpox, vaccinia
        vacin.iz.ar (medic.)  to vaccinate with cowpox
        vacin.iz.o  vaccination with cowpox
        vacin.serum.o (medic.)  cowpox vaccine
vacini.o (pl.)  plant of the type "Vaccinium" (such as bilberry; (red) whortleberry; huckleberry; blaeberry, cranberry, cowberry)
vad.ar {ntr} [tra]  to wade (through water)
        vad.ey.o  ford (place)
«vade-mecum»  vade mecum
vafl.o  waffle (type of pancake)
vag.ar {ntr}  to wander, roam, stray
vagin.o (anat.)  vagina
vagon.o (veturo)  railway carriage, car (railway); tramcar
vajis.ar {ntr}  to wail, cry (of an infant)
vak.ar {ntr}  to be vacant (unoccupied)
vakanc.ar {ntr}  to have (or, be on) a holiday or (US) vacation
vaku.a  empty, void, vacuous, blank
        vaku.esk.ar  to empty (intr.), become empty
        vaku.ig.ar  to empty (tr.), vacate; draw (poultry), gut (fish); drain (a ditch, etc.)
        vaku.o  vacuum, blank
vakuol.o (biol.)  vacuole
vakuometr.o  vacuum gauge
val.o (geog.)  valley, vale, dale
        ad-val.e  downstream, down, below (further down a slope)
Valaki.a (lando)  Walachia, Wallachia
        Valaki.an.o  Walachian, Wallachian (n.)
valenc.o (kem.)  valency, (US) valence
valerian.o (pl.)  valerian, allheal
        valerian-acid.o (kem.)  valerianic acid, valeric acid
valerianel.o (pl.)  lamb's lettuce, corn salad
valid.a (yuro)  valid
valiz.o  suitcase, valise
valor.ar {tr}  to be worth, be equal in value to
        valor.o  value, worth
vals.ar {ntr} (danso)  to waltz
valv.o (aparato)  valve
        bi-valv.o  bivalve (mollusc)
vampir.o  vampire (also fig.)
vams.o (vesto)  doublet
van.a  futile, fruitless, vain
vandal.o  vandal
vanel.o (ucelo)  lapwing, peewit
vang.o  cheek (of the face)
        vang.o-barb.o  whisker, whiskers
vanil.o  vanilla (fruit)
        vanil.ier.o (pl.)  vanilla (plant)
vanitat.o  vanity (conceit)
vant.o (nav.)  shrouds (of a sailing ship)
vapor.o (subs.)  steam, vapour, (US) vapor
        vapor.esk.ar  to evaporate
        vapor.ig.ar  to vaporise
        vapor-mashin.o  steam engine
        vapor-nav.o  steam-ship
var.o  ware, commodity; (vari) goods
varang.o (nav.)  floor-timber (of a ship)
vari.ar {tr/ntr}  to vary, change (in amount or intensity)
varicel.o (morbo)  chickenpox, varicella
varietat.o  variety (zool., bot.)
varik.o (patol.)  varicosity, varix (dilation of a blood vessel)
variol.o (morbo)  smallpox, variola
varm.a  warm (also fig.)
        varm.eg.a  hot
vars.ar {tr}  to pour (out); spill; shed (blood, etc)
Vars.er.o (astron.)  Aquarius
vart.ar {tr}  to await, wait for
vasal.o  vassal
vask.o  basin (as of a fountain)
vaskul.o  vas, blood or other fluid vessel
vast.a  vast, extensive
vat.o  wadding, padding
vax.o (subs.)  wax
vaz.o  vase, vessel, container
vazelin.o (subs.)  petroleum jelly, 'Vaseline'
ve [!]  alas!, oh dear!
vech.o (pl.)  vetch, tare
vedet.o (milit.)  vedette (mounted sentry or scout; boat)
vegr.o (nav.)  plank (for lining the inside of a ship)
veh.ar {ntr}  to go or travel in a vehicle (ride, sail, drive or fly)
        veh.il.o (aparato)  vehicle, conveyance
vein.o  vein (in the body, wood or a mineral), vena (anat.); seam
        bazilik-vein.o  basilic vein
vejet.ar {ntr}  to vegetate (also fig.)
        vejet.ant.ar.o (bot.)  vegetation
vejetar.ar {ntr}  to be a vegetarian
vek.ar {ntr}  to wake, awaken (emerge from sleep)
        vek.ig.ar {tr}  to rouse, wake
vekt.o (mek.)  beam (of scales)
vektor.o (matem.)  vector (math.)
vel.o (vesto)  veil; fabric used to conceal; (fig.) cover, screen, shade
        palat-vel.o  velum (pendulous soft palate)
        vel.eg.o  awning
        vel.et.o  small veil; lady's veil
        vel.iz.ar  to veil
velin.o  vellum
        velin-paper.o  vellum paper
velit.o  (-i) velites
velk.ar {ntr}  to fade away, wither
velociped.o (veturo)  velocipede
velodrom.o  velodrome
velur.o (stofo)  velvet
ven.ar {ntr}  to come
vend.ar {tr}  to sell
vendemi.ar {tr}  to harvest (grapes for wine-making), ~vindemiate
«vendetta»  vendetta
venen.o  poison, venom (also fig.)
        venen.ag.ar  to poison (a living creature), attack with poison
        venen.iz.ar  to poison (add a poison to (something))
vener.al.a  venereal
venerac.ar {tr}  to revere, venerate
venerdi.o  Friday
venereologi.o  venereology
Venezuel.a (lando)  Venezuela
        Venezuel.an.o  Venezuelan (n.)
venial.a (rel.)  venial
venj.ar {tr}  to take revenge on
vent.ar {} (meteor.)  to blow, be windy
        vent.o (meteor.)  wind
        vent.o-roz.o (nav.)  compass card
ventil.ar {tr}  to ventilate, air
ventilator.o (aparato)  ventilator
        kanvas-ventilator.o  windsail (of a boat)
ventr.o  belly
        ventr.o-parol.ar {ntr}  to ventriloquise
        ventr.o-parol.er.o  ventriloquist
ventrikul.o (anat.)  ventricle (of the heart)
ventuz.o (medic.)  cupping glass
        ventuz.ag.ar (medic.)  to cup (with cupping glass)
Venus-har.o (pl.)  maidenhair (fern)
Venus-mont.o (anat.)  mons veneris
Venus-zon.o  girdle of Venus
ver.a  true (not false)
verand.o (arkit.)  veranda, verandah
verb.o  verb
verbask.o (pl.)  mullein, mullen (plant of the genus Verbascum)
verben.o (pl.)  vervain, verbena
verd.a (koloro)  green
verdigris.o (kem.)  verdigris
verdikt.o (judic.)  verdict; finding
verdron.o (ucelo)  greenfinch
verg.o  rod, wand
verifik.ar {tr}  to verify, audit
verjus.o (drnkj.)  verjuice
verk.o  work (literary, artistic, etc.)
verm.o (animalo)  worm; maggot, grub
vermicel.o  vermicelli (pasta)
vermut.o (drnkj.)  vermouth
vernier.o  vernier
vernis.o (subs.)  varnish
veronik.o (pl.)  veronica (bot.), speedwell
vers {prep.}  toward(s), in the direction of
vers.o (poez.)  verse
version.o  version (interpretation)
versor.o (matem.)  versor (math.)
vertebr.o (anat.)  vertebra
        vertebr.oz.o (zool.)  vertebrate
        vertebr.al.a kolon.o (anat.)  vertebral column
vertic.o (anat.)  vertex (top or crown of the head)
vertig.o  staggers (vet.)
vertij.ar {ntr} (patol.)  to feel dizzy (with vertigo)
vertikal.a  vertical (adj.)
        vertikal.o  vertical line
vertu.o  virtue
veruk.o (patol.)  wart, ~verruca
verv.o  verve, spirit
        verv.oz.a  animated, spirited, racy
vesp.o (insekto)  wasp
vesper.o  evening
vespertili.o (mamif.)  vespertilionid, bat of the family Vespertilionidae
vespr.o (litur.)  (-i) vespers, evensong
        vespr.i (litur.)  vespers
vest.o (vesto)  garment, item of clothing
vestal.o  vestal virgin; (fig.) chaste woman
Vestfali.a (lando)  Westphalia
        Vestfali.an.o  Westphalian (n.)
vesti.o (vesto)  round jacket (without tails, as for waiters, fencing, etc.)
vestibul.o (arkit.)  lobby, entrance hall
veston.o (vesto)  jacket (man's)
vet.ar {tr}  to veto
veter.o (meteor.)  weather
veteran.o (milit.)  veteran, old soldier
veterinar.o  veterinary surgeon, vet
vetiver.o (pl.)  vetiver, whorl-flowered bent-grass
vetrin.o  glass case, showcase (for showing objects)
vetur.o (aparato)  vehicle (wheeled)
vex.ar {tr} [pri, pro]  to annoy, irritate, vex
        vex.et.ar  to tease
vezik.o (anat.)  bladder, vesica
        bil.o-vezik.o  gall-bladder
        vezik.et.o (anat.)  vesicle
vezikatori.o (farm.)  vesicatory, vesicant (n.)
vi {pron.}  you (plural)
        vi.a  your(s) (plural)
viadukt.o  viaduct
viatik.o  viaticum (both senses)
vibr.ar {ntr} [de, pro]  to vibrate
vibrion.o (biol.)  vibrio
viburn.o (pl.)  viburnum
vice {prep.}  instead of
vice- {pref.}  vice- (prefix denoting someone who acts in place of another. E.g. vice-admiral-o: vice-admiral; vice-rej-o: viceroy)
        vice-parol.ant.o  spokesman
        vice-prezid.ant.o  vice-president
        vice-rej.o  viceroy
vicer.o (anat.)  viscus
        vicer.i (anat.)  viscera
vici.o  vice (fault or depravity)
        vici.oz.a  vicious
        vici.oz.es.o  viciousness, depravity
vicin.a  neighbouring, (US) neighboring
        vicin.o  neighbour, (US) neighbor
vid.ar {tr}  to see
        vid.aj.o  what is seen, sight, view
        vid.ebl.a  visible, apparent
        vid.ey.o  viewpoint (locality)
        vid.ind.a  worth seeing
        vid.ind.aj.o  thing worth seeing
        vid.punt.o  point of view
vidam.o  vidame
vidv.a  widowed
viel.o (muzin.)  vielle (musical instrument)
vigil.ar {ntr}  to stay awake, abstain from sleep
vigili.o (litur.)  vigil (eve of a holy day)
vigor.o  vigour, (US) vigor
vikari.o (rel.)  vicar (substitute in office), curate
viktim.o  victim
Viktori.a (lando)  Victoria (Australia)
viktuali.o  victuals
vikun.o (mamif.)  vicuna (animal)
        vikun-lan.o  vicuna (cloth)
vil.o  villosity, coating of hairs
vilaj.o  village
vilanel.o (kanto)  villanelle (ballad or dance)
vild.o  game (hunted wild animals)
vilej.ar {ntr}  to be in the country(side) (for a while), to sojourn in the country(side)
«villa»  villa
vilozit.o (anat.)  villus (of intestines)
vimpl.o (vesto)  wimple (as of nuns)
vin.o (drnkj.)  wine
vinagr.o  vinegar
vind.ar {tr}  to hoist (with a windlass)
vinil.o (kem.)  vinyl
vink.ar {tr}  to conquer, defeat, overcome (an enemy, competitor or obstacle); win, be victorious
vintr.o  winter
vinyet.o  vignette, ornament in a book
viol.o (pl.)  violet
        viol.e.a (koloro)  violet (adj.)
violac.ar {tr}  to violate, rape, break (a law, one's oath, rules)
violent.ar {tr}  to use violence on
        violent.o  violence; force (in law)
violin.o (muzin.)  violin, fiddle
violoncel.o (muzin.)  'cello
viper.o (rept.)  viper, adder
vir.o  man (male adult person)
virg.a  virgin (also fig.)
        virg.in.o  virgin (woman)
        virg.ul.o  virgin (man)
Virg.in.o (astron.)  Virga
Virgili.al.a  Virgilian, of Virgil
Virgini.a (lando)  Virginia (state)
virologi.o  virology
virtual.a  virtual, potential
virtuoz.a  virtuoso
virulent.a (patol.)  virulent
virus.o (biol.)  virus
vis.ar {tr} (mek.)  to screw in, turn in (a screw)
        vis.il.o  screwdriver
vish.ar {tr}  to wipe (clean or dry)
viskomt.o  viscount
viskoz.a  viscous
vist.ar {tr}  to endorse, countersign, visa (officially sign as authentic)
vit.o (pl.)  vine
        sik.a vit-ber.o  raisin
        vit-rekolt.ar  to gather the vintage
vitalism.o (filoz.)  vitalism
vitalist.o  vitalist
vitamin.o (biol.)  vitamin
vitel.o (zool.)  yolk (of an egg)
vitr.o (subs.)  glass (the material)
        vitr.o-karel.o  (window) pane
vitrali.o  stained glass (of a window)
vitriol.o (kem.)  sulphuric acid, vitriol
viul.o (muzin.)  viol
viv.ar {tr/ntr}  to live, be alive; live (a life)
        viv.o  life
vivac.a  lively, vivacious
vivipar.a (biol.)  viviparous
viz.ar {tr}  to aim at (a target, etc.); take aim
vizaj.o (anat.)  face (of a person), visage
vizel.o (mamif.)  weasel
vizier.o (vestl.)  visor (of a helmet); peak (of a cap)
vizion.o  apparition, vision
vizir.o (polit.)  vizier
vizit.ar {tr}  to visit
voc.o  voice (also gram.); (fig.) expression of opinion
vodevil.o  variety show, vaudeville
vodk.o  vodka
Voges.i (mont.)  Vosges (mountains)
vok.ar {tr/ntr}  to call (someone for attention or to ask to come), summon, summons; call (out) (e.g.: vokar por helpo)
vokal.o (ling.)  vowel
vokaliz.ar {ntr} (muz.)  to vocalise (sing a vowel sound without uttering words)
vokativ.o (gram.)  vocative (case)
vol.ar {tr}  to want (to), have a will (to)
«Volapük» (ling.)  Volapük
volatil.a  volatile (of a substance)
volf.o (mamif.)  wolf
        volf.o-hom.o (mitol.)  werewolf
Volini.a (lando)  Volhynia
volkan.o (geog.)  volcano
volontari.o (milit.)  volunteer (esp. military)
volt.ar {ntr}  to make a volt, make a volte (in fencing)
volt.o  volt
voltij.ar {ntr}  to vault (on a horse, on a slack rope, etc.)
voltmetr.o  voltmeter
volumin.o (geom.)  volume (of space)
volunt.ar {tr}  to be willing
        volunt.e  readily, willingly
volupt.o  voluptuousness
volut.o (arkit.)  volute (spiral scroll)
volv.ar {tr}  to wrap around; coil (rope)
vom.ar {tr/ntr}  to vomit (also fig.: throw up, belch out)
vomer.o (anat.)  vomer
vomik.o (medic.)  vomica
vomiknuc.o (frukto)  nux vomica, vomic-nut
        vomiknuc.ier.o (arb.)  nux vomica tree
vomitori.o  vomitory (archit.), vomitorium
vort.o (ling.)  word (written or spoken)
vortic.ar {ntr}  to whirl, spin (of air, water, dust, etc.)
vot.ar {tr/ntr} (polit.)  to vote, vote for
vov.ar {tr} [ulo ad ulu]  to vow, make a vow (of), dedicate (something to someone)
voy.o  way, road, track, route
voyaj.ar {ntr} [de, ad]  to travel, voyage
vu {pron.}  you (sing.)
        vu.a  your(s) (sing.)
vulgar.a  common (among the mass of people), vulgar
vulgat.o (biblo)  Vulgate (Latin version of the Scriptures)
vulkaniz.ar {tr} (tekn.)  to vulcanise
vulnerari.o (pl.)  kidney vetch, lady's fingers
vult.o (arkit.)  vault (with arched roof)
vultur.o (ucelo)  vulture
vulv.o (anat.)  vulva
vund.ar {tr} (medic.)  to wound


Wals (lando)  Wales
        Wals.an.a  Welsh
«wampum»  wampum
warant.o (komerco)  warrant (receipt for goods deposited)
warf.o  wharf, jetty
warp.o  warp (of cloth)
wat.o  watt
weft.o  weft, woof
weld.ar {tr}  to weld
west.o (geog.)  west
wigwam.o  wigwam
wiski.o (drnkj.)  whisky, whiskey
wist.o (lud.)  whist
wistiti.o (mamif.)  marmoset
Wurtemberg (lando)  Württemberg
        Wurtemberg.an.o  Württemberger


xantin.o (kem.)  xanthine (white substance)
xantofil.o (biokem.)  xanthophyll
xeni.o  satirical epigram (first introduced by Goethe and Schiller); xenia
xerofit.o (bot.)  xerophyte
xifoid.a (anat.)  xiphoid, xiphoidal, ensiform (anat.)
xilofag.a (biol.)  xylophagous
        xilofag.o (insekto)  xylophage
xilofon.o (muzin.)  xylophone
xilograf.ar {tr/ntr} (arto)  to engrave on wood; print from wood engravings


ya {adv.}  indeed, truly (used for emphasis)
yak.o (mamif.)  yak
yakt.o (batelo)  yacht
yar.o  year
yard.o (nav.)  yard (for a sail), yardarm
yatagan.o (armo)  yataghan
ye {prep.}  at, by (preposition used when no other fits the meaning)
Yemen (lando)  Yemen
yen {prep.}  here is/are, there is/are (e.g., 'yen la ucelo!')
        yen.a  following (adj.)
        yen.e  as follows, in the following manner
yes {adv.}  yes
yodl.ar {tr/ntr} (muz.)  to yodel
yog.o  yoga
yogurt.o  yoghurt, yogurt, yoghourt
yol.o (batelo)  yawl
yoy.o (ludl.)  yo-yo
yuft.o  Russian leather
yug.o  yoke; (fig.) bondage
Yugoslavi.a (lando)  Yugoslavia
yuk.o (pl.)  yucca
yun.a  young (adj.)
-yun- {suf.}  (suffix for the young of an animal. E.g. bov-yun-o: calf; han-yun-o: pullet)
yur.o (yuro)  right (legal or moral)
yurt.o  yurt
yust.a (yuro)  just, fair, equitable


zagay.o (armo)  assegai, assagai (spear)
Zaire (lando)  Zaire
Zakarias  Zacharias
Zambezi (river.)  Zambesi, Zambezi
Zambi.a (lando)  Zambia
Zanzibar (lando)  Zanzibar
zebr.o (mamif.)  zebra
zebu.o (mamif.)  zebu
zefir.o (meteor.)  zephyr, soft breeze
zek.o (animalo)  tick (bloodsucking mite)
zel.ar {ntr} [por, pri]  to be zealous
zenit.o  zenith (also fig.)
zeolit.o (min.)  zeolite
zer.o  zero, nought (0)
zest.o (bot.)  internal "wall" in some fruits and nuts (e.g. the woody skin dividing the kernel of a walnut)
zeugm.o (ling.)  zeugma
zeze.ar {ntr} (ling.)  to ~lisp, pronounce j as z and sh as s
zibelin.o (mamif.)  sable (animal; fur)
zigomat.o (anat.)  zygomatic arch, zygoma, cheek bone
zigomorf.a  zygomorphic, zygomorphous (bot., zool.)
zigospor.o (biol.)  zygospore
zigot.o (biol.)  zygote
zigzag.ar  to zigzag
zimaz.o (biokem.)  zymase
Zimbabwe (lando)  Zimbabwe
zimogen.o (biol.)  zymogen
zimologi.o  zymology
zimosimetr.o  zymometer, zymosimeter
zimoteknik.o (tekn.)  zymotechnics
zini.o (pl.)  zinnia
zink.o (elem.)  zinc
zinkografi.o (arto)  zincography
zirkoni.o (elem.)  zirconium
zodiak.o (astron.)  zodiac
zon.o  zone; girdle, belt, sash
zoocecidi.o (biol.)  zoocecidia
zoofit.o (biol.)  zoophyte
zoografi.o  zoography (study of animals)
zoologi.o  zoology
        zoologi.ist.o  zoologist
zoospor.o (biol.)  zoospore
zuav.o (milit.)  Zouave (soldier)
zukin.o  (GB) courgette, (US) zucchini
Zulu.o  Zulu (n.)
        Zulu.land.o (lando)  Zululand
zum.ar {ntr}  to buzz (like an insect)

Abreviuri en Ido / Abbreviations in Ido

adv. - adverbo - adverb
anat. - anatomio - anatomy
antiq. - antique - in antiquity
antrop. - antropologio - anthropology
arb. - arboro od arbusto - tree or shrub
aritm. - aritmetiko - arithmetic
arkeol. - arkeologio - archaeology
arkit. - arkitekturo - architecture
astron. - astronomio - astronomy
biokem. - biokemio - biochemistry
biol. - biologio - biology
bot. - botaniko - botany
dinos. - dinosaurio - dinosaur
diplom. - diplomaco - diplomacy
drnkj. - drinkajo - drink, beverage
ekl. - eklezio - church (institution)
ekon. - ekonomio od ekonomiko - economy or economics
elek. - elektro - electricity
elektrn. - elektroniko - electronics
elem. - elemento kemiala - chemical element
entom. - entomologio - entomology
fabl. - fablala - in fable
farm. - farmacio - pharmacy
filoz. - filozofio - philosophy
financ. - financo - finance
fiziol. - fiziologio - physiology
fizk. - fiziko - physics
fortif. - fortifikala - fortification
fot. - fotografala - photographic
gemol. - gemologio - gemmology, gemology
geneal. - genealogio - genealogy
geod. - geodezio - geodesy
geog. - geografio - geography
geol. - geologio - geology
geom. - geometrio - geometry
gram. - gramatiko - grammar
hist. - historio - history
imprim. - imprimala - printing
instr. - instrumento mezurala - measuring instrument
interj. - interjeciono - interjection
judic. - judiciala - judicial
kem. - kemio - chemistry
kir. - kirurgio - surgery
konj. - konjunciono - conjunction
konst. - konstrukturo - (a) building
kristal. - kristalografio - crystallography
leg. - legala - legal
ling. - linguala - language
liter. - literaturo - literature
litur. - liturgio - liturgy
log. - logiko - logic
lud. - ludala - game, play
ludl. - ludilo - plaything, toy
mamif. - mamifero - mammal
mar. - maro, oceano, bayo o stretajo - sea, ocean, bay or strait
matem. - matematiko - mathematics
medic. - medicino - medicine
medkm. - medikamento - medicament
mek. - mekanikala - mechanical
metalg. - metalurgio - matallurgy
meteor. - meteorologio - meteorology
mez. - mezurala - measurement
milit. - militala - military
min. - mineralogio - mineralogy
mitol. - mitologio - mythology
molsk. - molusko - mollusc
mont. - monto o montaro - mountain or mountain range
muz. - muziko - music
muzin. - muzikala instrumento - musical instrument
nav. - navala - naval, boating
obs. - obsoleta - obsolete
opt. - optiko - optics
paleo. - paleontologio - palaeontology
patol. - patologio - pathology
pek. - pekuniala - money
pl. - planto - plant (botanical)
poez. - poezio - poetry
polit. - politiko - politics
prep. - prepoziciono - preposition
pron. - pronomo - pronoun
proz. - prozodio - prosody
psik. - psikologio - psychology
rel. - religio - religion
rept. - reptero - reptile
retor. - retoriko - rhetoric
river. - rivero o fluvio - river
sociol. - sociologio - sociology
subs. - substanco - substance
tekn. - teknologio - technology
teol. - teologio - theology
tipog. - tipografo - typography
vestl. - vestala - clothing
zool. - zoologio - zoology


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